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Arsenal already in talks with Wenger’s replacement?

As yet another lacklustre Arsenal season draws slowly to a close, there seems to be no end to the speculation that surrounds the future of some of the star players and the manager himself, Arsene Wenger. The future of the Frenchman in particular is getting a lot of interest from the media and the latest report from the Sun claims that the North London club are already in talks with the Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri to take over from the under-fire Frenchman.

According to the report, the Arsenal camp have been in talks with Allegri over the course of the past week and are looking to reach an agreement as quickly as possible, considering that Wenger has been very coy on his future and the Italian is the only high-profile manager who seems to be available in the summer. Allegri has been one of the favourites to replace Wenger for quite some time, and if you think it is a done deal then you use the bookies own money to make the bet with this great bet365 bonus offer as he is still a good price at the moment. Needless to mention, Allegri’s stock grew massively after his Juventus side thrashed Barcelona 3-0 in the Champions League this week.

Another interesting point to note is that Allegri has been looking to move to the Premier League for quite some time now, and has even been taking English classes over the past year or so. Having won the League and Cup double in each of his first two seasons in Serie A and looking good for more silverware this season, the master tactician looks like he’s looking for a new challenge and the only top job in England available right now seems to be at Arsenal. So with that being said, the report from the Sun does seem to have a fair bit of credibility to it.

However, Max Allegri is not likely to provide his tactical expertise at a low wage rate and the miserly Arsenal board will have to pay up if his services are to be procured. But then again, Wenger is the second highest-paid manager in England on £171,000-a-week and wages in that range should be enough to convince the Italian. Personally, Allegri would be my first pick for the job but it remains to be seen whether the club can seal the deal and bring him to the Emirates.


10 thoughts on “Arsenal already in talks with Wenger’s replacement?

  1. Goonerboy

    It could be coz I read Allegri is taking English lessons already…
    Pls God let this be more than just a rumor!!!!

  2. JPS_AFC1

    I have been praying for this. I have not seen much off Jueve but i made a point off watching them in the CL the other night and that was a tactical masterclass by Allegri. Please God make it happen let LeFraud be struck by lightning so Alleged can take over.

  3. shegz

    my first pick is Simeone cos above all what Arsenal n Wenger lack most is that doggedness and resilience that the team of Viera,Lehmann etc were known for.
    Allegri is perfect tactically but we need more than a tactical guru, we need a motivator too.

    although, i’ll take Allegri over letting Wenger stay, my best choice will be Diego Simeone

    1. dutchy

      Only problem with Simone is that if Argentina qualifies for the WC, which will probably happen, he will go there.

  4. bodman

    That would be the best transfer for next season,better than Messi and Ronaldo coming to arsenal.

  5. Gunner 4 Life

    I just hope and pray that Wenger himself announces his retirement.. as He has already lost his respect in the Arsenal faithfuls.. it doesn’t look good to sack such a great manager.. so if Wenger really cares.. he should step down for someone else to succeed.. now.. the Board.. when Conte joined Chelsea.. he had a good squad.. he just made one or two changes that would suit his style n now look at them.. same goes for Allegri.. he needs those kinds of players that suit his style.. n b’live me they won’t b cheap.. but if U really want to compete with the best.. U got to bring the best.. n as we all know our so called budget z always like a mid table club.. so the board must also sanction him with the money dat He needs to develop this Arsenal team.. anyways.. hope 4 da best of Arsenal as a club.. #COYG

  6. ArseOverTit

    Allegri or simone would help shape us into a real force again.

    I take articles from the sun and other toilet papers as completely fabricated fantasy unless there are direct quotes from the parties involved.

    If he is learning English and has in the past stated an ambition to coach in the Premier League it doesn’t necessarily mean we will be the ones to get him, as we know how slow and dormant our board and owner are.

    Can’t help but feel a tad excited though.

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