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Arsenal back in the Top Four – Where we belong……

Wigan vs Arsenal- Top 4 Material by VSM

What is it that teams who win the title always get praised for? Not playing at their best and still winning. And that philosophy epitomized what Arsenal did today. We played far from our best, Wigan made sure of that, and we’ve come out of it with three points. Now I’m not saying we are champion’s material, but I think it’s encouraging that we are picking up points whilst not playing to the best of our abilities.

Wigan adopted a style that a lot of teams are starting to have against us, and that is pressing us high up the pitch. They don’t allow our midfield trio any time on the ball, and early on they made sure Cazorla didn’t have any time on the ball. As a result he was quiet and we didn’t create much as a team.

In the second half we did look more up for it, Chamberlain especially showing intent. Ironically, Walcott came in from the right hand side to get the penalty with Arteta slotting home. Which raises up the question of Walcott as a striker. I strongly believe that he’s more effective from the right. He didn’t show sufficient strength do be a lone striker, and at times he looked very isolated. In the situation that we were in today we had to have a striker who held the ball up and waited for support, Giroud being perfect for this role. After playing the ball to Walcott, our midfield had to try and run up to support him, but Walcott is not a target man, and thus he was isolated a lot of the time alone up front. We need the pace that Walcott provides on the wing in my opinion.

The last thing I’m going to talk about is Wilshere’s yellow. It was a committed, one footed tackle which has received a yellow. It’s baffling how the Wigan players were in uproar along with the crowd for a good tackle like that was. Again though it’s fantastic to see the commitment that Wilshere shows on a weekly basis.

All in all, a hard fought win, and for all the crisis that everyone has assumed regarding our club, we’re third right now, and, assuming Chelsea win tomorrow or in the other game they have in hand, we are still in the top 4. Hopefully there to stay.


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26 thoughts on “Arsenal back in the Top Four – Where we belong……

  1. Shiva

    Yes – feels good to see us in 3rd place. We are still in precarious position though – holding on to that place through better goal difference.

    We must win against Newcastle and Southampton and get good results against City/Liverpool/Chelsea (Ideally 9 – but at least 7). Otherwise by January end we will find ourselves 7-10 position.

    Having said that – 3 wins in a row under immense pressure is great and the team appears to have found some winning mentality. Wenger must sign a top striker and a Diaby replacement in January at a minimum (and get Walcott to sing the ting). Then we will truly have a team that push for top 3 position this year.

    For now just enjoying the good run!


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  2. BIG O

    Where’s that idiot John guy that does all those polls about us not being top 4 now? #fakegunners #thatsthatshitidontlike

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  3. Gunn 'em Down

    but are we happy with it? no, definitely not. so we won against two bottom clubs but conceded 2 against reading and struggled against wigan. we have to be much better than we are now to finish in top 4. forget about winning title for now

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  4. goooooooner

    We are easily exposed ,our weaknesses are out there for every team to see. Bayern are going to destroy us

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  5. sKeeza

    Guys don’t get carried away, we’ve just beaten 2 of the bottom 3,
    as you saw from yesterday theres still much to do It’s papering over the cracks, wenger is right about Walcott on not being able to play with back to goal, he has all the other attributes but that at the moment.

    We still need a striker, defen mid & keeper at least,
    If zaha comes it will allow poldolski to go more central.

    All those following AFCamden, I don’t think that’s the real one,
    I used to follow him before he disappeared. This one who has turned up seems arrogant and to argumentative. He was never like this before.

    Be wary if you are going to take his every word.

    I’m certain this one is a fake!

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  6. Uchenna

    why in the world did wenger pull out “the ox” for d “the ram”? I didnt understand such a weird subsitution. Ox was havn a good game only for wenger to take him out bringing in Ramsey who achieved absolutely nothing in d game, givn away d ball and being clumsy in his performance…Ramsey needs to use d bench for a while…he’s nt representing at all

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  7. Th14

    I use an iPhone to read this blog and William hill advert is ruining it now as it fills the whole page for ages before you can select to close it, William hill has ruined espn goals app aswell with ads before highlights and then after for ages. Can you please find a way of having the ad not effecting the reading of this blog. Thanks

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  8. artillery1


    But still its Long Season, we have to show consistancy!

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  9. No more excuses

    Yes definately happy with 3pts . No true supporter ever wants to drop points . Lets get real a minute here though – and stop dreamin . The team rid theyr luck y’day and even wenger admitted it . A.W has been talkin a bit more sense this past wk or 2 and I hope it continues . U have to admit thers a problem 1st b4 u can start to fix it . Hopefully we’ll finish this year on a good note and go into 2013 like the team we used to be . That’s wot I want for Christmas 🙂

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  10. artillery1

    Man give me thumb down, but wenger Must Use COQUELIN in place Of ARTETA!

    Arteta Must Move to Attacking Mid-field!

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  11. papercutz

    Guys man city struggled against reading you can’t win all games convincingly this is the EPL getting those hard wins defines being a top 3 team!

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  12. Ayokuu

    Do you guys reason truogh your anus? “Two table bottom teams”, and yet Man city went trough hell to beat Reading on their own soil.

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  13. pan

    I was not happy with arsenals performance it will take a lot more to please me we need a left winger dm cf soon

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    we need january signings..and as we know wenger will look for bargain players and they are Demba Ba for stiker and Diame (now injured tho) for DCM. As for winger Zaha some say its done deal (rumours).

    For defend we should get rid of deadwood Squilaci and Santos (lack of team spirit from rvp shirt swap issue) first and we can sign good players as replacement as their wage is cleared.

    then we can challenge the league and CL..what i see from the wigans game is we really need a good DCM…someone who can make important tackles to get the ball back from our opponents..apart from Wilshere who charge and tackles the rest were just pressing on opponents..someone like Diaby (when he was in good form n not injured) is needed to cover up the defence and snatched the ball from midfield to move forward..

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  15. AJ

    Walcott is no CF. He is being allowed to do that with te hope that he signs an extension. He was taking free-kicks, corners, we lseemed to have committed ourselves to make him happy.
    We have a proper CF in Podolski who we haven’t played even once in the center.
    Fir the guys that are happy with the third place should know that after 18 games last season were 5th with 33 points. So the overall standard of the league is down one can say except the top two ( and Chelsea has played only 16), manu being 12 points ahead from where we stand.
    So get over it. We should have have gone down so much to come up and ‘impress’ everybody with a top 4 finish, which seems to be wenger’s latest formula.

    By the way Emirates sponsorship deal is performance based they said. Hope that keeps our management on the toes, because now performance is a money matter.

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  16. AJ

    Where is Giroud? He wasn’t on the bench even. Play him before he turns into what Chamakh is now.

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  17. sollygunner

    for all of those who cant take any positives from our last couple of games man city only beat reading by a goal in injury time and wigan are not a bottom team they fight hard and have some good players who can play at a decent level its important to get these results and then when the time comes step up to chelsea city liverpool if we cant do that then its time for concern but at the moment ill take these points and be happy !!!

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  18. Jego

    Kroenke, Gazidis and the board have a huge sigh of relief – now they’ve got an excuse not to spend money.
    Now cycle will repeat one more time.
    From invincibles to profit making mediocre club.
    Thumbs down if you’re lying to yourself.

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  19. Greg

    I’m a very happy gunner were back in the top four!although its not impossible let’s keep our focus and keep on pressing who knows 2nd place could be within striking distance!keep the faith gunners!

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