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Arsenal are back in the title race!

It was a hard-fought victory against Crystal Palace today, but Olivier Giroud’s first goal was a quality moment and may quieten his critics for a couple of weeks at least! The Frenchman comes in for stick in nearly every game he plays, especially if Arsenal don’t win.

But, as always, Giroud bounces back and is pleased that he feels the Gunners are now back in the race for the title, even though we have only had two matches played so far. “I said before the game we really needed these three points to bounce back after the performance at home when we lost against West Ham,” Giroud said.

“We could have scored more goals in doing a better choice with the last pass but we are really happy to get the three points,”

“You always get criticised when you lose, especially at home.

“We said at the beginning of the championship that we want to win the league so we will join the title race.

“When you say that you have to face expectations. It was a bad performance but even though we lost last week the most important in football is to bounce back the week after and keep your faith in your game, which is what we tried to do and succeeded to do today.”

Anyone who has title aspirations should be expected to beat Crystal Palace away, but our 2-1 win was a repeat of last years result and if anything is a great relief to us all. Let’s hope we can improve and play a little more confidently in next weeks game against Brendan Rodger’s big-spending Liverpool side….

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100 thoughts on “Arsenal are back in the title race!

  1. k-ool

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    1. seancali

      We could still be real contenders if we buy two WC players. A DM and a striker. Giroud was OK today, but still not the WC striker we need.we need to think for the future, lecoq can’t do a job in long term. That’s a fact, so Mr Wenger pls wake up and buy the da!mn players we need to challenge the big boys. And you said the two teams currently playing?? Chelsea are two points below us, so not bad for us…man city look very promising though and that’s not good news for us.

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      1. Adhi_gunner

        Even though i wanted a draw in city vs chelsea, but nothing like chelsea losing !
        Mourinho should keep his mouth shut about wenger now and concentrate on his team.

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    2. muffdiver

      were not in the race, current squad over a season…no sorry will fall bit short.

      we still need players, as we did last season

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    3. mall-gooner

      I agree with you. We are not looking title contender. I don’t know why Pelegirini is so underrated. He is simple and intelligent manager. For me City is strongest contender for title. Aguero best player in PL. Hazard as I feel most of the time overrated.
      I want to see reaction from media on Chelsea. Was it Arsenal today they would havr slaughtered us. I wanted draw but I liked the way City hammered Chelsea

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        1. seancali

          Seriously, giroud scores and still gets slaughtered. He doesn’t score and its the same thing. The sad thing is that he’s the best striker we got at the moment. So support what we have and pray Wenger signs a WC striker. I’m tired of a bunch of ungrateful fans who keep on picking on giroud. Go stick your dickkk somewhere else. Like Wenger’s asssss.

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        1. KickAssFan

          The truth is that I had some amount of respect for Maureen before now, but I lost it all after he treated Eva and JoN (Eva in particular) so badly and very disrespectfully… What the f#ck does he know about medicine??? Somehow, I have a funny feeling he won’t last at Chelsea this time…

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      1. rkw

        Overrated …. Really … Unlike giroud Walcott Ramsey etc … I would take the man any day of the week he is world class

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    4. SoOpa AeoN

      The only consolation I’d take home from our today’s game is that CHELSHITs flopped badly in the hands of citeh!…..

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      1. seancali

        I feel for flopcao…from one of world’s best striker to one of the most useless players in the world. I guess Wenger knew something when he didn’t sign flopcao last season on loan

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      2. seancali

        It’s not easy to beat palace at their own backyard. Many teams will struggle their this season. It was a great result for us. Let’s enjoy this win for a night at least. For the love of God.

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    5. kenyanfan

      poor arsenal fans.this game is nothing to smile about..but at least am happy OZIL is starting to tick the boxes..people have been ruling of mancity and manu for arsenal and Chelsea but blv me they are real threats.Man city is on fire(always unstoppable when the most complete player in EPL Toure is on form) and manutd is winning ugly(as Chelsea did last season/like furgies era) but still taking the points. Me I think its just prayers that will save us considering Wenger’s ignorance in transfers and sticking with Ramsey on the wings .about the tittle,let’s be realistic…I don’t think we have that depth.we short of two or three players

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  2. John Legend

    He must be kidding me. I just hate when they talk, complacency is what I see. Shut up Mr Man and play football with the rest of you.

