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Arsenal boss ready for a busy transfer window

Arsene Wenger always plays his cards close to his chest, but he has revealed that he expects to be involved in a lot of transfer activity once the window opens on New Years day. Arsenal fans are expecting some quality additions as well as the departure of some unwanted or unused players such as Santos, Djourou, Arshavin and Chamakh, and it will be interesting just how much the Arsenal board have really allotted Le Prof to give the team a boost in this crucial season.

“Yes, I will be busy. I don’t feel under pressure to name names, because you (the media) find them on your own.”

Arsenal should be able to compete better with other top clubs next season, if Ivan Gazidis is to be believed, but that will be wasted if we fail to qualify for the Champions league next season, as we will lose money and struggle to attract the best players if we are not in the top competition.

Wenger is looking for players who can help to ensure that we finish in the top four, and possibly help us to end our trophy drought. Although, we need to get past Swansea next Sunday to stay in the FA cup. Wenger has faith in his players, but is aware that we are at the mercy of an injury or two, while needing to add some goals and some steel to the midfield.

“We have the potential to be in the champions league with what we have. We are open to strengthening the team, but the difficulty is to find what strengthens us.”

I am sure that Wenger has some specific players in mind, and hopefully he can work some magic in January.

Arsenal vs. Newcastle will be on

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77 thoughts on “Arsenal boss ready for a busy transfer window

  1. Jayjay

    Lets just wait and see wenger, you better be right. . Les goo gooners :).. We are gonna cream Newcastle today

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  2. leo

    in arsene we trust hope so bring in david villa/kevin strootman heard we are in for luke shaw would be perfect

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  3. Gianluca

    We need to boosten our squad. Sell Chammy,Santos,Diaby, Mertesacker, Djorou, Rosicky, kolshelney and other dead woood players and buy some beefy players.

    Defence Options to buy: Marcello, J.Boateng, Samba, Maicon from Porto

    Midfield Options to buy: K. Boateng, M’Villa, Witsel, Neymar replacement for walcott (if he does not want to sign)

    We need players that are reliable, strong – mentally, physically and can lead the team.

    Basically my Fifa 13 team!

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  4. No more excuses

    Get rid of the deadwood for wotever u can get . They bring the club down and half of em dnt even show any ambition to improve . Pull them into a room and tell them to pick another club and if its wages that’s the stumbling block then pay them a percentage of their wages just to get released for the contract . Pity u cudnt deduct the money outa the wages of the muppet that offered them crazy contracts to begin with .

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  5. Dan

    When it come to transfer windows Leo its usually

    In Arsene we doubt!

    Lets hope he actually gets his wallet out.

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  6. vyash

    everyone in france is saying lm’vila is commint to arsenal
    (no concrete offer )

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  7. philthompsonsnose

    Any player warming the bench in the Spanish league will be a major benefit to our squad.. !
    They are usually more technically adept than any other nationality..
    Forget your French allegiance Wenger(Chamakh, Kos, Giroud, Coq, etc they aren’t your Petit’s, Pires, Henry’s or Viera’s)

    German or Spanish is the dominant nationality look at facts..
    Who won the World cup? The Euros?? Spain!
    How many teams from Germany currently in the last 8 of CL?? 3!
    AW needs to be ruthless and play the Spanish sides at their own game.
    We managed to get Santi Cazorla.. why can’t we manage another TOP player???
    We have virtully no chance in the CL if we don’t strengthen…

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  8. Terry Norman

    I’ll believe wenger when I see it, told too many untruths previously. And I believe even less what that RAT Gazedis says!

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  9. CW

    Squilacci is missing in that list of dead woods. However, There is nothing wrong having an additional striker if available should we buy Villa bcos I consider Villa as short term mindbearing his age. Llorente or Lopez can suffice. A defensive midfielder and then Isco or Hotby can add up.

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  10. Chief keef

    Whoa whoa whoa philthompsonnose… What do you mean forget about kos and coquelin? Coquelin has a lot of potential and kos is one of our best defenders. Why would we want to forget about them?

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  11. salt n pepper

    heard it b4 Arsene untill players are there i will not believe a thing

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  12. Squid

    Look what Spuds did last transfer window…..Vertonghen,Dempsey,Dembele,Sigurdsson, four high quality players that Arsenal could currently have playing for us. That type of effort to bring in real quality is what we need in Jan to push us into the upper bracket in the league

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  13. Ru

    Can people start thinking a bit more outside the box please, everyone keeps going on about the same players, lets have some new thoughts on who might be joining us!

