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Arsenal are like Jekyll and Hyde this season

The Jekyll and Hyde club by Twig

Arsenal currently sit sixth on the EPL table, and have amassed the fewest points since Wenger assumed control of the club. Looking at the table, it is strange that Arsenal is in this position. Arsenal has a better defensive record than Manchester United. Arsenal also is the 4th highest scoring side in the EPL. Indeed, at this stage of the season, Arsenal has scored more goals this season, than they scored last season when RVP was around.

If fourth spot comes down to Goal Difference, Arsenal will probably triumph as they presently have a better Goal Difference (+19) than Spurs (+12), Liverpool (+12) and Everton (+9). Arsenal’s scoring stat is at the moment better than City, but why then do we find ourselves in this position? Why are our goals not fetching us enough points?

Arsenal are indeed a Jekyll and Hyde club, capable of infuriating and exhilarating in equal measure. The 7-5 victory against Reading showed all that is good and bad about this Arsenal side. Comical in defence, but with a resolute spirit to fight to the very end. Despite this being our worst season, we have managed to record a number of memorable results this season: 6-1 against Southampton, 7-5 against Reading, 5-2 against Spurs (again), 7-3 against Newcastle and 5-1 against West Ham. That’s 30 goals in 5 games!

Our potency in front of goal certainly deserves a better return in points. One of the possible reasons for this is that Arsenal seem to freeze whenever they meet the big sides. This season, we have taken just 1 point against United, Chelsea and City. That is 1 point out of a possible of 15 points! Secondly, even though we haven’t done too badly in front of goal, our scoring hasn’t been as evened out, as that of City for example. We have recorded too many 0-0 and 1-1 draws this season, yet go on to score a disproportionate amount of goals in some other games.

Methinks, it’s better to win two consecutive games 1-nil than to win one game 8-0 and then go on to lose the next game. (Winning 8-0 is fun of course!) That is something Manchester United is able to do which Arsenal hasn’t been able to. Walcott recently said, the players don’t seem to believe in their own abilities, maybe this is a problem. Is this lack of belief due to having gone without a trophy for too long? So guys why do you think Arsenal is such a frustratingly inconsistent football team? Is it a problem of Self-belief or is there a genuine dearth of talent in the side?


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48 thoughts on “Arsenal are like Jekyll and Hyde this season

  1. BG Gunner

    while i enjoyed the win against West Ham and admit our game was top class, this win could not have come at a worse time. now wenger will think that our squad is strong enough and no reinforcements are needed.
    only a delusional man will believe that after 3 horrendous showings and losses against the top teams, 1 win against a struggling team will make up for it. and delusional fans for that matter

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  2. bashman

    arsenal lack belief plus two many new players needs time to gel. you can see sometimes players are not on the same wavelength.

    it all started in my opinion in the game against birmingham when eduardo broke his foot. arsenal were doing well then after that game something changed. ever since then its been down hill. we’ve seen the 4-4 draw with newcastle then the calamity in the league cup, then important players leaving, then the 8-2 at manu then more players leaving ofcourse all this takes its toll on the psychology of the players.

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  3. Sharkseven

    Guys You heard our press conference today seems like we not signing anyone.wenger dismiss all the transfer speculation.So Im not hoping any player will come in from us!or is that just typical wenger presser???

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  4. GoGo

    It’s all to do with Tactics! We only have one way of playing. It looks great but only works against some of the teams we play. It worked against West Ham because they played a simular formation to use making it a fair game. It would be nice to see what formations/tactics we do well against versus which ones we do badly against.

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  5. Fletch

    We can forget about anyone coming in this transfer window.

    Wenger literally closed the door on the possibility.

    Believes the team can win with the current squad….

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  6. captain

    Wenger is not signing any player. if he would, at least we would have heard rumours of clubs agreeing transfer terms and players agreeing personal terms and coming in for medical(s). its not over until its over though.

