Arsenal and Man United considering bids for versatile Celtic star

It is being reported today that the versatile Celtic defender/midfielder Victor Wanyama is the subject of a battle between the two Premiership giants Arsenal and Manchester United. The Kenyan international can play in virtually any defensive position which would make him a positive addition to any side in the Premiership.

Talksport today reveals that both clubs have been scouting the 21 year-old, and were both present during Celtic’s recent 2-1 Champions League win over HJK Helsinki, and although Neil Lennon is keen to keep hold of the big, strong youngster, Wanyama has made it clear that he would love a move to the Premiership.

He said: “It would not be a terrible thing for me if the club agrees to let me go and they were to get a good offer. I’m proud I’m the first Kenyan to play in the UK and I’d be very happy to be the first Kenyan to play in the Premier League.”

Celtic bought him for just 900,000 from Belgian side Beerschott last summer, and with little competition to Celtic in next seasons Scottish title chase, the Hoops would find it very hard to turn down a massive profit if either Arsene Wenger or Alex Ferguson put in a bid of around 8 million for him this month.

Wanyama has always showed promise and incredibly made his international debut for Kenya when he was just 15 years old, and has been earmarked as a star of the future ever since. With his size and strength (and his age, of course) he could easily settle into the pace of the Premier League and if he could be bought for under ten million he would also be a brilliant investment, something that always interests Arsene Wenger!

With the M’Vila deal looking extremely unlikely now, then Wanyama would be a cheaper and possibly better alternative to provide some cover and competition for Alex Song…..

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45 thoughts on “Arsenal and Man United considering bids for versatile Celtic star

  1. Bossman

    yes good young player and the thing is he could also help in the RB position…….where we have a little gap to be filled but all in all wenger wont miss on an investment………just like at Ox and all the others of the past i love the was our tranfer window is looking and we continue to grow and show that next season there WILL BE NO stopping us COYG!!!!!!!!

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  2. AFC_Gooner

    I’m getting very excited about this season for the Gunners.

    C’mon Arsenal!!!!

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  3. arsenalTID

    I pray we don’t get this guy!!! There are so many better players with more experience and that could even be cheaper than him!!!

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  4. John Odhiambo

    Wanyama is my fellow Kenyan and I would be proud to see him in Arsenal colours. I think our Prime Minister, Honourable Raila Odinga, who is an Arsenal fan should step in and talk to Victor to sign for Arsenal.

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  5. Tommy_gunner

    The key-word “versatile” brings depth to mind in several areas… I mean thats the kinda player we need. More competions!

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  6. Segujja yusuf

    Am a ugandan and wanyama is a fellow east african but iwld rather go for cream that is mvilla this time we want players with experience who can give Barcelona tough times if we meet in champions league and wanyama may be having that barcelona phobia and may not be agood fit for epl

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  7. samjeck lagos nigeria

    happy for what is happining in gunners transfer market.just pray dat aw shld sign M,VILLA, butland, sakho, lowadoski/lorenti/huntler. sale rvp, bedner, chlmak,park, diaby,djrue,shiqlasi,ashavin and we will be ready to challange for all trophy ds season

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  8. Peter

    @iiler,it does not all the time mean that because something or someone is cheap it means it is not good..Wanyama is a good player and more pacier than m’vill and even song,he is big and strong and can play anywhere from dm to cb.

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  9. Ibole bob (Nigeria)

    Knowing well that Carzorla is almost in and that Sahin is here almost too. If we get Victor Wanyama, we will have 3 thinks missing or 3 thinks to do:
    1) Make or let Van Persie extend his contract.
    2) Get a Good keeper that will make Wojciech Szczesny stand up to expectation and also teach him.
    3) The Season to begin So that we can Win all the can be won..

    GUNNER !!!!

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  10. walter korir

    ooh yes…… very strong and still young and have skill in back line wanyama is the man ilike to be in arsenal if iwas manager in arsenail fc,go for he wenger plz iwill be happy about that.

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  11. Flyestboi

    Sick & Tired of speculations…Dont knw much about him but make a quality buy*CAZORLA>nasri*

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  12. jk

    Wanyama is decent but the idea is to improve on what we got. if diaby was playing in the scottish league he would look like messi. There are two players out there and available who would seriously strenghten our side thats kevin strootman and yann m’vila!!

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  13. Versatile

    How about Wenger to bring both M’villa and Wanyama but most likely Song will have to go. Considering you have Frimpong and Coquelan. mmmmmm that is really depth but Very tuff decision to make. le boss knows bettet

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  14. Za

    If this buy means selling Song then hell no. No disrespect , he is a goOd player at the SPL but we cannot be selling Song and Walcott. What message are we sending out there?? That when ever our player has a great season he should be sold. Keep Song at all cost. We can develops someone from 17 only to sell him at 24 . Am getting worried.

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  15. gooner

    When rvp walks in to that german training camp he’s gonna be thinking what have I done because aresnal are bringing home trophys this season

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  16. Wasim gunner

    Except 4 ol gunnerz fan..Transfer window is so quite this time around..specially man shitty..hahahahaha..