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  3. k-ool

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    1. muffdiver

      yaya is back, aguero looks sharp

      they have a shot

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      1. KickAssFan

        What do you think, Muff: are we title contenders……………………yet???

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    2. sylvainwiltord

      Wow what a bold prediction that was I mean surely no1 thought city even had a chance for the title lol.

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      1. Champagne Charlie

        Funny, because most on here (you included) came out with nonsense like “they have an old squad”, “no motivation to win the league cos they’ve done it already”, “only bought overrated Sterling”….

        Guess that was just during the usual pre-season fantasy where many Arsenal fans try and talk up Arsenal and talk down their rivals….when reality hits it’s a different story obviously.

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        1. sylvainwiltord

          Here he is Jose himself ! That’s funny because I’ve only been writing on this site consistently for about a month and I’m 100percent sure I’ve never even mentioned city and there squad not even once all anyone talks about is potential transfers. Clutch on to those straws charlie

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        2. k-ool

          @champagne charlie,
          I remember someone saying “aging squad” and those other things you mentioned. Maybe one of mohawk or yinyang69 or this sylvianwiltord.

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  4. Ks-Gunner

    How about no, you deluded sh*ts.

    Man City like i said before will be crown champions. 2. Chelsea. 3. Arsenal ( with luck). 4. Manure.

    Before we even dream about becoming champions we need to say no to favorisem and then go out and buy. But with Wenger in charge that will never happen.

    Cant wait for Wenger to retire. A possible change in the clubs main shareholder would also give me joy.

    What a goal from Fernandinhi. Salute the champions. Man city.

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    1. seancali

      I still count our team as title contender! At least I would like to think that way. In reality with lecoq and giroud we are good for a top 3 finish

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      1. Ks-Gunner

        Whats your problem then if someone else claims the same thing? Something like fake pride will not make us a better side.

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        1. seancali

          Fake pride is what keeps this club going.until Wenger is here it will be the same story every year

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          1. Ks-Gunner

            In the contrary, it holds us back. That fact that you dont understand this makes me pity the likes of you. Lets hope that he will retire soon then, so you can stop pretending that we are the best team in the world.

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              1. k-ool

                I bet supporters of Accrington Stanley or Wigan Athletic or Portsmouth feel the same about their club too.
                They are entitled to their opinion.
                The real “greatest teams” in the world now know themselves. So much so, they don’t even have to say it. They just know and it translates into major trophies, trebles etc. We witness it.

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              2. andre88

                i think we really need class cdm / midfielder
                in this game vs crystal palace.. i saw our team like dont have any central midfielder/ cdm.. it really an empty space , our enemy move freely trough the middle. its ended up with kos +per working hard.
                coq is definitely not the answer for cdm. and ramsey too,he should not be on the starting 11 too much show off and ego,missplaced pass,too much backward pass even other player already moving forward to create an attack that make me so mad and more sick watching him plays, and wasting chance with shooting the ball from long distance even there is other player to pass with better position. if we still playing like this nonsense about thinking being title contender. even with benzema coming maybe we still finished on top 4 i think.

                in this game i saw old arteta more aggresive and discipline than coq even he plays just only for few mins. im wondering are this is the arsenal type player?or just some of them
                like when they guaranteed to be starting 11 they act whatever they like (ramsey coq)
                i hope wenger buy some cdm/midfielder with “class” so player like coq ,ramsey, didnt act whatever they like / un-discipline

                after saw this week match i thought that man city will be champions this season or
                man utd with their new player and more coming

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      Agree… the way who wrote this article? we won cuz an OG from Palace and now we are contenders??? 2 games no clean sheet yet for our only signing and we are yet to play with the big guns, that is ARSENAL problem the fans are deluded as their Manager, GIROUD is a fair good striker but far from be a first choice for a club like ARSENAL, WENGER spend you old toot.

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    1. kev

      No we should not have got him because he was never the same player.The Cesc Fabregas of arsenal will not be the same anywhere because i believe there was a connection between arsenal and him that even made him play more beyond his standards i will never forget him ever.To me he is one of the best passers i had ever seen when he was in arsenal i even though he was the best.He ould have been winning highest assists every single season had it not been his injury proness. What a fantastic player he was he can score goals dribble was consistent he was the perfect midfielder for any teanm when he was with us and i still struggle to see anyone in his position that does so much when he was with us at that time.It is a pity he left i still miss him.

