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Arsenal and the defensive midfield dilemna

With the January transfer window getting closer, the rumours about Arsenal transfer targets are getting more frequent and the fans are hoping and praying that the Gunners actually spend some cash this time around. In the summer, a good percentage of the rumours were about which defensive midfielder was coming to the Emirates, but Arsenal surprised everybody by not only failing to buy one, but selling Alex Song to Barcelona.

Mikel Arteta has done a brilliant job in front of the back four this season, but he is still not a typical defensive midfielder, and many think his talents are wasted a little by restricting him from going forward more. Arsenal do have Coquelin and Frimpong who are good and have great potential, but they are not the finished article. So, will we buy somebody this time?

The reason I thought of this was that I have just read that Yann M’Vila has been banned from the France international team until 2014, meaning he will miss the World Cup in South Africa if France qualify. His punishment comes after he was caught on a late night out in Parid in between qualifying games for the under-21s championship which France then lost.

He has been in disciplinary trouble before and this may be the reason why Wenger went cold on him. However, his price may be more appealing now and he would not be going on international trips for two years. He is a fantastic player and surely Wenger could keep him in line.

Another player who would make a fantastic addition is the Kenyan and Celtic player Victor Wanyama. He played two immense games against Barcelona in the Champions League. As his manager Neil Lennon has said, he is getting better and better, and he is just 21-years old. Manchester United scouts are keeping a close eye on him and may make a move in January, according to the Daily Mail.

Celtic will be desperate to hold on to him, and may be able to if they progress to the next round. If they don’t, their financial situation may force them to listen to offers over £10 million. Although, knowing Arsenal, nothing will happen again, or we might get a 14-year old prospect from Macedonia.

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46 thoughts on “Arsenal and the defensive midfield dilemna

  1. Mohamed

    We need M Villa we actually need someone with a bad boy image to inject some strength into our team someone like viera and give our team a bit of a fear factor to the opposition

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  2. asdfg

    FU**ing DIABY Out for 1 more Month?????????????????? WTHH is wrong with our medical team?? Can’t they for One f***ing tym for F**ks sake estimate the correct tym fr recovery?? FED UP WITH Diaby… Why is he eating arsenal money?? He should work as a carom board player.. At least he won’t be injured in it !!! F***ing Disgraceful….

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  3. k

    Play 3 central midfielders in a 4-3-1-2 and tell them not to all run up at the same time.

    The front 3 can switch around as much as they want during the game. Walcott could move higher and Podolski drop back, or Walcott for Giroud etc.
    The midfield can take turns going forward, if Cazorla wants to make a run then Arteta and Wilshere could sit just behind and control the game from there and add some cover. Or Arteta might move up and use his passing ability to control the game higher up the field leaving Wilshere and Cazorla just behind. Plus if we are piling on the pressure we can push 2 of them up.
    If we need width then either the full backs can move higher up, or Walcott and Podolski could drift wide, Cazorla move to an attacking midfield position and Giroud move up a bit. Right now we are lost for ideas every game, this is the formation to prevent that. We can play through the middle, the attack has pace from Walcott, a deadly shot from Podolski, and a great header from Giroud. In addition we could also apply some width with Walcott and Podolski.

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  4. Baz

    No way!! There is no width. Even when you say that Podolski and Walcott can go wide, that’s our current 4-3-3 formation! And how can Walcott play behind two stikers? he has pace!! thats useless there. he can barely pass ten yards, never mind trying to play the pinpoint though balls that attacking midfielders should be making!! Maybe on FIFA but not real life!!!!

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  5. elvisco

    We all know AW will definately allow Walcott to pack his bags and walk out the door when the transfer window opens in January.Walcott will not be an Arsenal player next year for sure.This is what the crafty Frenchman has been doing with all our best players over the years.During interviews he’ll pretend as if he is doing everything to keep the player meanwhile the transfer papers are already lying on his desk waiting for the buying team to come over and sign them.This is what he told us about Fabregas,Nasri Song and Van Persie who end up joining other clubs.Does AW things he is dealing with fools here?There is only one fool involved here and he knows himself.

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  6. boom boom POW ...wankerz

    Blah blah blah keep dreaming anyway we don’t Care about all this talk nomore we want our club back n buying cheap ass players that are just happy to sit on big wage n show no passion for the shirt….thieves taking money from the fans n delivering bad results year after year …Protest n boycott…hit dem were it hurts in their greedy pocket …its a football club not a bank. I want wenger to Stay, but he is losing touch with reality with some of the shit he says…I think old age is catching up with him… The fans aint fools…

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  7. Gooner Cape Town

    Ettiene Capoue………
    Maroane Fellaini…….
    Hatem Ben Arfa………
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar….
    Maybe also Luke Shaw get rid of Chakak, Squigee, Aresaving Parking, Bender and get above players in. Remember we also still have Gnabry, Eisfeld, Myachi and a few more who are learning their trade as youngsters. So with a few simple additions a few give aways if need be we can be very strong. Must also get Theo to sign new contract as well as Bacary.