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  14. Jayjay

    First things first we need a dm we need a good defender and striker . . . Done deal right there

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  15. dboy

    Arsene also told us that he would busy in the transfer market last summer. He signed Poldi then Santi and told us he is looking at one or two more signings and sold one or two more RVP & Song. How anyone can trust him is beyond me. Just think what could have been, if we kept Song signed a proper left back to cover Gibbs with the other new editions.

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  16. artillery1

    What ever, did any saw SPUDS in Previous Games!

    thy have many quality players than Us!


    SPUDS this year r totaly different!

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  17. なかご

    I’m tired with all this BS!!! I know in the end AW still won’t make any signing. So don’t get your hopes up… The main problem in AFC is we have this owner who love to sell our star player. I really want this stupid owner to get out from our AFC as he only care about his pocket money, and I’ve never seen him attend any Arsenal game before. And I’m sure AFC would do much better in financially even without this stupid owner.
    Secondly we have another stupid chief executive who don’t know how to deal in transfer. As long as this two people still in AFC, we won’t get any better.
    Out – Stan, Ivan
    In – Usmanov, Dein.
    And I’m sure our invisible era would come back.

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  18. Ru

    I would happily welcome Scott Parker as a def mid! think hernandez would be worth a bid, so many strikers to compete with at Man U, hes a great player. Also if sagna were to leave, micah richards is awesome, and hes not starting at city at the moment. Kolarov also a good left back that would challenge Gibbs! Personally I do believe we need a big name to go along with signings like these, however this list of names are all class players who wouldnt be immensely pricely, so a few of these to go along with a star player we could be climbing up the table in weeks! 🙂

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  19. leo

    yeah spuds have some depth in their squad compared to us
    we need new signings as far as m’vila goes i hope we get kevin strootman instead of him m’vila has been offered cheap so i guess wenger may go for him strootman too is available for 6-8m
    New Record: Gareth Bale now booked 5 times for SIMULATION
    if bale was a foreign player the media would have been all over him

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  20. philthompsonsnose

    @chief Keef
    Kos makes some uncompromising tackles and looks rusty at times but yes he can be one of our better defenders when he finally adapts.. and yes coquelin has potential..
    But… Like I mentioned, Spain and Italy are the dominant force as were France when we unearthed Viera & Petit etc..
    It’s cyclical, and French players are not as good as they were likewise the French league isn’t dominant!!!!
    My argument is that we need to raid the Spanish or German leagues instead of AW allegiance to French players because he is French!!
    Hopefully this switch to Cazorla & Arteta Podolski/Mertesacker coming in may be the start of him finally opening his eyes to the growing dominance of the German/spanish footballer..

    Let us wait and see…

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  21. haywill

    I know who we should buy!!! 🙂
    I saw united’s match again newcastle in the boxing and
    and I noticed that united has a great dutch striker!!
    I don’t remember his name (I’m not a united’s fan) but if i’m not mistaken he is the premiere league top scorer last season

    Why don’t we sign him?
    He’s a little old (29 years old) but he looks top class!! 🙂
    He will bring us trophies!! :):)

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  22. leo

    i know i got thumbs down for david villa mainly because of his age i still feel he has a good 3-4 years left age shouldn’t be an issue look at del piero/zanetti/nedved & maldini/stam/cafu/seedorf/rui costa all won cl in 2007 when they were well past their 30′s maldini played till 39
    get llorente/holtby for free in summer along with zaha & other signings

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  23. philthompsonsnose

    I meant to say Spain & Germany are the Dominant force not Spain & Italy..
    However.. some Italian players would be worth a look other than current French players..

    @Leo, I kow what you mean regarding Villa, although he is 31 he has great nimbleness and he has 2 good feet and knows where the goal is.!
    RVP is 29 but Villa looks like he is younger???

