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Arsenal boss hints at another Real Madrid signing

I do hope that these latest comments from Arsene Wenger really are a precursor to Arsenal sealing the transfer of another Real Madrid player, and we all know who we want that player to be, with the France international Karim Benzema having almost single handedly kept the football reporters in Arsenal transfer rumours to write this summer.

The manager was also speaking about Real Madrid´s big rivals Barcelona as well, in a report by The Guardian, as the Frenchman alluded to the way that the transfer market has changed for the Gunners in recent years. For too long Arsenal were at the mercy of Spain´s bit two clubs as well as our main Premier League rivals and any other club that had a lot of money to spend and a good chance of a trophy or two to win.

But times have changed and not just with our financial situation. As highlighted by our signing of Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil in successive summers, the players from the two La Liga giants are now a lot more available than before, mainly because of the strength and depth and the competition for places in their squads.

Wenger said, “What is new for us, there are two ways. Before, when we were building the stadium, the big clubs came to buy the players from us. Now we are in a position where we can keep our big players but sometimes there are so many big players in the other big, big clubs who are good but do not play. So after a year or two you can get a good deal. Sánchez is a case. Pedro is another case. Arjen Robben is another.”

This is all good and interesting but I have to wonder about why the prof has decided to talk about Real Madrid and signing players from them at this particular time, with all the rumours linking us with a possible swoop for Benzema. Is he just being mischievous or does he know something that we do not?

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54 thoughts on “Arsenal boss hints at another Real Madrid signing

  1. Bereal

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    1. NY_Gunner

      *Reality check*
      If anything, it’s his club. He’s the manager and you’re just some unknown internet moan merchant…

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      1. kenyanfan

        whether Wenger buys or not I don’t care anymore because it will be a panic buy after we have lost to Liverpool tomorrow and by doing that, he will silent us AFC fans..look at Pedro today. one goal one assist.why don’t we get him rather than play Ramsey on the wings..what have we be waiting for in order to buy a striker/DM .?a lucky chance as always? WENGER OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUTTTTTT.thumb me down today but after we loose tomorrow you will be on my side and then you will pressure Wenger,he will buy and you will all be pocketed and silenced again..for me…never never never tired and I want a change once and for all.will not be fooled by Wenger that out of all the players that have been traded this season none would improve arsenal..Never ever.looser.specialist in failure who fails season in season out and gets away with it.

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        1. NY_Gunner

          ADMIN COMMENT – No need to be abusive NYG. You seem to be angry a lot lately……. please talk about football rather than abuse someone you disagree with.

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          1. kenyanfan

            what defines a AFC fan according to you? get your facts right than comment have nothing to do with grammar. this is not a school.its a social media structure

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            1. NY_Gunner

              Surely if you hate someone or something so much and express such distaste time and again, you cannot like it too much…
              I said string together legible sentences. Otherwise it reads like a rabid incoherent rant…

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              1. kenyanfan

                @ NY_Gunner
                and what’s your point ?
                stop lecturing me on my grammar likes and dislikes..outline your points in a clear substantiated manner.otherwise liking or hating Wenger is a my taste my choice issue. what drives me is what arsenal have achieved under wenger.arsenal is an entity that lived before Wenger was born and shall live after he is that means he can be replaced and that should happen now.inject a new blood for it our not.

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          2. NY_Gunner

            This is a forum where people come to comment as well as give their opinions to other comments. Anger doesn’t come into play for me here on the internet. And everyone expresses themselves in the way they see fit.

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          3. GunnerJack

            NYG is one of the few who respond to abuse of our manager with what I think is rightful abuse of the abuser. After all, he’s only defending the manager as AW is not likely to come on here and defend himself is he? While not an AKB I’m certainly NOT in the AOB, which seems to be infested with boring, repetitious, jump-on-the-bandwagon half-wits.

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      2. Bereal

        ADMIN COMMENT – Are we all just going to insult each other or can we talk about the subject?

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        1. Cathyman

          Wenger should have bought more players for this summer instead of keeping on his bullshxting. He is the one to blame and he is no longer suitable for the job.

          We are talking about fact. This is not personal attack.

