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Arsenal boss is the Heston Blumenthal of football

The English heart, the German lungs and legs, combined with the powerful brain of the Spanish make for a ‘body’ that can be considered as perfection. The passion and pride of the English heart, the grit and aggression of the Germans, intertwined with the mind-boggling intelligence and creativity of the Spanish makes for a recipe for success.

Well call Arsene Wenger the Heston Blumenthal of football.

I will in time, present you with all three courses – the ‘starter’, the ‘main course’ and the ‘dessert’. This article will be focused on what I call the ‘main course’ focusing on the players we have representing the club at present and divulging in detail exactly what I mean by this five star dining experience. The starter will be about the stars to look out for that currently play for the reserves/U21 squads. The dessert will be filled with treats that I feel Arsenal should buy in order to progress in the same mould.

Please tuck in…

Upon arrival to the English league, many cast a watchful eye over his progress and a questionable stance over his credibility to manage a club at the highest level. What Wenger did was revolutionary to the English game and I don’t think any can doubt that. One half of London (the red half) will say that Arsene Wenger is arguably the best manager the premier league has been graced with, but of course the ‘other half’ of London (erm… Well, the red half as well) would say Alex Ferguson. (Note: Manchester ‘London’ United fans).

As the eagle eyed viewer I am, once again sat high up on this fence (I’m too lazy to pick a side) – I respect the view that Alex Ferguson is indisputably the most successful in regards to trophies, but what Wenger did in a minute way, had a huge reverberating effect throughout the world of football. Stricter training regimes, diets, special plans, cutting out regular consumption of alcohol, to name but a few, I’m sure angered the likes of Tony Adams etc.! But what it managed to do was get the best out of them. This was one of Arsene’s ‘wacky’ ideas that bore fruit.

One that didn’t is the ‘youth project’ built around the model of the Spanish national team. What an ill-fated error of judgment on his part. The one aspect he didn’t consider was the loyalty of those who he brought through the ranks, or reigned in from other clubs to help formulate this plan and execute it to perfection. Not one season has gone by where he has managed to keep players and recruit more to help aide the progression. Instead, it was an erroneous decision to keep replacing ingredients to taste and in the end realising it had been ‘over-seasoned’ with mediocrity. When something lacks flavour, we add seasoning. We went from salt (Henry), to pepper (Van Persie), to a stray inconspicuous looking condiment called Gervinho.

Well time to take that mess off the menu and introduce the world to the new recipe. One that will tantalise your taste buds and even make Heston Blumenthal himself, jealous!
First we start with a loving amount of English pride and passion, add a dash of the German drive and aggression, then sprinkle with quality and excellence of the Spanish and watch as it simmers into a mouth-watering marvel.

The English spine to the team that has been discussed heavily in recent weeks is a testimony to this new mentality of Arsene Wenger. For years I have yearned for an English player that truly understands what it’s like to wear the cannon on their chest. Yes there are many ex Arsenal legends that have done, but notably during the last eight barren years, we haven’t had a stalwart Englishman in the team (except Theo Walcott intermittently.)

Tying down Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jack Wilshere, Carl Jenkinson and Aaron Ramsey to long-term contracts will certainly ignite the fire to the flames of Theo Walcott and tempt him to stick around as well in my opinion. More importantly it shows there is a backbone, which is strong enough to sustain and resist the temptations of a very fragile football world. Money has become an integral part of any young player’s life that leads to decisions that they regret afterwards. Namely Alexander Hleb and Mathieu Flamini who were once considered amongst the best in their position at the time, but now lead a life of obscurity at clubs which I’m not even tempted or bothered to google to let you know about.

Gibbs has endured a battle with injuries but is a player I am content with in his position. He isn’t like Leighton Baines who gets goals regularly with his excellent free kick abilities, nor is he apparently able to do something exceptional from what I have seen so far. But what he is – is excellent at what he does. He gets the job done expected of him, to the highest degree in a high percentage of games, yet prone to the odd mistake – similar to Gael Clichy.

I loved Carl Jenkinson even before he become ‘great’ this season. His sheer passion and love for the club epitomises who I am as an individual and my love for the club. I supported him even when most turned – Similar to many other ‘flops’. Why? – Because they are one of us. We all want the chance to put on an Arsenal shirt and play our hearts out, but only a handful of ‘real fans’ get the chance. His marble stone dedicated to his granddad, to this day, brings a tear to my eye.