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  8. Thosi Roy

    Buying IS the answer… well, let me see! Chelsea BOUGHT players, and won the Premier League a few times… Man City BOUGHT players, and won last year. We need to buy, buy, buy! I’m not asking Wenger to max out his credit card, but to get at least a few more top quality, accomplished players to provide competition & backup, instead of a 15 year-old goalkeeper from India or some-thef**k-where competing with Szczesny for first team place! Knowing Arsene & his board, I think the team may need to end in 7th place for major changes to happen…

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  9. Gooner Hoot

    I’ve posted this a few times and the more i think about it the more I think it could work…


    Back 5 when defending/Mid 5 when attacking
    Koz and Verm free to make attacking runs when needed.
    More licence for wingbacks to push forward(less dependant on Santos in defence)
    More width when needed, more flexability up front.
    Famous Five Arms In the Air style defending.
    More options up front for theo and Podolski to utilise their finishing skills.
    Im no expert and would welcome the pro’s and con’s of this formation.
    Who needs a defensive mid anyway.

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  10. stephen187

    I’d take m’villa..less chance of getting injured nw no internationals..6 months on contract and he has strength..that will allow arteta to be more of a free role to use his passing ability. Biggest signing of the season would be a new medical team so we could have a fit first 11 for more then 2 games in a row…

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  11. Henryesk

    I said it before I’ll say it again. Victor Wanyama will be a revelation in the EPL!

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  12. vyash

    sign fernandihno(attcking,defensively melfielder)
    27 old
    cost only 8m pounds

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  13. vinie2000

    Yann m’villa is the not look anywhere else.Bad boy reputation..hard tackler..physical,good passing range and Anchor sitting in front of the back two.He’s been ban to play for France until 2014 so for his team until next summer.let’s get him on loan in January as he has a point to proved..then buying on the cheap..Gooners..thats our man.He’ll give the freedom to let lose arteta to support the attacking 4.Im a true believer in his talent so will you gooners.

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  14. Omar

    we have lost the fear we enjoy from the opposition because we are very predictable. The truth is i beliv nothing can work for now unless the board decides they are ok with the money they have made or the fans decides to bring down the board and allow usmanov to handle affairs. As a fan in Nigeria i get mocked and am soo low of morale, yet i believe only a change of the board can see us get our club back

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  15. Loverats

    We simply dont have the heavyweights to win the league…

    90% of out team are good players with potential but arent nowhere near there peak. The only way to change this is to buy a few world class players to get the balance right.

    This wont happen so then we will fight for 4th, so be it , its just so hard to accept this depressing state of affairs

    And Theo…. SIGN da Thing

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  16. leo

    all those yann m’vila fans should realise that he has gone from bieng the next patrick viera to the next denilson his own fans are booing him week in & week out his performance hasn’t been good over the last 10 months i hope wenger signs llorente/huntelaar + holtby & fellaini/victor waynama

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  17. jk

    Give sagna what he wants to start with hes the best right back in the league, also wengers stupid arrogance and pride relying on the most injury prone player in premier league history hasnt paid off and like we all taught in the summer we should have bought a ball winner in midfield like m’vila or strootman! Wanyama has really impressed me never taught he was that great but he was a beast against barca!

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  18. leo

    great news rosicky,ox back in trainng + szczseny starts for arsenal u-21 against west ham no signs of diaby

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  19. leo

    @jk sagna will leave i am sure how else can the greedy boar balance the sheet they are using the ffp as a smoke screen nothing is going to happen unless the fans act

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  20. leo

    Maybe in three years time they will hope and pray for someone like Wenger Angry with Wenger? Wenger created the new Arsenal, almost. – Fulham coach Martin Jol Wenger’s team have not won a trophy since 2005’s FA Cup – although Martin Jol says the club might regret it if they ever got rid of him.

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  21. Aziz

    You formation seems rather interesting and creates a good balance between attack and defence. Sagna and Gibbs as wing backs would surely allow more players to attack down the middel. Arteta, Wilshere and Cazorla will also become more involved in goal scoring opportunities. Using Walcot,Gervinho,Podolski as wingers makes very little sense to me since we have 3 of the finest wing backs in Sagna,Jenko and Gibbs. Your formation is an excellent alternative as we seem to struggle with the more popular one’s.

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  22. Mistyque

    Forget Wanyama, Celtic want 25million for him.
    He has a long-term contract

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  23. Bouba

    As usual I see names being thrown in the mix, like we are going to spend…!!! Especially the ones who are put on the blog !!

    TOTAL NON SENSE, AND YOU GUYS KNOW THAT… Well we can still dream…

    By the way, L’Equipe has announced that Sagna is on his way out with Inter Milan and Paris St Germain the front runners.

    It is the same journalist and imios who broke the news for Nasri, Clichy, and Van Persie ( Fabregas was an evidence )….

    We will loose Walcott too…

    Can someone tell me where are we going??

