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Arsenal and Wenger need help in January but it won’t come from Henry!

The former Arsenal manager George Graham is backing Arsene Wenger to prove his critics wrong and get the Gunners back to playing the exciting, flowing and attacking football that he made famous when he joined the club. Graham believes that Wenger needs to use another of his skills to do it, though. Le Prof has unearthed some real gems in the past, and he will need to do it again in the January transfer window to appease the increasingly frustrated and belligerent fans.

One of Wenger’s most effective signings was the French striker Thierry Henry, and it has been reported that the 35-year old would be joining Wenger for a third time at Arsenal in January. Gerard Houllier, who is head of soccer at Henry’s club the New York Red Bulls, says that the move is not likely to happen after all. Houllier claims to have had no contact about the loan deal, and that Henry’s situation means that it would not be a good move anyway.

So Graham has called on Wenger to dig deep again and produce another Fabregas or van Persie as he has done before.

“There is a lot of hysterical criticism about Wenger now.

“If you want to stay in the top four, he is the man without question.

“Let’s give Arsene the credit. He brought in players for average prices, Henry, Anelka, Overmars, Viera, Petit.

“They were all very good players unknown to the fans in England that he turned into fantastic, world-class players. That was his strength.

“He did it on a tight budget, so it is not like they are now going to go out and break the transfer record.

“They have never done it during Arsene’s reign, so in my opinion he has got to get his magic hat on again and go out and see if he can get players of that quality at good prices.”

Wenger may have made a rod for his own back by saving the Arsenal board so much money over the years, but it seems as if he is going to have to do it again.

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33 thoughts on “Arsenal and Wenger need help in January but it won’t come from Henry!

  1. Sharkseven

    Help? If Kroenke And Gazidis Still In Arsenal Boardroom What Must We Expect From Our beloved Arsenal?This Two Tw*ts It Killing Our team

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  2. artillery1

    Demba BA n Henry almost Confirm 😛

    Rest pray for Walcot n Sagna to sign New Contract!

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  3. Gunnerforlife

    Would have loved to see Henry at Arsenal as we lack a leader and anyway Wenger wouldn’t have played him full 90 mins but sometimes when the team is stuck Henry’s 20 mins could help us. Apart from Henry we do need Huntelaar and a proper DM and left back. It seems like I am aksing for too much but we don’t have time for too many new players to settle down so in any case Walcott should stay as he is already set and scoring. Any new player will take time to settle in Arsenal’s game and we can’t afford to lose matches now

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  4. Craig Taylor

    Once our players see how much respect Henry gets from the fans, they will want to become an Arsenal legend too.

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  5. harugongo boy

    Graham, your just a wish-full thinker.
    Are aware wenger has made it a habit to sell our best players each season
    Mr.are you aware we have good players that need contract renewals but wenger has been stubbornly refused to act,
    Mr. Graham, are you aware that most of the so called bad player(flops) were actually bought by wenger himself.
    man, style up

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  6. Tiko

    Just buy the Germans squad

    Good reliable players who preform week in and out


    Reus has a release clause of 17 million and if we need a DM i would pay 20 millio for Sweingstiger , that guy can make a play and bang in goals left right and centre

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  7. leo

    let’s face it we are going to need more than henry now that it’s not him expect a quality signing

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  8. Gunned

    Another breakdown!dats jst so frustrating nd nw Wenger shud buy 2 quality strikers jst in case if Giroud gets injured….. Nd y the hell Wenger does’nt reveal the transfers of Squid,Arshavin,Djourou,Diaby too, by these waste we can atleast get sum good replacements. As Usual ARSENAL-THE UNPREDICTABLE

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  9. leo

    AS: Arsenal monitoring Dani Alves’ situation at Barcelona. Wenger ready to sign next summer

    Arsenal are in talks with Ajax regarding Christian Eriksen and will offer £16.2m (€20m) in January

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  10. leo

    eriksen contract ends & also dennis bergkamp factor will be helpful only spuds are in competion + eriksen likely to be a replacement for theo walcott

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  11. leo

    eriksen > theo fact

    Chelsea ready to offer more than £20m for Fellaini in January window. Arsenal also “watching developments.”

