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Arsenal are running on 60% but WE ARE STILL TOP!


Happy new year everyone and welcome to 2016. It was a tough, scrappy and nervy win against Newcastle yesterday but a win nonetheless. The difficulty of that game was expected. In fact, I am shocked that we are league leaders when you consider all the crucial factors working against us. That is why I am surprised that some people out there actually thought we played badly against Newcastle. Some even described our performance as our worst of the season! Seriously? This Arsenal team is stretched to its limit! Isn’t that obvious? I keep expecting this team to implode but it is still hanging in there. That is nothing short of amazing. There are many ways to win a game. When you are firing, score as many as possible and outscore the opponent. When you are short, defend doggedly and grab a 1-0 win. That was what we did. That is a legitimate win.

As far as squad strength goes, we have been playing at 60 percent of our capacity for some time now and yet, we are still top. Sanchez, Cazorla, Coquelin, Wilshere, Welbeck and Rosicky are all injured. These are all top international footballers that can come in and change the complexion of a game. How we have managed without them till now is a miracle. And on top of that, the players that have come in to replace them have not been match fit. Ramsey, Ox and Campbell were all rushed in to the first team because of our injuries. They are clearly not in form and they are not first team material. Yes there have been a few scatter gun brilliant performances here and there from these three but nothing like the sort you get from a Sanchez, Cazorla or Coquelin and yet we are top of the league. If I recall correctly, Manchester United spent 250 million pounds in the summer and Man City blew around 170 million on Bony, Otamendi, Sterling and Debruyne.

What is their excuse? All we spent is 10 million pounds on a certain Peter Cech and yet we look better than everybody in every aspect of the game this year. We should be celebrated as an anomaly, not ridiculed. What Arsene is doing with this limited few is legendary. Take a look at this recent Arsenal stat. Most points taken, most clean sheets (8), best passing accuracy (85%), most passes completed (8,993), most pleasing team to watch, the team with the fewest fouls (164), fewest yellow cards (18) and the team with the best playmaker who has created the most chances (Ozil, 88 chances). Yep little old Arsenal beats everyone in every single stat. And you expect more? We cannot be blowing teams away in every single game. Not right now. Not with our injuries.

And there is more. Considering how even the playing field has become with Premier League money being shared equally and top managers and players moving to mid-table clubs, the league just got tougher. Now throw in our injuries and the fact that we did not buy a single outfield player during the 2015 summer transfer window, and you suddenly realize that we are over performing. If you think we can do better at the moment, I have to ask you one question. Why? Because our front line is led by Messi, Neymar and Suarez? Our best striker is Olivier Giroud and he is flanked by Joel Campbell and Theo Walcott! Quit whining. Be happy. You are top of the league! Everybody is struggling. Injuries are hitting hard. No team is cruising. Why Should Arsenal be any different?

Chelsea won the league some months ago limping over the finish line with 1-0 wins here and there. They were hailed as geniuses. We are doing the same thing that Chelsea did but with so many injuries and no outfield players purchased last summer and yet people think we ought to be doing better? Based on what?

There is something about that feeling of entitlement that just drives me mad. I will never understand it. Sometimes when fans and pundits talk, you will think that the three points and trophy in question are our birth rights. Honey there are no easy games anywhere. No single point in this league is won without a fight. No single team turns up to gift you three points just because you are Arsenal or Manchester United. Newcastle played very well and even deserved a point. How about we acknowledge that and give the opposition the compliment they deserve? By all means, support your team but never let fan sentiment get in the way of common sense or you are going to end up looking like a moron. The footballing level has gone way up.

Take a look at West Ham beating every top team home and away. That is no fluke. Look at Leicester City’s months of giant killing as well. We are in new territory now my friends and the EPL as we knew it will never be the same again. Newcastle played well and did not deserve to lose. Arsenal is stretched but we still won. Let us focus on the last part. WE STILL WON. Peace.

Uche Edochie
Lagos – Nigeria

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28 thoughts on “Arsenal are running on 60% but WE ARE STILL TOP!

  1. Dav SA

    Love this article,

    People do seem to forget that we have injuries to key players in Sanchez, Le Coq and Santi and and and… and despite that we have coped very well and maintained our title charge.

    I think there’s a lot more to come from the team once the big key players are back.

    Watch this space.


    1. sanmi.marvellous

      Yep.Good article!

      This platform (Just Arsenal) is blessed with some writers/commentators. Uche Edochie is definitely one of them.

