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Arsenal are in a fantastic position and will spend money says Gazidis!

With new financial regulations coming into play next season, quite a few clubs in the Premier league and around Europe will have a lot of work to do to change and get ready for the new rules, but Arsenal are already in the perfect position and are a role model to other clubs, according to our chief executive Ivan Gazidis.

“Arsenal were operating like this a long time before football looked at it and decided that it would be a good path for football to move in to.

“Unsustainable spending and unsustainable environments don’t last forever.

“The revenues the game generates, particularly the Premier league’s position, is fantastic.”

Gazidis believes that tighter controls will protect the league, the clubs and the fans and will allow them to keep English football at the forefront of World sport.

He went on to defend Arsene Wenger and his transfer policy while also suggesting that there will be some serious money spent in the near future, just not recklessly. It may be a little dig at the big spenders and purchases like Andy Carroll to Liverpool and Fernando Torres to Chelsea when Gazidis states that money does not guarantee success.

“I don’t think Arsene is conservative, I think he is extraordinarily brave.

“He is not afraid to spend money when he sees a player he thinks can kick us forward but he is not obsessed with the security that a big transfer fee might give him.

“I think that the time when we have to continue to ask them (Arsenal fans) for patience is coming to an end and I think we will be able to deliver the kind of success they want on a consistent basis going forward as one of the leading clubs in Europe.”

I know we feel we have heard it all before but January and the transfer window should give us a sign if Gazidis is merely talking or if we are about to push forwards.

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32 thoughts on “Arsenal are in a fantastic position and will spend money says Gazidis!

  1. JStarr

    Sounds good.

    Torres – 50 mil Carrol 35 mil….

    ….Cazorla – … Priceless 🙂

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  2. Sa

    FFP Is a joke no one is gonna tell Real Madrid and man shitty they cannot play CL and what stops there money coming in from fake sponsorship deals set up by ther owners to write off masses of debt.

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  3. jk

    gaurantee we wont buy unless we sell first, walcott hasnt signed yet so im guessing he will leave and we will use that money to buy and more than likely make a profit again! Julian draxler to replace walcott if he does go!

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  4. sinero

    ivan you are so full of shit. just shut the fuck up and let wenger do his job. you get a pay rise and you still want us the fans to suck your cock. just shut it already. all we ask for is trophies and nothing more. we have suffered long in silence pls dont give us that financial bullshit.

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  5. leo

    @sa agreed with you the ffp is a joke uefalona has 470m debt same for $i$$y/maure/cheslki & madrid has 200m debt

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  6. leo

    if walcott leaves arsenal should go for isco 15m/adrian lopez 10(buyout clause) julian daxler will be cup tied + he is valued at 20m arsenal can make big signings in 2014 once our current commercial deals which expiers in fact arsenal could earn around 300m+

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  7. jk

    I think a salary cap would be good that way you might see more loyalty because the top stars wont get anymore money somewhere else and pretend they leaving for trophies bla bla bla!

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  8. Dave

    can’t see us doing anything big until 2016. that will give us 2 years of the new sponsorship deals that will be struck in 2014. our dead wood would have left (contracts ran down or i would have killed them). lets face it we only make a profit cos we are selling land and flats plus 40 to 60 mill worth of players a year so any signings wont break the club record until we have better sponsors. why don’t we get our training kit sponsored like utd did?

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  9. AOB

    Let AW just get two strikers and AFC will be ready for a stream of silverware. My opinion, Liorente and falcoa. At least one of them shd arrive at d emirates this January.

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  10. Dan

    It is frustrating though. If we’d bought an out and out goal scorer with the RVP money then we could have maybe challenged for the league.

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  11. bob

    I believe him ….We will buy around three players…..1. at 15years 1. at 17 and 1. at 19.5 years old.

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  12. KickuPtheArsene

    Always tomorrow (future) with Gazidis. Tomorrow we can spend. Wenger can spend tomorrow. When FFP comes in tomorrow. Sorry but as long as i see us keep selling our top performers year after year, and not re-invest, I won’t believe him. A year ago we sold Fabregas and Nasri. Around a £50-70mil net profit. But somehow that seems to have vanished into thin air. Only money we have been operating with has been with the sales of Song and RVP. Something tells me that we will use money from more sales before we find the money we got from Cesc and Na$rsi.
    I really hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it. A leopard does not change its spots. Gazidis is all about how much money he can make, not about improving our club.

