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Arsenal Betting Preview 2016/17 – Can we finally win the title?

Arsenal Betting Preview 2016/17 Premier League season: Will it be another ‘if only’-season? tipping expert Robyn Bylund analyses what Premier League season we can expect for Arsenal and provides the best outright tips to make the most of your betting on the Gunners.

With another ”if only”-season behind them, finishing as the runners up to surprise Champions Leicester City, Arsenal will of course be looking to take the leap in the 16/17 campaign and finally lift the Premier League trophy again. Especially as it could be the last chance for Arsene Wenger? Together with leading UK betting tips website, we’ve looked at what might be to come at Emirates next season.

Arsenal have built a fantastic squad over the last couple of years and have proven talent in more or less every position today. Peter Cech was a fantastic addition last summer and Laurent Koscielny have grown out to one of the top center backs in the league. Together building a strong defense that any team would envy.

Arsenal also possess wonderful talent in Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez and all you could really ask for is that both of them now stay away from injuries and deliver high class performances throughout the entire season, something the team will need in their push for the title.

Bet on Alexis Sanchez to be Top Scorer @ 22/1

Where questions have been raised, at least from me, looking at the team from a little bit of distance, it’s been the central midfield and of course also up top, where Olivier Giroud is yet to prove himself as the main man to fully trust.

Arsene Wenger will of course be hoping for Granit Xhaka to be the answer in midfield and I’m convinced that the Swiss international will add another dimension to the Gunners as well.

But problems will still remain in the opposition’s box, even though Giroud had a fine tournament in France. The French international is still a few steps below strikers as Harry Kane, Diego Costa, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Daniel Sturridge and Sergio Aguero in my book, and this is very much the position Arsenal have to work hard on to improve if the team is to take that last step and be crowned Champions.

Bet on Arsenal to win Premier League @ 6/1

With that said, I think Arsenal should be very happy that a deal wasn’t completed with Leicester and Jamie Vardy during the early summer, where last season’s sensation was rumored to be on the brink of making Emirates’ his home. To me, Arsenal need even better.

There’s been rumours of Alexandre Lacazette, Romelu Lukaku, Mauro Icardi and Spanish giant Alvaro Morato but the name I would go all in to sign would be Gonzalo Higuain. He would walk straight in to the team, straight in to the league and I wouldn’t be the slightest surprised if he directly scored 25+ goals during the coming campaign. Let’s splash the cash Gunners and win the league!

Arsenal are front runners to sign Gonzalo Higuain according to Paddy Power @ 2/1

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal Betting Preview 2016/17 – Can we finally win the title?

  1. BUR

    With the current squad and manager we will not even contest the league this season. Wenger gives the same promises every season and delivers nothing but heart ache. I will bet now it will be the same old same old this season, all huff and puff with no amicable results.

  2. Invincibles49

    I have got news for you buddy: “Higuain is going to Juventus.”

    Untill the people who handle our trasnfer business stop being a bunch of pu$$ies and get their $hit in order, we will always be a mediocre club, buying pokeman, players in free transfers and so called “wonder-kids”.

    Nothing has changed from last season (to my knowledge) except that our rival have become even stronger. So i think we are going to have an uphill battle for top4 finish yet again, let alone winning the title.

    1. Arsenal_Girl

      im reading that draxler could stay at Wolfsburg too

      Juventus has offered £50 million plus players supposedly for Higuain

      Same old Wenger cheap and very slow

  3. jonm

    Last season manu, manc and chelsea were poor. On 14 feb we were two point behind leicester and favourites to win, having alredy squandered a number of golden opportunities to get clear ahead. A couple of weeks later on 2 march we were effectively out of the race. No grit and determination to win.

    This coming season the above teams all have new managers and have/are strengthening their teams. Klopp at pool will have had the summer to prepare and strengthen his team. West ham have sold their stadium and have the money available to spend on players plus extra income from ticket sales due to leasing the olympic stadiun for a peppercorn rent. Everton have a new manager and owner reputed to be spending £100m on transfers.

    What has changed at arsenal?
    1. We have added granit xhaka.
    2. Three players have left
    3. A number of players need resting at the start of the season due to playing in the euros.
    4. Thierry Henri is not coaching the youngsters

    What has not changed
    1. Manager
    2. Owner and his top four business model
    3. Probably the grit and determination to win.
    4. Welbeck has a long term injury.
    5. Everything else

    Looking at the above I do not see any reason to believe we will win the PL this season. I hope I am wrong, perhaps this season we will show the grit, will and determination to win. It would help if we had a top striker in addition to giroud..

    1. RSH

      you’re right. Arsenal at it’s core has no changed. Top 4 is still the target, Wenger still has zero pressure to win, and the players still aren’t good enough. There’s no reason to suggest we’re winning the title next season. Simply put, Arsenal still welcomes mediocrity, and until that changes, we’ll keep up this title drought.

  4. RSH

    With the current squad not even close. And add on the fact Wenger is our manager, our chances are less than 5% I’d say. It’s not going to happen. Let’s just get through Wenger’s final year in his contract and HOPEFULLY he’ll be ready to move on. But that’s probably 50/50 since he get’s paid millions to not win every year. Who would want to leave that job?

  5. Arsenal_Girl

    Assuming we don’t sign a striker and CB, The answer is NO
    Last season was our best chance because United, city, Chelsea were in arying levels of disaray
    Reasons why we didn’t win:
    1. Wenger didnt sign a striker or DM
    2. Giroud and Walcott let us down at end of the season
    3. Major loses of Cazorla and Coquelin

    This season
    United will be stronger with Ibrahimovic, Mktharyan (someone we should have got) and possibly Pogba
    Spurs will be stronger because they have not just Kane but Janssen too
    City have Guardiola and get new signings soon

    Our problem id thst we need a top CB, scoring winger and better striker than Giroud
    koulibaly, Draxler and higuain would have been ideal but the later two looks unlikely

    IF we get a top CB like koulibaly, benatia, Hummels, howedes, etc
    IF we get any 2 of the following forwards Higuain, Icardi, Lacazette, Bacca, Greizmann, Reus, Mahrez, Draxler, Lewandowski, Barbosa
    Then uyes we can challenge, but these are BIG iFs

  6. Durand

    If rumors are true about Cambell being told he’s not needed at Arsenal because of Walcott and Ox, then no not a chance to win.

    Cambell outplayed Walcott and Ox by miles, not even close. I never understood how those too were preferred to Cambell; does anyone? Wenger never admits he was wrong, at least that hasn’t changed.

    Forget a RW, Ramsey has to make squad somewhere somehow, so he’s our RW this year. Walcott to be given chance at striker because he is a one dimensional winger with pace only. Still waiting for Ox to show something, anything, and Cambell stands in his way.

    Window so far is underwhelming, only place to go is up.

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