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Arsenal board really set to sack Wenger for Ancelotti?

Before we go too far with this particular debate about Arsenal and whether Arsene Wenger will still be our manager in the future, let’s factor in that the comments I am going by come from Jopey Barton, who has no connection with Arsenal apart from a few games against us and some alleged talks with Wenger about a transfer to north London.

Barton does seem to like the sound of his own voice a bit too, even when it is using a stupid ‘Allo Allo’ type of French accent. But having said all that, his comments in a Metro report will make sense to a lot of frustrated and fed up Gooners out there as we get the same old dreaded feeling about how this season will pan out.

The currently banned player said, ‘These are worrying times if you’re an Arsenal fan, but if you’re him [Wenger] you think the next good team is just around the corner and he’s building it.

‘Whatever any of us thinks he’s been a phenomenal manger in the Premier League. I think last year would have been a great time to step upstairs and let someone else come in. Does he need this? Every time they have a negative result he’s getting battered from pillar to post.

‘I’m a huge fan of what Wenger has done, but sometimes you can stay at a party too long. Sometimes it’s nice to get off [home] at 12 o’clock, but it’s now about 4am and he’s staggering around absolutely bladdered waiting for someone to eject him – which is only going to be a matter of time, I think!’

Many of us have seen the boss as unsackable for years but we also expected the board to either replace him or make sure things changed this summer. Surely before they gave him this new two year contract there was some talk about what would happen if nothing improved.

With things seeming just the same if not worse right now, you feel that the board may be regretting their decision, and with a certain Carlo Ancelotti having recently become a free agent, do you think there may be a chance that Wenger could be sacked and replaced as Arsenal manager by the Italian?


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42 thoughts on “Arsenal board really set to sack Wenger for Ancelotti?

  1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    No chance. Why would the board sack Wenger. Wenger takes all the heat off Kroenke and the board; he doesn’t demand the transfer budget Arsenal need for success, supports the board’s view of financial, rather than on field success and pockets £10M, while givng the shareholders a great return on investment.
    Can anybody beleive that Ancelotti or any other top manager would come to Arsenal given Kroenke and the boards view of “success”, unless they wanted to build up their retirement fund?

  2. Quantic Dream

    I think Wenger will leave when he says so which as it stands, is after 4 years. In fact, someone please tell me what is the work of the board of directors at Arsenal…they don’t seem to ever be in control of anything. Gazidis says this Wenger overrules him. The chairman says we have money for transfers Wenger says there is none. Aaaaargh!

    1. gotanidea

      Four years are too long. Arsenal would have been crumbled beyond repair by then.

      The Ancelotti rumors are weird, because we all know Ancelotti likes to spend a lot and Arsenal board prefer someone that could give them a lot of money, instead of trophies. I also don’t like Ancelotti’s pragmatic style and the fact that he has been fired from Chelsea and Bayern.

      The last thing Arsenal need is another reject from a big club. I prefer someone that could make Arsenal an entertaining team again, like Guardiola, Pochettino, Pellegrini, Rijkard, Julen Lopetegui, Unai Emery, etc.

      1. Quantic Dream

        I dont understand the Ancelloti hate train. He won the double with Chelsea and Bayern, won the league with real and psg, won club world cup and eufa super cup with AC Milan and Real and more than once with AC Milan. He is proven through out in Europe and that kind of experience you will only get from Mourinho no one else. You guys still dont want to give him a chance. He is by far better than Wenger and will bring trophies.

        1. Quantic Dream

          Sorry, he won the champions league and spanish cup with Real, not the league. Either way, he has won tonnes of titles in Europe and cannot be brushed aside so easily as a reject.

          1. waal2waal

            Ancelotti is exactly what we need and wenger has been at the helm here too long its not disrespectful saying it – when its the truth. if the truth be told there’s no comparison between the 2 managers when it comes to european success. we are a joke right now even spurs are ahead of us and that’s a situation i have never seen before now. according to wenger keeping the fac winning team would be a recipe for us to compete (or win) the epl – we need only look at the current table to see he is wrong – procrastination is killing the club we love – wenger is yesterdays man.

