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“Only one team has done it!” … Arsenal of course!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is insisting that Manchester City are not unstoppable, while remaining coy on presumptions that they could emulate Wenger’s Invincible side and go unbeaten for the entire campaign.

The Gunners lost 3-1 to the Citizens before the international break, a defeat which flattered the Premier League leaders, with two of their goals not coming free of controversy.

City won the tie thanks to a penalty, and a goal which should certainly not have stood due to offside, and they just so happened to come at a time when we were putting pressure on our rivals.

Arsene Wenger remains unhappy with the decisions that ended his side’s hopes of a point (or more), but is adamant that while they are a strong side, their performance against us proves they can be beaten.

“They are a good side, but they’re not an unstoppable side,” he told beIN SPORTS .

“If you look at the expected goals it was 0.7 for them and 0.6 for us. It was a very tight game, they created very little number of shots on target, one more than us, that’s all.

“Overall I think we were hugely punished with the third goal. At 2-1 we were hugely in the game.

“I don’t dispute they’re good, but they not unstoppable. But the referee had an absolutely atrocious impact on the game.”

The Frenchman was then asked if he thought they could go on and end the league campaign without losing, to which he replied: “People always want to predict what will happen. I don’t know more than you.

“Maybe, maybe not. But at the moment only one team has done it.”

Is it crazy to consider Man City going unbeaten all season? Will they come unstuck soon? Does Wenger think we could have won without those controversial decisions?

Pat J

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13 thoughts on ““Only one team has done it!” … Arsenal of course!

    1. Simon Says

      After reading his comments on wanting to stay in club management for a long time I am convinced that unless the board say otherwise he’ll be signing a new contract extension. The man’s deluded, he has the ambition I’m sure to return the league to Arsenal but he no longer has the ability.

    2. Remember Resource?

      City are unstoppable and they will win the league. People thought that mancini’s team would go invincible but they ended up struggling in the middle. People said the same about chelsea under jose. Truth is the smaller clubs are too competitive, we were lucky in those days, as the gap between big clubs and small clubs was akin to bayern and the rest in germany. Now days stoke city have players like shaqiri. West ham want players like not possible imo

  1. barryglik

    Since the leagues inception in 1888
    only Arsenal has gone a full
    season unbeaten.
    Once in 117 years is rare indeed.
    Most League winners drop at least 3 games.
    A few teams have lost one or two games.
    But to go unbeaten requires a lot of quality and a bit of luck.
    Personally I don’t see City going unbeaten or any one ever again.
    But then 3 years ago I would have said there is more chance of
    a team going unbeaten than Leicester winning the league 🙂
    Possible but very unlikely.
    Same chance as Arsenal winning the league this term then 🙂

  2. Salmonella

    So Ozil, Laca & Iwobi put in world class performances for their respective national teams but we all know they will struggle against Spuds.
    That’s Arsenal for you in a nutshell

  3. mikki

    Wenger should mind his business is talking about man city not being unstoppable yet he can’t compete for the league,or will arsenal challenge city for the EPL and end up as runners up,no,so if no while talking here and there..

  4. Yossarian

    Who cares if Man City go unbeaten or not? If they win the league and go from strength to strength, then their fans and players will be delighted regardless.

    Our unbeaten season was a long time ago. Wenger needs to stop living in the past.

  5. Simon Says

    Right then,….. This whole 0.7 & 0.6 thing, opta have got it as 1.83 & 0.31.
    What that team of his did won’t be repeated in another 100 or so years if at all, I’ve got a feeling Preston did it but their season was only 14 games or something so it’s a remarkable achievement and nothing can be taken away from him or his team.
    He says Man City are beatable, this is a man who’s team has just lost to them and hasn’t won the league for 13 years.

    1. Ray

      Arsene uses his own calculator for stats. He’s modified it slightly. He will of course, deny all knowledge of it though!!

  6. Me

    Living in the past.
    Arsenal are always living in the past – hoping that Wenger can bring back the glory days.
    That is why we are nowhere in the Premiership and Europe.
    That is why we always flatter to deceive.
    Because we live in the past.

    1. Ray

      Look at it like this..

      We were eating caviare and drinking champagne in Wenger,s early years! We loved it!!

      Now, we’re eating burgers and drinking diluted soft drinks. We hate it!

      No we don’e like it but if we want to survive we have to eat the crap.

      We need to get used to the fact that we are no longer that “unbeatable” team. Quite the opposite and everyone knows it. We’re very beatable and Arsene Wenger knows it! That’s why he will tell us all that the best team in the EPL are “beatable”. Just to divert from Arsenal.

      Arsenal FC is about money, not silverware!!

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