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  17. Galen

    Weeks ago some ungrateful fans where insulting Song and saying mvilla is the saviour. They even failed to include Song in this year starting 11. Now Barca needs a DM where are the mvilla, victor wayama or capou or baglia. Song is way better than all this dudes combine and he is a product of our academy who came in at 17. Give him between 80 – 100 k and make him vice captain. Song is presently our most capped player. We are not gonna sell him to bring SPL players. No disrespect to victor or whatever his name is. Barca tapping uP have started with Sergio b the diver. Expect Xavi, iniesta , cleaners, cooks , drivers and even the dogs to start talking about how Song is Barcelona DNA

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  18. Segujja yusuf

    Are just buying for the sake of buying we gunners are good at praising one day we shall praise even a corcroach go for wanyama he will be agood flop even better than arshavin and chamarch we dont need players who will request for enough playing time to fit in ateam what is left is whether wanyama can defend strong players like ronaldo,messi, adjan robens unless u say we only buy for epl go players with experience can wanyama face andrey pirlo

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  19. maddy

    @ segujja yusaf

    How the hell can we meet barca in premoer league?????

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  20. AYJ

    Cheick Tiote would be a much better solution.. More expensive, though more experienced, and perhaps talented

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  21. Maxio

    Agree with Galen, the Barca choir boys just started singing. Now the mayor and pastors will join in to praise Song. We don’t want wayama cuz we are not selling Song our vice captain. That’s final

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  22. Segujja yusuf

    @maddy sorry its just amistake but for one to compare song with wanyama me i call it emptiness,Song has played several times in africa cup of nations and soon becoming captain for cameroon,wanyama’s team kenya has always been beaten by uganda my national team in qualifiers for Afcom kenya has taken long long time to appear in africa cup even in cecafa its always beaten by uganda how can one say that wanyama is better who has never been featured in big intl competititions like how song has done atleast bring mvilla who has faced such competetitions .its even awaste of time for the writter of that article entittled wanyama and ithink wenger has lost forcus to eye wanyama given all the classic players

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  23. Big Gun

    We need defenders now, not midfielders. We have a plethora of talent now in the MF. And I agree with James, Frimpong and Coquelin are solid DM backups. I think Yennaris should be promoted for RB, but CB and LB is needed. I don’t feel too comfortable with Merts if the Boss or Verminator gets injured. Gibbs is ok, but if he gets injured too? Then what, Santos? Santos should be played as a LAM or LW, not a defender. I still worry about our defense, as I have the past 4 seasons.

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  24. moje Kenyan gooner

    @John Odhiambo ujaluo
    To say the the truth we all know that ain’t his real age and I’d love to see my country man play in the premier league bt not at a cost to my beloved arsenal. This season we need experience we hv a couple of players in our reserves who are truelly 21.

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  25. Kobi

    No No No No!!!!!
    From going to M’Vila or Capoue we always try to settle for the cheaper option.
    He doesnt have more quality than the aforementioned two.
    He wont be even eligible to play in the CL.
    We should snatch M’Vila or Capoue.

    BTW Rennes FC intended to replace M’Vila with Wanyama.

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  26. scott

    forget the guy already. If Song leaves, Coquelin and Frimpong will rise to the occassion. Most Arsenal fans have not taken time to see Frimpong, that’s the next Micheal Essien right there in front of you guys. You should have seen him play for Wolves before his injury, he became the threat in the team in less than one month!!! Game time is all these boys need man. If we give them the kinda time we give Ramsy & Diaby… you’ll see their true value!

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  27. gunner

    news on M’vila:
    apparently his price has dropped significantly to around 11 million and spurs are bidding 9.5m for him. we have to buy M’vila because he’s better than waynma and NOW he costs a similiar price.

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  28. Charles Mwangi

    Wanyama is a great player and i really wish he join Arsenal. i would feel so nice supporting my country Man in a club that i love so much. wish the deal will be successive

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  29. Amol

    cazorla is done….

    Celtic midfielder joins

    wenger should take advantage of malaga’s financial situation
    n lure isco….this kid is proven talent….

    he’s of xavi’s n iniesta’s class

    like thiago alcantra is….

    wenger should lure isco….soon before someone else takes him away…

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  30. Asernal-fan-atic

    Why is it that Barca want Alex Song? what do they see in him that most Arsenal fan dont? and why arent they going for M’villa or Wanyama?…simple, Song is that good, we would be IDIOTS!!! to let him go to Barca.

    Song to stay!!!!!

    Arsenal For LIFE!!!

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  31. MSBGooner!!!

    Barca want Song…y?
    What do they see in Song that we dont?
    Why doesnt Barca go for M’villa or Wanyam or who ever alse we want to replace Song with?…simple, Song is that good, we would be IDIOTS!!! to let him go.

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  32. Moses karubara

    I think Wanyama is the best option considering he is an African and our continent has never disappointed throughout the Arsenal history

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  33. Weldon kenya ronoh

    Yea go for this guy reasons 1.he is still young and versatile in mid 2.being the first kenyan to try to ply his trade in epl he will do what it takes to show that he befit the status of epl lastly he is a long term asset

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  34. Jim

    comparing Big VIC with Frimpong is a joke. Wanyama is a beast in his position.

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