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Arsenal boss not keen on new Champions league proposal

After Arsene Wenger revealed that one of his main objectives every season was to ensure that Arsenal qualify for the group stages of the Champions league, you might have thought he would be pleased with the idea of merging it with the Europa league to have one big competition with 64 teams in. That would mean it would be much easier for Arsenal to qualify as there would be about seven teams from the Premier league in it.

Wenger, however, does not like the idea, and thinks it would not help the competition or the domestic leagues, as it would be, essentially, a full European league rather than a cup competition. It would also diminish the prestige and have an adverse effect on audiences in the group stages, according to the Frenchman.

“I’m not convinced because the Champions league already has audience problems in the group stage.

“I think that would create more and lower the level. It would mean you create a complete European championship.

“That could be detrimental to the national leagues as well and could take some interest out of the first stages of the Champions league.”

Obviously, the reason why Wenger places such importance on the Champions league is because of it’s prestige. Of course it brings in a lot of money, but it is also a big draw for players. For instance, Modric has spoken this week about Tottenham and Real Madrid, declaring that Spurs will lose Gareth Bale in the summer if they fail to get in the Champions league again.

The fact that it is hard to get in it makes it more desirable. Arsenal have some work to do this season, but Wenger is an expert at qualifying, both for the group stages and for the next round. Spurs got a lucky win this week, but a win against Swansea today could take us back above them and get us heading in the right direction.

Arsenal vs. Swansea will be on

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal boss not keen on new Champions league proposal

  1. Zery

    He should like it as it makes life easier for him. He is no more required to finish 4th to qualify for CL, finishing 7th is just enough.

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  2. mel

    We are already falling behind last year’s results. Can we rely on Chelsea and Spurs messing up again?

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  3. o_0

    It seems before every game everybody on this site underestimated the teams in the bottom half of the table, and that is what is costing us points.

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  4. k

    We have to change tactics.
    442 vs Swansea

    Szczesny is a reliable keeper. Defence is solid. Cazorla on the right offers skill, a good cross and he is two footed allowing him to cut inside, take it wide, make great passes, etc. Arteta has less defensive responsibilities allowing him to be more creative which is his strength, combine that with Wilshere’s creativity and we have three very creative midfielders all offering different things, shouldn’t run out of ideas. Podolski offers a lot defensively and will really cover Gibbs so I chose him over anyone else.

    Walcott gives pace, dribbling, finishing, and the ability to beat a player and get in behind. Giroud provides strength, finishing, good assists, and heading. The perfect combination. Imagine being a defender and not only have to cope with Giroud’s heading, but also worry about if he does win the header and trying to catch Walcott with his explosive pace.

    I think Giroud needs a second striker to show his full potential. His runs are fantastic, he either gets in a great position, or opens up gaps for other players.

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  5. Chileangunner

    @ K: im totally agree with you, but i will put to walcott like winger with cazorla ang giroud and podolski in front.

    jenkinsom mertesaker vermaelen gibbs
    walcott arteta wilshere cazorla
    giroud podolski

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  6. Simon

    Strange comments IMO, Wenger should really like it as it makes it easier for us to qualify if there are more teams in the CL places?!

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  7. Johnno

    I completely agree with the professor. CL should always remain quality or quantity. 64 teams is far too many. The comp would go on forever. I like the idea of the Europa because it gives the lower level sides a chance of winning a European cup. Like Fulham nearly did. Fulham would struggle to get past the group stage of the CL, but in the Europa they made the final.

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