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Arsenal boss shows true class with David Bowie tribute

Ever since Arsene Wenger arrived as the and relatively unheard of new manager of Arsenal Football Club, almost 20 years ago now, he has often surprised us Arsenal fans and the football world in general with the way he has done things.

Whether you agree with all those things or not is another matter but you would have to admit that he has been true to his own principles and has always done things his own way and the way he thinks is the right way. And during his press conference this morning the Frenchman gave some of the credit for that approach to the amazing musician that was David Bowie, after the sad news of Bowie’s death hit the news.

You can see Wenger´s press conference on the Arsenal website and obviously most of the things he spoke about were directly related to football issues and things happening around the club. But the prof has often spoken about life outside of football and he is an educated man. As well as that he has real class and he showed that once again with his warm words about the late great David Bowie.

Wenger said, “I am a fan of his music of course, but I am not a specialist enough to assess his musical quality. I must say the message he gave to my generation was very important because it was after the Second World War and it was basically – be strong enough to be yourself. That is a very strong message and very important for my generation.”

Well done Arsene and R.I.P. Bowie. Wham bang thank you man!

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal boss shows true class with David Bowie tribute

  1. Greg

    Much respect to Le professor for paying tribute to the passing of a true music icon! RIP DAVID BOWIE!

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  2. davidnz

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  3. Davros

    My favourite songs were:
    1. lets dance
    2. space oddity
    3. ashes to ashes
    4. starmam
    5. changes
    6. young americans
    7. under pressure

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    1. Davros

      oh and gene jeanie and ziggy stardust

      btw- listening tp Young Americans while i type this comment

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