Many have spoken highly of Oxlade-Chamberlain and Wilshere (rightly) so I will refrain, and my feelings on Ramsey are undecided as of yet, but many know my views on him from the article prior to this.

The ‘English’ are the key ingredient to this recipe, the focal point – the meat. We understand the passion of fellow fans that all yearn for their club to be successful in the premier league. We constantly need to have the bragging rights over our co-workers and friends. This can be achieved by having people who have had a similar upbringing and are playing just for the sheer love of the club. In the dying minutes of a match, it’s these players in particular you can count on to dive in. Just look at Carl Jenkinson’s goal in the dying minutes of stoppage time to force extra time against Reading in the Carling Cup.

In Podolski we have a player who offers a hell of a lot more than some Arsenal fans give him credit for. Not only does he chip in with the odd goal in games, his desire to track back and defend is second to none. He has a fire in his stomach and some of his bone crunching tackles and sheer persistence to chase down every ball shows why he is a key component. Per Mertesacker is a stalwart in the Arsenal team now. We have conceded the least amount of goals when partnered alongside captain fantastic Thomas Vermaelen. Although he is slow he makes up for it with his intelligent marking and phenomenal last-ditch tackles. Together, they seem to gel with their varying abilities. That German fire is evidently burning in both of these players as highlighted in their celebrations against our North London rival, Tottenham Hotspurs. No matter how ‘English’ the core of your club is, without the inclusion of the ‘veg’ – you can’t create a balanced diet, or in this case a balanced team!

The ‘Spanish’ is of a caviar quality and without, doesn’t emphasise upon the surrounding ingredients. The ‘meat’ of the English and the ‘veg’ of the ‘Germans’ is all good and well, but you can’t have it without gravy! That’s exactly what the Spanish lads bring – a texture and flavour that invigorates the flavour of the dish.

With the purchase of Santi Cazorla came a renewed optimism, which has been exemplified by him. In Santi Cazorla and Arteta we have a ‘Xavi/Iniesta’ style partnership, which oozes the class that the Spanish national team consistently succeed with. Intertwined with this is the determined yet stylish Wilshere who has moulded his game to play with the technique required to participate and combine in a mesmerising trio. Knowing that the heart of our midfield has a Spanish international that has had 50 caps and another that was unfortunate enough to be part of a generation of exceptional Spanish midfielders and a fearsome Englishman who has the magical feet of a Spaniard certainly fills me with confidence for the next few years!

I see that there is a new hunger in the Arsenal team at present, and it certainly shows on the pitch at the moment. Four wins in a row in the league (at the time of writing this article) must mean we’re doing something good, but we still need to do something to shore up that defence!

I hope I have set your taste buds tingling with excitement and your mouth watering with anticipation as to when it will finally be ready so that we can all divulge in this triumphant dish. The ingredients are readily available and the recipe sure as hell is looking good… But when it’s time to serve up on a plate and deliver… Will it live up to its expectations?

The egg timer is ticking…

Only time will tell.

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and let’s hope for some success soon!

Harry @HK_Arsenal

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63 thoughts on “Arsenal boss is the Heston Blumenthal of football

  1. o_0

    Hmmmm… What’s changed is the oven… It used to be a Dein Classic which made every dish a success, but now we have a cheap American Kroenke and Gazidis, which are known for their inferior quality and the amount of money from energy bills they demand! May I suggest the Usmanov model…? It can match the ovens of City, United and Chelsea…

    Maybe I’m overusing this metaphor… LOL.

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  2. leo

    Reports in italy claiming that Arsenal are this week in talks with Parma for striker Ishak Belfodil wtf or who

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  3. RT

    Yeah there is news on Theo: Apparently today agreed a new £90k a week, 4 year deal & bonuses (I’m guessing goal percentage if ST?). That’s what I heard of today’s meeting anyway! Fingers crossed, next Isco IN – Forehead/Chamakh/Santos/Squid/Djourou OUT and then we’re nearly sorted!! COYG

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  4. Philthompsonsnose

    A load of crap! Iniesta and xavi arteta and cazorla? U are having a laugh!?!?? I understand the jenkinson passion but the Gibbs point about being efficient is way off the mark.. He is good going forward but his positional play and general urgency and defensive capabilities are poor! There is no hunger in the team and this is clearly evident when we come up against the premier league canon fodder!!

