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Arsenal boss reveals his RW options – All two of them

Not only have Arsenal had to deal with more injury problems than all of our Premier League rivals over the last 10 years, but we also seem to lose players from the same area of the pitch at the same time, making the job of selecting a strong and well balanced side something of a nightmare for Arsene Wenger.

And it has happened again. First of all it seemed to be the midfield area that was being decimated, especially once Aaron Ramsey and Mikel Arteta joined Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere in the treatment room. But three of those Arsenal players have often been used in the wide areas as well, so when we lost Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain this week during the Capital One Cup defeat, it became the right wing that was left desperately short looking.

There have been a number of ideas put forward to deal with this, such as pushing a full back into a more advanced role, but the boss has explained in a report on the Arsenal website why he will not be doing this. He feelsd it is bad enough having to make changes in one position and if he then started messing with other parts of the team it could unbalance the whole thing.

So the Frenchman has admitted that he only has two realistic options open to him for the Premier League game away to Swansea City.

Wenger said, “Campbell and Alex Iwobi. Santi can play there as well but he has become very important centrally. The problem sometimes is that you can destroy two departments if you move one player out. We control the ball better with Santi in the middle.”

So there you go Gooners, but which one of them should get the nod?

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23 thoughts on “Arsenal boss reveals his RW options – All two of them

    1. Goonsquad8

      Agreed let him get a run with the 1st team I guarantee his play will be elevated. And we KNOW he’ll put a shift in and work defensively with bellerin no matter what. Iwobi physically doesn’t look ready to me just yet

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  1. Subi

    A stronger right side in my opinion would be Debuchy on RB and Bellerin as a winger. Bellerin is great going forward and both guys are also trained defenders so it wont be easy for Montero if he plays.

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Debauchy is a calamity when defending. Joel and Hector together can well handle whoever rolls down that flank…

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      1. Subi

        So far im just not convinced if Joel is good enough. But with our options atm I must say I think you are right. On the other hand if Debuchy is injury free and gets a good run of games I think he is a good RB. But against Montero he is not ready, I agree.

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        1. NY_Gunner

          Thing about Joel is, that everyone seems to think he’s got a bunch of 1st team matches under his belt. He doesn’t. This would be his 1st EPL start. If he were anyone else, people would be sayin he needs a run of games to gel with the team. He does, but just have been getting a few minutes here and there . Not enough…

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  2. GbollyB

    As for me I prefer Iwobi cos he’s more direct and attack more with the ball but Campbell defends more anyway,but I think bellerin Is cute to cover up,so we need a player that is more direct.

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  3. Cashleycol

    Give JC a chance… He’s matured n knows if he mesess it up he won’t get another shot.. Throw him into deep end…. Might do us a Bellerin or Le Coq..
    Too Gud to just replace….

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  4. Greg

    I wish serge gnabry wasnt out on loan, he could have played in that RW position!

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    1. NY_Gunner

      Problem with Serge is, he gets frustrated too easily. Plus he doesn’t have much of an engine…

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  5. Fatboy Gooney

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  6. Zulu-boy-SA

    If Campbel grabs his chance and performs like Hector did, then Oxlade or Ramsey are never getting that position back.

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  7. Godswill

    Am praying for Campbell to do a Bellerin. Arsenal will be the winner.

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  8. Ks-Gunner

    Dont right players off without even giving them a chance to play. Campbell can do it. Wenger said that he was one of some other reason why he didnt go for Martial ( CRAZY excuse) so lets see if the kid can back this up just a tiny bit.

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  9. themadhurata

    we was awful against Wednesday but JC wasn’t the worst. not a fan of awobi. actually I think he is awful. JC shows signs he can step up. he is just suffering from a lack of confidence. he has the heart to do well. he should just go out and enjoy it.

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  10. Twig

    Sanchez with Gibbs on the LW
    Bellerin with Sanchez on the LW and Debuchy at RB
    Flamini with Sanchez at RW

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  11. Wilshegz

    Joel Campbell in RW.. There is no need ruining two positions by playing Santi there and Flamini in CM or Gibbs on LW and Alexis on RW.. Or Bellerin in RW and Debuchy in RB against Montero, Douglas Costa, Lamela.

    Joel Campbell in RW is the obvious solution and he needs the gametime as well plus he does support defense which is crucial to playing in front of Bellerin.
    Iwobi can come in the 76th minute or Flamini so Santi moves there.

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