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Arsenal can and MUST heap misery on crisis hit Man United

There has probably not been a better time for Arsenal to be heading into a match against Manchester United and needing a positive result, because as much as Arsenal may have a few key players on the injury list and are struggling for form and consistency, we are in a much better position than our next opponents.

The only thing Man United have going for them ahead of their trip to the Emirates is that they managed to scrape a win against Crystal Palace in their last Premier League game. But their injury list continues to grow and put Louis van Gaal under serious pressure, as the graphic below reveals.

united injured XI

And that is not the end of their problems by any means, because some of the players that are fit to play, such as our former captain Robin van Persie and Juan Mata are struggling for form and confidence. Then you have rumours in the press that their star man Angel Di Maria would rather have signed for the French champions PSG. This may be just the right time to check out this review of the Bet365 Sportsbook and put your free betting money on Arsenal! For further betting ideas check out my favourite online betting blog….

And just to put a little cherry on top of Man United’s cake of trouble, their financial figures have shown that they are down by a lot more money than they expected, and so van Gaal will not be allowed to spend big in January. Now is the chance for Arsenal to get some revenge and wipe the smiles off their smug faces. Hopefully the little boy will be crying like a little girl on Saturday.

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39 thoughts on “Arsenal can and MUST heap misery on crisis hit Man United

    1. Pythagoras( but you can call me pi)

      We will loose, the only injury that will make us win is not to Rooney, Di Maria or all man u players but to Wenger 🙁
      If wenger gets injured then maybe Bould or whoever will be incharge will deploy different tactics and make subs 🙁 🙁

      1. Sacrificial_Pizza

        You and all these other plastic fans saying we will lose so not deserve a team like Arsenal. Please stop supporting this club. You are not real fans. YOU are the thing pulling this club down. Go jump on Chelsea’s bandwagon, PLEASE. Just stay over there and don’t come back when the Billionaire leaves. Seriously, go

        1. sanmi.marvellous


          Learn how to tolerate opinions of others. We cannot all see things in same way. You can’t like Rome than the Romans who built their city!!!

          1. Sacrificial_Pizza

            No, I won’t tolerate a bunch of “fans” saying “Waaaaaaaah, we will lose, we are no good.” You’re supposed to get behind your team in the rough patches, dig in and support them, not give up. I don’t even want to see them back here when the ship straightens talking about how they love their Arsenal and how they always knew it would work out. These people are not fans, their bandwagon jumpers from 10 years ago that can’t back out now.

  1. dilla

    About time another team suffered as many injuries as we have. Even better that it’s Man Utd.

    C’mon this NEEDS to be the one time we destroy Utd at home!! I wanna see a good old fashion beat down to wipe the smurk off of the newly appointed bacon face in charge. Defense needs to shape up, Flamini needs to be less reckless, Santi needs to dismantle defenses, welbeck needs to replicate his England form w/ AFC, Wenger needs to remember that we have a player named Podolski who is quite good in the box. Let’s cut the bullsh*t and WIN against a top 4 side for once!!

  2. davidnz

    Arsenal should be too strong
    So many of our players are
    in good nick with few injuries.
    We just need to shut down
    Rooney and RVP and we win.

    Chambers Mertz Monreal Gibbs
    Arteta Ramsey/Wilshere
    Ox Cazorla Sanchez
    Subs. Martinez Bellerin Flamini
    Podolski Rosicky Ramsey/Wilshere Sanogo.

  3. pranavTrue Gooner

    3 Points. Nothing else is acceptable. Also i want to see welbeck score against utd and and not celebrating. That fckng little boy should feel ashamed of his previous act by seeing that sportsmanship.

  4. kia_SA

    No matter who they field, we are playing Man Utd… Playing them is always a mental challenge for us, seeing that we haven’t beaten them since the Ice Age! We need to go into this game with the players saying to themselves, “we are playing Man Utd”, and not, “we are playing a WEAK Man Utd”… Complacency is something Arsenal always seem to be associated with…

      1. Goonsquad

        It is true that United seem to be a bogey team but the time is right to pounce. Especially with the injuries they have. Blind, Carrick and De Gea are all doubtful AND it’s a home game. We’re not at our best right now but they are not the team of old.

  5. ergs

    We are not very good bottom line this game could have any result!
    Utd on paper are as good as us currently.

  6. Ronny331

    Add di maria to the list 🙂 guess he got injured last nigfh playing against portugal at old Trafford, (ironic). Check out physio room.

  7. LT

    Dont get too carried away because our defence is not in the best shape. If we had the same defence that we did last season then I would be confident of a victory. The important thing is to keep them in their own third and minimise the number of times they can come at our not so strong defence.

