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Arsenal and the goalkeeping problem

Should Arsenal buy a new goalkeeper in January? by KJ

Arsenal have suffered an array of injuries once again to key players at the start of the season. The likes of Rosicky, Sagna, Wilshere, Diaby, Szczesny, Fabianski, Frimpong have either made very few appearances or have yet to feature for the club this season. It’s very worrying, especially when looking at our goalkeeping department.

It has been reported today that Fabianski was injured in training today and has now got ligament damage in his ankle. This could see him out for 3 months.

Szczesny similarly has received another setback which could push back his return time to about 4 weeks. This isn’t the best news considering Mannone’s more than shaky start to the season. Trophies are won with a great goalkeeper and even with Szczesny, that’s questionable.

There were talks that Wenger was very interested in getting Lloris in the summer and met him numerous times during the Euros. Unfortunately, the deal never materialised, with the French goalkeeper ending up at Tottenham instead. Maybe he didn’t like the competition from Szczesny. Maybe he got an insane contract offer from the Spuds.

I was quite surprised we didn’t sign a keeper. But then again, I was quite surprised we didn’t buy a defensive midfielder as well as a striker. We’re spread thin in quite a few positions which may be exploited before we can do anything about it.

If we are going to get a keeper in January, there are a few names that spring to mind:

Ter Stegen is one of the best young keepers in the world at the moment. He will definitely be causing Neuer some problems in the future.

We could definitely have a punt on Tim Howard. A very experienced Premier League keeper who seems to be underrated by the vast majority.

Mandanda of Marseille could be another recruit. Experienced French keeper who, from what I’ve heard, has been doing pretty well.
These are all goalkeepers worthy of the Arsenal shirt and could definitely push us in our title challenge.

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35 thoughts on “Arsenal and the goalkeeping problem

  1. OhToBeAGooner

    I don’t think Wenger will buy another keeper , it will be a waste of money . Szczesny is scheduled to return in 1 month .. 1 MONTH . Vito is doing a fantastic job so far , we also have Damian Martinez and from the games I’ve seen him play , he looks great ….. Jens Lehmann anyone ???

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  2. jk

    I think we should give szechney at least another season to prove he can still improve and cut out silly mistakes because he has so much potential and he loves the club. Also to be fair whos out there any better? neuer,casillas and hart cant be bought and if wenger didnt go for lloris when he was available he aint goin for anyone in january!

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  3. green gunner

    It’s just bad luck to have our no.1 and no.2 both injured. We’ll be alright.

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  4. lolcat

    lets face it the more goals we score the more we’re allowed to get in. Striker is priority to cover Giroud if he turns out to do a Chamakh on us…

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  5. Laurentkboi

    Ok let’s talk, I agree manone hasn’t been a Buffon but most if not all our goals were due to aerial stress.
    Time and time again I say get felaini or one similar, he is great in the air and what we need you want a good team you cure mistakes, wanna cure mistakes? Buy a player we need.

    And we need someone like him.

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  6. Laurentkboi

    And sczeszcny will be a arsenal legend, passionate, loving and such a talent to watch he’s young he will learn relax.
    Recall his double save v Liverpool and save v udinese

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  7. Allen

    man u are very wrong for mentioning this kind of keepers for Arsenal to buy, moreover are you an Arsenal fan?
    if so please dont suggest such keepers for Arsenal again ok please because no one is good there for Arsenal. Thanks

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  8. Laurentkboi

    I think szczesny should be a zoo keeper when he retires I mean the way he put down gorilla bale was talent.

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  9. realist

    I hear people saying its just bad luck that our no.1 and no.2 keepers are injred at the same time. Is this the same bad luck that saw us lose our top 2 right backs at the same time last season? as well as our top two left backs at the same time? the season before we had our top 2 centre backs out at the same time and also started that season without our top two centre forwards

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  10. Greggy

    Think mannones been better than shaky this year considering how much improvement he has shown from last year… He deserves more plaudits for his performances most of the goals scored on us were lapses by the defense and he’s made some big saves for the club in important situations… A new gk is the last thing on the list for me along with a cdm artera is better than song if u ask me… Need a back up striker/winger

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  11. Arsenal!!!!!!!!!!