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      1. Ks-Gunner

        He would be the same again bec right now he plays only for the cash, just like Di Maria at manure. You dont become sh*t overnight just like that. Arsenal needs more players who have the passion for the club.

        That we lost him once to Barca was simple overpressure from all fronts to leave us. He is to blame, but Arsenal is also to blame for making players want to leave it.

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        1. kev

          The fact that we still remember him a lot speaks volumes even if some deny.To me it would be difficult for us to get any player like him again.What a player?anytime the ball got to his feet i knew what was next either a fantastic pass over the top or a skill or a shot.I really loved you Fabregas when you were in arsenal.What if he had stayed.

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        1. sonix

          Can we swap both players back…i really miss my cesc…..we called him Fabrepass here..

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    2. GoonerG1

      It was the right move not to sign Cesc. Barca dumped him for a reason. He will be dumped by Chelsea in a year or two.

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  5. arsenalvienna

    what is saw today from our team was no display of a title contender. sorry. maybe if our manager uses players in their position, that would look different. But i have no hope for Wenger to change.

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  6. wizardry

    Great performance. Definitely a result that’ll take a bit of pressure from the lads( and pile it onto mourinhoe). Now get into the transfer market and sure up the team with one or two signings. I wouldn’t mind if we sign a winger (ala Gotze) and krychowiak. Because Wenger seems reluctant to use theo on the wings. They will cost a lotta dough though.

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    1. seancali

      The best comment I have read today. Thanks for being a real fan.let’s enjoy our great win vs palace. Tomorrow we can talk about transfers and our shot at the title

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      1. k-ool

        Talking about a real fan,
        You should have seen yourself here last week mate.
        You cursed Wenger, Giroud, Ramsey, Coquelin etc. Every player you could curse, you did. You even cursed Ramsey’s father or someone else’s.
        You were talking about having a heart attack and psychiatric problems and took it very personally.
        You were kind of a mess. You were all over the place.
        In fact, I am going to go back to articles from last week to refresh my memory.
        Btw…there is nothing to enjoy about this win when we will end up 4th again.

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        1. seancali

          Yes last week I was frustrated. We bounced back today. A little hope now. But I never cursed giroud. I just said we need a fking WC striker and I still think we do. And I still want Wenger out

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      2. sonix

        You got no shot on the tittle….you only have a pass on it….how more do you prove that..bundle of midfielders everywhere and how many strikers now 1 maybe 2?
        c’mon we’ve been on this road before…Arsene’s not gonna change

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  7. Seetsuma

    It could be worse, we could be Chelsea right now.
    Also, K-ool, we have been active. We’ve added Cech, we’ve loaned out Akpom and Gnabry for consistent first team game time, we’ve sold or released much of our deadwood, and we haven’t sold anybody that we didn’t want to sell. You forget that we still have 14 days to make purchases, and Wengee almost always makes his purchases at the end of the transfer window.

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    1. seancali

      Staying positive ey? Hope Wenger has something in store comes end of transfer window. I’m going to try and stay positive

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  8. kev

    First let me laugh hahahahaha.Secondly,let me give credit where it is due and say that that was a great finish from Giroud.Thirdly,do you know that if Giroud did not score today he would have been criticized very badly you know why because he does a lot of things wrongly when he does not score but when he scores everyone just ignores.How many people were actually focused on him after he scored you would realize that he breaks up a lot of attacks.Its a pity peeps are not being honest about him he is French and he is a very nice guy so i understand however.Lastly,it has been about 3 seasons or so that he has been here and people are still debating over him.Make up your mind i made mine up from day one that he arrived and realized he was awful however great classy goal.

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    1. k-ool

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      1. kev

        Please cool down ok please i know its a pain in the neck watching but remember the day will come where arsenal will get a striker and he will become truly exposed as to how poor he is.I really do feel sorry for some of our players because for them they are sitting on a ticking time bomb.

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            1. k-ool

              He is not class either. He is a certified average bench player. Don’t be naive. This is the 4th season. His goal was good today but an Atletico Bilbao player who I have never heard his name, scored from the halfway line the other day against Barcelona. It doesn’t mean he is class.
              Class is what you call a player like Lukaku, who is 22, loads of talent and potential and plays like he has been in the EPL for a long time. Eventually, he will be world class.
              To be a class attacking player, you have to have the element of being enjoyable to watch at least.