            1. Anthony Akers

              Wrong decision to give Wenger new contract Should have got Ancelotte or Simonie from atletico Madrid wenger is finished as a manager has completely lost the plot we will have a bad season again win nothing and finish well below fourth place I believe the trouble at Arsenal is the owner Kronke but there is know way we can get rid of him now he out bids Usmanof by at least 40 shares usmanov is the man we need in charge a true Arsenal supporter but there is no way Kronke will sell him his shares whet we need is some nutcase to shoot Kronke sorry only joking {not really }

        2. gotanidea

          Like what you said, both Ancelotti and Mourinho have the same level of experience and the number of major trophies. Why not taking Mourinho, the Special One instead?

          Mourinho would be very happy to take Arsenal managerial job. He has been envying Wenger for not having any pressure of getting more trophies and no need to worry of getting fired.

          I never liked their managerial style and I think they have ruin football with their pragmatic style. I don’t want to cheer for someone else’s achievement, but I want to be entertained with open play goals and high level football skills.

          1. jon fox

            Clearly the current owner and board would NEVER employ Mourinho for one overriding reason; he SPENDS LOADSAMONEY. I f we ever get custodians who truly care about success on the field,rather than in the bank, running and owning Arsenal, then yes, Mourinho would be a strong possible choice for the club. Though I warrant that virtually all Gooners, myself included, would prefer to cut off their right arm before having Mourinho installed.

      2. Okoro E Alaebi

        Funny enough Pep Guardoila n Unai Emery were associated with Arsenal once in d pass but opted for other jobs, n r doing well in their respective domestic jobs does that not call for a lot of rethink by d club but of course they do not care expect for their pockets.


        I agree with you .Why should we go for a couch who has been fired 3 times by teams we compete with?

    2. Tony

      ancelotti isnt that good.look how good bayern became immediately after the return of jupp hynkes. i like hynkes style of playing.PSG wouldnt win againest bayern if hynkes was there.
      ancelotti is cr@p

      1. waal2waal

        like him or not one things for sure we need change if we’re to remain a mega club – because we talk a good game so far as mega clubs go BUT our results in the league and in europe are messy. its getting so bad we’re being called coward and being accused of lacking cahoona on tv – and all of this on wenger’s watch (emphasis). i don’t want us to suffer any further decline and a very good solution is carlos ancelotti (imo).

    3. stephen Pearson

      I think the owner does not care – he is happy to sit there make money – as long as the fans keep turning up and spending money on shirts etc. I really believe Wenger has limited funds – they might have x amount of millions in the bank but that is a misguided quote because that has to cover the new players salary. When both Manchester clubs and Chelsea can throw unlimited money around we are left with the left overs.

      The harsh fact is we need about 5 players – and we cannot afford them. Man City can spend 200 million on just a few players. Wenger has made mistakes choice of team selection – tactics – formation.

      Common sense tells me that even if he left it is going to take quite a few years to get back to seriously challenge for the title. There are only a few players I would keep Kolasinac Lacazette Holding Bellerin & and a fit Wiltshire because they are new signings or young players. We are going nowhere time to fill the gaps with the youngsters like Maitland Niles Reiss Nelson Bielik.

      Cannot be any worse than who are playing regularly

      1. James

        There’s no point throwing unlimited money around as there is a stringent salary cap in the Premier League, so even the richest clubs have to cut their cloth accordingly. The reason Arsenal could not buy more players in the summer is not lack of cash in the bank, but because they couldn’t get rid of enough of their shit players because they are on huge salaries and decided to keep Ozil/Sanchez.

        Both players should have been sold so the club could rebuild, but not with brain dead Wenger at the helm.

  3. big g

    Honestly no. I would love for there to be a change of manager but don’t see the board rushing to make this happen. Carlo would be a good appointment to the club and bring about a change in the way we play but still does not guarantee anything better than what we already have with wenger and as for dopey Barton, who listens to him anyway.

  4. Incarnate

    “The chairman says we have money for transfers Wenger says there is none.” That sums it all up, he’s been set up to fail, he has to be the bearer of bad news to a fan base that will always choose to shoot the messenger. Alexis stays, Gazidis comes out boasting but if he had been sold without replacement, Wenger will be the one answering questions, I am going to ask again, who then was trying to sell Sanchez? Was Wenger trying to sell Sanchez behind their backs?

