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Arsenal Betting odds for new season – Winner, Top Four, Top London club and others

We are closing in on the season opener, with Arsenal kicking off against Leicester on Friday night, so this is a good time to have a look at the all the possible Arsenal bets available from the bookies. These adds have all come from the Oddschecker premier League centre, who compare all the prices from all the bookies so is a very handy tool if you fancy having a bet on the Gunners…

So, according to the bookies, Arsenal have……

· 7.7% chance of winning the league

· 50% chance of finishing in the top four

· 50% chance of finishing above Tottenham

· 22.2% chance of finishing as top London club

· 7.7% chance of Alexandre Lacazette being the league’s top scorer

Premier League Winner

Available at 12/1 to win the league, this implies a 7.7% of chance of them winning their first title since 2004. Oddschecker users see Arsenal as a contender this year, with 14% of all bets since June 1st on the Gunners, which is the third highest in the league. That puts them ahead of Man United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool.

Top Four

Odds of 1/1 imply Arsenal have a 50% chance of returning to the Champions League by next season by finishing in the top four. They account for 10% of bets on the top four market, only behind Everton.

Top London Club

Arsenal are 7/2 to finish above Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Watford (22.2% chance of doing so). Chelsea are most likely at 1/1 (50%), then Tottenham at 5/2 (28.6%), West Ham are 200/1 (0.5%), Crystal Palace 500/1 (0.2%) and lastly Watford at 750/1 (0.1%).

Top Goalscorer

New signing Alexandre Lacazette is the sixth favourite to be the league’s top scorer at 12/1. The ex-Lyon forward is actually behind Alexis Sanchez in terms of bets placed though. Lacazette is the fifth most backed at 7%, while Sanchez is slightly ahead in fourth, at 8%. Romelu Lukaku leads the way with 26% of bets at 4/1, while Harry Kane is also popular, with 13% at 10/3. Wayne Rooney is the third most backed, with 10% of bets at 66/1.


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4 thoughts on “Arsenal Betting odds for new season – Winner, Top Four, Top London club and others

  1. Finding Dory

    This is cool information to haven. I think some of the odds are a little low for the Gunners. For example, I think they have a better than 7.7% chance of winning the league. Plus, the transfer window isn’t closed yet. So we don’t know what Arsenal’s top squad will be.

    Seriously, very hard to predict who will win the PL. nobody would have thought Chelsea would win the year after finishing 11th. Thst really came down to their summer singing (Kante) and a return to top form for Hazard. Arsenal could be in similar position. Lacazette and Kolasinac could turn out to be good signings and if Ozil returns to top form and Xhaka continues to progress as he did toward the end of last season in is adaptation to the PL and overall good player; I can see Arsenal being a dominant team. I can see them tanking if thing should go wrong for them too. But I am a fan and will root for them no matter what.


  2. gotanidea

    Who thought Leicester City could win the Premier League? Nobody can predict what will happen in this season, especially the other top teams would be busy with ECL.

    To win, Arsenal has to sort out their internal problems first. Starting with the management and the transfer business.

    1. Finding Dory

      That’s a great point and very similar to the one I made above except I used Chelsea as an example of unpredictability. Nevertheless, you are absolutely right that AFC has to shape up its behind the scenes business from management etc to the contract situations with Sanchez, Ozil, and Ox. Once that is all done, we can focus on PL and don’t have to worry of CL fixtures. Although we do have Europa But, AFC is deep enough to be able to field a pretty good B team so it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.

  3. Yossarian

    As things stand I reckon that all sounds about right.

    Despite the new signings, it still remains to be seen whether Arsenal can find a winning mentality over 38 PL games, and avoid injuries ruining the season.

    Hope we do better though.

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