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  5. RT

    Oh I nearly forgot, apparently Russian interest in Arshavin is picking up with him (rightly) rejecting a move to Reading

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  6. landmind111

    According to the reports, we’re after more strikers than the London Underground. We shud at least get 3 then.

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  7. gary

    It’s true we have a very good set of players, so why then CAN’T ARSENE WENGER MOTIVATE THEM INTO WINNING SOMETHING FOR 8 YEARS??????

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  8. Briano

    The biggest myth in football is that u need an english spine to win the league.pure bullshit.

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  9. lifeasagooner

    If Barca are fine cuisine then Arsenal are a roadside kebab and the Squillaci is the salmonlella.

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  10. Perhaps

    This wonderful website desperately needs to raise the quality of it’s journalism. This was yet another article written so poorly that i squinted with an intensity that caused me to look as if i had eaten a whole lemon.
    The irony here is that the writers often criticise the players and manager for doing a bad job, yet we consistently witness them struggling to do their own. There are many Arsenal supporters, all of them have opinions but not of them can write about them in an interesting way. Perhaps you could find the ones who can.

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  11. Greg

    ?I wonder if this title is worthy for him being how the present situation is at arsenal!

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  12. landi

    if the board bought wenger mata,cahill, and kept his best players we would have the best squad in premier league.
    Its a shame that the board only in it for money, specially for a team like arsenal who have history and alot of fans who expect trohpies. We could expect this from a team like everton etc…

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  13. Kemp hater

    this is written like were 8 points clear at the top of the league and playing like the invincables. almost as bad as the letter to wenger sh1t a few weeks back

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  14. OhToBeAGooner

    If only Jesus Navas got that rod out his arse and stop being a little homesick wuss , we could have a chance of signing him.

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  15. BPAix

    stupid article. Podolski is crap and arteta is not good enough for DM. Plus all those englishmen need at least 2-3 years each to play football that can win EPL. Losing Van persie we lost the one and only world class player we had in last season and podolski,giroud are not even close to his contribution in team.
    The only good thing is that walcott is playing better, wilshere is back, cazorla seems to be the bargain of the season and mertesacker got better.
    But still we need a striker, a DM, a winger, and a backup LB.
    Liorente, mvila, turan, shaw will come

