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Arsenal are focused and ready to win trophies

Arsene Wenge has been at Arsenal for 19 years, but he hasn’t assembled a team good enough to beat the moneybags teams for many years, but his only signing in the last transfer window, Petr Cech, believes that the team we have now has the wherewithal to go all the way.

“We started very well in the Community Shield, our first competitive game after we had a very good pre-season,” Petr told Arsenal Player. “Then the first league game came and we lost 2-0 at home. That’s possibly the worst start we can imagine, but we recovered from it and learnt from it.

“Since then we’ve been picking up points and as a team we’ve settled into the way we want to play. I think everybody understands their role within the team. People try to do their best every day to make sure we are ready to compete, and so far it’s been bringing the success.

“It’s [down to] the work ethic of the team. You never win things without going for it, without being focused, without being right in the training ground. So far, I have to say that the team are focused on what we are doing every day and I have to say that this is the key.

“You prepare every day and if you are really focused in what you are doing every day, then you give yourselves chances to win games. I believe that this team has that ability to be focused and ready to achieve. We are giving ourselves the chance to win every game.”

And of course, if everybody in the team has the same the same attitude as this confirmed winner, then I can’t see why we can’t be a winner just like him. I cannot believe that were so lucky to sign such a person with such a positive attitude.

Focus every day, and we will end up as winners….

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7 thoughts on “Arsenal are focused and ready to win trophies

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    Granit Xhaka!……. What’s ur take on him fellas?……..he could partner Le coq or deputize for him(not totally replace him)

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      but his asking price is so over the moon…….. Unless ofcourse we can recuperrated funds from sales and loans

      1. Dee@ease

        I like the fact that’s he’s left footed,Xhaka will be Petit and Coquelin will be Vieria with this midfield we can produce better performances in The Champions League!

    1. BabyPlease

      Listen Baby Please

      We will win the PL in the spring/summer of 2016

      1. Arsenal
      2. City
      3. United
      4. Liverpool
      5. Leicester

      Chelsea….God knows? lol

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