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Arsenal are starting to look like the real deal at last!

Things could be looking up! By SB

Arsenal are once again a team. The performance against Stoke showed real cameradery, heart and pride for the mighty cannon. The boys looked like they were willing to fight for each other until the very death, which is what they achieved.

For the first time in a long time, when we scored the whole team joined in for the celebration, although it came with a slice of luck, they knew they thoroughly deserved it. It reminded me of the invincible days when we would score the whole team joined in on the huddle of glory. It brings a tear to a Gooners eye.

Witnessing this made me think about who of those players will be there for next season. I believe possibly Sagna will head out as he looks like the most uninterested player out of the starting XI from the Stoke game.

But when you look on the squad as whole, you can’t see anyone leaving except (hopefully) the deadwood and Sagna. It can only get better from here fellow Gooners. By allowing the team to continue to gel, the understanding of the players will improve, they will want to fight for one another and prove that they can actually win something.

Our prospects for next season I believe are huge. This could be our best chance in a few years to compete with the scum from Manchester.

There is a big ‘IF’ however. Many people have said and I feel the same way, that we are 4-5 players short of becoming champions. Key areas which we must improve for us to have a shot are:

GK – Szczesny too inconsistent, only quality at penalties and shots that are directly at him. (possible acquisitions: Julio Cesar, Iker Casillas, Asmir Begovic, Ali Al-Habsi, Rui Patricio, Stephane Ruffier)

CB – the current 3 are too inconsistent, needs more stability. (possible acquisition: Mats Hummels, Adil Rami, Etienne Capoue (also CDM))

CDM – We lack a holding midfield boss, the role Viera and Song played. (Possible acquisitions: Mo Diame, Victor Wanyama, Papa Diop, Kevin Strootman)

Forward: We lack depth and ruthlessness in front of goal, a proven forward would make other forwards play to their potential as no one wants to be benched. (potential acquisitions: Stefan Jovetic, David Villa, Jesus Navas, Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang)

I believe Jenkinson deserves to have first crack at Sagna’s vacant Right Back spot but possible strengthening is needed there. We also have quality up and comers coming through. We’ve already seen Coquelin, Eisfeld and Gnarby in action but we also have Ryo Miyachi and Joel Campbell coming back from loan, who are both true gems.

Even 3 players purchased in the summer will surely strengthen the hopes for something next season.

Let’s keep the faith and support the boys. We all know the board, Gazidis and Kroenke are greedy, but lets focus on the FOOTBALL. We can make the top 4 this season, as we should, but next season lets have a tilt and regain our image as the best in the league.



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28 thoughts on “Arsenal are starting to look like the real deal at last!

  1. Dave

    Would love Strootman or Capoue as CDM’s. Diame attacks more than Alex song and would honestly leave us more exposed than we are now. I also believe Szcsesny needs more time, on his day he is extremely good.

    On a side note, if it wasn’t for Begovic, we would have beat Stoke 3-0. He had the game of his life.

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  2. Dan

    Correct. GK, CB, CDM, possibly RB (Sagna situation) and a forward. But I doubt we’ll get 3 of those 5.

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  3. Chapppers

    So every time I click to read further I get hit with a paddy power page.. Not a fan of this. I am a fan of Wilshire squaring up to Owen!

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  4. Wonder man

    Stootman wiuld b a top top signing i also thin if villa get relegated than bentekai would b a great signing i think hes a cross between theo an giroud is young and he supports arsenal i think jenkison should also get start starting matches now and know need for a replacement cos thers a kid in our youth team calked bellerin who in a few maybe two years time is going to be our right sided jordi alba and also if we can than mats hummels is a must only vincent kompany is more dorminant than this guy should b a good summer if we can get top 4

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  5. John Legend

    Szsc is good, he can get better. What do you expect from a goal-keeper who gets exposed too often by his defenders?

    If Sagna leaves, really wish we can poach Kyle Walker from Spuds, another British.

    A strong, experienced CDM would be welcome(like aged 29-31). It would help Le Coq and Frimppy to grow into the players that can fully take up the position in a few years.

    A wicked finisher is needed, one with no single Mercy in front of goal. I still think Walcott with end up being a CF. An experienced forward should be fine. We’ll have him, Giroud and later, Walcott for the role.

    All these are my opinions and wishes.

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  6. Absolute prince

    Let’s focus on the football and clinch that 3rd spot and add the F.A.Cup to that would spurr this guys on

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  7. Gunner

    Yeahhh Arsenal all dayyy . We’re the Mon-Real deal. Get it hahaha Cmoonnn yyoouuuu guunneerrssss

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  8. Gazbomb

    What a load of rubbish I’ve heard on the radio and seen in the press about Micheal Owen throwing a punch at Arteta, guys he through a bunch, if it had been jack throwing one at Owen and it had missed he would have been off. Even Pulis thought he was in for it. Surely intent is as bad as doing it, refs are so bloody inconsistent. How can you get a red card for spitting and nothing for throwing a punch

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  9. John

    It’s always next season but if the board have sonebody they can sell they will and next season will be the same. One game does not make a team because arsenal are always inconsistent. Wenger will never spend money unless he can sell someone to even the books

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  10. mwenyeji

    Going back to the stoke game, John Walters has decided to become my source of amusement of late.
    After the chelsea game over the top hat trick consisting of a spectacular brace (in to his own net) and a flying bullet penalty miss , he tried to go hard on the phsically inferior Nacho and got head torn off *priceless*

    We are actually better this season, harder to beat actually but we just dont have anyone yet to win us single handedly some some guy used to do last season when according to me we were worse.