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  13. obi

    Just to be clear here.he dint say were goin to spend.he said we wil spend if dont get our hopes high

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  14. jk

    wenger wont buy falcao……ever!! people thinkin he would spend 40 million on one player are mental. Look at jenkinson he cost pennies and could be worth 20 million in two seasons. Wenger buys value like podolski and cazorla he got them for half of what they worth and im sure if he does buy in january he will buy a bargain again like huntelaar!

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  15. ButtFlaps

    HAHA we will to be new Man City or new Cheslea, but with the Classy times

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  16. LordZeus11

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar would be perfect, finishing touch to our team. 6months left on his deal come January. Get him for around £6-8m. Snatch.

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  17. Praksh

    Arsenal are favourites to sign Falcao.
    Why? Probably you’re thinking I’m a lunatic bugger. BUT, I’m NOT! Why? FFP rules will apply to this. As Gazidis said. Arsenal are in a good position to sign some big amount of money players. But not recklessly. Well, It all depends on Falcao and Athletico if. If not Falcao. Then Adrian Lopez who will cost approximately 15million. If not Falcao and Lopez then Llorente who will cost around 12million. But if Llorente joins Arsenal. He will end his career here. He is reaching the peak of his career. Lets say, he’ll be a star for 3 years till he’s 30. Finally, Arsenal need some physical presence in the midfield. I say, we spend on Fellaini for about 25million OR Etienne Capoue if needed. Its a MUST, for Arsenal to get a Center Forward and Physical Midfielder.

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  18. Simon Kibera Kinywa

    We need only one striker because we have Giroud/Podoslki. In addition we need a superb no-nonsense defender and a defensive midfielder and we are done.


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  19. Big Gun

    You know, it’s not even about spending big in the transfer market anymore. Wenger has proven he has the ability to sign great players on the cheap. I’m not saying he will have the opportunity every season to sign another Cazorla, Podolski etc for deflated prices…but the man has a gift more so than any other manager to get his bang for buck. A more concerning topic should be the wage structure.

    I would rather the board channel more money into player wages (our best players) to keep them, instead of us losing them end of every season, and having to rebuild from scratch. This would be a far more effective approach, and if it had been implemented a few seasons ago, we would still have players like Henry, Nasri, Cole, Cesc and RvP. Hell perhaps Viera, Pires etc would also have stayed on and retired at Arsenal. Opinions aside of what we think of them now that they are traitors, we all LOVED and ADORED every single one of them when they were at Arsenal and they were/are all still exceptional players. I really like our squad now, minus one or two players, but considering my previous comment we would have had a continuously solid team at the start of every season and I’m sure our trophy cabinet would look much better too.

    So board, before lying about Wenger having a shipload of cash to spend, rather use that money for the wages. A good place to start would be to give Walcott and Sagna a raise. I would rather keep these players we have seen blossom over the years into great players, than lose them and begin the vicious circle over and over again.

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  20. YoungGun

    I think the key to buying players has always been versatility
    OX, Gnabry, Eisfeld, Cazorla, Arshavin, Aneke
    Walcott, Gerv, Podo, Afobe
    the only pure winger we have is Ryo
    we either need a winger/striker or pure striker with Theo’s situation unclear most likely being sold
    I also think we need to invest in CB’s because we only have Miquel and Agnah who look promising and no one else

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  21. reddb10

    So Mr perfect business model Gazidis, seeing as you are doing such an amazing job that you actually get a pay rise could you please explain the fact that if we did not sell RVP and Song we would not have made a profit!!
    looks like things are not as hunky dory as this man shitty supporting, arrogant, hypocrite makes them out to be.
    FF sake find a gooner who loves the club as much as us fans put him in the chief exec position and get rid of this arsehole.

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  22. ArsenalsF

    I don’t understand. People seem to think that the money we take in from player sales is not being spent on anything. In the last 10 years the players in have cost 15m more than the players out have been sold for, and hmmm, what else have we bought?? I remember, a 60,000+ seat humongous state of the art stadium that is going to increase match day revenue for years and years to come, more than all of our rivals bar Man Utd. We have only just paid off the debt for it, so chill.

    Anyway, since when did we become fans who demanded we spend a sh=t ton of money on players? We always criticise man city, chelsea etc for buying trophies disgracefully, I’m much more proud of the way our club is run.

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  23. DEGooner

    in response to an earlier post… Arsenal can’t get a training kit sponsor because Emirates’ deal includes that. In fact according to other blogs/ sites etc… the deal is very restrictive but was done that way to secure all/most the money up front when the stadium was being built/unveiled etc.. Arsenal benefits now from FFP due to the fact we run a profit (regardless of how, player sales, tv money) where as all but the clubs that have a legit shot fo winning the CL cannot spend crazy money, PSG aside. The wage structure is very much flawed and if tended too we could easily afford one or two six figure a week superstars. Keep the Faith COYG!