    If we could get an experienced keeper on the free it would be good

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  12. clarks

    Stekelenberg, Neuer, maybe even Tim Krul. This should have been sorted a hell of a long time ago. Mannone has never really made the grade, although he has been playing well, it won’t last. Fabianski has been nick named Flappyhandski, which pretty much says it all and finally Szcezsney, good keeper, could one day become a great keeper. But he is prone to some big errors. I said ages ago that we needed to sign a decent keeper to provide back up and competition to Szceszney, but i was down thumbed to the point my comment was removed. And now………….

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  13. Hafiz Rahman

    its never enough every now and then…there will be some excuses to sign this or that play in every position…

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  14. yungalejandro

    Ter stegen was statistically one of the best goalkeepers in Europe last season, so I wldnt mind him
    Other then that it had to b lloris but he the enemy nw
    I stilll hav faith in wojcech, double save agenst Liverpool last season was epic

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  15. craig2500

    Spurs paid allot of money for a keeper then benched him, why don’t we ask Freedle to come over to the better side of north london

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  16. gonegunner

    The right thing to do to develop a goalkeeper is to loan him out for a season. That is what we should have done with Scez.
    he needs game time to become a good goalie, and somebody else should pay for his mistakes not Arsenal. He will be good one day, but we are paying for his errors.
    Lloris would have been a fantastic buy. In January we should get an older steadier hand such as Howard to help him grow. I have no idea about how good Martinez will be but suggest to send him on loan to see.

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  17. Hafiz Rahman

    Martinez should make the cut…he need the games to improve and learn…

    i wonder how do gk become world class from sitting on the bench???

    Buffon and Casillas were thrown into the first team as teenagers….

    they keep playing, learned and improved….

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  18. Arsenal Diehard

    I believe in the squad that we have now.
    Hope no more injuries to any of them, then we will be able to challenge for any trophies.

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  19. Aussie Jack

    We`ve just got to make up our minds if AFC is a challenger for senior honours or a finishing school, what`s it to be?

    If it`s the former we need to buy a top class experienced keeper, if it`s the latter then we have to give our proteges time to get experience. Like I say, what is it to be?

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  20. S.H

    Mannone and Fabianski are not Arsenal material. I’ve been saying it for a while now. Wenger won’t buy a new keeper though. I think keeping Walcott or finding a replacement for him is more prominent on Wenger’s mind than acquiring a custodian.

    I’m all in on selling Walcott and getting someone like Isco. If we want to improve the team, sometimes sacrifices have to be made. I know the English love Theo, but do English Arsenal fans put Arsenal first or their nationality? If I were English, I’ll still say we need to sell Walcott and get a winger that can at least cross, keep possession, pull some tricks and beat his defenders. Walcott is like a 1500HP drag car racing against an F1 machine at Silverstone. All speed no handling!

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  21. Rafa

    “I was quite surprised we didn’t buy a defensive midfielder as well as a striker”
    I think Pod, and Olivier Giroud are strikes; are they not?
    and both were bought this summer.
    Get your fact right.

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  22. G

    we dont need a DM. Look at the talent that is coming back. With regards to Mannone he has done a great job so he should keep his place. The forward position is a different matter. We do need another quality CF but who would be willing to sit on the bench?

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  23. haywill

    sczesny is a great potential. he’s young and got the confidence. just give him a few more years to develop and he will be like joe hart. he’s even better than de gea I think.

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  24. James Munga

    Get another aging keeper and drive our youthfull and talented keepers away? No way.

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  25. syed

    People mention ridiculous names like neuer hart stekelenberg etc but none of these guys would come. Even names like krul vorm schwarzer or Howard would not be content with sitting on the bench. Szcz will be a world class goalkeeper. He’s still young and is at the deep end just like casillas and buffon were at a similar age. An experienced goalkeeper who would be happy with the bench I wouldn’t mind but most of these experienced guys want to play before they hang up their gloves so we have a problem.

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