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Arsenal and all EPL title hopefuls worried about Man Utd goal rush?

Okay so it is still early days in this new Premier League season and Arsenal fans know more than most that things can change along the way, from bad to good and back again if you are the Gunners, so we should not be handing any team the EPL trophy just yet, or dismissing the chances of others, but I am sure that fans of Arsenal and all the clubs hoping to be crowned champions of England next May will be worried about what is happening over at Old Trafford.

Manchester United may have struggled since the end of the Alex Ferguson era, but one thing you can say about them in recent years is that they did not concede many. It was at the other end where Manchester United have been struggling and I hate to say this but they seem to have put that right this season.

Jose Mourinho and his hugely expensive squad may only have come up against West Ham and Swansea City in the league so far but two scorelines of 4-0 is a bit of a concern, especially as three of those goals have come from the new striker Romelu Lukaku with Pogba and Martial also chipping in during both games.

Next up for them is Leicester and we could really do with the Foxes causing United the same sort of problems they did for Arsenal. Win that game comfortably as well and have Arsenal got a big problem on our hands?


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22 thoughts on “Arsenal and all EPL title hopefuls worried about Man Utd goal rush?

  1. Alex

    That old man is suggesting we have too many players now and it’s not manageable. Is he hinting that we are only gonna sell and not buy anyone else?

    1. Nayr

      I admire the efficiency with which tottenham and man utd dispatch off teams.
      that ruthlessness.

      we are too nice..too many “technically gifted players playing pass pass football.

      yesterday even bellerin wanted to pass his way into the box.
      pass pass pass pass pass pass..dnt shoot..bring on giroud if passing doesnt work.

      1. Cheadle

        i agree.

        Supporting Arsenal doesn’t mean one can’t be objective about the Totts or any other team.

        The Big 7 will look for Max points against the Lucky 13 (Big 7 + Lucky 13 = 20 teams). Once you lose or draw a single game to the Lucky 13 you immediately hurt your top four chances.

        I think Mouhrinho has assembled the team of 6 foot giants he dreams about, recall how he has remained faithful to Fellaini and I’m guessing He will re-sign Zlatan. Its easy to see his Overall strategy… which is to assemble a team that will physically and skillfully dominate the Lucky 13 that’s 65 or more points, then they will only need 50% (18) of the points from the top 7 to hit pay dirt. A simple strategy. All he has to get right are the tactics for specific match days.

        We needed to score first in order to open up the game. As for our shots on target, even when you are 1 v 1 with the goalie a final bit of technique is still required to get the goal, Sanchez knows all about it and Welbeck needs to hone that skill, shooting directly at the goalies body will not get you the goal.

        Keep Sanchez and our attack is sorted but our midfield is not dominant and our defence clearly too easy to breach.

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    United are after Lemar and maybe Draxler
    If United get Lemar I will be sick.
    We should have sewed him up weeks ago.

    With Ozil not performing well and Alexis “injured” , Lemar would have been ideal. He can Play CAM and left winger.

    Very sad if Wenger just sells and does not sign any more players

    1. Finding Dory

      We aren’t signing anyone. Wenger will say “we were only looking to add quality and there wasn’t anything out that we could get.”

      Done. Mid table.

  3. Kedar Damle

    Why Arsenal should be worried about Man Utd???? They are competing for Title with Chelsea, Manchester City whereas we are looking only for top 4 with Liverpool and Tottenham, hence as far as Arsenal’s concern we should not worry about either Man Utd, Man City or Chelsea anyway…
    We should concentrate on top 4, FA Cup and Europa Cup as if we win Europa Cup then we will automatically qualify for Champions League… If we don’t get top 4 still we will have European Trophy and Champions League as well..

  4. Billy

    I watched the Man u game. 4-0 was a flattering scoreline. They scored 3 in 4 minutes in the 80th minutes. They seemed to bully the ball into the net. It will be interesting to watch them against better teams. If they win them 4-0 then we should be worried.

  5. John Ibrahim

    wonder what everyone is watching

    our defence have improved, we make one error and goal

    We still need a goal scoring midfielder or winger

    Same old Arsenal…..dominated but cant score…..

    We need goals to win

    Fans need to start protesting at the right time

    and now this is a right time for a quality winger or midfielder

    1. Quantic Dream

      But why must we always arm twist the manager to make signings that we need? Why can’t he make signings on his own initiative? Why must we drop points first before funds are released? Why does the manager behave like this? Is he a retard who can’t learn from mistakes? Or Is he a natural loser who likes having a handicap at every point during the season? Why does Wenger do the things he does and why is he our only option for manager? Why why why why why why why why why ???!!!!!!

