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Arsenal beat Chelsea to sign Nigerian wonderkid

Arsenal’s history of signing promising young stars from around the world up to the famous Gunners Academy from an early age has been confirmed again with the news that we have beaten both Chelsea and Liverpool to the signing of an extremely talented teenager.

His name is Lateef Omidiji Jr, and he is currently with Sparta Rotterdam’s academy over in Holland, where he will stay until he has matured enough to come over to London Colney. Leteef is from Nigerian parentage and it has just been reported in that the deal has already been confirmed. Their source said: “Chelsea came as well, so did Liverpool, to try and build a relationship early but Arsenal came with an offer that could not be turned down,”

“Arsenal saw his potential and said they will invest in his growth. He is focused on his craft.

“Lateef will train in London a couple of times a year, and their coaches will come from there to the Netherlands to monitor him frequently and give him tips.”

We know that more than 90% of our Academy stars fail to make it in the first team, but it has been proven that investment in young talent early can provide dividends in the future, even if they are just sold cheaply to other clubs.

Arsenal scouts must have great belief in this lad’s potential to give him a deal at such a young age. Could he turn out to be a future Arsenal star?


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11 thoughts on “Arsenal beat Chelsea to sign Nigerian wonderkid

  1. Ozzy AFC

    Woo hooo!!!!!
    who cares??? really??? we’ll NEVER see this “wonderkid” in an Arsenal shirt and he’ll be lucky if he plays at Blackburn in a few years.
    Same old same old with Arsenal…where is the so called Japanese “wonderkid” we got in the summer ?? where is he now?? sitting with Chu young Park (or whoever) and all the other so called “Wonderkids”
    sick of hearing all this old twaddle
    SWenger is calling for unity and says the league is still winnable?… matbe if your playing Fifa with all the cheats lol otherwise a statement like that just shows how deluded the man has really become, if we are measuring our victories now by saying we beat Chelsea to a new wonderkid, then we really are genuinely F@cked

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    1. Handyandy

      Ya know what, I’m sick of seeing Arsenal buy ‘one for the future’, it doesn’t wash with me anymore. How about buying a current ‘wonderkid’ for a change not trying to nickel and dime our way along. So fed up with having pots of cash and not spending any of it so the club look great on the books.

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  2. Arsenal007

    Another ‘WONDER KID’?
    Great news **cough**cough**

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  3. Uzi Ozil

    I pray I will celebrate winning the league or champions league with friends here. I mean I am 29,i hope to celebrate one of those trophies before I turn 40.

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  4. BUR

    Brilliant!! Can’t wait to see who he goes out on loan to in 10 years never to be seen again.

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  5. stubill

    Couldn’t give a toss quite frankly.

    I’m sick of us signing the latest wonderkid or prospect, who never amount to anything. We need to sign quality, established players aged 23- 28 years, and play them in the best positions, not where we have a weak spot, or an injury.

    I’m really sick of this cr*p!

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    1. Juhi McLovin

      We could buy anyone we fancy but as long as Wenger is in charge, he will infect them with his weak mentality and degrade them.

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  6. Break-on-through

    City sign a promising Brazilian youngster who goes into the first team. We sign a thirteen year old child who’ll be mentally weak by the time we’re done with him. Another thing about our youngsters, too many of them end up training with the first team. I can see how that might be a nice experience for the kids, but it’s no wonder the first team players never seem prepared enough.

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    1. vinie2000

      City sign a promising youngster who goes into the first team? Gabriel Jesus? City had him scoutted long ago and Pep bought him long ago but he’s in the Brazilian team so is not the likes of Sanogo or the Japanese on loan or Giraldo ( from Bolivia ) remember him ? or wellington silva or OMG i lost count so many promising players who never made the grade with us. THIS TEAM NEEDS CHANGE FROM TOP, SCOUTS ARE CRAP AND COAH. believe me If simeone or allgeri comes to US so many deadwood will go and scouts asking for P45. Glory all Arsenal needs changes not more sentimentalism keeping injury prone and over rated names ( we know who they are after so many years ) SHIP THEM ALL and bring world beaters. WE DESERVED AN EPL TROPHY, DO NOT WE?

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