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  7. Joe

    It’s a big confidence issue with us. United go out thinking they’re going to win, we go out thinking that we hope we don’t lose. We have the quality and when we score it gives us confidence and we go on to score more. But we need to believe from the start of games that we can and will go on to win.

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  8. Twig

    LoL. It’s either all bids that we made were rejected or the 5-1 victory over West Ham is making Wenger believe the team is good enough. Very sad.

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  9. Parotee

    I am really starting to get agitated over the lack of activity in the transfer window. People were making such a big fuss over our win over a pathetic West Ham and specifically over certain players…but truth is when we are up against the top teams, we crumble. Ramsey and Giroud in particular have yet to prove themselves against the harder sides like United, City, Chelsea etc. People were praising Ramsey the other night, but honestly what exactly did he do besides pass the ball to players a few meters away from him? He was under no pressure the whole game and now people are saying CDM is his new position. I really hope and pray Wenger does not think the same thing. Because come time to face tougher opponents, Ramsey will get crunched.

    Please Wenger, sign a DM and WC striker…Jovetic looks really good for what we can afford. Young, skillfull and has a good shot.

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  10. John K

    I just wish we would be more consistent and have more of a winning mentality. But how can we expect that from our players when Wenger’s only ambition is top 4? UNFAIR ON THE PLAYERS

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  11. LovedHighbury

    Been saying it for ages. Sign a top drawer, monster centre half a hard DM and a top ‘keeper and scrap that stupid zonal marking. If wenger does this ( but we all know he won’t, being the stubborn person that he is ) then I believe we would be fine. Get your finger finger out wenger or please leave our club. Come on Arsenal!!

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  12. J London

    No point stressing….Who saw Arteta coming. Wenger downplays any activity to keep the price down. He is a wily old fox. Its true he might not sign anyone but then again thats exactly what we all expect, anything will be a bonus. I fear the lack of signings for the simple reason…..he cannot offload any deadwood. They are all on loan and under contract. Unless that changes I dont see any signings.

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  13. Smart

    With the fact that new faces in the team could be a factor as it could take time for new boys to settle fully into the team; the fans are another factor.
    Arsenal FC has not got the support needed from fans, they have been playing at home as if it was away. When a team is playing at home and the fans boo them, it has effect psychologically. But the team is not as bad as been portrayed by aggrieved fans, all they need is their fans behind them. Come on you gunners, keep the faith and wear your reds at home, and let’s see how this affect the team positively. Gunners for life.

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  14. BalancedView

    Simple! Using the same formation over and over gain irrespective of the opposition.

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  15. Jaws09

    Arsene Wenger has been speaking about reported interest in Barcelona striker David Villa, telling a press conference ahead of Arsenal’s FA Cup clash with Brighton the Gunners are not looking to move for the Spanish international.

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  16. A Goonersville Citizen

    …more Hyde-ous than anything not really!
    No new faces at Arsenal this transfer, declares Arsène’s ars!
    Ooh! Yeah! That manager of ours…

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  17. sammykit

    Hey pals!off topic:i was looking at something.why dont we go into our rival teams and buy their player.if so for me,i would pick chelsea’s John Obi Mikel he is a player every team will love to have in their.did u guys remember that it was mikel that helped chelsea clinch champions league.he has a wonderful pass rate,long pass and even interceptions.we were asking for a big dm and here it comes in Mikel.he is better than song,mvilla or anybody.just look out he never leaves the midfield but his pass does it more than an attacking player.GUYS,I WOULD BE HAPPY IF MIKEL JOIN US,WHAT ABOUT YOU?

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  18. theghostinside

    At least get your stats right Bob! Arsenal has the 3rd highest scoring rank in pl. City scored 45 while we score 46.

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  19. Gunnerforlife

    United signs Zaha – confirmed. Wenger rules out Villa move. We ain’t signing anyone. All transfer targets are being ruled out one by one. This is high time we could have signed Villa as he is benched in all matches. And he is at most 2-3 years left of his best. Only except Arsenal most of the teams finally sign one or two of the players they are linked with.

