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Arsenal are a laughing stock already – and it’s not even September!

Guys, I did an article on Saturday about our squad, where we are with transfers & what would happen if we lost to Liverpool i.e. that the toxic atmosphere would rear its ugly head at The Emirates once again. It is well justified that it does erupt again as we were not just beaten by Liverpool, but well beaten, & the score line still wasn’t a reflection on what the score could have been and the way we played in the whole 90 minutes.

I won’t go into detail as we all know how terrible the game was, as was the Stoke game along with the lucky 4-3 victory over Leicester. To think its three games in and we are a laughing stock… its not even September!

Wenger has lost it to be honest. He doesn’t look like he’s up for it, nor are any of the players to play for him, or the pride of the badge. If players want to go then let them leave – along with the manager & his backroom staff. We need a rebuild & buyout of the club NOW, this is just getting ridiculous. Kroenke & Gazidis have done what? We haven’t spent barely nett 15m this window and have 4 days to go with the worst team we have ever had, except a certain Alexis who has my blessing to go wherever he chooses, we were here before him, Wenger & Stan and will continue to be here after they are forced out.

I advise a lot of Gooners to do something there in London for large protests against Kroenke & Wenger. Get them out or we will fall even further away. There is a lot of Arsenal Fan Groups who sort this sort of stuff out, so bloody well grow a set and organise them. Other clubs can do it, why the hell can’t we?

Usmanov wants the club, get his name on the banners to come in. Sort this mess out once & for all. I am an Irish Gooner & will support the Gunners throughout any season – but enough is enough of the mediocrity from top to bottom. If nothing changes then get ready for a very bumpy & painful ride through the hard times for Arsenal FC.


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27 thoughts on “Arsenal are a laughing stock already – and it’s not even September!

  1. Nayr

    I think even the players have turned on wenger.

    Its hard to compete in the epl when you using same tactics every time.

    and i think we have sold for more money than we have spent.

    1. Shortboygooner

      Said it from after the stoke game. It’s too late now we will fall to 10th. Wenger needs to go. The owner needs to go. Wenger and kreonke can only save the club now by going all out. 50m And big wages for draxler 70m and big wages for lemar 50m and big wages for mahrez also Seri and carvalho for 80m 250m sell Sanchez 70m sell ozil 30m. Ox gone for 40m net spend 110m. Not alot for Arsenal

  2. Wengers Coat

    The stupidest fan are the ones that blames Wenger 7 years straight. When Barca doesnt perform, sells players, they dont blame the manager, you know why? because those fans knowswho is the real problem.

    Wenger is the manager, the people that creates the direction, vision, mission of the companya re the boards. If the boards wants Pogba, theyd force Wenger to signPogba at all cost. If Alexis, Ozil, Ox were that important to the owners, Stan, he would have broke the club structure and break those wages. Even if Wenger was on the way, th eboard holds the power.

    1. Kamikaze

      Haha are you that dumb Barca doesnt even stay ith one manager for more than 4 yrs no matter how good he is.

    2. Raj

      Does the board tell him to bench the new signings? Does the board tell him to play people out of position? Does the board select the playing eleven?
      I know part of the blame has to go to board but Wenger is equally responsible for the sorry state we are in.
      If you say that board holds all the power and Wenger does not involve in whom to buy, then why is he still at the club.He can just resign and go somewhere else with his outdated ideas.
      Don’t just divert the blame away from Wenger.

    3. gotanidea

      I’m not defending Wenger, but this article’s author is right. Arsenal fans in London should show “Kroenke Out”, “Gazidis Out” (he is the CEO after all) or “Corrupted Board Out” more than the one that is addressing Wenger.

      Arsenal could hire Mourinho, Guardiola, Ancelotti or Simeone after Wenger is out, but Arsenal will still be a mediocre club if the same board and executives are still around. Kroenke, Usmanov, Gazidis and Wenger are the ones that have brought the club down to its current state.

      1. Sean

        Thank you! 100% they need to go. Why wait until Internationals are over? Get the protests organised for The Emirates, leak it to journalists for coverage & make sure there is at least 500 unhappy gooners in London which im sure there is. Arsenal Fan TV have enough hatred on the videos from loads of fans to do something.

        Oh and make sure next home game more than 1000 dont attend first 13mins, a sign of last 13yrs of a joke

      2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

        Agree with kroenke and other complicit board members, but how is Usmanov at fault? He owns 30% of the Club, yet doesn’t have a seat on the board.
        Unfortunately Usmanov may have given up on Arsenal, since his offer to Kroenke was rejected and is now investing in Everton!

      3. maxi pimpi

        No arsenal won’t be a mediocre club. These coaches mentioned are tactically and technically sound. They will deliver better results even with this present squad. Wenger is tactically and technically outdated. Wenger out!!

  3. Nayr

    Wengers coat arsenal doesnt run the same way all other clubs do.

    wenger has soo much power..controlling everything.

    you are acting as if you dont know this.

  4. Raj

    Its hard being an Arsenal fan these days.You have to defend this embarrassment in front of your friends. I wish I had never said that I am an Arsenal fan.

  5. Kamikaze

    If we are not careful this club will turn into another Leeds united…dnt we have arsenal fan groups there please come together and demand for changes…we keep on crying in social media daily that wont help us…please do something us fans are now turning to be a joke!

  6. Clam

    Assuming no more signings, how about a 4-3-3?