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              1. No10

                I am terribly sorry boy but look at the stats and learn. No he is not WC but he is a good player.

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                1. k-ool

                  I am terribly sorry toddler,
                  I think you should look at my post and read first.
                  I did not say he isn’t good or average, I said he is NOT class.
                  CLASS was the point of what I said.
                  CLASSY attacking players have the ELEMENT of being ENJOYABLE to watch.

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          1. Ks-Gunner

            Arsenal needs class to make them remember again what they are missing.

            world class players are 10.9. Messi, Ronaldo, Sanchez. Reus. etc
            Classy players are. 8.7 Santi, Griezman, Modric, Pedro,
            Mediocrity- 7.6. Giroud, Ramsey, Kane


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            1. seancali

              What does giroud have to do to silent his critics?? Score a hat trick every week???

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              1. Ks-Gunner

                A good start would be him scoring a single hattrick during his time here at Arsenal.

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              2. k-ool

                He can do that by being sold to West ham next year. Then we would not have to bother about watching nonsense week in week out.

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          2. kev

            @k-ool i was trying to say that some of our players are sitting on a ticking time bomb because it wont be long for them to be exposed as to how average they are.Like Giroud,Mertesacker and another person i dont want to mention for some reasons.They day will come when we will get better players for their positions and peeps will see how average they are.

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            1. k-ool

              @kev, thanks for clarifying.
              This is very true. Its like many fans have forgotten we had Henry and RVP in the last decade. Adebayor was also silky to watch and at his best is a class player.
              To go from watching RVP to Giroud as the main striker is excruciatingly painful to watch. You can’t have Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla and then play Giroud up front. What the hell does Wenger smoke over there at the emirates?

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  9. illiterate

    Manchester City’s back to their usual self of scoring 3, 4 or 5 goals per game. Silva for me is their man.

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    1. YingYang69

      Like with all top teams, a certain number of injuries to all the wrong players and suddenly you can look a shadow of your former self. With Chelsea it is Matic Costa Terry and Hazard, City it is Company Silva Toure and Aguerro. We’ve seen ourselves how devastating things can become.

      Long ..long ..long ways to go yet and plenty of twists and turns, I just hope lady luck is with us for once and maybe let other sides experience half the difficulties we’ve faced.

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  10. k-ool

    Arsenal back in the title race my A$$.
    Can we stop with these articles like this? It annoys me. Its like saying 1+1 = 11.
    Just stop it. We are not winning the EPL or the CL. We are NOT challengers for the title.
    Now 4th place, yes we are champions of 4TH place, we’ve been champions of 4th place. We will challenge for 4th place. I bet you we will. With this squad, that’s where we are.

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  11. Budd

    Title race? You fscking kidding me? City is wiping the floor with Chelsea and you think title already. Manure winning every game and the scouses on the rise. A long, very long way to go.

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    1. k-ool

      I predicted they will win way before this season started.
      You are talking about a team that has either WON THE EPL or been 2nd place since 2012 and consistently bolster their squad.

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  12. Godswill

    When we are just out of relegation zone? Well, Chelsea have replaced us. Consolation.

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  13. YingYang69

    We have a crisis on our hands. When we go and win the league this season we will not have Chelsea in the scrap ..due to them soon to be out of title race as they have turned crap overnight. What happened to their award winning bus parking routine. The double deckers are in a crisis.

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  14. gmv8

    I think Coq was treated unfairly, none of his fouls were deliberate whereas I saw Palace fouls that were deliberate, and went unpunished.

    Having watched the Chelski game, Ramires was far worse, yet got away scot free.

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  15. Greg

    After being run over by man city, jose mourinho was heard saying “did someone get the license number of that truck”?

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  16. Mick The Gooner

    Anyone else struggling to trust Petr Cech in goal?

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  17. k-ool

    Ok I will disagree with Mourinho on this one. That’s B.S.
    Man City was better the WHOLE game not just the 1st half and deserved their win. Nothing fake about the scoreline. It should have been 4-0, 5-0 or 6-1 on a different day.

