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Arsenal boss blames international friendlies on Greed!

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger will spend today fretting about whether any of the Gunners will return to the Emirates with an injury, long term or not, after another round of pointless international games. The managers and governing bodies will say that they are vital for team building and for managers and players to get used to each other, but England do not play another competitive game until March 22nd next year.

In 125 days, Roy Hodgson and the players, who will be mostly different, will remember nothing about tonight, so why do they do it? Arsene Wenger blames it on the national football associations wanting to boost their income.

“There are a lot of politics behind these games, because when you see some teams travelling during this period, you think it is more to pay back some corporation, rather than preparing a team for the next official game.

“The friendlies in November, how can they prepare you for a game in February?

“I believe the friendly games are there as well to help some federations to raise money.

Because of this, some managers make sure their players are `unavailable` for these friendlies. Robin van Persie has got a thigh injury, apparently. He must have picked that up on the way home, because he played the whole match against Aston Villa and seemed to be fine.

Spain have flown all the way to Panama for a friendly, but many players from Real Madrid and Barcelona have been rested, as has Torres from Chelsea. So it will not really be the Spanish team but the reserves. Santi Cazorla has been picked and, because of the other players being missing, will probably play most of the game, and that has understandably dismayed Wenger.

“The problem is, not to have too much conflict with the interest of the club.

“For example, when we play this Saturday at 12.45 against Tottenham, and Santi Cazorla plays in Panama on Wednesday, you cannot say there is no conflict of interest.

“What is difficult to understand is why these games are not like the official games and on a Tuesday?”

It is a farce, Gooners, but until Wenger can get away with things the way Alex Ferguson and Manchester United do, there is little option but to cross our fingers and hope that all the Arsenal players emerge unscathed.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal boss blames international friendlies on Greed!

  1. Dave

    Literally the most pointless games scheduled in the worst possible time. Bunch of downer’s have put together this schedule.

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  2. jk

    Wenger looking for more excuses how about you get a squad with excellent depth and you wont have these problems.

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  3. SymoD

    This is the most hypocritical thing I have read for a while Pot and kettle doesn’t evencome close.

    ow canany of these w@nkers rnning our clubtak about greed? Pointless friendlies to rse money? Middle east tours anyone? Wasn’t our very own Jack Wilshire injured in one of those after being withdrawn from England duties due to ‘injury worries’ ?

    They really haven’t got a clue have they.

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  4. Darule

    Greed? I think the current Arsenal situation is because of greed, I believe Mr Wenger needs to go w#nk off and keep his opinions to himself in regards to greed and focus on why the f**ks our defense leaking goals!!

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  5. jk

    This article has a tone of we are hard done by get over it top teams have international players accept it!

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  6. omari

    Mr wenger its not a time to blame the thing like that its a time for you with your management to arrange another plan and also to buy the players who they can give arsenal result you have to know there other players in arsenal are not able to be there ithink you know them sir so just find another player who will replace sant carzola for any case its not the case like you blame and if sant carzola have got injury who you will bllame for? its a time to change mr wenger!

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  7. craig2500

    He needs to shut up, sick of him moaning it wont change matters worry about ypur own job which you are doing badly rather than look at everyone else for blame.

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  8. Roughchops

    I think certain members of our team should have been tripped as they left the stadium last weekend. A slight twist or bruise wouldn’t go amiss would it? Plus easy to fix over the intervening week.

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  9. Bouba

    Greed?? We all know it is for sponsorship and contracts reasons, but the comment is hypocritical coming from Wenger or any members of the Arsenal set up…
    Because what they do is sell our best players and buy cheap ones.

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  10. tobias

    off topic slightly and regarding to an earlier post saying we need a new diaby or along those lines…M’Vila could possibly be the answer…he is frances’s second choice DM behind Diaby but has been banned for two years from international football…surley wenger will be cumming in his pants at the the thought of never having to worry about one of his star players possibly gettin injured at international level??

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  11. Titanium

    words often used : belief, character, tireness, etc etc.. JUST SHUT UP!! THE TEAM IS AVERAGE THAT’S WHY

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  12. gunner

    please someone give wenger a miror,
    arsenal sell their best players for moneny.
    high season ticket
    emarirates cup
    friendly in asia games

    it is arsenal who is milking the club fans and give nothing in return, while spain milk its fans and give throphy in return

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  13. Kobi

    Wenger talking bout greed, how ironic while sitting on a 70mil £ transfer chest.

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  14. imran

    look, who is taunting 😀 😀 😛
    lolz 😛

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  15. Mikey

    Wenger Deluded as usual. Do you hear anyone else complaining? Always moaning, always complaining, never delivering. That’s Arsene for you. Than dare say it’s because of greed. Are we not in the position we are in because of greed? And yes many will say it’s recession it’s this it’s that. Amazing how recession does not aafect Wenger and the board but Arsenal only. It’s a trophy recession for ten years. Who knows after ten it become twenty Thanks to AKB’s supporting wenger.

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  16. arshavin

    Wenger is second highest paid manager in EPL,ahead of Fergie and only marginally behind Roberto Mancini,think for yourself what I mean!

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  17. harugongo boy

    wenger ranting is not neccessary now. players have an obligation to their country. Its not roy that tell him to buy junk and thus a thin squard!!!

    Arsenal for life

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  18. hamid

    If Wenger doesn’t like that, he should lie about his key players being injured and that’s the end of story.

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