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  20. sollygunner

    ,,,,,,,, wenger says on transfers what we worry about is getting injuerd players fit and our players performing well if we get all our players performing we dont need help from outside ( transfers ) if there is a player ( top top top top top ) that can strenghten us then of course we would look to bring them in but we have the players already to do well ,,,,,,,,, hhhhhhmmmmmm also we have 2 players in all positions ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    dosnt look good im starting to think we were never really looking at anyone only media saying we were

    i hope this is a smokescreen and he has something up his sleeve he wants keept under wraps

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  21. caribgooner

    Almost all the players we were being linked with have gone to other clubs…We arnt signing are we?Really depressing…

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  22. LoCkAy

    I realise today ( again ) that the Arsenal board, including the deluded Wenger, have been bossing us around for year about their financial so important financial structure and youth policy…

    The fact is, our youth policy is not the best and is not that great since we have selling them or letting them go mostly.

    A team like Man United have a better youth policy than us.

    Wenger made that fact his battle horse, but he has failed brilliantly…

    Zaha signed with Man United and we know we were NEVER in contention, as usual.

    It is sad, because you also realise, based on Deloitte forecasts, that we are in trouble for the future. Believe it or not we will not be able to bring quality signings next season or the season after… Whatever the financial fair play… It is not going to change the landscape of finance in football and recruitment because the major clubs will always find a way to go around it ( like explain by Deloitte and Marks ).

    We have been lied to and taken for “fools” all those years.

    I can give you another example by emphasising the fact that Gazidis was awarded a £650,000 bonus last year… Can someone explain to me based on what?
    We did not perform! We were never close to win a trophy! So what is the reward for???

    That’s Arsenal…

    Deloitte also pointed out that they, Arsenal, will have to increase price seats ( again ) in order to balance the books ( yes they are not balanced right now ) and may be forced to sell players ( deadwoods and firs team )…

    The fact that Wenger has not gone into the market so far is not a surprise to me… GUYS, THERE IS NO MONEY. THERE IS NO MONEY BECAUSE THE £70 MILLIONS ARE A BACK UP FOR ANY HICK UPS WE MIGHT ENCOUNTER DOWN THE SEASON.

    Hummels, Villa and the rest are not options, they just are names mentioned to keep the fans, who did not get it, interested and occupied…

    The only thing that could happen, will be to get few players on loan… That is why David Villa is an option ( on loan ) because he wants to relaunch is career… As well as Gourcuff.



    Basically we are bounded to have a Chelsea ownership style very soon, with a chairman digging in his own pocket to buy players, because we just do not have the resources ( real ones ) to go on the market and attract players…


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  23. Martin

    Here we go agian all these Gooners who have never managed a club telling one of the worlds greatest managers how to do it and what we need…….laughable

    If you look at the market place there isn’t a great deal out there and whenever we are linked to players, all of a sudden Gooners on this site say what a great player he is and we should sign him…Zaha for instance…a good wide player with potential £15m ….no thank you we have plenty of players at the club with just as much potential…Gnarby for instance …….Michi..another why would we need Zaha…

    Diame??? I like the player, do we really need him or M’vila …I don’t think so, we have good players in midfield like Diarby…Atreta, Frimlong , coquelin, Elsfield etc etc so if we buy another player with potential

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  24. Martin


    What do we do with the potential we have?? Where I believe we are short is up front, but to replace RVP is impossible especially in January…..the last big buy we got in January was The Little Russian and we’ve all seen how that has turned out

    I’m not massively worried if we don’t strengthen now, so long a huge investment is done in the Summer…..