    Alexis Giroud Lacazette
    Ramsey Ozil
    Kola Kos Holding Bellerin

    Giroud with his link up play and the movement and passing skills around him might work.
    Coq protects the mid field with Kola and Bellerin bombing forward from time to time.
    I would even try Wilshere as I think he can play the deep lying playmaker role.
    Switch to 2 CDM when we need more def.

  7. Waal2waal

    wenger is living off a reputatation of mounting very effective opposition to alex ferguson. but football is not as it was back then – fergie moved on so should wenger. he has unsuccessfully tried to assemble a team to compare with the invincibles but its quickly going further and further down the league table and earning a rep for being bottlers and “indefensibles”.

    we need a reappraisal a strategy review and clearly many high rank officials do need to be accountable because the team isn’t producing anything of merit, the managers transfer stratergy is a sham and the perception of brand arsenal is looking bleak – enuff is enuff.

  8. Who said Arsene can't do grime?

    Maybe this is what he meant when he said he was going to be getting his business done early

  9. Sparkles

    It will be unfair of arsenal fans to expect any good player to stay at the club. In my candid opinion, Sanchez, and any other person who wants to leave, should be allowed to go. Arsenal can’t offer them anything. If any good player expects to have a career that is above mediocre, they should leave. I hate to say it’s cos I’m an arsenal fan through and through but this is reality . With Wenger, Stan and gazidis still in the picture, arsenal can not attain great heights.

    1. Sparkles

      The board and coach does not even deserve we fans. They have made no effort to repay the loyalty of fans. They don’t care about what we want, how we feel and what we think yet they live off our fees and patronage. I see the club fan base declining in the next couple of years. I’m really tired of been an arsenal fan. I can’t keep having my heart in my hands week in week out. Watching arsenal gave me joy but in the last decade, it has been horrible. Wenger has no integrity. If he had, he would have moved on, knowing that he has offered his best. Loop wasn’t sacked by BVB. He left because he felt he couldn’t see himself taking the club to the next level. He knew when to cut the cord but Wenger is arrogant and has refused to accept that his time is up. It’s really a big shame. I’m just tired.

  10. nonny

    can anyone tell me any top club in europe that allows its top 3 players to run out of contract… arsenal are very wicked as a club, they buys players pay that player 120 and give him 4 years deal the players starts playing well after 2 seasons instead of to give the player a new contract so he will earn better money they will leave the player to reach the final year of his contract because they know if they agree a deal earlier the player will definately earn more money…when the player teaches the final year of his contract then you now want him to sign a new deal because you are asene wenger..just look at coutinho he had 3 years left liverpool yet extended his contract making it 5year…i have never seen this happen at united or any other club same happend to adebayor,nasri,hleb,van persie to name a few pure
    wicked…even lingard was offered a new deal by united when he plays very little just to improve his wage and his contract extention…..only in arsenal i hear 3 first team players are running out of contract pure joke

  11. Zubair Achmat

    At some point we all take responsibility for our actions. Wenger needs to accept that his ways are useless these days. The players need to decide if they want to play for the badge on their chest. A Iselin man once said ‘play for the name on the front of your shirt, and you’ll be remembered for the name on the back’… all should know who said that. Our board obviously controls more than they should. If Wenger does decide to leave and our board stays as is then nothing has really changed. New manager, new back room staff, new control in terms of board decisions is what we need. And finally, bring back Mr Arsenal Mr M Keown to give these sissy players we got some freaking balls.

    RSA Gooner

  12. Taiwo

    This club is blessed.

    Outstandingly loyal fans. Unflinching support in spite of consistent poor run and disappointments.

    Oh! This club is blessed!

    Kronke, Gazidis, Wenger……. Please do the “little” required to make the fans happy for once in over a decade. Repay the loyalty and pure love. 4 clear days to your redemption, grab it with both hands. Wishful thinking I know ???

    We really need to to brace ourselves in preparation for the “longest season” as the drama unfolds.

    Come 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20,………… These loyal fans will still be bleeding red and white. Oh! This club is blessed.

    Not the greatest of moments being an Arsenal fan.

  13. Chuks

    Arsene is incharge of everything
    he is killing d club not d board.
    if Wenger wants players d board will buy them.
    if d board does not support u resign thats what a good manager should do not tarnishing his image.
    so Wenger is Arsenal problem.
    allowing ur key players go into d last year of their contracts is bcos d old man has refused director of football.
    Wenger has destroyed our love (Arsenal)

  14. Foot gunner 3617

    the dressing room situation is affecting the players, not Wenger. Sanchez, Ox and Ozil can rot on the bench for the rest of their contracts, no player is bigger than Wenger……

  15. Sean Williams

    Spend 50mill, drop the player for Welbeck and don’t buy, Seri, Draxler, Mahrez, Van Dijk, Carvalho, because they are not good enough for Arsenal? So Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin, Debuchy are good enough? Wenger you are just a deluded joke.

  16. Vlad

    Good to know that Alexis has your blessing, Sean. I’m sure that was the only thing he was missing to sleep good at night. As for everything else – Get a grip of yourselves, people. 3 games into the season, and it’s a crisis all of a sudden. FA Cup final, Community Shield, decent preseason, come back from behind win against Leicester City. No one was screaming crisis then. Let’s pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep on going about our business. Still few days left in the transfer window, few deadwoods are ready to be shipped off, a couple of decent acquisitions, and we’re back in contention. Did people right Chelsea off when they lost to Burnley on the opening day? No. So let’s not do the same to our club.

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