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Arsenal are NOT favourites to sign Petr Cech

The Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has made it clear that he will be leaving Stamford Bridge this summer, and, according to a report in todays Mirror, he has decided that he DEFINITELY going to either Arsenal or Paris St Germain.

They say that Cech would prefer to stay in London where he has lived for the last ten years (not to mention playing in the best League in the world) but his agents are trying to push him towards the French Champions PSG,because they will pay him more and will match his Chelsea wage of £120,000 a week.

That all sounds reasonable, so I thought I would just check out the bookies sites to see where THEY think he will be going. I always trust the bookies because they always win!). Lo and behold, Arsenal are nowhere near favourites! If you look at Paddy Power, who are in fact Arsenal’s favoured betting partner, you will find that Arsenal are THIRD favourites at 7/2, behind PSG (17/10) and Roma (3/1).

Actually what is even more interesting is that Liverpool are only just behind Arsenal at 4/1 and Man United are at 13/2. Now if this is Arsenal’s official bookie (and a giant betting site), you would expect they have set their prices on a little bit of knowledge, wouldn’t you?

Also looking at Jose Mourinho’s comments recently about Arsenal being a big challenger next year, can you REALLY see Cech coming to Arsenal next season?

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal are NOT favourites to sign Petr Cech

  1. fred cowardly

    It’s not a big deal. If Szczesny leaves we just need a quality backup. Ospina is good enough to be a GK of a title winning side. If we didn’t have Ospina then I would be calling for a top gk. I think Ospina is the best GK we have had since Lehman. Fabianski, Almunia were simply not good enough

    I am happy with Ospina as number 1 and Szczesny as number 2

    1. optimisticgooner

      Ospina has been great for us but he hasnt been exceptional imo. Ospina has done a good job, a job dats expected from a good keeper. Its just szescny’s woeful performances make us think dat ospina is truly great.

      1. SoOpa AeoN

        sometimes u fail to realize that cheLski’s defensive Line-up may have been the reason to think cech is extraordinary or a superman…..its not like he could save all the penalties in this world…..he can jump and dive, ospina can jump and dive too, he is calm n composed, ospina is composed too, he can make crucial saves, ospina can do that too…….what’s so special anyway?…..extraordinary experience or height?……

        1. NY_Gunner

          @SoOpa Aeon
          Spot on dude. Some here are too guided by what the Sky Sports pundits are saying.

          1. optimisticgooner

            Actually i think people here are too guided by mediocrity. I dont blame u. We havent won d trophy for 10 years, our hunger is dying.

          2. SoOpa AeoN

            @NY_Gunner…hell yea…….these pundits are not to be listened to… Half the entire pundits are lying hypocrites and are of Liverpool origin

            1. NY_Gunner

              They see we are finally gelling into a force to be reckoned with and it frightens them.

              1. YingYang69

                If anyone can recall Cechs performance in CL final they will remember it was he and Drogba that looked unbelievable. Cech won it for them on that day and leading up to it.

                Not to mention we do actually see him from time to time for us to make our own minds up. Also i could be wrong here but does Cech not also play Internationally.

                Soopa your one to talk, are you not one of the bunch which says sack the manager sack the players buy into the real madrid way whenever a bad patch.

      2. Champagne Charlie

        Funny because while De Gea has been on display thanks to a crappy defence, Courtois (who has replaced the guy you want) hasn’t done anything special to show he’s light years ahead of Ospina. In fact he’s had more moments of dodgy punching, shoddy clearances, and bad general play than Ospina. So by all accounts you’re just associating a players name with their ability. Standard thoughtless approach

    2. Champagne Charlie

      Summed up exactly in your first line. “It’s not a big deal”. Couldn’t agree more.

      As far as priorities go a new GK just isn’t high on the list:
      Rambo is being played as our starting RW
      The heart of our squad is ageing (Arteta/Flam/Santi/Rosicky)
      Coquelin is our only DM
      Giroud has no competition as a pure ST.

      Address these issues before going anywhere near our GK’s, yes Cech or LLoris could be great buys….but neither will improve us as much as a proper RW, DM, another ST.

      1. YingYang69

        Yes but how often do really top keepers become available and how often can we capture a top player from a rival.

        1. Champagne Charlie

          Look mate he’s a top GK, but what kind of strategy is it to minimally strengthen an area you’re strong in rather than massively upgrade a weakness?