      Keep it up brother!

    2. irish gunner

      I remember Chelsea getting alot of scrappy 1-0 wins last season alot of the time luck and Un deserved and look how that worked out. Actually 80% of there games were scrappy were they scored and defended the lead

      1. Godswill

        Yes, but their fans were happy for any win. Our own case? It is we the Arsenal fans that start slating our players even as we won the way we won on Saturday. As far as the referee was fair, the Toons did not score and we scored and won am okay. Give me wins like that in all the remaining matches, I will celebrating like never in May.

  2. Koss the Boss

    ??? Great Article my friend really good read! You are 100% right but i think the problem with the fans (me incl) is that Arsenal/Arsene should of signed more players in the summer with the money we had in the bank to give us the depth to rotate and not have players injured 40% of the time leaving us on the edge of exploding playing at 60% for 2months solid in a very much tighter premier league where even so called smaller teams have more money, bought better players and are not easy to beat these days. I believe you are also right that we are over achieveing but the problem again is we shouldnt be in this situation in the 1st place if you get me, DM and ST in the summer would probably have left us going into the season clear favourites with City before a ball had been kicked.

    I for one am over the moon that we are 1st (didnt expect it) so gonna have a smile on my face, enjoy the title run and with players coming back with a player or two signed… then, if we can get through janurary with 7/9pts then we have every chance of winning this league! In fairness to annoyed fans we should be well clear given the oppurtunities we have been handed to take a grip of this title is also very frustrating as to why fans get angry at whats going on, Frustration being the main word there but for the time being enjoy being ??

    1. Yengooner

      @ Koss the Boss you: “…DM and ST in the summer would probably have left us going into the season clear favourites with City before a ball had been kicked.”
      Which do you prefer? Be tagged favourites by pundits and flop during the season like the Chelseas, ManUs, etc, or be underrated and surprise everyone like we are doing at Arsenal?

    2. Arsenal007

      Anyone who says they were not happy with Arsenal’s win against Newcastle…is not an Arsenal fan.
      However, as much as we won the game regardless…truth be told, that was one of our poorest performances. The good side to that statement is that we won regardless. If we could play poor and win, I await when our players are back from the injury room/ when new signings come in.
      I wish the boys all the best.

      Cheers y’all.

    1. sanmi.marvellous

      @Greg, does this Aubamayang stuff has any substance worth believing or following ???
      $42.5m on another player ??
      I can,t trust Wenger parting with this huge sum.

      I hope and pray (Wenger) proves me wrong !

  3. 007

    I must say we are doing fine at the moment, but just fine!!!

    Watching the past 3 games (though we have won 2 of them) I feel we have another “accident” coming our way if the team doesn’t pick up the performance. Thank God for Cech, Ozil, Joel and Kos for caring the team to some extent. Great contribution from the other players too but sometimes on the pitch they seem as though they give up but not the listed players as they keep pushing and show that they want to win. At this rate the February horror show at Arsenal is well placed for all the neutrals and haters to have a laugh.

    Really cant wait for Santi, Coq, Alexis and Welbs to be back. But truth be told, I doubt any other team can do as well as we have with similar injuries to top players. For me this is still City’s title to lose unfortunately.

    Bolstering the squad with quality players is key during this window, if I was Arsene I would take advantage of our league position and financial stability to persuade top players to join us before crazy money is thrown at them in the summer by other teams.

    I edge the players not to give up and crumble, it was depressing watching Ox, Ramsey and funny enough our Mr. reliable Moneral showing signs of giving up before we scored. I’m used seeing that in OG and Theo in some games but the manager has to cut this cancer out asap and bring back the Sanchez and Coq spirit of never say die in all games!!!

  4. Dee@ease

    Giroud is annoying me Arsenal do need new signings to give our title push a boost,in the 2013/2014 season we were leading the table in January but Wenger only signed Kim Kardashian we crumbled in our challenge and finished 4th!

  5. Davros

    Really good article

    Honestly, after we didn’t get an outfielder this summer I never would have dreamed we would be number 1 in January.
    I didn’t expect Chelsea to have such a horrible season and expected more from City after signing De Bruyne and sterling.

    But our team have been together for the most part for a few years and Cech, Ozil, Alexis, Coquelin, Cazorla, Koscielny, Bellerin in particular have consistently delivered for us.