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  24. goonerT

    Please please stop saying who you would like to join the club one day the club will be great again and all you doubters will rat your words IN ARSENE WE TRUST COYG

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  25. true goonner

    Yes Wenger. You have always been busy doing nothing. We bought only one player in January when other teams were busy buying players. Eisfield was the only player bought in January and has yet to feature in an EPL game. What about Miyaichi? What are Wengers Plans for the huge list of Players we have on loan. Sanchez Watt,Miyaichi, Eastmond, Denilson, Bendtner, Frimpong, Bartley, Joel Campbell, Wellington, Park, Poor Management. We need a Manager who wants to win the EPL while we move Wenger to the post of Director of football. On a different note, we should sign Lionel Messi’s son. He is a player for the future.

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  26. jus a fan

    The most important things are to keep our key players especially our captain and bring one or two players who have the true quality just like santi cazorla to cover our weakness.

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  27. sollygunner

    i dont get these posts ,,,, i hear wenger saying we are good enough we wont buy anyone,,,,,,, ( unless they are a top top top top top top top top top top top realy realy realy realy good great awsome player ,,, erm who we wont pay the money for so thats no players coming in !!!!!!! ggggrrrreeeeaaattt coyg lets smash up the jordies today

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  28. imi

    Here’s where we will know if it was the board or wenger that are refusing to spend.

    I am optimistic it really does look like wenger wants to buy this january.

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  29. sKeeza

    I think you’ll all be surprised this jan transfer window just look at the facts!

    The board have come under a lot of pressure this first half of the season which had made them once again come out and said there is money available but this time is different!


    We are definitely the most depleted squad in the last 7 years fact! We are just about sniffing around the 4th spot! I’m pretty confident that jan will see quality come in and second rate players gone if not on loan, why am I confident…

    If we don’t sign in jan and fail to qualify for champs league next season then all you saying get players on free transfers like holtby and llorente are extremely deluded
    As they would have much better offers from clubs with champs league qualification.
    Adding in jan will boost are chances in grabbing a top 4 spot. Even if with our new quality signings proves a little to late to turn things around this season well then we will have a preseason and next season with them already contracted to get back on track!

    This is why I think this jan will see 2-3 quality players come in!
    Surely the money grabbers long sight see they must spend a bit if they keep wanting to reap the riches! Others the pot of gold will fade!

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  30. arshavin

    This is the core of our problem–every season,it’s about top four and better things next season,but that next season never comes.Wenger feck off#@$

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  31. KC


    Holtby (deal made for summer move)

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  32. arshavin

    The fact is that wenger can sign messi in his dreams and still woudn’t win anything,cos he is a sik manager who know nothing.

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  33. Nick

    Sign Theo up on a new contract. Sign M’Vila at a cut rate price. Get Alvaro Negredo for a striker, he’s a powerful Tevez like striker that we’ve needed for a while. And get a proper backup for Gibbs.

    Sell Squid, ARshavin, Chamakh, Santos, Fabianski, Djourou

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  34. Cesc

    A good bit of January business? To be a top club with sufficient squad depth, I feel we need:
    1. Total of 3 CF’s at least that can be relied on to score goals. One of which MUST be a goal machine, like RVP was for us last season and is for Man Utd now (muppet).
    2. An actual real winger than can actually do the business on the left.
    3. To beef up our midfield.

    – Chamakh OUT, Lopez (Atletico Madrid) IN
    – TRADE cash + Djourou for Cavani (Napoli)
    – Look to the future so Squid OUT, Zaha in.
    – Podolski can be used as a LW but is a better CF, so should compete for that spot too, so 1st to last choice: Cavani, Podolski, Giroud (Also Walcott/Lopez option of wingers or CF’s when we are at least 2 up/playing against weak teams/resting CF’s or injuries)
    – Gervinho cannot cut it on the LW, he buggers off to ANC soon anyway, so we should go for Gaitan (Benfica), he is young and probably playing in his comfort zone atm. I would also consider Navas too, but he is a bit older..maybe more experienced though..and Spanish add to the spanish thing we seem to have going on.
    – Arteta is naturally not a CDM. He is a CM or a CAM. SO need a CDM to free him up to play in a role where he can inflict more damage! I think Capoue (Toulouse) is the man for the job, strong, rarely moves out of position wondering forward, decent pace and technique.
    – Experienced keeper to mentor, help Szczesny and cover.
    – I feel bad for AA23 but he should have been played as a CAM and so was wasted, and now his wage is too much to keep him on the books to come in for cup games as a CAM, also we have OX who wants to play there eventually. SO AA23, OUT, sorry, and a shame.
    – Also Ramsey is not a starter atm, like Gervinho.