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  12. leo

    Arsenal have offered Ramsey – one of our worst players – £60k, but refuse to offer Walcott – one of our best – above £75k

    Johan Cruyff:”It can happen that a club has a bad time, like Arsenal, but eventually they’ll get over it because of Wenger’s formula” [telegraaf]
    “The work of Wenger at Arsenal is an example for Ajax how to do things: training, efficient scouting, sharp purchases + sales”

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  13. khaesar

    Thierry henry is a traitor, he left arsenal when in crisis, and he came posing as a savior and someone who is very loyal to the arsenal, he did not deserve a statue made ​​in the emirates and practically a legend arsenal!!!

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  14. Graham

    @ harugongo boy

    what naive comments. Contracts are negotiated by the chief executive, not Wenger. Wenger has already expressed regrets about the sale of the players that were sold. This shows some of them were not Wenger’s decision but that of the greedy majority shareholder.

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  15. Lol123


    Eriksen is not a winger and i dont Think he is a current target because he is to expensive and not good enough yet. But in a couple of years he would definately be a player of our interrest. Right now isco is more ideal

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  16. juhislihis


    Who said Eriksen will be put on the wing? Most likely he’ll plat AMF and Santi’s to put on the wing.

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  17. Nick

    “Let’s give Arsene the credit. He brought in players for average prices, Henry, Anelka, Overmars, Viera, Petit.”

    Anyone notice none of the players mentioned have been bought in the last decade?

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  18. lifeasagooner

    … oh here we go again. As we approach transfer time everyone starts quoting all the top names in europe being linked to Arsenal – my hopes get raised, excitement is at fever pitch and hope begings to come back and then…. then we inevitably end up buying something like Squillaci.

    I hope that the loss to fourth division Bradford will FORCE the club to spend on someone of real quality this time.

    Please don’t let us down again Arsene.

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  19. Lol123


    ” eriksen likely to be a replacement for theo walcott”

    As far is i know walcott primarily plays on the Right wing and sometimes as a striker. Eriksen is neither of that!

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  20. bob

    January is not the time for experimenting, especially when we are in the state that we are in…….he should have done that in the summer.
    We do not have the players right now to play the Arsenal way….we need to play for survival if that means packing the bus (Wenger hates when other teams do it but) for example, when they need to get a result, then do so.

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  21. Chris

    I personally think that if wenger is to stick to his same tight budget tactics, then there’s still some great players to be had!! And they have plenty of experience.

    For example…. Strikers. Huntelaar, demba ba and llorente. All class strong goal scoring forwards. No reason why we couldn’t buy two of those guys for no more than 12 million. Which would then allow us to bring in a world class midfielder who would physically dominate a game like vieira did!
    Our so called budget is around 40 million give and take……. With the remaining budget available, we then buy a left back to cover Gibbs or buy another strong centre half and have vermaelen as the cover left back if Gibbs is injured. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing lescott at arsenal. Title winning international defender who is out of favour! Would also get him on the cheap too!!!

    If our knowledge of other clubs players and scouting systems are second to none, then surely if wenger and the board put their minds to it, they can grab some fantastic players from other clubs that would come straight in and hit the ground running!! And on the cheap like I said earlier.

    I wana see the huge sums spent on players just like anyone else. But we need a few players, not just one. So being realistic, the guys named above would strengthen our squad massively and add real quality………. I know I’d get more excited seeing three or 4 class players coming in than 1 guy that will blow every penny of the budget!