  8. Solerdeus

    I sense a draw but hopefully Sanchez can prove me wrong….The only advantage i see is we are at home plus we have Alexis the fox inside the box….Fingers crossed


    I think the Gunners should be thoughtful to be careful and take their time not be brainwashed by Man Utd on and off the field problem. Arsenal are yet to convincingly beat a Man Utd side in recent games. Arsenal managed to win just 2 out10 big games throughout last season when they beat Liverpool and Spurs at the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners have played 3 big games already so far this season with Man City, Tottenham hotspur and Chelsea. But could only managed to take only 1 points out the possible 9 points at stake in those 3 games. Even the Gunners were unable to beat a medium or should I say a mediocre Everton team at the Goodison park early on this season. The Gunners lack of success in the big and even in the mediocre games hindered the Gunners from lifting the Barclays Premier League trophy last season, when they missed it by some whiskers of points. Consequently, I want the Gunners to be more resolved ever than before to beat Man Utd at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday. Winning this game could eventually boost the moral of the Gunners and might even serve as a springboard for them to start winning other big games. So, let we the Gooners become bulished after the game.

  10. Jazlon

    Guys I don’t want to sound negative or daft:/, but what if United beats us with their half team? what the hell is that say about our team.
    We have sanchez, welbeck, walcot, ox, ramsey, etc. We gonna truly establish ourselves as the b#tches of the top 4. Seriously.

    I have noticed our mentality against united, its like “here we go again we”ll get beaten anyway'”

    Im truelly hoping that we have our mojo saterday and blasssssssssst them away, beat dortmand and get our damn season up and running.

    I lovvveeeee arsenal, but we really need to stop being predictable, and become men. Cause for some time we have looked like school boys, or some spoilt brats.

    Gosh how I mis the invincibles, I had the assurance before hand that we’ll dominate any team set before us injury wrecked or fully fit, we blew away any team.

    Anyway im hoping for a two positive results on Saturday and Tuesday


  11. cheeterspotter

    I can smell the fear in your blogs you lot,I hope the team don’t on saterday.
    This man u team should be ripe for plucking so go for it you gooners and beat them bad.

  12. Ronny331

    We must not underestimate man u, thwy still have a major threat in mata, rooney, rvp, valencia, etc. Against our shoddy defence I expect them to score. We need to win the midfield battle and score through counter attacking. I hope the likes of walcott, ox, sanchez and welbeck,(if fit) are on point. If we don’t beat mu when they have all these injuries we could have to wait years for the sane opportunity. Coyg.

  13. Lethal Prince 9

    If only Merts and Chambers are in centre, that will comfort me. Chambers was mind blowing when he played as CB.

      1. Lethal Prince 9

        Yeah for me, surely games against Monaco, City, Crystal Palace, Besiktas, Leicester city, I always was comforted.

    1. calvinr

      Wrong mate…the last time we beat them was 2010 I think Ramsey 1-0 at the emirates, I think this game is massive, whoever wins will finish 3rd imo (not that we want to finish 3rd and I know it’s early but it’s all that’s left for us domestically this season imo) we are the arsenal we need to step up and put a performance in, last thing everyone going to the game on Saturday please try to make the atmosphere as passionate and hostile for utd as possible we need to get behind the lads…COYG

  14. Invincibles49

    If only we had a strong squad and all the cracks filled, this was the best chance to avenge the 8-2 humiliation. But we have a tendency of matching the levels and strength of a week opposition. So i expect it would be a close match as usual. Draw is unacceptable and defeat means Wenger should announce in the post match interview that he is sacking himself.

    I hope 3-0 , I expect 2-1, I fear 2-2

  15. SoOpa AeoN

    weLL Lets not pray too much for a team Like cheLski to suffer d same injury problems as we are fantasizing abt the MANure game…… Cuz it probably may not happen…… Wanna be seen as a Tough Team?….. Then beat other Top teams when all is well, bright and shiny (then take the well deserved gLory!) and not when all is doom and gloom….. BUT, beat Manure this weekend ….its one big chance but don’t go mouthing off or calling that a wonderful history afterwards

  16. Tatek

    i am an ARSENAL supporter but i must admiit any one man u play aganest as we bit as any day
    RVP and roony are inf to beat this ARSENAL team

  17. dan

    look at it another way if we beat a weakened man u team it will only paper over the cracks this is the game we want to loose then wenger has no more excuses we can protest and force him out enjoy your last game wenger!

  18. optimisticgooner

    United are in a defensive crisis after losing several players like Evans, jones, smalling, rojo, Rafael, blind, Carrick , de gea. To injuries or suspension watever, but we, arsenalfc are in a defensive crisis after only having debuchy and koscielny injured !! Some bad planning.

  19. kamn288

    i love a fully fit game consisted of qualtiy players with no exception whatsoever and judging by the look of things arsenal need to keep Rooney under control as yesterday in the Argentina match a bad foul sent Di maria into pain and he is now unsure whether the inflamed leg reduces in order to play.

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