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Arsenal boss spotted in Paris as race to replace Alexis kicks on

Arsene Wenger has been snapped in Paris on deadline day, as Arsenal desperately seek a player to replace Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean forward looks to have agreed terms with Manchester City over a deadline day switch today, leaving our club with £60 Million to find a replacement in the next seven hours.

The two most strongly linked with a big-money move to the Emirates are Julian Draxler and Thomas Lemar.

The German international has been claimed to be keen on staying with Paris Saint-Germain as he looks to fight for a place in the side, but Lemar on the other hand has previously been said to be keen on the switch.

Arsenal failed to agree a fee with Monaco for his signature previously, but are now expected to come in with a much larger bid in order to tempt them to part ways with one of their few remaining key players of last season.

Wenger is claimed to have been pictured in Paris which could mean he is headed for talks with either Monaco or PSG, but we will have to wait and see if we can strike either deal.

Who would be the better signing? Julian Draxler or Thomas Lemar?

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55 thoughts on “Arsenal boss spotted in Paris as race to replace Alexis kicks on

  1. gunnerman8701

    ?????? I don’t think anyone is interested in who comes and goes anymore. Finish outside the top 10 might be what’s required for Wenger to go. It will be a long season.

    1. Lagos Gunner

      BREAKING – Arsenal have offered £92m (€100m) to sign Thomas Lemar from Monaco.

      SOURCE – Sky Sports

      Now that’s what i’m talking about!!!!!!

    2. Viera Lyn

      In other Arsenal news, our team seems to be rounding nicely into form, with a productive off-season and several new additions already settling in, there seems to be a renewed sense of confidence in the air…our well-oiled machine has conducted business again early this year, so we can just sit back, kick our feet up and watch all those other suckers scramble to make panic moves in the 11th hour…of course, we need to tie up a few loose ends but our team of savvy negotiators, under the tutelage of our faithful leader, will perform their usual magic with ample time to spare…I have to laugh when I look around the soccer world and see all those teams look upon us with envy and scorn as they struggle to mimic our seemingly infallible business model…thank goodness the powers that be had the foresight and fortitude to resist the temptations of the modern football era…instead of listening to all the experts and simply taking the easy way out by making the necessary improvements on the field and in the front office, we chose the path never traveled…we are truly pioneers in our field…sometimes you just have to have faith in the people that have always conducted themselves in a respectful and honest fashion…most fans aren’t so fortunate, they will never know what it’s like to follow a team that treats everyone in and around the club as if they were an extended member of the family…all for one I say…so when you wake up this morning, please try not to gloat when you see rival fans pacing back and forth waiting for their respective teams to pull the usual panic buys, just say nothing and be thankful that it isn’t you…like I’ve always said, this is why you stay the course…this is when the real benefits of having someone in charge for over 2 decades really pays off…then I woke up and realized it was just a dream…

  2. Konstantin Mitov

    #WengerOut! If he could stay at Paris that’d be best. Draxler and Lemar are both good players, and I don’t believe we’ll give 90 million for a player. As good as Lemar is he’s had one good season and unless he is the new Neymar, his value will hardly be as high and as we all know, it’s all money we care about. Draxler is more likely money wise, but why on earth would he want to join us anyway? Same for Lemar though. And then again WengerOut!

    1. gotanidea

      If Arsenal spend all the money for Lemar, it would be a big mistake. I have seen Lemar played several times (for Monaco and France) and he produced nothing special.

      They should spend the big money for Draxler, VVD, Rafinha, Ricardo Pereira and Jean Seri. But apparently those players are unwilling to join us, only Lemar wants to come.

      1. Quantic Dream

        We should spend nothing if Wenger is still in charge. They will all end up deadwoods in a year.

    1. bran99

      France vs Netherlands game people, he’d live the club under anoyone’s hands including Ramsey but he must commentate a France game while the rest of the clubs are making final buys to strengthen their clubs

    1. neil

      lets get Draxler and Lemar… ! Ox gone .. what loyalty he has shown after 6 shit year and also those injuries… also Sanchez can go if we get these two!


      Making an Offer and seeing it through are two different things. Wenger won’t spend that kind of money.

  3. Lugdush

    So alexis is gone and we dont have a proper replacement…we have more money than when the transfer period started and we have a worst team than last season…alexis was going to leave and we all knew it…all but not wenger, and now the club sell him and have a couple of hours to get a replacement, probably a panic buy in a veeery inflated prize because of our necessity and desesperation…how can a club, a so rich club, could be managed by a team of so unprofessional people?? Its unbeleabable!! This is not a mistake, an unexpected misfortune…this is a circus, a huge laugh to all us fans…f** lyers

    1. Break-on-through

      Looks like this season is about clearing the decks. We do need it cleared, and we need to be right about who we bring in because we cannot allow the same thing to happen all over.

      1. Wolf

        True that, At least some of the deadwood has been cleared. And if we going to bring in no point buying cheap. Pay for Lamar and with our other two signinngs we can start to build from there. Wenger will be out no end of this season.

  4. ozil10

    I hope we don’t sign anyone… Plz…. Signing a few players will shift the focus of Ars fans… We are the most gullible fans.. Selling Alexis & signing LEMAR, tell me how can that make us title contenders suddenly?… But fans will be excited if we sign LEMAR…. Kroenke & Wenger know this & they are gonna take advantage of this… We might win a few games initially bcoz of the positivity but the same old problem will come back once things calm down… Stay united & protest against Wenger & Kroenke irrespective of who they sign

    1. neil

      we were never going to be contenders this year… ehen will arsenal fans wake up and realise we dont have a right to win anything! Unless we get an owner happy to send £250mn every year then Stan will run as a business !