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  16. dboy

    Bob Wenger is a genius right. Then where is the rewards? There is nothing appertising about what you mentioned. Don’t get me wrong the british boys are good, but Wenger hasn’t been able to bring the best out of them or any other player for the last eight years. Wenger is no genius and to compare him to Alex Furgeson is an insult. Their records speaks for itself.
    Here is the real Wenger you talk about: Chris Cann listed six problems,
    Arsene Wenger’s ability to buy a decent player.
    This is a slightly abridged version of Simon’s piece that appears in The Gooner, and I’d urge you to read the full thing in the printed edition or using the app. Simon has given me full permission to use his words. Over to him.
    “Arsene Wenger has always had an eye for a calamitous signing (Richard Wright, Jeffers, Stepanovs), but in his early years at Arsenal he also unearthed real world-beating gems like Anelka, Vieira and Henry.
    However, from about 2004 that seems to have changed for two reasons. Firstly, for a few years Alex Ferguson got fed up and focused his efforts abroad and on what Arsene was up to and, more significantly, Abramovich knocked him out of the water especially in France. So in 2004 Essien and Drogba went to Chelsea and Cristiano Ronaldo went to Man Utd. And so began the gradual relative decline of the Arsenal squad. Let’s review Arsenal’s ins and outs since 2005, a period where a squad size of about 70 has been maintained. Since the departure of Vieira in 2005 Arsene has persistently sold his best assets and reinvested less wisely than in his early years.
    2005-06: Vieira left, Adebayor, Walcott, Diaby and Song arrived. Adebayor was unstable, Walcott and Song burned slow and left or appear to be leaving just as they are becoming useful, while Diaby has been with us for six years, is permanently injured but on a stonking £3m+ a year deal.
    2006-07: Cole, Pires and Campbell left; Gallas, Sagna, Rosicky and Denilson arrived. Sagna was a good signing, Gallas was a good player but too similar to Toure. Rosicky was another hospital case and Denilson had four years in and around the first team before Arsene finally admitted he wasn’t good enough. But he still can’t be sold as his wages are so huge relative to his ability.
    2007-08: Henry and Reyes departed; Eduardo, Hleb and Fabianski arrived, with ‘The Beast’ only signed on loan rather than permanently for the £12m Arsene wanted to pay! Eduardo was briefly a talent, as was Hleb who hotfooted it out of English football at the first opportunity. This was the campaign where Lassana Diarra came and went in four short months, as he was dismayed at being behind Denilson in the pecking order. Diarra ultimately went to Real Madrid for £20m; Denilson can’t be given away.
    2008-09: Flamini walked and Gilberto was sold for a token amount. Nasri, Ramsey, Silvestre (!) and Arshavin arrived. Nasri played well in short bursts, Arshavin shone brightly but then plummeted. Ramsey looks to have regressed, certainly in terms of the goals he promised.
    2009-10: The property crash starved Arsenal of funds, the Board refused to raise any, and only Vermaelen signed up. Toure and Adebayor were sold to raise cash and Senderos was let go. It was supposed to be Bendtner and Eduardo up front, Diaby and Denilson to save the midfield.
    2010-11: The collapse. In: Chamakh, Koscielny, Wellington and Squillaci. Out: Eduardo, Gallas and Silvestre. Squillaci was out of his depth, Chamakh bombed after a bright start, Koscielny was too raw to rely on. As for Wellington, there’s £4m plus huge agent’s fees we’ve never seen kick a ball. Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy all ended the season asking to be allowed to serve their best years elsewhere.
    2011-12: With those three leaving, the replacements cost £78m: Gervinho, Jenkinson, the Ox, Mertesacker, Arteta, Park, Myaichi, Santos, Joel Campbell
    In 2012-13 Arsene has perhaps done better, but let’s look at what’s left of that list of buys:
    Rosicky and Diaby – always injured
    Walcott – having a good spell developed at south hampton Wenger takes credit
    Ramsey – less of a player than when he came
    Fabianski – in straight jacket
    TV5 – been inconsistent of late
    Kos – improving, but prone to bloopers
    Wellington and Campbell – never on these shores
    The Ox – same as Walcott
    Myaichi and Park – on loan/given away for a £5m hit
    Gervinho – missing an open goal a game
    Jenkinson – in need of playing time
    Arshavin, Chamakh and Squillaci – unloanable and unsellable
    Arteta and Mertesacker – playing and delivering for the tea
    That we now see a bench of players we can’t give away is frankly ludicrous. It’s what you’d expect of QPR, not Arsenal, and not of a manager who has had 16 years to shape his squad. At the heart of the problem is Arsene’s stubbornness and refusal to pay more than his perceived value for a player, and at he other end his refusal to sell a player for less than he thinks he’s worth. This sees Arsenal with 70 players on the books but a struggle to fill a bench competitively and a wage bill of £140m per annum and rising. It sees players like Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Wellington and Squillaci still hanging round despite having ‘any offers considered’ labels around their necks for two seasons or more.
    Meanwhile, other teams’ buying policies have adapted. City and Chelsea focus almost entirely on the top £20m+ bracket, while Fergie and Spurs go for proven Premier League talent, leaving only Newcastle and Everton as followers of Arsene’s second tier European league buying strategy.
    The problem isn’t just that Arsene’s sub-standard buying policy has seen team weakness, but that it has led to huge numbers of highly paid players being stuck on the club’s books eating up £30m-£40m of budget.

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  17. artillery1





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  18. Richard

    More like a curry but unlike a curry we can’t get rid of it the next day!!!!

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  19. villa123

    Atletico Madrid have signed Rayo Vallecano forward Leo Baptistao. Replacement for Adrian Lopez?

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  20. Dan

    The only thing Wenger is serving us now and for the foreseeable is dog s**t.

    I’d say he’s more Ronald MacDonald these days – Providing us with cheap and low quality product.

