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Arsenal are still a huge draw for players!

Another player declares his wish to play for Arsenal! by AH

So in the past we have seen so many players declare an interest in one day signing for the Gunners. Some of these players are big star names, most recently supposedly Barcelona’s David Villa, who reportedly wants out in the summer to join the Gunners after a move failed to materialise in the January window. The majority of the time it’s lesser known players, almost worthy of Arsenal fan status just like you and me. Unfortunately this is another one of those players, a midfielder who we have never heard of before and are likely never to hear of again as the players rarely get their wish when it comes to signing under Arsene Wenger.

The player is maybe a lot closer to home than you expected and he in fact plays for Fulham. Sadly it’s not Brede Hangeland, John Arne Riise, Urby Emmanuelson or even our very own Emmanuel Frimpong. But it is in fact Iranian midfielder, Ashkan Dejagah who has revealed he dreams of playing for Arsenal as well as Manchester United or Chelsea.

He said in an interview with ISNA News Agency, “I am concentrating on Fulham and I want to do my best in the team. I hope we finish in a good place at the end of the current season. Such as the many other players, I want to play in the big teams. I dream of playing in England giants Manchester United, Arsenal or Chelsea.”

I’m sure the player has talent and if he makes it at the big stage then well done to him but I don’t think he will get his chance at Arsenal, and it’s definitely not something for the fans to be getting excited about. The main point of this article isn’t to point out that there is a needless player dreaming about playing for Arsenal, but it is in fact about the fact that we are still seen by players as a “BIG” club, a status that has been questionable and under threat over the last few years.

Whether it be an unknown player or the world’s best talent, it’s good to see that the players still see Arsenal as one of the biggest teams and not just our fans.

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30 thoughts on “Arsenal are still a huge draw for players!

  1. VM

    Pointless Article. From David Villa you trolled it to Iranian midfielder, Ashkan Dejagah. Arsenal Deserves better mate.

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  2. nicknw2

    All we need to do now i actually go out and sign some1… preferably GK, CB, DM and CF the only position we actually have depth in midfield. Which in my opinion is the best in the prem!! Come on arsenal lets have a strong finish to the season!!!!!!

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  3. guttergunner

    I never understand why people bemoan wenger and the club for missing out on certain signings recently… for example Holtby; went to spuds as guaranteed regular first team action, Yanga-M’biwa same again (which I suspect its tied in a lot with Collocini wanting to leave) etc. etc. The signings we have missed out on recently such as Mata were not offered enough money though Walcotts contract suggests that should be somthing of the past (assuming players dont have absurd demands). Arsenal is still a big club capable of attracting big players. The fact Monreal dropped everything to come here shows that. If we miss out on Europe though that might change.

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  4. Gooner Cape Town

    A great dealof us moan and groan on this blog about various aspects of Arsenal, BUT, We are still a big club.We are 5th at present on table. We have a maginificent stadium and training facilities. We have some fabulous players. We do have a great Manager (many other supporters fear and respect him)
    Why would we not be an attractive option??

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  5. dilla

    Pointless article. I think we all know Arsenal is still a BIG club and we don’t need a random fulham player to confirm it for us!

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  6. Sureli

    Ofcourse Arsenal is a big club.
    Players circle the day they play Arsenal because its a big club.
    Managers prepare harder when they play Arsenal.
    Spuds fans dream of becoming like Asenal while their players dream of wearing the famous Red and White.
    You Damn Right We Are A Huge Club!!!!

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  7. SD

    There was a point to this article? Of course a lot of players want to come to Arsenal. It is a great team that plays in the biggest league. It has a great history and has a living legend as a manager. There are not many players that would turn down a move to Arsenal. This article is pointless and almost insulting given that it seems to be assuming that players don’t want to play here.

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  8. Tristan

    Why does David villa want to play for arsenal? Certainly we are one of the greatest clubs. Then I believe arsene is part of the reasons.

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  9. TrueGunner82

    I’d give my left testicle for Kronke to f*ck out of our club and my right testile for usmanov to buy his shares and spend £100m on quality players.

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  10. fredrick - kampala-uganda.

    A.Dejagah is agood and decent play but j don’t think is the quality play we need at arsenal at the moment!! No way out!!

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  11. Mo-Gunner

    dude the way you talked about him I thought he was someone from Mongolia or India premiere league -_-

    this guys has won titles with Wolfsburg and was a regular under Felix Magath and he has represented Germany in under-21s stage

    do some research man… do some research

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  12. kanaalo - kampala-uganda.

    Dejagah is agood play but j don’t think is the quality play arsenal needs.

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  13. S.H

    Did anyone watch the U-21 Arsenal vs Manure match? Eisfeld was brilliant again. His link up play and first touches are golden. He just needs time to muscle up and put on some more pounds. Chuba Akpom just can’t stop scoring. He makes instinctive runs into the box off the ball, always ready for a tap in. He’s going to be like Ian Wright.

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  14. ams

    To be a top club..we need to get top result..
    Sooner or later if we are continue being a feeder club and chasing top are we gonna attract such player like cavani, falcao….if two team with the same bid but different quality and achievement surely this kind of player will choose the team with quality…I hope we can see the real arsenal again….COYG. .

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  15. Big Gun

    The title to this article is misleading. The Iranian player mentioned is no big player. The only way Arsenal will be a huge draw is over two things – ambition for trophies and competitive salaries – neither of which Arsenal are providing at the moment.

    Put yourselves in some of the players’ boots. You are the next best thing. If you wanted to win trophies and a decent salary to boot, who would you sign for? Arsenal, Chelsea, United, City, Madrid, Barca, Bayern?

    Arsenal would be last on that list.

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  16. Cyrus

    I think Ashkan is a good player. for those who doesn’t know him, he has represented Germany under-21s and currently plays for Iran national team. He is definitely a good choice for arsenal. I hope to see him in Emirates

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  17. Invincibles nice (1)

    Atleast it shows that people do still class ourselves a bigger club than manc, rightly so.

    Wonder if the Indio kid will impress with his trial, looks a decent height and build for his age has great pace some tricks to boot and can shoot but we need him on our training pitches asap to ready him for a very physical league, just hoping he has a dual passport.

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    ow wo ouwwow it really does huuuurt…..
    ow ouwwwoow watching the leeeeagues… veryy best playerr… wearing the wrong sshhhirt…. whilst giving.. the fingerr

    ow agghh ogghh you were so vpeeee… robin van persiee… how could you leave theeeee…. so fokkked without your goals

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  19. Brandyman

    We need 4 top players gk,cb,dm and st to be back to top team again plus sagna to sign new contract and clear all the rubbish which should cover these 4 players wages.

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  20. ali

    ok, you are acting like dejagah is the definition of shit, but at arsenal andre santos, chamakh, gervinho and squillaci are on the wagebill, so its not as if he’d be are worst player, not by a long shot. and also, isn’t as man allowed to dream

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  21. Aussie Gooner Dave

    It doesn’t matter who wants to come to Arsenal. Ronaldo could make the claim that he wants to come but unless Wenger & the Board are prepared to spend the cash required to get him,,,, he ain’t coming. “You can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s arse” Absolutely pointless article.

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  22. Brad

    Not a pointless article it s an opinion , stop your moaning when people put things on the website , if they didn’t you would have nothing to read and judging by the same old people making the same old comments you read this alot , hafiz you put something interesting on or shut up

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