    1. Quantic Dream

      It can only mean two things: The media made up the whole story of Sanchez to mancity move collapsing on deadline day due to lack of a replacement or, Wenger was indeed trying to sell Sanchez behind the board’s back while Gazidis genuinely wanted to keep him. Which just shows how much power Wenger has at Arsenal. Of course all of this is based on the assumption Gazidis was telling the truth that he was happy we kept Sanchez.

  5. AndersS

    When Wenger wasn’t sacked last season, I don’t see it happening right now.
    But I wouldn’t rule out, that our results will continue to be as bad, as they are, so we in a month or two find ourselves lying no better than sixth and with 12-15 points to the leaders and also miles behind the likes of spurs.
    Then maybe there is a chance, the board will make the necessary decision.

    1. jon fox

      Like you and virtually all Gooners, I despair of the present shamateur board ever sacking Wenger. Or rather, I did, until recently. It is well documented that two board members were all for sacking Wenger last summer, including Josh Kroenke apparently. If – as I therefore now hope – we finsh 7th or lower (or even 6th and if we are miles from top four pointswise) AND provided we win no domestic cup or Europa(as if!), I can see them paying off his remaining year next summer and thus sacking him. PLEASE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. arsenal4life

    Not really fussed who.
    Thomas Tuchel would be fine.
    Age 44. Solid sound. Humble.
    Mainz and Dortmund.
    Been knocked back ready for another crack.
    Won’t rock the boat safe pair of hands.

  7. Sue

    There is no way Arsene will leave until he’s ready. All the fan unrest, planes with banners, media grief, thrashings etc etc hasn’t made him step down, so I don’t think anything will!! Plus the board STILL think he’s more than capable of running the club

  8. Emmanuel Chukwuma

    Mark you, Arsenal fc is not the same as Bayern Munich. Bayern are run by a Board that has great ambition to see the club maintain their position as one of top football clubs in the world, ranking together with Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Mancity, Manchester United, Juventus, etc. The Arsenal Board doesn’t boast of such ambition. That’s the kind of pride and ambition that propelled the Bayern Board to sack Anchelotti, one of the best managers in the game for daring to lose an away UCL group match to PSG by a ‘scandalous’ 1:3 scoreline. Wenger could lose 8:2, 5:1, 6:0, 4:0, 6:1, etc., and be generously rewarded with a new contract!

  9. Atid

    Barton should know his stuff. If anyone has pissed off more people, football clubs and fellow pros it has to be him. If anyone has been mocked and laughed at, it is him. Even the English Fa had had enough of his ridiculous behaviour and finally ejected him from his work place.

    If Joey Barton is still working in football, when he is Wengers age after a continuous career of almost 60 years, I will personally stub out a lighted cigar in my own eyeball.

    1. jon fox

      I think your eyeball will be safe. BARTON AND HIS LOW LIFE TYPE ARE OFTEN DEAD BY AGE 68,in fact far younger too, from crime , drink, drugs or bad company. That being said, if we are honest, all of us would agree with his comments about our clubs lack of ambition. Just because the messenger is a lowlife , does not necessarily mean he is wrong in this case. Even twerps are right occasionally, as Wenger proved by winning the Cup Final. Mind I say, OCCASIONALLY in Wenger’s case!

  10. UpTheArse

    IMO there is no debate to be had regarding whether Ancellottii is better than Wenger, OF COURSE HE BLOODY IS!!! I could do a better job than Wenger he is that bad.

    Ancellotti has success where ever he goes and would immediately demand respect from players. Yes his teams tend to falter after a couple of years but as a quick fix to steady the ship and give the team some back bone I would be over the moon if Wenger was replaced by him.

    Won’t happen though, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better people, the stubborn arrogant fraud will see out his contract, by which time we will be mid table and so for off the elite it’ll take as much as city have spent in the last 5 years to get us back to the top.

    Our board and manager are killing our club, we as fans need to make it as uncomfortable as possible for them until they all bugger off!!