    May be there is a secret card or plan being concocted inside the Arsenal structure and some how we will have a successful team soon… And please DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT THE FAIR PLAY RULE ( THAT’S INSULTING ) BECAUSE IT IS A LOAD OF RUBBISH, AND WE ALL KNOW THAT.

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  24. Hass

    Coquelin and Wilshire are better suited as DMF then Arteta. Their distribution passing forward is better than Arteta is at from DMF. Arteta passes sideways and angled passes, thats how you can tell when Arsenal will struggle in a match these days. Their is no real outlet or control down the middle, and thats why we see players passing back and changing flank and trying the other side and then back again.

    The defenders need to push up as well, so there is no need to work the whole pitch again when building a new attack, we will only need to go back to just behind the halfway line to rebuild a new attack not pass back to our own quarter of the pitch where our centrebacks are at the moment. We’re playing too deep, and the strikers (including wingers) are too far ahead for a three man midfield to reach them, and proof of that is Cazorla playing long angled passes a lot of the time during games.

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  25. true goon

    definitely need a DM,i think he should buy either,wanyama,m’villa,capoue or moutinho.if he cant buy any1 he should play coquelin there cos he’s looked promising,he’s athletic good technically and he deserves a good run in the side

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  26. Amol

    I’d say biglia is a cheaper option n much better than wanyama

    coz the whole Celtic team played brilliantly than wanyama alone

    Biglia is available on loan

    so wenger don’t Av to spend
    much money

    if Biglia settles in well wenger can buy him
    if not
    wenger can let him go

    Lars bender would be better than wanyama
    if a permanent player is need
    lars is young n he’s a ball playing dm

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  27. Gooner Hoot

    Thanks for the comment.
    Like I said I’m no expert on formations but looking at the thumbs up/down it doesn’t look like many think it’s a good idea. Any more feedback from other would be nice

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  28. ned

    @ gooner

    your right your not an expert and looking at your posts over the last few weeks you like to talk out your a$$. As far as your concerned our squad is perfect

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  29. gunners82

    DM is definitely a major issue nowadays, and with players that we have, i don’t think anyone can replace Song, or even Gilberto. Arteta have done his job, but it is not enough. Can’t blame him as he is naturally CM. Mvilla is good, but i’m afraid with his attitude and discipline.

    But hey, how about frimpong. Is he still in the injury list?

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  30. Flo

    Is it just me or could we get Llorente, m’Vila and Wanyama for £25m fuck sake, live a little arsène

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  31. Uche

    I am putting all my midfield hopes on the return of Rosicky. Rosicky is the only arsenal midfielder who attacks the ball and drives forward fearlessly. Even Carzola has become scared of moving forward. I don’t know what is going on in arsenal. Podolski has failed to fire and is beginning to complain now. This is not a good sign.

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  32. k

    I said Walcott can switch around with Podolski and Giroud.
    About width: I meant during the game they go out wide, put in a ball and then move back into the centre. Plus the full backs can push higher up. I would rather have Sagna putting crosses in rather than Walcott.

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  33. Schafberg

    Celtic Want about 25m for Wanyama! How unfortunate for us!!! Thougth we are belong the Most valuable Clubs around???

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  34. jamseyb

    i remember people saying , dont get wayama he will be good vs lower 1/2 the table teams but will crumble vs barca.

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  35. Martin

    Just listen to us!!! We need this player we need that player…..we won’t get any of them, look at our past record, we sell high and buy cheap
    Ady. 25m out……in Chamak 0m
    Kolo 14m out ….in Kos 8m

    Nasri 24 m out… Gerviniho 10m

    Clichy 7m out … Santos 6m

    Fabregas 35 m out……in Atreta 10m

    Van Persie 24 m out …in Giroud 13m

    Song 15 m out…….in nobody we have Diarby????


    Walcott 11 m out in …… in Wilfred Saha 9m

    Sagna 10m out………….in no ne we have Jenkinson

    Does anyone see a pattern here????

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  36. Hafiz Rahman

    Players need games to be ready and not warming the bench…..

    Le Coq and frimpong needs to keep playing to improve just like Jenkinson…..

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  37. mike14

    First off Sagna can GO!!! Jenkinson is better than him already!! Alex Wistel and Marco Rues are the players we are really tracking and they would add depth and quality to our squad and Wistel has bite in his game with good passing an creative drive. Im fed up with firstly our Medical team: Looking back at the seasons gone players from manutd and chelsea have had the same injuries as our players, yet our players have an extra 2 weeks on average to recover!! Plus our training regime in fitnss might have to be looked at as there are simply too many injuries within the squad!!

    Secondly Our transfer negotiators re so SLOW at thier jobs. We target players and they dont act in time or struggle to captivate the players and intrest them! Other clubs see a target and a week later its a done deal! They dont show a player that they rally want him!! Then the way they bid for targets is hilarious!!

    The problems in the club lie deeper than just spending!! You can have all the money in the world!! But if you have DICKS like GAZIDIS and FRIAR before hand negotiating with it then its a problem!!

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