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Arsenal and PSG preparing TRIPLE transfer deal for January?

Arsenal fans may not want our Chile international star to leave the Gunners at all, and if he cannot be persuaded to stay it would certainly be a help to get as many games out of him as we can before his current contract expires next summer.

At the same time, I think a lot of us would be willing to see Arsene Wenger sell Alexis Sanchez in the January transfer window, provided it was not to another club in the English Premier League. Arsenal may not get a massive transfer fee for the Chilean striker when he only has a few months to go before being available on a free transfer, but that would be better than nothing.

We definitely could do without strengthening Pep Guardiola’s Man City any more, so the news reported by The Mirror and many other sports websites about the French club preparing to beat City to the signature of Sanchez could be good news for Gooners everywhere.

Even better would be if the other Arsenal transfer rumours about PSG are true, because that could mean that while Alexis goes one way, their Uruguayan centre forward Edinson Cavani and their German attacking midfield star Julian Draxler come in the other direction to play for Arsenal.

What do you think are the chances of this triple transfer deal between Arsenal and PSG actually happening?


27 thoughts on “Arsenal and PSG preparing TRIPLE transfer deal for January?

  1. Redmau5

    Word arsenal in same sentence as transfer

    Yes of course cavani draxler moura who else …mbappe looks unsettled…

    Kallstrom u complete me

    1. gotanidea

      Hahaha, you are correct.

      – Sanchez to PSG: Highly improbable, they have too many fringe players like him.

      – Cavani to Arsenal: Also highly improbable, because PSG need tall and skillful striker like him. Cannot rely on short forwards like Mbappe and Neymar forever, if they keep playing like that.

      – Draxler to Arsenal: Possible, as long as Arsenal is willing to give him much higher salary and other benefits. Mustafi, Mertesacker and Ozil could convince him to join Arsenal.

      There are other fringe players like Moura, Pastore and Di Maria. Jean Seri and Rafinha are still available as well. I hope Arsenal can get one of them.

      1. TH14atl

        Agreed. Draxler and Seri/Rafinha could provide immediate benefit for us. Di Maria could even bring value as well (if we switch back to a 4231 I would imagine). Cavani to us doesn’t make any sense though, especially when we just brought in Laca.

      2. Clegane

        Let’s not mention that Wenger just bought Lacazette. We all know, for that reason alone, Cavani shouldn’t even be mentioned.

    2. JPS_AFC1

      Not getting my hopes up for this one. I made a comment a month ago on this forum that we should offer PSG Alexis and £15mil for Draxler. Not sure why we need Cavani. Would much prefer it to go like this.
      Alexis + £70 million pounds to PSG
      Draxler , Raboit and Moura to AFC even Pastore would be ok.
      Wishful thinking I know like as if this club would actually strengthen the areas off the pitch that need strengthening, it’s not how we work these days is it

  2. Arsenal_Girl

    Well we got to top stars this summer. Kolsanic was considered one of the best LB in the Bundesliga and Lacazette one of the best strikers in France. Also, Lemar and Draxler both wanted to come.

    So we can still attract quality players

    Problem is Kroenke and Wenger not doing what is necessary.

    They should have sowed up Lemar and got one or two Top CM like Seri or Goretzka

    The problem continues to be Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidas

    1. Ivan

      Lemur initially wanted to come but then changed his mind when the deal was agreed between the clubs. Reports were that he no longer saw Arsenal as an attractive destination and preferred Liverpool to us.

      1. GO

        Thats the lies and NOT the report. When PSG didnt make up their mind for a better part of three months and want to all of a sudden destabilise the player with 6 hours left in the transfer window, it only makes sense for him to stay. What changed about Arsenal within the three months that made him change his mind? Was it within the three months that we went from Champions league to Europa? of course not? We are just always ready to accept and embrace every negative news out there about this club.

        1. Ivan

          Well like yourself I don’t have direct access to the Monaco board or Lemur himself but all the papers and TV reporters who have access to his agent said he no longer wished to join us.
          As for why he would have changed his mind after three months, I would have thought that is obvious; we had lost to Stoke and got demolished by Liverpool and all the pundits were highlighting the clubs repeated failings so he no longer looked at Arsenal as a club with any pretensions of competing for the league.