          I’ll make the same reference I always do. Mesut Ozil, despite being imo THE best CAM in world football, should NOT have been our priority a couple of summers back. Cazorla had just had a blinder of a debut season and Jack was his understudy, we needed a DM, CB, and a proper ST cos Giroud wasn’t the player he’s developing into. We spent 43 million on upgrading an area we were strong in, and I bet my life savings we would’ve been a stronger team had we signed a proper DM and CB that summer.

          There’s why Cech isn’t a priority despite his obvious ability. We are good at GK. We are not good with Rambo playing as a winger, or Coquelin being our ONLY DM (I think we can buy better than him anyway), and we are not good having the engine of our midfield all in their 30’s. Yes Cech would be a good signing, but should not be high on the list of things to do this summer. He’s the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake.

  2. SoOpa AeoN

    boy! I’m tired of people wanting keepers who would only be bought to cause confusion in our goalkeeping department….. Ospina is good enough for us, he could be world class in future……. Did u think he never thought of what would happen if he left OG Nice?…….. He waited patiently on the bench to displace szcesny….now he’s had his chance and is proving critics wrong. With his fantastic performances…..why displace him now?………what more do we need ?

    1. ThirdManJW

      100% agree!

      Anyone that thinks we need a new GK, either hasn’t seen Ospina play for us or have seen him play, but have no idea what consistent, solid performances look like.

      If we keep all of our main players this summer, then we just need DM or box-2-box, LW, and FWD positions strengthened.

  3. leo

    no way would chelski & moaninho sell him to us , casillas looks likey but would prefer bernd leno of leverkusen

  4. Raja Danish

    For me ospina is now our undisputed #1 goalie.. And infact he is a very good goalie imo and definitely has the talent and necessary tools to be a top class goal in upcoming years & definitely an upgrade on shezny but i m happy with shezny as a backup because he is also a good goalie and can become top class if he improves his attitude and decision making and become mentally more strong then he can replace ospina as our #1 in future and also he is young and can still learn.. COYG!!


    Should Arsenal recycle a cycled goalkeeper Petr Cech? Capital NO! If at all the boss has some money stached somewhere for another addition of a goalee to his squad. I think he should think twice before spending his money to buy a new goalkeeper. Because he already has 3 to 4 good goalkeepers to assign duty to any of them. And I am sure they won’t fail him. Szczesny has not stuttered again after his infamous Southampton episode, has he? Let the boss continue to have faith in him and Emeliano Martinez. I am believing Szczesny will overcome his ill social habit and improve on the quality of his game, A new Right Back addition to Monreal and Gibbs for depth? Yes, why not? Nathaniel Clyne? Yes. Southampton has always been a place to get players by Arsenal, are they not?

  6. ArseneIsYourDaddy

    Transfer rumours are like porn. Just salivating about people you will never get.

    I will not read ANY transfer shiiiiiite until after the FA CUP.
    Casillas ; long past it.
    Cech: Jose will never sell us a good player

    Please forget about dreaming about players making 200 or 300k per week.

  7. JAmerican

    I remember listening to a recording of an Arsenal Podcast and there was guest on that particular segment that was regarded as a GK expert. This was right after we had bought Ospina and when he still had that back injury after the World Cup, what he said caught my attention immediately. He said Ospina was 1 of the GK’s that he followed and that Arsenal just acquired a hell of a player. Then he went on to say that once Ospina gets a good run of games Shez will no longer be the starting GK. Boy was he right!!!

  8. goonerboro

    Samuel, do you even watch Arsenal play football?? Monreal and Gibbs have always been LEFT backs and we have 3 right backs already, so not sure if you watch the football on tv upside down or simply just talking sh*t!!

    Ps. Arsenal need Kondogbia, Lacazette and Konoplyanka (left wing as we have 3 right wing already) and that will be enough to compete for league title next season!!

    1. jonestown1

      Yes Andrew – the forgotten man in all this GK discussion. The boy looks very good to me – Steve Evans at Rotherham raving about him as he gets some game time in League 1. Liked how he looked in the few appearances that have come his way – particularly in the Dortmund game when he got a start. Ticks all the boxes for a young GK – very good 3rd choice and it wouldn’t worry me unduly if had to start any games for us if needed.

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