    Gotta go watch us kick the wee team from the North.

    There are other things we could do to improve, we can always improve, but I reckon we can wait til summer to sort the rest out. i.e Get another young CB to compete with Verminator, Mert, and Boss like Ignasi is doing. Need cover in case of injuries and fatigue..

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  35. sollygunner

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i would pay good money to punch bale in the face ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  36. philthompsonsnose

    @chief keef

    You mentioned Kos being one of our better defenders.. it is half time against Newcastle and if you count how many passes he’s made.. he’s passed either more to the opposition or just into open space than one of our players!!!

    I hope he gets better in the 2nd half!!

    We are not closing down and are playing in such a lethargic manner…WTF

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  37. Wil

    Leo there’s a reason those players could play so long they played in serie A where they don’t run like they do in EPL.

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  38. Invincibles nice (1)

    I also think we’ll have a busy window, more so than any previous jan window. There shouldnt be a prob moving Arshavin and Djourou out, Chamakh i think will leave coz he has certain status amongst his home country in which he will want to please, Santos time is up but im not sure he will want to lose his inflated salary, Squid definitely wont give up his salary as im sure he believes he has hit the jackpot. There is a blatant need for a new striker along with a holding player then too a need for another winger to replace Walcott wether he moves on or up front.

    Knowing that The Arsenal annoyingly tot up players full wage packets alongside the transfer fees instead of one instalment at a time allowing our capital growth to give us a true picture, wouldnt/dont expect us to fill all the pos which need doing.

    Would be happy with the new striker and a versatile defender who is a capable holding midfielder, lastly a winger that knows the art of wingplay. If there were some money left over maybe a keeper, Mannone could cost us if he gets any long spells in goal.

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  39. KC

    Great victory for the boys. This team will be title contenders when games like this are 7-0 or 7-1. Despite how well we did offensively, we shouldn’t have given up the goals. Granted, two of their goals were the result of lucky deflections, but the third was just slack defending on Gibbs’ part.

    Thrilled with the points and the +4 goal differential, but still think we can get stronger in defense.

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  40. Moses

    If we’re predicting January shopping, a centre back who could also play left back like M’Bwiwa would be a food move to add depth in our defence.

    A defensive midfielder like M/Villa could now be a low cost gamble from as little as 5m, that’s good talent for the money we’d pay.

    Other than that, I think it’s just a matter of taking advantages of any good opportunities that come up in the transfer market.

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  41. Dafton nyondo

    Among those to leave Gervinoh and Chamackh should be one of those, please. As you can see now the combination of Podosky, Walcott Giround and Chembaline is 100% good and that is the winning striking force we need goals. Thank you mr Wenger for listening what fans have been crying for forget about the Gervinoh and other useless player you are keeping.

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  42. Dig bick

    What do you guys think about Maloney from Wigan as cam? He’s a pretty energetic player and can distribute well

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  43. LoCkAy

    bla bla bla bla bla bla !!!

    Wenger and Gazidis are running the club like a family affair or a small paper shop…!!




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  44. leo

    Arsenal contacted Parma for the french algerian-rooted fw Belfodil, 20 yo, according to Sky Italy. Exploring the chance to sign him in June

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  45. Thala

    What arsenal should do this winter:-
    1. Make Theo sign a new Contract.
    2. Sell santos, fabby , squid, arshavin, chamack
    3. buy a Decent LB[ who knows 2 defend ]Gibbs makes lot of bad positioning .
    4. Buy a CDM as arteta is not doing a good job, cant blame him as he not a CDM.
    4. Buy a Creative Winger .

    No need for striker as we have Giroud , poldi and Theo.

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  46. goooooner8

    sign up theo play him up front

    sign a tricky attacking midfielder arda turan, isco ,goteze

    luke shaw as a back up for gibbs

    butland back up for schzzz

    solid dm whos tall and physical

    keeps taps on zaha and will hughes for the summer transfer window

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  47. gunnerider

    how i wish nasri’s red card was to send him in da midst of die hard Arsenal fan like me, he’ll be forced to love red not see red freaking muppet! Gunners 4 life. Luck and load and lets fire our way deep into new year and way past Bayern. Compliment of the season to all you true Arsenal fans out here!!!!!!!!!

