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Arsenal boss expects big things from Jenkinson and Gnabry

Arsene Wenger has spoken in glowing terms about two players who may struggle to get into the Arsenal first team in the coming weeks and months but have the full backing of their manager, Carl Jenkinson and Serge Gnabry. Both players are likely to start the Capital One cup game tonight against Reading, but will miss out on Premier and Champions league games unless they come on as a substitute or there are more injury problems.

Bacary Sagna reclaimed his right back slot from 20-year old Jenkinson against QPR, and looked like he had never been away. Wenger admits that Jenkinson’s form this season gave him a lot to think about and he wants the player to know that he is valued.

“It was a tough decision, very tough. The team was a bit low in confidence and I felt experience at the back could help. Of course, Bacary Sagna has an advantage on Jenkinson in experience.

“But I am very, very happy and thrilled with what Jenkinson has done until now and he will play again this season of course.

“What he has done is extremely promising, and he is so young, so where he is now at his age is fantastic.”

The young defender has certainly come on from two years ago when he was playing in the third tier of English football with Charlton. Another player even younger than Jenkinson who has started to break into the first team is 17-year old Serge Gnabry.

The young German came on as a substitute in the last round of the cup, and has made his Premier league and Champions league debuts since, due to Arsenal having problems with injuries and form. Gnabry could well start tonight, and Wenger believes he has a bright future.

“He is a guy who can play in all the offensive positions. I think he could even play centre forward. He has a kind of efficiency in his game and can get on the end of things.

“He has big potential, creative potential, finishing potential. Serge is 17-years old and is strong for a boy of that age.

“It is difficult to compare with anyone. He is not small, he is stocky with good body balance. He glides, he is fluent.”

Gnabry may get more first team opportunities sooner than he thinks, if Gervinho is facing a long time on the sidelines. If Oxlade-Chamberlain has not recovered in time for the game against Manchester United, the youngster could make the bench, and could even play at Old Trafford.

Reading vs. Arsenal will be on

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21 thoughts on “Arsenal boss expects big things from Jenkinson and Gnabry

  1. shadgunner

    Gnabry for me is the real deal…he along with MIyachi and Eisfield are the future of our team…hopefully a CHAMPION TEAM…

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  2. Vish

    Gnabry pulled off an AMAZING trick at the corner flag against Schalke the other day. He had the only shot on goal.

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  3. TKC

    Oxlade Chamberlain-Wilshere-Miyaichi

    Subs: Martinez, Bellerin, Toral, Aneke, Yennaris, Gnabry, Akpom, Afobe, Ramsey, Eisfeld, Olsson, Ebecilio, Wellington Silva, Campbell, Henderson

    Arsenals future looks real bright alright.

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  4. OhToBeAGooner

    Starting lineup vs. Reading:
    Jenkinson – Djorou – Koscielny (c) – Miquel
    ——Coquelin – Arshavin – Frimpong
    ——–Walcott – Giroud – Gnabry

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  5. gunner

    Starting lineup vs. Reading:
    Jenkinson – Djorou – Miquel – yenariss
    ——Coquelin – Arshavin – Frimpong
    ——–t. esfied —Walcott –– Gnabry

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  6. Coyg

    Yeah…give him experience make him the best player in the world an then sell him to barca for a profit!! You know it’s goin to happen don’t even let me start on wenger a previous examples!!

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  7. Twig

    Gnabry is better than Eisfeld, thumbs up
    Eisfeld is better than Gnabry, thumbs down

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  8. Coyg

    Before you give me a hard time, when we singed him he was gutted barca didn’t and the reason why he signed with us because he knew there would be a window for him to go there in the future…. #fabregas,song,overmars,vanbronkoughst etc etc etc etc etc…….

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  9. Gooner HOOT

    My Prefered Team,

    ——–Shea- Martinez———-
    ——–Cocquilin- Frinpong———

    I’m sure we can beat Reading with this team.

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  10. neil moxon

    @ coyg give the kid a break he hasn’t even got into the first team yet!

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  11. mwenyeji

    I feel for Jenks. Everything was going on so well for him. Kid is just unlucky that Sagna never seems to dip in form. His moments will still come though. He is only 20 and he will have a looooong career at Arsenal since Sagna is not getting any younger.I just hope that he will be patient

    ION, I think Ramsey needs to consult Sagna on what diet he is usually on. Injuries one way or the other just never seem to affect his skills.I still curse that Shawcross guy every time Arsenal fans boo Ramsey

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  12. vvr

    If Gnabry can play for the first team so should Eisfeld . What do you people say ?

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  13. coyg

    every year, there’s always exciting young players for us to give attention for..last year were miyachi, frimpong and the eisfeld and gnabry..but i think if all doing well, miguel, yennaris and wilshere will be our team leaders

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  14. Invincibles nice (1)

    Amazing Arsene can recruit a player of genuine quality for one hundred thousand, the man is phenominal at spotting potential stars, also Jenkinson was similar price wow! Gnabry and Jenkinson are exacly why everone and his dog are speculated with then sky high valuations with the mere mention that Arsene is interested, also it an example of the reason that spu liv and others have investigators watching our scouts instead of scouts watching players

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