          1. GO

            That will be feeble and simplistic of a professional football player. Judging his decision to join a 131 year old club by two games and preferring another club who has subsequently gone on to loose 5 nill to City, Drew 2-2 at home to Sevilla in the champions league, drew 1-1 at home to burnley in the champions league, lost 2 nill to Leicester and drew 1-1 to Spartak Moscow in the Champions league. My point is that since Wenger has stated the real facts of the matter no one from Monaco or the players camp has come up to refute it. So why don’t we just believe our own story rather than some imaginary sources?

            1. Ivan

              You think it feeble and simplistic for a player to want to join a successful club to have a chance of winning major trophies?
              As for why not believe Wenger, you cannot be serious; the man repeatedly tells lies these days in his effort to cling on to his job which only the most simple and gullible like yourself still believe. Open your mind and try reading some quality newspapers and listening to the TV as they often speak directly to the players and their agents .

  3. Ian wrights bruva

    Would be lovely but I can’t see it happening.

    I not even sure Alexis will accept going to psg and may hold out for a move to man city when I he is a free agent

  4. PJ

    Chances? Zero

    Wishful thinking at best. Another click for ad revenue from teasing us Gooners with an appealing headline

    Our transfer team are not ruthless, professional, persuasive or visionary enough to make such a complex deal happen

    Still, if only, huh? If only we’d signed Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Drogba, Mbappe, Aubameyang… … …

  5. Ivan

    All if’s and but’s and as easy to predict as the winning lottery numbers.
    What we can be certain is our attractiveness to any decent player is directly linked to how well we are doing in the league as top players only want to join successful or at least potentially successful teams.
    So we need to be within touching distance of the leaders in the next transfer window if we want to attract quality players.

  6. patrick ahern

    Man u and man c, look good but the league also have about 6 teams that are better than what they have played so far, I doubt that either will be top of the league at xmas so we might get Sanchez to sign new contract. That is what I would hope for rather than all those permutations doing the rounds about him

    1. TH14atl

      I’m not sure we will get him to stay. Top players want to play alongside other top players, and if your Sanchez evaluating our squad, who would he look at as someone that would have a chance to play in the lineups of other top teams the same way that he might? Santi, Mesut, Laca, LK6? Maybe Hector, Nacho, and Kolasinac? I’m not sure that’s enough. We’d need to bring in 3 top quality players in January, secure Mesut, and have Santi return to ensure Alexis’s stay. When have you seen Arsenal spend to do all of that?

      I would think this 11 would make him reconsider things (but i acknowledge it’s not going to happen):
      Alexis Draxler/Lemar/Di Maria
      Santi/Seri/Rafinha Coquelin (or a new athletic ball winning CDM)

      Sead Nacho LK6 Hector

      That’s a balanced, technical, dangerous, dynamic 11 that consists of enough top players that can challenge for the title. This is an 11 that would make top players want to resign or look to come our way. Not likely to happy though.
      Giroud, Ramsey, Welbz, Xhaka, Mustafi, Iwobi coming off the bench.

      1. Akan

        I was almost convinced of your argument then I looked again and saw the word “COQUELIN” are you sure you haven’t been drinking or smoking an illegal substance. That is a player we loaned out to Charlton Athletic” and he couldn’t get in their first team and you line him up with “quality players”,,,, Iwobi, Xhaka, and Giroud should be used to clean the mud off the players boots after the game.

    2. HA559

      Manu will go down the table. They’ve had the easiest fixtures (on paper) thus far, and yet to play any of the top 6 from last year.

  7. The barrel

    Draxler in Ozil out, we need strong and skillful players. No Ozil who run like a sickman. I don’t who will bid for Ozil. Imagine the front four of Draxler, Welbeck, Walcott, and Lacazette leading the line. It will be the most scary attack to any team facing Arsenal

    1. Adam Criniti


      He can’t even get off the bench against West Brom
      and although in good form Welbeck is ALWAYS an
      injury liability.

      This lineup is entirely possible come January but Kroenke and Wenger will never let it happen.


  8. BlaZing gunZ

    Harry Kane 2 Arsenal will make me 1 very happy GunNer + a midfield in the mould of Cazorla ! Kronke OUT ASAP !!!

  9. Mr pat

    Silly thinking from a lot of people on this site why would cavan come to arsenal it’s people on this site been slating players and manager for months and you expect the like of cavan to come to arsenal in that kind of atmosphere think again , criticism of the team and manager to a point but some arsenal fans have taken it to extreme level with the kind of language banded about

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