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  48. S.H

    I can understand people’s pessimism over Wenger actually buying players, but the difference between now and a few years back, is Wenger is publicly announcing that he will be busy with transfers. Gazidis the same. Why would they dig a hole for themselves if they have no plans in purchasing? We should use more logic. Early Jan will see players sold first I believe, with buys coming later on, but then again, if negotiations are advanced, we could buy first knowing that players will definitely be sold with pre-contracts in place to allow them to leave.

    Arshavin will be gone – do we promote Eisfeld, Gnabry or
    Aneke or do we buy? That is the question

    Squid will be gone, I hope Djourou follows the same path, but something tells me Djourou will stay.

    Chamakh is a tough one. I believe his sale will be tied with our ability to offload Bendtner. Hopefully we can sell both, but at least 1 of them is a must leave! I prefer pissing off the Dane. At least chamakh has more respect for the club and has been an Arsenal supporter since he was young.

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  49. dude

    Hope wenger will open his dusty & creaky wallet in jan wimdow to buy if not we are (touch wood)only a few injuries away from disaster.Fact

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  50. T2T

    Starting XI:
    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere
    AOX, Walcott, Podolski
    Subs: Mannone, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Diaby, Rosicky, Arshavin, Giroud

    This is a line up and bench as good as anyone bar ManC. In addition, we have players such as Arshavin, Ramsey, Coquelin, Miyaichi, Frimpong, Gervinho, Djourou, Campbell, Bendtner, Miquel. With only Diaby injured of anyone close to a starting line up, we are in a very unusual situation.
    We probably need to buy a GK, a left back, and striker. I know many are calling for a DM as well but if we do buy one, Frimpong needs to be moved on. However, just as important is who will leave? It seems like we currently have racked up a relatively large number of “older” players who don´t get to play much – Squillaci being The Example. Bendtner and Denilson should also be sold. Another question is; where has Miquel gone? He hardly gets a game in any competition. He looked like a class act 1-2 years ago.
    “Older” players who don´t play should be moved on. They are usually on a higher pay as well as we should look to give younger players the opportunities.

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  51. danny1077

    I have heard murmurs that any business done in jan will be loan moves. A friend who has working links to arsenal has hinted although she cant actually say there is an italian club with an exceptional player ready to do a loan deal with arsenal. This i think is sneijder and would definitely fit into the wenger thinking of loan moves recently and would be a way of taking a player who adds value in a way we can afford. Only down side is it would be a shop window signing as we wouldnt sign him on a permenant deal due to the wage demand so man u will be having a good look for a summer signing.All seems credible to me but then with arsenal you never know, we ned to start acting like the big club we ae al lead to believe we are.

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  52. Ali

    Every time i see van Persie score, i get hurt.. so please bring in Javier Hernandez from united he is quality, hes not even in the first 11 and has scored 10 goals or so, he wants to leave so bring him in. and more quality players, obviously.

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  53. TRM

    It is hard to really know who arsenal want because they move in mysterious ways when it comes to transfer dealings. In figurative terms, Arsenal,need to release appox £14.5m pa worth of wages before they are serious about bringing in top players. Get Arshavin over at Fulham, Chamak to QPR, and Squlliac back to France – this is realistic in my eyes.
    If Arsene truly believes Arsenal can compete in 2 years, than this season you are looking at going as far as in the Champions League whilst giving them young guns valuable experience and holding down a top 4th spot. I agree Arsenal are not able to compete yet at the top But they have some top young guns. Walcott is showing why Asraenal invested heavily into a 16yo. AOX is already ahead of progress, jenkinson has already achieved more this season than was planned for him and Gibbs and Wilshire have looked to have put injury problems behind them and are showing they are both a true asset to the 1st team. So considering these players and Arsene believe we are 2 years from completing at the top, I would like to bring in W.Zara to be one of them young guns ready for a full assult when the time comes. Complement this with some top signings in the next 18months and the future could be rosey

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  54. Chris

    Surely it is obvious that if the club sign an expensive central striker, Walcott will move. That is why everything hinges on him signing a new contract before any other signings are made. Clearly the club have enough midfielders with the exception of a fit defensive midfielder and a second left back.

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  55. abshir

    i do not believe that because wenger is always habituated to say i will be busy before the transfer window opens but when the transfer window opened he said i am not in the market i have a good squad and also i have a talented youngest that is what we learned before i am telling him with arsene wenger saying is very easy but doing is very had

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