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Arsenal boss to back red carded Xhaka with Ludogorets start

Although some Arsenal fans and plenty of people in the football press have been hammering the Switzerland international Granit Xhaka for his performance against Swansea City in which he was sent off for a tackle on Modou Barrow, the manager was quick to back his big summer signing.

Arsene Wenger is never usually one to criticise his players in public, but as well as not doing that the Frenchman explained that he thought that the tackle only merited a yellow card as it was not dangerous or malicious and was the Swansea player was not exactly in on goal but somewhere out wide near the halfway line.

Those comments from Wenger will surely be welcomed by Xhaka but I think the boss needs to go further and boost his spirits by starting the Swiss midfielder in our next game, which is at home to Ludogorets Razgrad in the Champions League on Wednesday.

Francis Coquelin is going to start the Premier League match against Middlesborough on Saturday anyway, so it might be a good idea to0 keep the Frenchman as fresh as possible and the European tie against the Bulgarians wouls suit Xhaka’s more adventurous game as well.

Most important, however, is to keep the players’ confidence up so after some heavy criticism, do you think Wenger will start Xhaka again this week?


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10 thoughts on “Arsenal boss to back red carded Xhaka with Ludogorets start

  1. Harold

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    1. Juhislihis McLovin

      Why does it require half a season to prove one’s worth if it only takes one red card to be judged as not worthy?

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  2. Onochie

    I think wenger is doing the right thing by starting him again,it will boost his confidence and he would see it that such mistakes wasn’t repeated again thereby putting his best for the team,depending on the outcome of the game,I think at second half Le coq needs to come on. Please what has happened to Perez?

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  3. mobaygunner

    Leave it up to mornino to ruin ur monday…this game is boring as f@@k….give me arsenal vs scums down the lane anyday of the week..or even Liverpool and everton…this game is a waste of time so far

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    1. RSH

      master bus parker, only media is shocked because the amount of hype surrounding the game was ridiculous. He did the same thing with Chelsea. Everyone knew to avoid watching Chelsea vs United match because it was always horrendous. Now he’s gone and ruined another big fixture. Good result for us tho, heh.

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      1. mobaygunner

        Yes definitely a good result for us…still cant stand this buss parking tho

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  4. Tich

    am I the only one who thinks gibbs should be given a chance because monreal is having a difficult time . look at Liverpool goals, Willian vs Chelsea, barrow vs Swansea, cavani goal vs psg, pereraya goal vs Watford. I think he is being stretched alot and there is no cover for him

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  5. Wilshegz

    Trying to figure out who should be rested without unsettling the team and being complacent.

    Alexis needs the rest most cos he played all international break games for Chile and returned later than the Europeans.

    Walcott next on line in need of rest cos he is Walcott and is the most fragile starter, most prone to injury.

    Iwobi: he is still getting used to playing every 3days.

    Bellerin,Mustafi,Koscielny,GIBBS ;
    Xhaka,COQUELIN ;
    Ozil,Cazorla,OX ;

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    1. RSH

      I like that lineup. Wish Bellerin could get some rest, but we have absolutely not backup, :/. Jenko back in training at least. (I don’t think Debuchy was put in UCL squad either)

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