          WENGER OUT!!!!!!

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  2. No10

    If anything it points at Cavani, not Madrid. Benzema is playing a lot of football there while Cavani is deployed on the wing which he does not enjoy.

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    1. Cappieee

      Pedro 1goal and 1assist. And some guys here are lyk walcott is better than he is. Lets just continue to be delusional

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        1. seancali

          Pedro got a lucky goal and his assist was actually a shot. Not that impressive after all. But he’s worth 25 mil

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      1. arsenalman365

        Walcott gets more goals and assists than Pedro each season. They are both very good players, however Walcott edges it due to movement, high speed dribbling, finishing and good decision making in the final third.

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        1. rkw

          What r u smokin’ … No one by which I mean anyone on the planet who watches fball regularly can believe Walcott is a better player than Pedro …. Not even the scousserfools wld take him on 140 grand a week …. Whippets alternative wld b some Qatari team … Or a pay cut and back to shampton …how we are lumbered with him as a strike option is a complete mystery a one trick pony that has seen better days …sell him and Ramsey and put in big bid for griezman before Madrid snap him up …

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      2. jonnhirons

        Good point, coz Walcott has never set a goal up as well as scoring, its one game mate, we have plenty of players capable of scoring and assisting in a game.

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  3. SUNNY13

    It reminds me of 2012-13 season, we lost the 1st match against Villa at home,we then won the 2nd match, then the 3rd match just before the international break against spurs we won 1-0.
    Then next day or something we signed Ozil. We then went on to remain top for sol long , latter we collapsed though . This years also could be same , we lost 1st home game and then won 2nd. Next is our top 4 rivals Liverpool at home. I hope we beat them and then sign Benzaman.
    Then we will target the top spot. If that happens , this season we have enough players to see us through to the title.


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  4. rkw

    20 mins for pedro to open his account…. against the run of play …. but wtf is our manager doing…he is a laughing stock thats for sure

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  5. sam-afc

    Ha chelski fans singing ‘we are staying up’ at west brom. Copying us gooners much?

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  6. SoOpa AeoN

    Why the hell did morrison miss that penalty… Disgusted!

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      1. SoOpa AeoN

        @NY…. Hell yea… Look how he rushed for the ball even

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      1. truegunner12

        Say what you will about the first goal but the cross and run for the second goal were class, don’t like Chelsea but it was an excellent play

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  7. SoOpa AeoN

    My God!….. Westbrom WTF are you Lot doing? 3rd chelshit goal

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  8. Jossy

    “Walcott is as good as pedro”. So says arsenal fan boys who would want to discredit better players just to make our average at best players look good.

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      Stop making false claims!…. Give a list of names of these said arsenal fan boys

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      1. YingYang69

        Exactly, whenever I hear Theo’s fans speak of him compared to another they always point out how dribbling passing and defending Theo can come up short but at what matters most assists and goals Theo is up there with some of the best wingers. All round play Pedro is better but as an attacking threat there isn’t too much in it. Lets hope Ox can get there and we can compare him to others, is a good likelihood.

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    2. Gigi2

      So we should have what…sold Walcott and get Pedro?
      So we can score vs west brom?

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    3. GoonerLad

      Lmao just stop. Walcott hasn’t even started a game yet, Pedro is the better player but Walcott is the better attacking threat

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  9. SoOpa AeoN

    And this Yacob is very very bad…. Causing alf the westbrom problems….. Pass the ball u idiot!

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  10. Onochie

    I really hope le coq does a better job tomorrow,so much of that game depends on the middle of the park. I heard rodgers talking about “occupying spaces”. As for Wenger giving a “hint” I didn’t see any “hint” in that statement.

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  11. Jossy

    Wenger will definitely sign someone. Maybe another Kim Kalstrom guy or some unwanted player. He just cant bear the pain of seeing his favorite overrated players(Jack) leave the club or bench his untouchable favorite boys( mert & giroud).

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  12. HA559

    Sterling £49m. Pedro £20m. Great bargain. Wenger should have got him.

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    1. GoonerLad

      No he shouldn’t have, we have enough wingers, what we need is a centre forward

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