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Arsenal braced for triple transfer swoop from Euro giants

We need to hope that the Arsenal and Spanish international star Hector Bellerin meant what he said recently when the Arsenal transfer rumours linking him with a possible return to his former club Barcelona started popping up in the football press once again.

Those reports may well have come up again as the two clubs were set to meet in the Champions League knockout phase and the talented young right back made himself a firm favourite with the Arsenal fans with some very favourable words about the club and a declaration that he was very happy here and had not plans to move on.

According to The Sun, though, the resolve of the players as well as that of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board could be sorely tested this summer and not just from Barcelona either.

Apparently the news from the Spanish media is that Arsenal face very strong transfer interest in Bellerin from Pep Guardiola’s current club Bayern Munich and the one he is moving to Man City. Carlo Ancelotti is supposedly set to replace the Spanish manager at the German champions this summer and along with Guardiola the Italian is one of the most highly respected bosses in the business.

And those are three of the biggest and most successful clubs around with some serious spending power to boot, so will Arsenal be able to fend off their interest in one of our best players?

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal braced for triple transfer swoop from Euro giants

  1. stevenaive

    He’s said he’s committed to stay and as long as he’s happy he has no reason to go. Just typical big Spanish club bluster to try and unsettle him and Arsenal.

    1. muda

      Its simple deal, give us Lewandowski or Aguaro and you can have our very own Ferrari. Its called trade by batter. You have what we need and we have what you want.

    2. frisco

      How in the earth Walcott get 140k a week, Wiltshire 110K a week without any significant contribution to Arsenal and Bellerin get 25K a week? Just don’t blame him if he leave.

  2. Trevor

    If I’m honest, I don’t see Bellerin staying at Arsenal for his entire career. It would be wonderful, but it’s never gonna happen. The lad looks all set to being recognised as one of the best three fullbacks in the game. He is already above so many players who have much more experience, he’s heading to the very top. How many teams or managers would say no right now to Bellerin. He will be at Barcelona one day, this is a certainty.

  3. Tas

    any of the two top teams in Spain click their fingers and players go running,

    cant blame them better salaries guaranteed silver and a wonderful country to live in with a swimming pool in the garden which you can use at least 5 months of the year what more can you ask for,

    to lure them to the epl we in London have more of a chance then most other countries or city’s we match the salaries and silverware and London is a wonderful city to live in for the age group of most footballers,

    But you would need a club with huge ambition to splash the cash

    Speculate to accumulate

  4. ras911

    OT: Okay, what’s with the Xhaka rumors lately?!?!?! I just read an article by the Daily Mirror quoting him to have spoken with Le Coq about him wearing number 34 at Arsenal in his stead.

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      The Arsenal scouts have apparently watched him 30 times this season. .. But there’s also a report suggesting that Wenger is reluctant to pay the asking price, £35 million.

      1. Tas

        they watched him only 30 times lol
        now they will ask him to come for trials like they did with the great Zlatan Ibrahimovic

        1. 007

          30 times only? I watched him twice and knew he would easy displace Flamini, Arteta and Coq in the team.

            1. 007

              lol. How I would love to have that job, watch players a bunch of times and get paid and in the end inform the team that he is no good.

  5. Drew

    Honestly, if I was a Bellerin, and barcelona came to me with an offer, I’d leave, unless Wenger offered me 80000k pwk and put in WRITING that he would buy at least 3 players with a total of at least 60 million pounds NET spend in the summer! why stay for 4th spot and last 16 champions league?

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    At the end of the day, if a club puts in a big enough offer for Bellerin, You can be sure that Arsenal will sell him, regardless of the players wishes.

    I guess that the biggest offer would come from city,
    £40 million would see the deal done.

    1. WOS

      I agree to let bellerine go for this price if that means we will get a top striker with that money
      And we can get aurier to replace him in the RB

      1. 007

        Arsenal can buy a top class striker minus selling the best RB in the world in the making.

        We should look to build on these kind of players and not sale them, its like dare I say it Spurs considering to sale Ali or kane. We can have both Aurier and Bellarin and still buy a WC player, the club owes the fans that much.

        1. Fatboy Gooney

          Hahaha ?
          What… The same fan’s that Wenger chooses to ignore?
          Yeah Right! ???

          Keep deluding yourselves, When Kroenke has already stated that it’s all about the money!
          If a big enough offer comes in for any of our star’s,
          They will be sold and replaced with a freebie! ??

          #Show me the Money!

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