    Our team is a good team, our great days have gone, so our expectations need to be adjusted until the tide changes and it will I’m sure of that

    Keep the faith, stop the moaning and support the team and trust our manager I think he k ows what he is doing

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  25. gooner23

    the squads not good enough to finish 4th we need signings wenger wake up bayern will rape uS loool so annoyin to be an arsenal fan

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  26. caribgooner

    You are deluded mate…Think of Afc from 5 yrs ago even 2 years and compare it to today’s team….If you can still breath easy then you dont like AFC

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  27. YOO!#

    Its Everyone on here, chatting a load of bullshit pre-loading your minds to think that we are getting so n so about 70% of players i see linked on here, we would never get.. When you havent heard it from wenger its Best not to assume.. Even though wenger was basically lieing at the beginning of jan, sayiing he will invest in the club. Hopes are still high though because if wenger thinks there are no gaps to fill in the squad hes possibly a moran or just insane

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    At 31 yrs villa can’t come to arsenal. Besides he on a big wages at barcelona, do u think he wil mantain those wages at arsenal. We also aware wenger never long contracts, hw we sure that whichever cotratct is offere will suit the guy.
    I see this as aonther rumour.

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  29. mighty

    only six days to go before the window close. arsenal is the club that need a new signing than any other big club that I can think of but still nothing,after this tremendous win again the hammers I don’t see wenger signing any player he will said the squad is strong enough but it is pretty obvious that we need a Dm and a striker,however djourou is out on loan but still not a back up it mean we’v only got 3 cb,I don’t know if any of this rumours about us been linked with all this players are true?because if the are let me tel you we miss a lot of opportunity and good bargains,y mbiwa,m’villa,remy,ba,etc…

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  30. YOO!#

    Are you mad we dont need a striker.. walcott can play there, podolski giroud and bring someone up from the youth ranks in the summer.. we need what i think we need is a CDM, CB and possibly a understudie to sceazny* to keep him on his toes

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  31. Jk

    Its not jekyll and hyde its simply that we cant beat good teams but rollover the poor ones of late…cant beat top four so naturally we sit 5th or 6th. Makes perfect sense. Beginning to hate wenger and his players

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  32. Jk

    This team is infuriating. The one player i wish they would have sold (walcott) they resign and give big pay packet to…walcott epitomizes your so calles jekyll and hyde comment meaning like the team they look world class but against any team worth a damn walcott dissapears…if any team plays him physcally he becomes a nonfactor; hence why theo will never be the answer…we do need a striker…theo is not a striker, he is a winger and he lacks dimension in his game to play every week..

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  33. Mike

    The worst possible thing for Arsenal could’ve been to have Diaby fit,Ramsey fit,Coquelin fit (although he will be an awesome player with guidance from a top DM),and a really good thumping 5-1 result,this now leads to Wenger knowing we don’t need any players at all,at least not till we drop another 6 or 7 points out of 9 etc and players saying “we are stronger now” is getting tiresome,heard it all before,this season and countless others.It almost feels as though even the players are backing Wenger not to sign anyone so they keep their chance of getting into the team!! If we only sign one player let it be Wanyama.

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  34. Mike

    On the self belief note i would say that our attacking players are probably suffering more due to the defense being so poor and they know that they have to keep attacking and scoring because we also know we’ll concede at some point,hence why a solid DM and CB are the key,although Coquelin is looking damn good at the moment.

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  35. goonerwave

    Q: your wife is about to give birth to your new baby child

    Do you

    A: stay where you are with your family and friends around you to help out


    B: Drop everything you have and drag yourself to another country away from all you’re support chain for your wife and un born child

    Answer this Honestly… then ask yourself if Villa is gunna come to arsenal???

    Come on Gooners.. we have what we have right now, great potenial.. it aint gunna help right away but as long as we hold on to what we have maybe add a few in the summer we have the making of a great team.. get behind the guys we have NOT kick them even harder while we are down..

    If we are gunna complain and want action lets focus it towards our main porblem our quiet man stan… Push for alisher usmanov to take control of arsenal.. we already have our own russian sugar daddy.. his riches make abramovich look like a Poor man in comparrison.. and im sure he would be more than happy to filter some of his riches to reduce his tax bill..