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  18. ArseOverTit

    Title race? Really? We have won 1 game in two against relative minnows.

    If anyone on here truly believes that with our current system of play (pack em all in there Arsene), lack of quality depth and without potential signings at DM and CF we have a chance of winning the league then you need help. We will end up in the same position as last year, and other years gone if Wenger doesn’t get a clue (doubtful).

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  19. GoonerG1

    Lot of stupid comments. All started by a silly article. It is way to early to talk title race. Wait at least 15 games.

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    1. k-ool

      After watching the EPL for many years, I don’t think you need 15 games to see who the real challengers are or who will win.
      Last season, the way Chelsea played from the start, I knew they would win. Many knew. Same thing with the 2013/2014 season…Man City were on fire from the start. 2012/2013 it was Man Utd who were flying from the start. And in 2011/2012, Man City and Man Utd came out flying from the beginning. There is a pattern there that hints at the inevitable winner come the end of the season.
      Its not just in the scoreline but the quality of the way they play. Hunger, desire and energy from the first game.

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  20. MDOwn

    City are smashing it, Mourinho has made himself a mug with his post match interview, but we showed spine, we showed toughness and Wenger made good tactical changes…. much better but we need to be looking at City as the biggest challenger at the moment.

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  21. Theophilus

    Cech is jx a s*it…..I dunno y I am so pissed with de goals he has conceded.*watching highlights.

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  22. KickAssFan

    If found this title on Metro: ***It’s done!’ Journalist says Arsenal printing star’s name on shirt after sealing transfer***

    WTF??? Sounds familiar…

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  23. sylvainwiltord

    Well I’m pretty sure I’ve never made a prediction on here on what we will do and they will do . But thanks for letting me no city have won the league already I won’t have to worry about us trying to do it now!!

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    1. k-ool

      You should have NEVER worried about us trying to do it.
      As it stands, we will NOT.
      With this squad, we will NOT win the EPL.
      I say that very strongly and with lots of belief and conviction because I am a very reasonable supporter of this club and from what we have seen from the past 7 or 8 seasons.
      NOTHING has changed from last season or from 3 seasons ago in a much broader sense. You can’t just expect us to win the title from doing nothing.
      All this created optimism is redundant, complacent and naive and will eventually die down. Optimism is meant to come from somewhere. What has Wenger and Arsenal done during the transfer window to make you optimistic about winning the EPL or CL?
      I want to be optimistic too. Maybe tomorrow out of the blue, I will grow wings on my back and be able to fly in the sky. Don’t I sound crazy?

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  24. kev

    But honestly guys dont you sometimes look at arsenal and laugh at them at times like how they keep repeating the same mistakes and looking very awkward.Its kind of funny the team itself does not resemble champions at all they look funny so many times even when watching how `they play it look so awkward at times but after all we still love them.

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    1. sonix

      Kev…did you hack my thought?
      The boys always looks funny…
      Glad not just the players make up Arsenal FC but the fans too..

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  25. Fatboy Gooney

    Ospina should be ahead of Double Agent Cech,
    I take it that Walcott was rested for the Liverpool game?

    It would be nice if wenger made a WC signing before that game, that would give the boy’s a moral boost.

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  26. jperiod

    i was glad to see us get this win. It was needed. However, if you think this performance as worthy of a “title contender”, you need to go back and watch some more football. They beat a Palace team that really wasn’t that good, but yet we needed a bit of fortune to win this game. Giroud’s goal was excellent, good assist by Ozil. Ramsey, does not need to be starting, gives the ball away to much and waste chances. The most obvious indicator that we need a top class replacement for Coq, was when he was substituted, it wasn’t Arteta that came in, it Was OX, who was playing out of position and it showed a couple of times. this team needs signings to compete for the EPL. Glad for the win, but much improvement is needed in this team.

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  27. tegh7


    Arsenal football club and “title race” rings very hollow!

    A pathetic attempt at manipulating innuendos.

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  28. samo gunner

    Honestly im so disappointed wity some arsenal fan im all for wenger out but come on everyone knew Chelsea would fall apart this season you could see it in preseason and if you feel man to man city is better than us ill laugh because only few of there players can break into our team people let our players look like the worst the only thing stopping arsenal is that we have a weak manager to rough up players and let them be consistent and stop putting players in wrong position

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