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  24. Invincibles nice (1)

    Obviously he is speaking of the team that we already have, he is saying that he and our squad are confident in achieving glory, sooner rather than later, while i do believe him to be accurate in stating that Arsene is brave in not cow towing in looking for the easy op in spending thirty fourty plus on one or two players (there are however examples of this going balls up like with Carroll,Veron,Torres and others) but Arsene find’s value,who is one of the greats at judging player’s abilities, that he would most certainly get it right, but their are other thing’s that come into play’ and not just wether or not the player will hit the ground running,or immediately fit in (ie bad injuries, domestical, unforeseen or even death but to name a few) also wether or not people cant admit it, we just can’t compete with certain clubs on the wages front, especially not the transfer fee’s either, Arsene is truly one of the greats, how many managers are their that can do how well he does within the restraint’s wich he has worked, who truly look’s after their clubs well being also future, and not just act like a player, who can only think of himself, the glory and the money to be had, and not caring what state the club will be at ten year’s down the path after his raping of it…
    While i dont believe that Gazidas know’s much about football, i do think however, that he know’s it goes without saying, Arsenal fc is in very safe hand’s with the ever impressive Arsene Wenger.

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    i wonder how many players is enough for every position??

    5 world class players in every position to cover for each other??

    rotation and every player will get 12 games each????

    gosh….this is not fifa 2012…go get a real job!

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  26. S.H

    If I ever saw Gazidis after this interview, I’d ask him why he and the Board can’t be as “brave” as he describes Wenger. I think Wenger has had NO CHOICE but to be brave in his transfer dealings, due to the lack of funds permitted by your Gazidis’ and Hill-Woods’. Gazidis is a fraud, a man city fan at heart and a man only driven by his own greed for reputation and self-indulgence. I hate the fact that he can never provide the AST with a direct response to their questions but rather chooses to deflect from them with his business models and self-sustainability pitch. It’s like a dog chasing tail, finding a means to an end.

    I’ve been a proud supporter for over 25 years. I’ve witnessed the highs like winning the title against Liverpool 2-0 in 1989 and the lows such as losing the Uefa Champions League in 2000. That I can take, but what I can’t stand are people like Gazidis and Hill-Wood destroying our club along with the other money-hungry investors. Arsenal have employed a great CEO in Gazidis with his decorated sports business economics experience, but they didn’t employ a true Arsenal fan at heart. David Dein is 100% Arsenal and you can see the difference in how the club is managed.

    If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my 10 years of owning my own business and working under other managers prior, then it’s definitely got to be the fact that politics will always reign. It takes moral courage to go against the majority for the good of any organisation and that’s what David Dein did. He challenged their decision-making and personal interests. Although Dein is very wealthy, he always put Arsenal first and making an extra buck was just a bonus! Who do you think supported Wenger in his early days at the club? Gazidis is FO/SHIT, I’ve never trusted the man. Speak less and do more. That is a motto all Arsenal investors should adhere to. Give Wenger the money like Dein did Gazidis! Then we will start to believe your words for once!

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  27. S.H

    If anyone thinks Huntelaar will be cheap think again. His transfer fee might be fair but his wages will make up for it. We can’t afford to compete with other clubs that will offer him 150K-200K a week. It’s that simple. Besides, why would Arsenal buy him at 29 years of age when we can spend less and buy someone younger with more pace and potential? It’s about time people should stop thinking of big names as we’re most likely not going to get them. Who ever brought up Falcao must be a complete imbecile. We’ll probably have more chances of acquiring Neymar and even then that’s almost impossible.

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  28. sinero

    Wenger has become scout for other teams such as chelsea. we said that we wanted hazard,matta and chelshit went for him. If Ansene Wenger had not been smart with carzola, they would have robbed us of our most talented wizard. Wenger must be discret with all our FUTURE BUYS to avoid the money and oil merchant form robbing us from players who would have, played better and made their names in world foothball in the best team in the world ARSENAL FOOTHBALL CLUB.

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  29. Mike Dellar

    Where have we heard this before?…anyone trust a thing this man says?

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  30. Sa

    @sinero u r so right me and my m8s have noticed this years ago. All it takes is for the sun or daily mail to write about an arsenal transfer target and by the next day the same player is linked to Tottenham, man shitty and all of the fake wannabe clubs. we r one of a kind my brothers ARSENAL 4 LIFE and don’t let anyone else tell u otherwise.

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