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Arsenal boss urges youngsters to grasp first-team opportunity

Arsene Wenger has named a young squad to travel to Belarus for tonight’s Europa League clash with BATE Borisov, and has told his Arsenal youngsters to take advantage of any opportunity they are given.

The French manager is quoted as revealing that only a maximum of two youngsters will start the 6PM kick-off tonight, but the bench will be littered with inexperienced hopefuls eyeing a chance to impress.

Arsenal have left nine first-team regulars in the United Kingdom with one eye on the weekend’s home clash with Brighton, but the starting line-up is still expected to retain a balance between raw ability and experience as we take on BATE.

Wenger has urged his future stars to take their chance should they be chosen to feature, whether it be for the entire match or even 20 minutes, as you will not get an unlimited occasions to prove your worth.

“This is the kind of job you do not get 10 opportunities to play for Arsenal. When you get it, even if they only get 20 minutes, you have to convince people you have the qualities to do it and you have the courage to play and show your qualities,” Wenger said..

“There is always an uncertainty. We know in training, you see in training that the player has the quality. Yes, he is here because he has the qualities. After, to show it during competition is something different. And in my experience, you only discover that during the competition,” the Frenchman added.

Reiss Nelson and Ashley Maitland-Niles are expected to be the two youngsters given the nod to start in Borisov, but the latter may well be considered a first-team squad member, and could well be joined with another inexperienced star.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing feature tonight? Will Nelson be given the chance to shine in his favoured attacking role?

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16 thoughts on “Arsenal boss urges youngsters to grasp first-team opportunity

  1. Kamikaze

    Anyone who knows the players who have travelled or the probable line up?…i would like to bet on us winning!

  2. arsenal4life

    Llike to see Adelaide Mcguane
    Nketiah Nawakali Zelalem Niles
    Nelson Vlad Bola Iliev Moore
    all start.

  3. drew loves arsenal

    Wenger will play nelson at rwb and niles at lwb, completely out of position, and still expected to perform…

    1. Break-on-through

      I think fans need to realize that every manager, every one of them, plays players out of position.

      Fair enough if you’re just protesting that playing someone whom is not at all suited to the position, that’s one thing.

      But we’ve got some fans in here that talk about it being wrong to even make a choice to put a player in a different position. They have it down as one of Wenger’s cons, playing players in other positions. That is when they’re wrong because every manager has done it plenty and every new manager will go on to do it.

  4. arsenal4life

    Yes it is an opportunity
    to get on the home grown
    quota gravy train.
    3 places have just come available too.
    3 of the old English core Gibbs Chamberlain Jenko
    were all total failures yet all got between 50 – 200 games
    and got paid 40-100k p/w no matter how badly they played.
    Grand dad Wilshere (9years a pro) now on 90k p/w despite a disastrous career.
    Welbeck (injured) Chambers Holding Iwobi Walcott (10 years)Ramsey
    are all on the high pay low expectation shuffle.
    So 3 juicy Arsenal gravy train cards up for grabs.
    Whoops…I forgot Asano the Japanese Messi.
    2 places then.

  5. Vlad

    Would like to see Wilshere, Nelson, Niles, Holding, and even Akpom. Youngsters need the minutes, and they should be able to get the job done. Hopefully no one gets injured, and the regulars will get the rest they need for the Sunday clash against BHA.

  6. Ivan

    I would love it if Wenger did give Reiss Nelson and Ashley Maitland-Niles a game in their favoured positions rather than the wing back roles which we do not seem to have anybody else to cover.
    It would be great if one or both then came through in to the first team as we have not had many who have come through from the youth set up succesfully under Wenger.
    By successful in Wengers 21 years I can only think of three, Cashley Cole, Cesc, and Hector who have had a good career and two of them are really known for their achievements at other clubs.
    I don’t count Wilshire as successful as he has averaged playing a little more than ten league games a season since he had his debut and has scored less than a goal a season.

    1. Break-on-through

      My money’d be on Niles. And I reckon Mavididi will outstrip Nelson for game-time over next couple of seasons.

      Still waiting on Beilik, he should make a huge push, for a fist team place, because I reckon we are not altogether air tight back there, so he has a shot if he wants it bad enough.

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Chambers makes his way back, he’s looked confident and concentrated the last couple of times Ive seen him. What happened with Holding, he came in and helped solidify us some, making it all the way to a great team performance in the final. To now all of a sudden without any confidence, whilst Chambers got a boost, wonder if that decision to drop one for the other one by Pierce had anything to do with it. Holding should have been brimming, he should have felt in great form for the football ahead. Chambers I’m happy if he can make it of course, but I feel someone hasn’t handled Holding properly.

  7. Vijay

    Ancelotti sacked after 3-0 defeat in CL…We were humiliated 10-2 on aggregate last season and the board gave wenger an extension and a raise…club ambitions..

    1. Break-on-through

      And we are similar in wealth to Bayern, we pay similar wages too.

      They have one big advantage though, and it is a big one, they get the pick of Germany’s crop. Also a couple of surrounding countries.

      No doubt about it though, they have ambition to be the best throughout Europe. Our player bonuses tell us where our ambitions lay.

  8. Break-on-through

    This is the first time Ive heard Arsene say something that sounds stupidly simplistic. “To show it during competition is something different, and in my experience you only discover that during competition”. WTF!

    1. Antikach

      Wenger has proved all ya f**king ass wipes who only know how to criticize every move he makes. Every coach plays players out of position, sometimes for tactical reasons and sometimes because of d players he has at his disposal. Learn to support n encourage ur team and stop this negativity always. Dumb p***ys

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