    I am just hoping Elneny goes through and we somehow get one more attacker

  6. davidnz

    Chelsea destroyed
    the field last year.
    They sleep walked
    the last 3 months.
    The league this year is weak.
    Leicester is 2nd Spurs 4th!

    1. Godswill

      Hey there. I want Sp*ds second. You know what that will mean? Arsenal 1st as they can’t finish above us.

  7. davidnz

    Over the last 4 seasons
    Arsenal has often relied
    on 11/13 players.
    This year it’s about 10.
    Cech Bellerin Mertz Koz Monreal
    Coquelin Cazorla Ozil Sanchez Giroud.
    The rest are a motley rag tag band.
    The under performing English (rotten) core
    Wellbeck Wilshere Walcott Chamberlain Gibbs.
    The almost good player Ramsey.
    Injury prone Wilshere Sanogo Rosicky Arteta,
    Unproven Debuchy Chambers Gabriel and Ospina.
    Not quite good enough Hayden Toral Gnabry
    Those not quite ready Iwobi Akpom Zelalem, Adelaide and Bielik.
    10 quality 20 mediocre.
    If the league was not so weak Arsenal would be 4th as usual.

  8. tissiam

    great aricle man!!people wanted arsene to buy new players in the summer but the fact that we only got petr might be why we ,re doing better than anybody else continuity,now they want him to buy during january knowing full well that getting very good players is difficult&they are overpriced.also what are the chances of new players hitting the ground running straight away??by then we will have injured players back what will we do with them we have only 25 places in the squad?what about young players??that,s why i,ll be happy with 1 or 2 signings!lalso people throw names of players we should buy like aubameyang…very naive,transfers are complicated &take time,first we need the club to want to sell their best goalscorer mid season …..anyway congrats to the manager and players keep it up COYG!!!

  9. quantic dream

    This article..what a refreshing break from the usual click-bait rubbish admin loves so much these days. Good job Uche!! Really quality well written article. I agree with most of it though not entirely. I am also at a loss why fans around here think wins are a given and every game should be a walk over. This is the premier league man there are no easy games or wins that are “deserved”. I just wish Wenger brought us a proper striker or DM who could provide the depth that we are always desperate for at this point in the season.

    1. admin Post author

      CLICK BAIT RUBBISH! That I love??? LOL Some people SMH…
      Look Quantic and everyone else. Anyone who wants to complain about my titles please do a PROPER assessment of, say, the last 20/50/100 articles and send me a list of the so-called click-bait headlines. Give me a REAL percentage and we can discuss this sensibly.

  10. jonm

    Completely agree, good article but purchase last summer of cover for Coquelin would have been good. I have been concerned all season about injury to Coquelin. WC striker would be icing on cake.

  11. antiwenger

    Yes we are overperforming,but who put us in this position??? Arsene wenger.It was known during the summer that welbeck, Wilshire and rosicky were going to be long term injuries, also alexis was already spent at the start of the season and needed to be handled with care.Arteta was never going to have another good season and the likes of Walcott and Ramsey are fragile players.So why did we not sign a single outfield player?? Nearly all our players have been overworked like donkeys due to a lack of squad depth, and please don’t mention injuries coz we already had them in the summer and knew that we were going to have more. It is simply ignorance and complacency on the part of the management.

  12. kamn288

    Sanchez is going to experience second season syndrome shortly. Flamini is lucky to be still on the team, the refs are partly to be blamed for Arsenal’s misfortune and if the Southampton or Chelsea squad thinks points can be gained they better be ready for ass-whopping.

  13. Countbalogs

    A good read anyday. Kudos.
    Having said that, we should be contented with being on top. 18 games to go, quite much but if we can grind out results like we did with Newcastle, we’ll surely be there in May. Signing new players may not actually cut it cos not all players fit in. I just pray for quick recovery for Co, Cazorla and Sanchez. With these 3 fully fit, there’s no stopping us. COYG

  14. mark

    This is one of the best articles I’ve read on this site, any site and in any form of written word. It’s better, more incisive and more balanced than any traditional journalistic crap in any newspaper or football site, anywhere.

    Every word rings true, and it all makes sense. The only thing I would add… that if we had a few more world class players, we would probably be 10-15 points ahead of the field….that is my frustration, that we struggle along with a weakened squad, albeit they are getting results, but we could and should be doing much better, had we been more active in the market…

    So yes, we are over performing based on the current available squad, but that misses the point of our lack of strength in depth and the fact we never rotate, until forced to..

    It’s going to be a tight league, and I hope we are still up there come May.

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