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Arsenal already HAVE next season’s star striker!

Arsenal may have bought Danny Welbeck without Arsene Wenger’s permission, and we may have the crocks Olivier Giroud and Sanogo also fully fit next season, but I think that NONE of the above will be leading the line for the Gunners next season.

We already have a fully-matured hitman in the form of Benik Afobe, who has been a revelation since moving to MK Dons on loan this season. The 21 year-old scored his SIXTH goal in the League Cup last night, including two when the Dons knocked out the mighty Man United earlier on in the competition.

Sheffield United may have come from behind to end the Dons run in the competition, but Afobe now has TWELVE goals in all competitions and is hoping that Arsene Wenger is now going to sit up and take notice. Afobe said in the Express yesterday: “I’ve got good pace and I like to link-up with the midfielders and wingers,”

“I’m just really looking forward to getting going now. I just want to play games and help this team out as much as I can.”

The Arsenal Academy star had his development arrested by a couple of years on the treatment table, but he told during pre-season that his aim was stay fully fit and prove his worth out on loan again. “I’ve gone out on loan and I’ve had experience of playing first-team football,” he said. “Playing on Saturday and Tuesdays is the best feeling ever.

“I want to play week-in, week-out and have a first full season without injuries – that’s the plan. I’ve had a couple of injuries and I’ve missed two seasons of football. I’m only 21, and in footballing terms I’m still 19.

“I want to go out on loan and play 40 injury-free games and improve as a player because, at the age of 21, you’re always getting better.”

“I just to play want a full season.”

Well with 12 goals before the end of October he has already proved that he can find the back of the net, and if can carry on being this consistent for the rest of the season, then surely Arsene Wenger must give him some chances at Arsenal next season?

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35 thoughts on “Arsenal already HAVE next season’s star striker!

  1. Twig

    Afobe and Apkom will be breathing very heavily on Welbeck’s neck in the next few seasons, and it won’t be a cozy warm feeling.

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    1. muda

      Am more impress with that AKPOM of a Thing. The kid got it! #TimeWillTell

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    2. KickAssFan

      The person I fear for is not Welbeck, it’s Giroud. The guy is damn too one-dimensional.

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  2. John Legend

    Welbeck himself will improve. We will just have enough Men to rotate up front. If Welbeck does not improve, then don’t expect Arsene to do any magic with Afobe irrespective of the form he comes with.

    We still need a short-Man-Devil up front. We can’t rely on long and clumsy strikers alone.

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    1. KickAssFan

      @Legend, u mean some kind of diminutive striker that’s f*cking smart, crafty and slippery upfront, eh?

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  3. Archangel

    Whats happening to chucks and chuba?

    Did arsenal get welbz without arsens permit?

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      1. The Analyzer

        Chuba was recently promoted to the senior squad you can check club website

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  4. LoCkAy

    Afobe and Akpom will be better and will get better AS SOON AS Wenger leaves the club…
    He won’t be able to make them what they are destined to be.

    Only a manager who understand football and what is required to in modern time to achieve a standard of performance will be able to make them progress even more.

    As long as Wenger is around, they have no iota or glimpse of a chance (check out Campbell… Proven talent on the biggest stage and still miserable on the Arsenal bench when we know this is a guy who carried Olympiakos on his own… He rather trust someone like Wilshere who is basically less than average).

    Those 2 boys should not worry and keep performing, they will get their chance soon enough…

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    1. AidanGooner

      ……….because everyone knows Wenger cannot nurture talent. Hmmmmmmm. Your comment is beyond belief.

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  5. frank

    Afobe is a natural goal scorer, our new Ian Wright and I thought he should have been given a chance in front of Sanogo this season. Oh well, keep banging them in son, we are behind you 100%.

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    1. atid

      Don’t forget afobe is older than sanogo, and akpom is younger than sanogo. All 3 are younger than campbell and welbeck. So if we coach these boys right (come back thierry) we could have a pack of top quality international strikers for years to come. Also sitting behind them is hinds and mavididi.

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    1. The Analyzer

      Aneke was released at the end of the season and joined a belgian club that plays in europa competition. By the aneke was not a striker but a box to box midfielder.

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  6. fred cowardly

    Still could use a Cavani, Benzema or Martinez until all our strikers mature and improve. Welbeck is good but not the finished article yet. He can’t be compared with Costa, Aguero, RVP or Falcao

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      Once a saint is travelling through the country side and night falls. He sees a house in the distant and walks over and knocks on the door.

      A poor farmer opens the door. He lives a simple life. He and his wife sell the milk produced by their cow and live off the money. They welcome the saint into their home and offer him a meal and place to rest.

      In the morning the farmer wakes up and sees that his cow is dead. He says to the saint ‘I took you into my home, fed you and gave you a place to rest. How could you let this happen’. The saint replies ‘in the night the grim reaper came for your wife. I convinced him to take your cow instead’.


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  7. SoOpa AeoN

    Benik and Akpom…. Impressive talents on our hands…. But Hey!…. They are not the boss’s favourites to Lead the Line ….. He sends them on Loan(in afobe’s case) and tags em “the ones for the future” …. But we all know, wenger doesn’t care for the present or the future

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  8. LoCkAy

    @Fred Cowardly
    I agree with you.
    That is why, with the funds we have, we should have brought a “finish article” in term of striker.
    Welbeck will never, and I mean never, score 20-25 goals a season.
    He is not the next Thierry Henry (like I sadly heard some fans and even pundits brag about) and NEVER will be…
    As usual, most of our players should be understudy to proven world class players, but still we have the same “routine” and we should expect the same results or worse…

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  9. Ted Drake

    Wellington silva has finally been granted a work permit! Get rest for some samba skills.

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  10. Trudeau

    I’ve never really understood why Sanogo seems so far ahead of Afobe and Akpom in Wenger’s pecking order. Not necessarily a bad thing as it gives them a chance to develop out of the spotlight but can’t the same be sáid for Sanogo?

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    Did I hear something like Bellerin, Hayden and Akpom have all been promoted from the Youth team to the senior team? But Ajayi is left out. But come to think of how some Gooners have been yelling at the boss to buy these CBs and those CDMs. Only a few Gooners like myself see the advantage of allowing the top youth graduates deployed to the first team. This deployment is the primary reason why Arsenal form the youth team. Arsenal train their youths according to Arsenal football philosophy. And those who made the grades should be moved to the first team accordingly, this will limit spending money on costly finished articles. I am not saying Arsenal should not buy the finished materials. But it should be when it has become very necessary to do so. Arsenal shouldn’t be going out looking for players to buy at just the call of asking for it. They should first look into their back yard to see if the needed player(s) is even there available.

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    1. supertuur

      Yes you are right, if you go to you will see Hayden, Bellerin & Akpom now being part of the first team.

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  12. Twig

    _____Higuain Sanchez
    _Draxler Diame Ramsey Walcott
    Gibbs Koscielny Hummels Debuchy

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  13. Sumo

    This is his last year on contract with us. Have a feeling it wont be extended.

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    1. supertuur

      According to Jeorge Bird from arsenal Youth he signed a new contract with Arsenal before getting loaned out to MK Dons. He we very unlucky, he had a very promising start with us in the Academy but it got all wrecked by various injuries. It is good to see him fight back at MK Dons.

      We have Akpom, Sanogo, Afobe that are young and need to grow. Which one of the three that will succeed at Arsenal I don’t know. Loan spells at Premier league sides would help.

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      1. fed-up gunner

        Funny how he left arsenal n has had no injuries,hmmm I tink tony colbert is killing our players with his pre-historic methods

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