      1. John Ibrahim

        Maybe is the manager or maybe is not….but the owner, board and the CEO holds the authorisation to the finances

        They dont release the funds…we will never get the players

        Instead of demanding and protesting in mid season

        Why not do it now before the window shuts

  6. JPS_AFC1

    Who cares what Man U area doing . We got enough problems in our own back yard. Our team isn’t good enough they can’t defend, our holding midfielders can’t hold anything , our manager is clueless when it comes to team selection and he also thinks we need to selll and not buy anyone going by what he said after the game. Mourinho as much as I hate him had one season at Man U assessed his squad and in the window bought what was needed and now they look like the Manchester of old. Why can’t our manager do that, for years now he hasn’t bought what was needed to take our team to the next level.
    How and why this owner and board extended him for 2 years is beyond me, what has he done in the last 3 years to deserve an extension.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Spot on analysis! I concur completely. Mourinho has identified weaknesses and attempted to rectify them after one season at Man U. Wenger has had 10 seasons at Arsenal to find similar players to Vierra and Gilberto, but seems to think such players are not required in the modern EPL.
      Every season Arsenal calls out for big (tall), strong aggressive players in mid field and defence, yet all Wenger signs (Kola an exception) are wimps who get bullied off the ball and are weak in the tackle.

  7. Waal2waal

    the teams from northwest (of england) do not mess round when it comes to football we’ll have plenty on our hands when we face efc, lfc, manu and man city we ain’t made a big enuff statement in the transfer window we need two more quality players or we will take a swallow dive and go deep into freefall.

    our football fate is much like the wind it blows this way and that. at the start of this campaign we were placed 2nd and now i don’t dare to look. i do know we will climb its what we often do. we made things so difficult now we reliant on our rivals failing rather than our careful planning and strategy for success.

    1. John Ibrahim

      We need someone that score goals

      We dominate but cant score….

      A goal scoring winger or midfielder is required….

      We are wasting time on players that do not want to sign their contract and commit

      Let them go….bring in quality ones that will play with their heart and give their all

      Fans need to start protesting at the right time

      and now this is a right time for a quality winger or midfielder before the window shuts

  8. Viera Lyn

    The last thing we should be worried about is what other clubs are doing, especially considering the ridiculous amount of issues we have with our own squad…for those still on the fence regarding their feelings towards are current manager please make note of the comments he made following our loss to Stoke…once again he played the referee card, which might have carried a little weight if it wasn’t the umpteenth time he has used this excuse and the fact that we were absolutely pathetic in the final third…I could speak at great length about the myriad of problems with this club but I’ll focus on just a few of the more pressing concerns:

    (1) this squad has way too many moving parts and very few of our players are good enough at their preferred position let alone relying on them in whatever position Wenger and his magic eight ball decide in the tunnel prior to the game…when teams do this it generally signals issues within the club, much like Jose last year and Van Gael before him…no one gets settled, the chemistry is almost non-existent and if provides a built-in excuse when the team comes up short…these issues fall squarely on Wenger, both for his decisions regarding players coming in and for his inability to rid the team of those players who aren’t cutting it…in actually fact we have only 6 real starters on this current squad and that’s being generous(Sanchez, Ozil, Lacazette, Sead, Kos & Cazorla)…which is discouraging because Cazorla is injured and might never play again, Sanchez is wanting out and the club is lying to us about his injury status, Lacazette receives no service, Ozil is relatively disinterested out there, Kos is getting up there and Sead is just trying to settle in…there isn’t a single other player that would start regularly on any of the other top 3 teams, which should be the standard…imagine this team moving forward if Wenger only sells before the window closes

    (2) we have only two players that have shown the skills necessary to finish on any consistent basis, Sanchez and Lacazette…one isn’t playing due to that horrifying abdominal injury he suffered on the practice field and the other hasn’t proven himself yet in the EPL, which could be difficult considering who he relies on to provide service(no doubt that useless tool Welbeck gets a bucket load of chances, why would any defender man-mark his sorry ass)…we don’t have set piece specialists except Sanchez and Carzola, we don’t have players who can score from outside the box with any regularity and we don’t have a manager that sees the value in having those types of players…like I said before, Wenger got Lacazette to shut us up because the system we played today was the same offensive scheme he uses when Giroud is playing and that makes absolutely no sense…very little direct play, sideways soccer, ticky-tack passing and forcing in crosses when the opposing team has had ample time to get 8 or 9 men behind the ball

    (3) this team is rotting from the inside out and it’s going to take some unprecedented moves on the part of this board and the fans to facilitate the necessary changes…this club must rid itself of it’s absentee billionaire landlord before we become just another sporting wasteland in this man’s collection of flailing clubs…when this is done it will expose just what exactly has been going on behind the scenes and I’m afraid of what will be uncovered because if Wenger’s business model is as antiquated as his football philosophy it could look an awful lot like and old Monty Python sketch in the backroom…we need to replace the owner with someone who actually cares about this club and isn’t afraid to wear their emotions on his or her sleeves or spend their own money to achieve greatness…this new owner needs to find someone who represents the same sort of cutting edge that Wenger represented in his early years then pair that individual with someone who knows how to conduct transfers in the modern era…then and only then will we find a way to escape the malaise that has permeated our once storied club for way too many years

  9. abiola gunner

    have always have my doubts on xahka how much he call make good use of the ball when he’s under pressure or when the game is fast…. we need a type of welbeck that can score goals… it’s unfortunate we got a wrong welbeck.. he does almost everything well apart from scoring.. this will make us miss Sanchez more if he leaves.. none of our forwards against stoke could dribble against

  10. Raj

    Arsenal won’t even compete for any title as long as deluded old man is in charge.
    We should be more worried with teams like Southampton , Everton as we are no longer competing for title.Europa league spot would now be marketed as Champions league spot for as long as there is no change in board.

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