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  11. joe

    we can’t sign another defensive midfielder except if any of the guys around leaves . frimpong and coquellin are knocking on the door we kept getting too many in we forget that we lost talents like eastmond like that . look at the poor guy he hasn’t left the club yet he ain’t played once this season . you seem to forget nico yennaris is a cdm aswell so for next season , I think arsene is going to promote coquellin

    for a forward , I think he’ll get one but not a top notch one . just a good one because podolski , theo , giroud, gervinho (yeah him too I still believe), oxlade chamberline , joel Campbell , ryo miyaichi , wellington silva , chuba akpom ,benik afobe , serge gnabry and a whole list of those guys will be chomping at the bit . getting a new top notch striker would mean loosing atleast two exciting prospects.

    we need one more centerback (good ..not extreme)because we need to have some consistency and when you have too many good players you are forced to rotate which kills consistency at the back . by next season we should know our first choice rear partnership and stick to it just like we stick to goal keepers .

    hector bellerin needs a first team run . he’s been doing wonders so if we can keep sagna and let him go bossman at the end of next seaso , then jenks and bellerin can grow under him

    finally , we need to ask ourselves which good goal keeper as in great is going to come and accept to be second to scezny ?? Julio ceaser already said no because he can’t be second fidel to that kid for . just like strikers used to refuse to sign for arsenal because they didn’t want to play second fidel to Thierry . all we need to do is maintain this team and support them . if we are going to get 5 players , it should be for the numbers and not the quality

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  12. Robbo

    Starting to look like the real deal, how do you work that out. We only drew and home to Liverpool being 2-0 down. Then scrape past a rubbish rugby team at home by a deflected goal. Arsenal are a long way of the real deal.

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  13. Pedro

    Ridiculous article to say the least! Sagna like anyone else would be pissed off as AFC have not put an offer on the table for him yet….he has been the most consistent performer over the past few seasons and frankly does deserve an extension. Of course, this is probably the reason for his dip in form of late.
    Regarding other positions, remember we don’t buy stars we make them! What makes you think the money bags are not after these players?

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  14. Bolly

    What a load of tosh. You say we are starting to look the real deal then go on to say half the team neads replacing.
    As for the Owen “punch”, more like a girly slap.
    My mum could hit harder than that and she’s 83!

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  15. davidrusa

    This article seems to echo what I have been saying all along. The team is good, only that players had not yet fully gelled together. It takes time for players to develop strong intimacy that leads players to fight together genuinely as a team. That level is now being achieve. Let everybody brace themselves for a real strong Arsenal team that will stand up to everybody and anybody. As was demonstrated on Saturday the time of being bulldozed is over. The boys are now mature and ready to fight for one another. I believe this has always been Wenger’s dream only that some greedy players always let him down. At last he seems to be getting there. The balance in the team is good and the quality is great. Wherever you look you see a group of determined young men ready to impose their will on anyone. It is no longer the fickle boys but young men ready to stand up and be counted. Sometime back in this publication I argued that this season was not going to be a spectacular one but next season would. Already the omens are good and it’s not too long before people start singing Arsenal praises again. There is a time for everything and now is the time for Arsenal to rise and shine again.

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  16. zay

    Wasn’t for tv5 being the captain I think kocsielny would have a go, to fight for the spot, but it’s difficult fighting for a spot with the captain

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  17. Budd

    Get Felgueiras from CFR Cluj. Man Utd is after him. I am sure that’ll piss them off.

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  18. Ricardo

    I said this before and i will say it again.

    We will have a strong run at the end of the season. Liverpool and Everton will slip away as they dont have enough quality in depth. Tottenham are crap and will bottle it. Chelsea with all there superstars are our main threat. We can beat them.

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  19. Thala

    Sagna interview in Sky Sports is Encouraging. I dont Think He will leave Arsenal if a Improved Contract is Given to Him. He is Quality RB no doubt abt that. His Recent Bad Performance is Due to Dip in Form and Lack of Rest. I feel he will finish the season in Strong Note.
    Wenger will never buy a CDM. If he does buy , he have 2 let go Le Coq.

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  20. Charlie

    Need to sort out psychological issues. We see them play like contenders for 20 minutes against top teams but in the same game they can play like they haven’t got a chance. Potential is there but there are still plenty of issues to fix.

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  21. Robbo

    The reason Sagna has had some difficult games is since golden nuts Walcott thinks he is a striker he has stopped playing right midfield and leaving Sagna with 2 players attacking him. We need a Ray Parlour type to help him. Right midfield is an important position anyone who plays football knows this. Sagna is a great right back

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  22. Gooner4Life

    If we can take 6 points from 6 against Sunderland and Villa then I’ll agree

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  23. trm

    Arsenals season has been a story of trying to pick up momentum but just as we seem to, we loss it either due to injuries, form of individuals… All filtering to a lack of direction and belief in themselves.

    For the first time this season we were able to rest players due to having players back…Arteta, Diaby…

    Chelsea have a lack of purpose, tottenham lack forwards. These factors could play a part in who finishes in the top 4. Its going to be close

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  24. Sokeye

    I don’t want Wilshire to become Captain – why? Because captaincy my distract him. Don’t put more pressure on him, he is already carrying the team single-handedly.

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