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  21. georgegooner

    As much as this article bigs up our current players, and i love the majority of our players, theres one question you have to ask. Would you rather world class, or arsenal class? Would you rather Vermalen or Kompany? Kompany. Would you rather Arteta or Fabregas? Fabregas. Would you rather Giroud or Van Persie? Van Persie. Would you rather Ramsay or Nasri? Nasri. We put up with our current crop of players because we HAVE to and that is why we will never be a top top club again, at least for a long long time.

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  22. G-Force

    “What Ar$ene did was revolutionary to the english game”? You must be joking. He can’t even figure out how to zip up his jacket properly during the newcastle game and seemed more obsessed with it than the match itself. He also can’t even figure out how to access his jacket pockets in a game against Fulham.

    Ar$ene has been called the “Basil Fawlty” and/or “Mr. Bean” of football and those are definitely accolades that he truly deserves.

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  23. Uche Edochie

    This is the first time i finished reading an article and found myself wondering, ‘What on earth was this about? Dont we have editors here? What a load of crap. Go build a shrine somewhere and stuff it with all manner of arsenal memorabilia. That would make more sense than torturing us with a long and winding article about the awesomeness of an underperforming team. Please does any sensible person here have any good transfer news?

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  24. proudgooner

    What Arsenal did in the last few years…

    “Wow we have a really good team Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy,Denilson,Song,Vela,Eboue and Walcott. why Don’t we sell all of them while we try and win the league.”

    So we went to Barca,City,Man u and the other clubs and said: “Barca why don’t u take Fabregas and wait a few years until we establish Song then u can have him as well.

    Then we went to city and said : ” Take Nasri and Clichy because u look like u need them”

    Then we went to Man u and said :” Here take our best player we’ll just buy another one”.

    And so Arsenal Draw with southampton and we wonder why can’t we win, we sold Nasri and RVP and Fabregas, and clichy and song. So arsenal turn around and say oh yes we forgot to sell Walcott.

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  25. proudgooner

    Only thing is that Heston Blumenthal doesn’t have to motivate his knives and forks.

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  26. GDL

    @ BPAix

    agree every word except llorente doesn’t convinced me much maybe a Suarez,Falcao,Cavani,Jovetic but I doubt it

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  27. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Bob, what a load of cods whollop. I’m sure you been cooking and eating some THC laced cookies before you wrote this garbage

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  28. BPAix

    @ GDL
    see a bilbao game, or even a videomix of him.
    Pace, technic, power,dribble, passion, aerial abilities, finishing, leaders attributes,
    then ask yourself why is he top spanish striker in front of negredo, soldado, torres, villa, lopez
    then go check his last year value in it was 26 mill
    all the others are much more expensive.
    Liorente 6mill 100k salary
    villa 16mill 150k salary
    negredo 17mill 100K salary
    soldado 14mill 100k salary
    Lopez 12mill 70k salary
    which one do you consider better?

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  29. BPAix

    and the ones you mention is beyond arsenals reality cause all of them 30plus millions

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  30. uchman

    @ dboy u 4got dat d slide in performance of arsenal fc coincided with d built of emirate stadium,u 4got dat arsenal fc hv 2 pay a cirtain amount of money every year 2 upset emirate dept,d board knw it b4 hand dat arsenal will struggle 4 like 8-10 yrs after buidin d stadium b4 goin 4 it,buh dey never blvd dat arsene wenger will kip dem aflot & competitive,arsene wenger didnt win world coach of d decade 4 notin,he didnt obtain obe by bn a msc holder in economics,if darf pple like u cant gv arsene wenger credit,i wonder whom u will,as much as i respect sir alex ferguson as d most successful coach in england,am also convinced he couldnt hv done better dan arsene with d same budget & conditions.u guyz alwayz point @ flops dat arsene bought buh i cant remember allan smith,john oshea,bebe,owen hagreaves,michael owen,diof,fotune,cameroun mbia,etc bn grt 4 manchester utd,watever dat happens @ wengers career 2day,he will still go down as 1 of d finest coach d game hs ever withnssed,pls lets b objective in our criticism.arsenal fc will surely bounce bak $ d glory dayz wont b far.

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  31. true goon

    Heston Blumenthal is ground breaking,brave,and experimental never scared to try new techniques and methods,eager to learn new things,thats why he is at the top of his profession.Its this spirit that Arsene Wenger has lost,thats why he is no longer at the top of his.

