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Arsenal already tracking Bacary Sagna replacement?

The Gunners right-back Bacary Sagna is hotly tipped to be the next experienced player to leave the Arsenal squad after Theo Walcott leaves in January, with rumours stating that Inter Milan are keen on taking Sagna to Serie A.

Now the Lancashire Telegraph has reported that Arsenal scouts were at Ipswich Town this weekend to watch the performance of the Burnley defender Kieran Trippier, who has been extremely impressive since arriving at Turf Moor from Manchester City in the summer of 2011.

The 22 year-old spent four seasons at the Etihad but didn’t appear once for the Man City first team, and spent most of his time out on loan. He first came to Turf Moor on a six month loan but Burnley were more than happy to make the move permanent last Christmas and he ended up being voted Player of the Year by both the Burnley fans as well as his team-mates.

Trippier has obviously improved since leaving City and has represented England at all levels up to the U21s so he is certainly talented. Whether he is good enough to become the permanent backup to Carl Jenkinson will be left to Arsene Wenger’s judgement I guess……

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal already tracking Bacary Sagna replacement?

  1. mbokor

    Always letting experience leave and go get a school boy and you think you pay him 20k a week for them 2win u ‘fourth place trophy’ same old story every day gush!

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  2. Gunner

    If we beat e spuds ill be over the moon omdzz ill love it 3-1 arsenal giroud Wilshere n Walcott. But still on the boards backs. If we win our next 10 fixtures every1 seems to forget about the board . Then we loose 1 and there wer again. Wat ever happens we have to get rid of this board. COMEON YOUU GUNNERS?.

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  3. leo

    we are not a football club but an academy we bring young players polish them & make them ready to play for other big clubs we are going in circles after the media linked us with falcao,cavani,llorente,adrian lopez,fellaini,pepe reina today we are linked with Zaha, Austin, Hughes and Trotter the four stars Arsenal scouted pathetic question is how long can we fans take this crap

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  4. Q8

    The health risks of being an arsrnal fan
    -a lot of stress from watching their games and stress from the transfer windows
    -this will shorten your life span because of the stress and it might result in heartattacks
    These are the hardships us fans endure from supporting arsenal.

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  5. OhToBeAGooner

    I wonder if the board actually hears our complaints , greedy bastards .

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  6. Dan

    F**K OFF!

    This has to be nonsense. We might aswell throw Jenkinson staight into the first team. If we sell Sagna (which is understandable because frankly the guy deserves better), we have to buy an adequate replacement which involves SPENDING MONEY. Our defense is already flimsy how it is, so not replacing Sagna would mean crapping 5 goals to Fulham next time.

    Does anyone know of any cheap decent right backs we could get on the cheap rather than some kid in the second division???

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  7. Gunner_Nation

    Getting rid of more world class talent for some cheap guys who are supposed to come of age in 5 years. So they can sell him for a profit. We lose walcott, then sagna. Wenger and the board are useless. And the worst part is out competitors are spending the money and getting better each season while we get worse. I heard the board is going to let wenger spend this January, yea sure they are. We know this game far too well and they are not going to spend shit.

    And i dont get how we are going to be competitive when FFP comes into play. Teams are not going to sell their best players for peanuts. Also, the top clubs are making a decent profit, look at chelsea, they made a profit last season due to champions league. This is the season the wheels fall off for Arsenal. We are going to finish mid table and another season with no trophies. pep guardiola is out there, if Stan Kronke was smart, he would hire him to make Arsenal real contenders again.

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  8. Sriram

    I think it is a gud idea as sagna is old,injury prone nd not a gud yann mvila can be bought in nd played at right back..mvila is very gud defensively nd his passes r not defensive mids can be played as full backs..for eg:mathieu debuchy was a central mid a couple of years he has become a pretty gud right back…but im sure mvila can become a better fullback nd i hope we get him nd him becoming a superstar..we need a left back too..we should get baines or marcelo or criscito… and we can play poldi at centre forward nd buy muniain or someone at LW!!!!!

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  9. Henry

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if we did sell Sagna and replace him with an unknown player. I think Jenkinson is going to be a class player but to get rid of the best rb in the league would be ludicrous. We all know what’s going to happen though, we will sell Sagna and then the excuses will come out “we did everything we could to keep him or he was a bad influence on the team so we had to get rid of him blah blah blah!”

    The board is a joke and they are making a mockery of our great club! December 1st can’t come quickly enough and I hope to see as many of my fellow gooners there as possible!

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  10. jk

    Sagna is not injury prone for a start he broke his leg twice last year aside from that he has been a mainstay in our defense, secondly sagna is five times the right back yann m’vila is hence he starts ahead of him there for france. He is the best right back in the premiership and you want to sell him and replace with a defensive midfielder haha ok!

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  11. Berth


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  12. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    The board will never leave until they milk Arsenal until it is crippled, then they will give a flimsy excuse and then leave when it is already bottom.

    The best person who could have saved Arsenal by resigning is Wenger but the board has also infected him and he is just the same. The option left is that of the fans who can decide to boycott all the matches until proper changes are made. Arsenal is losing popularity all over the world!

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  13. AidanGooner

    Hector Bellerin who we poached from Barca a while ago is supposed to be a really talented right back coming through- on the plus side. But if Sagna went, it would be yet another indicator that profit supercedes sporting success in the eyes of the board

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  14. Hafiz Rahman

    Carl Jenkinson, OX, were nobody…slam and condemn by you people……

    but where are they now????

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  15. Who's-Next?

    Emm if sagna goes then the next to go is probably vermalen n so on … If we are not goin to win games and trophies be prepared for the best to leave just like with the previous arsenal players what can I say … Arsenal is going down pretty quick

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  16. Sriram

    yann mvila is banned for 2 years frm international football..dats why hes not gettin to play..i kno sagna is a gud defender nd he is de best in dis league…im oly tellin bcoz in case he is sold,mvila can be bought…

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  17. hamid

    Don’t forget that we are loosing Cazorla in the summer as well. There will be a bid from Real, Barca, Shitty, PSG, Chelshit that the board could not refuse. There will be an offer around 25 30 million pounds and bye bye Santi. Next summer, mark my words.

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