  11. Wolfgang

    The cup triumphs paper over the cracks . Nowits being found out.
    BM aint scared to fire a winning manager. If you compare the track record of the
    fm with Ancelotti,its obvious who is the winner.
    Of coure that doesn’t mean Ancelottiwill set the epl on fire but its agamble
    worth taking.
    I’m afraid Wenger has seen better days.I doubt he can close the 9 point gap
    with such a winnier as Guardiola.

    1. jon fox

      Though I of course agree with your main point, your comical last sentence is rather like saying, “I doubt Donald Trump will win the title of nicest, most humble politician ever.” The word doubt implies that there is at least a remote chance. My dear fellow Gooner, there IS NOT. I HAVE FAR MORE CHANCE OF BEING THE NEXT POPE and I’m not even Catholic!

  12. Anthony Akers

    The one we want to get rid of at our Club is The owner Kronke and get Usmanov in charge but that will never happen as Kronke will never sell his shares and he will never sell to Usmanov that is for sure he will not even allow him on the board of Directors although he is the second highest Shareholder at the club I believe all the other Directors should do something about that

  13. J COFFER

    Since last May now I’ve been hailing Allegri as the best option for Arsenal-modern thinking,defensive minded,tactically astute and he wins important trophies.

    It’s becoming boring to debate and watch our once dynamic team perform at this low level,with the same once great manager at the helm repeating the same old scripted bollocks-well past his time.

  14. Okoro E Alaebi

    No sane manager that has a wining mentality will come to manage a club like Arsenal, but of course it is only senile Wenger that will remain in d club. All d good managers that were associated with this club, v opted for other clubs n are doing well in their domestic jobs. I keep saying it has long has Senile Wenger, Spineless Kroenke n Ambitiousless Board of Directors r still in d hem of affairs of d club kiss goodbye to a major trophy like forever. Arsenal has a club is a joke, n I blame d fans in London who still put millions of dollars in d pockets of d board of directors so they do not v d right to complain. Unless d bull is grabbed by its horn, many of us even to our 4th or 5th generation might witness a win in Arsenal. The noisy neighbours as they were referred to waited fifty years before they won d league right now they r playing n dictating d tunes d rest r just following. Let me ask this question before I take my leave how long will it take Arsenal before they win d league, m not asking of Champions League because that will be like trying to catch ones shadow or even a mirage,

  15. Lateef

    I don’t mind if it’s Ancelloti or someone else. Arsenal football club need a good manager that can turn the table around for them. Recently we’ve seen some good young former players that have made a success in coaching their respective clubs like Zidane, Guardiola, and the likes. I believe, if Arsenal could employ the services of their former players like Thiery Henry, Viera, they could make a positive difference. They understand what’s trending not primitive style….

  16. Kehinde

    As much as we say wenger is to blame, he obviously hasn’t covered himself in glory. He Is among the top earning managers in the world yet he doesn’t deliver. His legacy is been eroded daily by his refusal to leave. Arsenal doesn’t excite anymore. The players are too relaxed and act as though no one cares. Well his failings could spark fans unrest that will get to unprecedented heights. The ovation was deafening at some point, now no one is clapping anymore. I hate to see him lose… But he loses with reckless abandon. .

  17. Midkemma

    I can’t see Gazidis agreeing to get Ancelotti, he would want funds to rebuild the team and while he may not want as much as Jose, he would still want to build HIS team and that means signings.

    No… I can’t see that.

    What I could imagine is us pinching Jardim from Monaco, he is young (43) and he has shown he can develop players and he trusts in youth which has gone onto mega sales.

  18. Tar Heel Gunner

    It was pitched to me from an acquaintance that the next Arsenal Manager is currently at Manchester City. No not Pep but Mikel. Yep Mikel Arteta. He was a Wenger man and confidant. Club captain and is now assistant under Pep. Learning his trade and then will become the Gunners boss for cheap and will continue the “Wenger” way with a little Pep thrown in.

  19. Gabriel Chut Padier

    Arsenal board made their fans alway ashame wenger policy is to have money minus trophy, so Arsenal board must to be serious football of today need exprience players, change is better!!

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