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  32. NIKK

    Screw blooming Heston Blumenthal…right now we need straight talking, foul mouthed Gordon Ramsey to avert an another disaster in the kitchen!

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  33. Jez

    This is a poor article to be honest. The truth is if we had kept van persie we would be challenging man city and manure would be where we are in the league at the moment.. But we sold him to a poor Man U team and he has been the difference for them and lead them to the top whilst we have floundered as also rans again who are struggling for 4th place.

    This aresenal side needs a decent goalie like begovic, we need to replace sagna because since he’s come back we have been weak in that position. We need a strong defensive midfielder.

    On top of that we need to start playing players in the correct positions. Poldoski is one of the best strikers in Europe yet we play him on the wings. Arteta is a creative midfielder not a defensive one. Arshavin given the freedom to roam is a frighteningly good player but we killed his skill by playing him on the wing.

    Diaby is when fit one of the best players I have ever seen but with the amount of injuries he has incurred arsenal need to cut their losses and say enough is enough and buy the much needed replacement.

    On their day arsenal are brilliant but then there’s the two meaningless poor lackluster performances in between which shows a lack of heart and desire. Why arsenal are after Luke shaw and zaha when what they should be looking at is players who work their bollocks off for the team and frighten the opposition in the process.

    Ricky lambert would be a good start.

    David villa and arda Turan and Mvilla added bonuses

    The icing on the cake begovic from stoke

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  34. ibn

    i have been a fan for over 20 yrs, but this club is the worst i have ever seen it, also we have to remember other clubs have been injected with so much cash, how can we compete, sorry boys we are all dreaming of the glory days.

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  35. czar

    Bob.u are a big foooooooool for dis article.long lines of bunch of crap is wat u wrote

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  36. londongunner

    Im gonna get alot of dislikes for saying this! and i do Hate to say it but this idea of building a squad with a core of english players is not going to result in trophies! I am english and would love to see world class! english players!

    BUT english players just dont reach the grade! if you look at the all best players in the world! nearly all of them our foreign if you look at the EPL it just shows! JUAN MATA! HAZARD! SILVA! YA YA TOURE! AGUERO! VAN PERSIE! SUAREZ! english top players JACK WILSHIRE GERARD LAMPARD Defo ashley cole joe hart! there great but there no way as good! even that ba##ard bale is welsh and wayne rooney is a face piece of overrrate sh**t! theres a reason why the top clubs buy there star players from abroad because there better! ok we had adams and keown ect but as for attack and midfield all our players were french brazilians ect

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  37. Josh

    If wenger wants us arsenal fans to put up with him for at least another two seasons this jan he needs to sign three players at least and get rid of around 5/6 players.

    The signings we need is a experienced full back that will teach Gibbs and Jenkison a lot like baines a rock solid defensive midfielder Ettine Capoue or Luis Gustavo and a Winger or striker Isco or Jovetic.

    We are still in the F.A cup amd if we sign three of these players we will have a good chance to end our drought.






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  38. dude

    @g-force – Mr. Bean of football haha good one , but i think mr. bean would object to that one

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  39. dude

    Arsene – Mr. Bean of football – I think Mr. Bean would be insulted !

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  40. GUN

    Agree with you. Ramsey is a good lad. But as a player he is not good enough for any top premier league team.

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  41. Whispers

    I work as a dept. manager, I have never yet been allowed to splash cash on the finest quality products and services, I like most others have to get approval to spend. Why do so many morons think AW controls all the pennies? Coz Gazidis says so? MORONS!

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  42. Ergs

    Totally agree iv said this before Wenger is the club manager not the owner he doesn’t have stan kroenes debit card!!
    He asks and gets told whether he can sign that player or not that is all.
    People are so pig headed!!
    Fair enough he might enny pinch him self at times but I guarantee the boardwill not authorise
    £20 million + pound transfer fees on almost every player barring Messi or Ronaldo.

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  43. Machine-Gunner

    I wud like to start a digital black scarf movement for these horrible horrible horrible writers on this site!!

    Plz admin, do sumtin about this!! Its like this website is morphing into wat our club is ryt now…

    Kemp especially needs to bounce!! Ur not wanted here. Ur so negetive dude.

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