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  22. SwagfulGunner14

    why doesn’t arsene buy players for ridiculously low prices and finds beast players as a result he doesn’t do that anymore that should’ve been us with Michu not Swansea

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  23. Chris

    And then if the likes of Walcott and Sagna god forbid end up leaving, we then spend every penny their transfers generate in replacing them!! We were most successful when we had pace, strength and quality. I’d say we only have quality at the moment…… One player in attacking positions with pace in the premier league is not enough! And on the strength department, Giroud is probably our strongest player. Which says it all about strength in midfield and at the back!!! We need the blend back we had when we won everything…. Sol Campbell at the back, vieira and petit in the middle and Henry and bergkamp up top. All big guys who like to mix it, but have quality and pace too.

    Surely wenger can see what’s needed in this competitive league…. He’s done it before and chose well. He couldn’t be further away from what he had 7 years ago now if he tried!

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  24. leo

    @lol123 eriksen is a versatile player he can play on rw behind striker supporting striker/2nd striker for denmark & at times for ajaxz he has played on rw as far expense goes his contract is coming to end soon could be a possiblity

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  25. abel

    Arsenal sign stopillia sunzu. A zambian international defender.23yrs of age.he was just granted work permit.
    Never heard of this dude before he has scored 21 goals in 53 games for TP mazembe

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  26. mani_gooner

    Chipolopolo Boys defender Stopilla Sunzu coming to arsenal…

    This is running hot in twitter.. so guys login and check out..

    23 years old can play as CB or Defensive midfielder..

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  27. Gunnersince15

    After the Bradford game, I was so angry, I would have done and said just about anything, I was really feeling un-rational and would have agreed to bringing the Devil, if he could get us winning things. A week later I’ve calmed down and now hope that this bunch of players, some of whom are not good enough to lace up Henry’s boots, get their selves together and start to put right, the mess we are in. Arsene has bought some players on the cheap and turned them into world class stars but he has also purchased some real turkeys The Mighty Squill, Santos, Charmakh, but this fact appears to be conveniently forgotten. Will we buy anyone of note in January? Well in 16 years, Arsene has only ever bought one player in and that was Sol. So don’t build your hopes up, too much.

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  28. Lol123


    Im from Danmark and i follow Ajax close especially Eriksen and he is not dominant enough yet. And btw he is an attacking midfielder and not Any Else. I have seen him on rw one time and that wasnt Any succes. Striker? I cant stop laugh! Imagine him against skrtl and Agger etc. He played false 9 against City where he scored but i dont see a false 9 striker as the permanent solution of our striker problems

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  29. gunner

    mr.graham couldnt have said it any better tbh.for a change hes backed wenger and rightly so(me too thinks wengers still got it,its the lack of quality players in the team and to an extend also the fact that wenger and bould are not thinking in the same direction).but you cant help but admit,arsenal defence was looking fantastic for a change in the beginning of the season,hats off to part is hes not come out with the usual ‘spend the money arsene’ talk,rather hes focussing on what wenger does best.if only this media could shut up,so that the chelseas and the citys dont come to know about his targets……

    must say if wenger could build such a squad again and retain them,trophies wont seem hard to come by and it will be a fantastic way for wenger to leave the club rather than leaving now.its only fitting,he leaves on a high (if hes leaving this season,even champions league would be sufficient to prove his critics wrong and for that he needs ‘the right players’ and january is the time for wenger to act !!!!if he at any stage of this 5 or 6 yrs had the did bow down to outside pressure on spending,then arsenal wouldnt be where they are now,wenger sticked true to his principles throughout his arsenal career and worked really hard for the club……

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    Mr Wenger said we beat Reading in a convincing way. The Arsenal defence is leaking everyone but Mr Wenger knows this, why what is wrong wth this man.Arsenal need a strong left back a quality CB a top class Goalkeeper and a proven goalscorer.Playing Walcott up fronth is not the answer he is a bad finsher.Walcott needs about ten chances to get one goal he scored last night but how many chances did he squander.Mr Wenger needs to listen to the Fans and get the cheque book out.

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