  5. Gundam

    Would be nice to go for a midfield option… Shame Bayern got Tolisso for peanuts compared to what we want to pay for Lemar. Just an example of a solid player. Plus we got his team mate. Are there any players left who would improve the midfield is more the question. And I don’t mean Carvalho again. Cleary we are done with him.

    1. Break-on-through

      Liv starting a bidding war maybe, with Coutinho money. Klopp has done that allot over the years, and Liv. We never come in late trying to steal their targets but they done it allot over the years. VVD doesn’t count, we’ve shown interest in him since Celtic.

      1. RSH

        There’s definitely bad blood between Arsenal and Liverpool boards when it comes to transfers. If we get Lemar then Coutinho stays at LFC for sure. I’m sure Liverpool fans are happy with that. I’m glad were stealing their target though, and they’ll have to make it work with a player that doesnt want to be there. I don’t think our VVD interest was very real this summer though. We’ve focused more on getting rid of deadweight than finding a defender. We were just in for Jonny Evans 24hrs ago.

  6. mikki

    Let’s watch and see,there’s a report that says that arsenal is monitoring seri but Wenger is yet formalized the deal,(approved) we should be not be looking for replacement all the time….look at other big clubs they continue to buy qualities players to the ones they already have not looking for replacement when the better one is on the move…..we have to change this policy or arsenal we remain stagnant for years,having lemar lacaz,Sanchez is not something bad,the same old arsenal….

  7. Mertinho

    Lemar doesn’t change a thing!
    Even if he comes have you all forgotten the past decade under Wenger and the Board???

    Plus think about it:
    – Deadline day
    – Overpaying for a player which isn’t nearly as good yet as what we are about to lose to one of our rivals
    Smells like desperation and a panic buy to me just to keep the fans quiet, what we really need to do is continue our #WengerOut #KroenkeOut #GazidisOut…

    Don’t let the people who are ruining this club sit comfortably for even a second until they have gone! Nothing will piss me off more then to see fans content with this transfer window when we have been lied to from the start, we haven’t sorted the defence or midfield and we have given ourselves no chance of winning the league.

    1. RSH

      I dont care how much we pay for a player. It’s just the fact he couldve been gotten for FAR cheaper if AFC actually had summer plans. Alexis future shouldve been decided after FA Cup. Instead we flip flop the entire summer and rush for a replacement. If we got Lemar earlier in the window we couldve also had some cash to get a midfielder also, because lets not forget were stuck with Ramsey and Xhaka in midfield. Mustafi situation was plain old bizzare, we got good money for Ox but the whole thing was again handled poorly… oh and Arsene is STILL there. You are right, we remain a mess… BUT getting rid of a disgruntled Alexis and getting Lemar in return is still a good move. At least Arsenal are FINALLY spending big big money. I was so tired of this club pretending they were broke.

  8. USAGooner

    Monaco accept Arsenal bid of $90 mil for Lemar. Deal will be done soon.

    Draxler on loan to AFC next But only if Sanchez goes.

  9. Mmadueke

    selling Sanchez for £60 and buying lemar for £92 doesn’t make sense to me……this is just a serious case of one step forward and two steps backward.

  10. gotanidea

    If Arsenal spend all the money for Lemar, it would be a big mistake. I have seen Lemar played several times (for Monaco and France) and he produced nothing special.

    They should spend the big money for Draxler, VVD, Rafinha and Jean Seri. But apparently those players are unwilling to join us, only Lemar wants to come.

  11. Ted

    I don’t c any better solution than changing the management. I don’t know what is going on with the arsenal board, Wenger out….let be without manager the whole season and the lads will maintain better record than under wenger….


    Wait for the excuse when Wenger fail to sign anyone before the Transfer Window Shuts tonight. Wenger and Co ( the Board) will tell the Fans we tried but due to time constraints we could not sign anyone we will now have to wait until January. Then come January Wenger and Co will tell the Fans it is hard to do Business in the January window we will wait until the Summer Transfer Window. So by Christmas Arsenal will be in 16th place just above the relegation zone in premier league. Wenger and Co OUT.

  13. Simon

    Lamar will come, next game he is benched. Fullish coach. Why not paying £60Mil when there was no competion?

  14. Billwilliam

    We seem(not seeming but have) a problem with management largely and partly with the mid-field.I would not blame the defence to this extend. Our attach looks good but they are not performing well because of Wengertitis. I hope this can be fixed ASAP

  15. jon fox

    Suppose for a moment that Wenger actually does sign Lemar and Draxler – in a fantasy world – he is bound to play LEMAR at left back, with Draxler in goal, Ozil at centre back, etc etc . But then where will BELLERIN play. Why, striker of course!

  16. Sandeep

    I am fed up of Wenger same story every year rather than getting player he wants waits for last moment to get the left player,when you need to strength your required area get the plan early set your target pay the price but Wenger just makes us suffer​.

  17. Okoro E Alaebi

    I expected Arsenal fans will learn from previous season and do not expect anything new from spineless, greedy owner, senile coach, and mediocre board of directors. To them Arsenal was never a football club only money making venture @ that they are doing a poor job. So let’s assume Lemar and Draxler come will it make any difference? Who knows @ least some clubs waited 50years before winning d league who knows Arsenal might wait a century to win. If d club does not go on relegation, it will be by a stroke of chance. I know many do not expect much from d mediocres we call a team. Wenger is a disgrace d only coach who rather than having trophies in his cabinet has achives and he is called one of d best coaches in d world. I hope we d fans wake up from our delusion. All we will get this season is relegation d earlier we accept our faith d better.

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