    Come On Gunners…. 40 yrs i have supported my beloved team.. from the days of pat rice , brady, jennings and co we have been a mid table team before its looking that way atm but have the faith that keeps us Arsenal… if you wanna support a club that always wins just go and jump ship like some of our talent that has left..


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  36. ryan

    So i thought were supposed to aim for the title wenger? Now you hope we are strong enough to get 4th place when we are like 20 points behind utd already and think there is no need to spend? Nice ambition wenger, i guess since you aim low you are less likely to be disappointed, on the other hand we might not even get 4th but who cares because we made a profit. Right guys? Guys???

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  37. Mike

    Sneijder has signed for only £8.3M to Galatasary,Wenger has been after a class midfielder and has missed out on one of the best in the world for peanuts!! this is getting hideous!!

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  38. Gooner Cape Town

    Because we have a kak squad, no depth, average players who are overpaid.

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  39. John-Legend

    Sometimes, I feel Wenger does all the work in Arsenal. Psychology, Diagnosis, Pitch Management, Ankle and Knee treatment and so on. It’s probably why he is one of the highest paid Managers in EPL.

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  40. sku

    I think just one player preferably a CDM can change the whole outlook of the team. It could also take one of the senior players like Cazola,Podolski,Giroud,Arteta to drag these young players into the top and make them fight.I strongly feel it is a mental thing more than anything look at the second half against City and Chelski realy good and the boys were up for a fight we need a Roy Keane type of personality.

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  41. Martin


    Deluded I am not…..if you look at the world 5 years ago it was a completely different world….it’s deluded people like you that suggest we spend £20 million here and £15 million there, so easy to say that when its not your money…. You try to compare us with Chelsea and Man City PSG or Real Madrid or even ManU they all operate in a different climate to the rest of the world….

    So all of the players we have been connected with, such as M’vila, Zaha, Diame , world beaters I think not, but deluded fans like you suggest we buy them…please

    And because fans like myself don’t agree with this nonsense of let’s buy him or lets go for that one, you dare suggest we don’t care…get a life

    Whilst we operate in this climate we will not win the league FACT, we are unlikely to win the CL….but that’s not Arsene Wengers fault…the rules have changed and we can’t compete, get use to it.

    Or we can spend a £100 million like Liverpool done two seasons ago and where exactly did they finish…..Chelski have spent £120 million this year, so far…are they going to win a trophy???

    Your spend attitude demonstrates your lack of business intelligence……so am I deluded? I think not.

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  42. Arsenal1Again

    I think we have some big injuries coming up. I can feel it. Wenger will need a miracle to get a CL spot without injuries being a problem, but with injuries, how are we going to get into the Europa Cup?

    Then there is the fallout such as having less funds for Summer transfers and nobody of worth wanting to join a team who’ll not be in Europe. Rivals mocking us, Wenger excuses accumulating to self pity and the drama queen stuff he does like “I feel it’s in the best interest of Arsenal if I resign.” I foresee all this coming because of his obstinancy this January and his bloody minedness. One bad decision can cause Arsenal years of slog and pain and guess where Wenger won’t be when we are left with this mess. It won’t be Arsenal.

    Just buy a DM who can remain back in the midfield instead of the oppisition goal area, and/or a striker who can get us 3 points game after game.

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  43. Izuchukwu Okeke

    Your analysis exposes the lies of politician Wenger. This team is not balanced in any way. They can score goals but can’t keep the tough opponents out. What is sad is that one player only could have solved this problem. One player Arsenal can afford for cheap. Perhaps a strong shielding DM is just the diffrence between us and top. That every season one players costs us is to me irrational. Some years its defender, another striker, another midfielder. Just one, just like a Van Persie in Man U–so sad to say it. So sad we got such s stingy stubborn and irrational coach. Such a shame

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  44. Eren

    Well, think of the matchday at stamford bridge. Although chelski was the better team in the first half (scoring unfair goals, even though having some other good chances), Arsenal has shown great spirit being on the brim of scoring an equaliser! Arsenal, in my opinion, has a great team, but sadly often lacks the will-power and mental-strenght.

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