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Arsenal can Forget about signing Zaha!

The hype surrounding the young Crystal Palace player, Wilfried Zaha, is reaching epic proportions. Arsenal fans out there should just sit back, relax and watch the circus, because there is more chance of Nicklas Bendtner beating Ronaldo and Messi to the Ballon D’Or than there is of Arsenal signing Zaha in January.

I like the kid, he is a very good player and should have a bright future ahead of him. He is, however, only 20-years old, has not played 100 league games in the second tier of English football yet, and has just been given his first international cap in a friendly, as an 83rd minute substitute. Oh, and Palace are talking about £20 million.

It is not just the fact that Arsenal would never pay that much, even if he had Premier league experience, there are two obstacles even bigger stopping his transfer to the Emirates stadium in January. Firstly, Palace don’t want to sell him and don’t need to sell him. They are currently two points clear of Cardiff at the top of the Championship and have just appointed a manger, Ian Holloway, who has a proven track record of promotion to the top tier.

The rewards on offer for reaching the Premier league dwarf any transfer fee for Zaha, and the player is happy where he is. If Palace fail to achieve promotion, they can still sell Zaha in the summer for the same, if not more, money.

The second obstacle is Manchester United. According to the Daily Mail, Darren Ferguson has told his dad, the purple one, to sign the kid and United are determined to see off any competitors. Apparently, Zaha is seen as the next Ronaldo and United will pull out all the stops to get him.

For me, Raheem Sterling is a better player now and he is three years younger, and he is over-hyped. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is better than both of them but has not had a great start to the season, that can happen with young players. The Ox looked sharp and hungry when he came on against Spurs on Saturday, so hopefully his time off has helped.

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37 thoughts on “Arsenal can Forget about signing Zaha!

  1. leo

    why stan isn’t the man

    Amid the debate of how Arsenal is run and what influence Kroenke, the Board or Arsene Wegner has on the overall approach I thought it would be interesting to see how Kroenke’s U.S. teams have performed during his ownership period. The results are very disturbing if we expect to see a meaningful change in direction at the club.

    Kroenke has material ownership of four teams in four different sports; he also owns a Lacrosse franchise which I have omitted from this review. Three of the teams are based in Denver, Colorado, the Avalanche in the National Hockey League (NHL), the Nuggets in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Rapids in the Major Soccer League (MSL). He also owns the St. Louis Rams in the National Football League (NFL) in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Kroenke purchased a 40% interest in the Rams in 1995 and bought the balance in 2010. He acquired 100% ownership of the Avalanche and Nuggets in 2000 and subsequently has turned over the ownership to his son as the NFL does not allow owners to hold a majority stake in any other sports f

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  2. leo

    why stan isn’t the man part 2
    Kroenke purchased the Rapids in 2004.

    How have these teams performed over the last 12 years? The answer is not very well. The table illustrated shows the regular season ranking. North American sports are organized into regional conferences and divisions; teams play an unbalanced schedule, i.e. they play more against teams in their division and conference, therefore the ranking is not a true league table as we know it, but still present a very good indicator of relative performance. Playoff games are ignored for this purpose.

    The general conclusion is that all of Kroenke’s teams have been mediocre at best. The Avalanche and the Rams have been some of the poorest teams in their respective sports over the last seven years. The Rapids and Nuggets have been “mid-table” and have never challenged the top. The only success his teams have had, were the Avalanche in 2001, Kroenke’s first year of ownership and therefore he had little influence and the Rams in 2001 when he was a minority owner.

    There of course of lot of other variables at play, Denver and St. Louis are “small market teams”, 19th and 21st sized cities in the U.S. the equivalent of Wolverhampton and Stoke in England. However, North American sports are designed to have a more balanced field of play. Every year in each sport, a draft of eligible players is established where the team with the worse record picks first; in the NFL especially a team can build a successful team through the draft. The Rams with nine years of high draft choices have failed to do so.

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  3. leo

    why stan isn’t the man part 3
    Also in each sport the leagues have a salary cap, i.e. there is a limit on how much you can pay players, and there is revenue sharing. It is the equivalent of Financial Fair Play, it varies enormously by sport and the rules are highly complex. Like FFP there are loopholes but combined with the draft process it is designed to give teams from smaller markets with lower revenue a chance of success.

    Kroenke’s teams have not been successful under his ownership and nor is there any apparent effort to change that. We do not know the financial story but in Denver he developed and owns the arena and football ground in which his teams play and the local TV station that broadcast their games.

    At the recent Arsenal AGM it was stated that the Board run the club and not Kroenke; I’m sure that is true but what is obvious is that the majority owner, the person who puts up the money and takes the financial risk determines the direction and the strategy of the organization and typically he then delegates the day to day affairs to a Board or a management team. If Kroenke’s record with his American teams is any indication he does not put playing success as a top priority, four teams over the last ten years not even close to winning anything. Why would we expect anything different at Arsenal?

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  4. leo

    we can get both zaha & sterling zaha can be signed for 8-12m remember ox besides zaha is a gooner & we can sign sterling for free he too is a gooner & will be available for free in a year’s time get cavani we are in talks with him his agent confirmed wage isn’t an issue a cdm & a lb sell the overpaid bench warmers that will clear the wages a bit

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  5. Gunnerineverylife

    @Leo maybe you should write two articles about Cavani and Kroenke.

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  6. Gunner

    Who wants to read them comments that are like 10 paragraphs be real people 4 lines max 🙂

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  7. Gunners

    Zaha could be a great player but we have enough wingers and i rate oxlade chamberlcain much better anyway. Also, there are lots of other good wingers if we need one

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  8. leo

    @gunnerinevery life dude just read these articles they are not mine thought i would share it with you cavani rumors are true his agent said it still it’s along way to go

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  9. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo yeah I read those infos about stan,but do you really think our board will spend 30m for Cavani?

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  10. S.H

    We bought Walcott for 9M from a lower league so what are you on about!?!?! That was 6-7 years ago so that is the equivalent of nearly 20M today. The market has gone mad over the last 5 years. That’s only an inflated price which will drop down to most likely 12-15 after negotiations. I actually think he’s worth 10-12M in the current market.

    Zaha is already ahead of Theo in the technical department. Like I keep saying, class is class regardless of the league a player plays in. Look at Jenkinson, Koz and Giroud. 2 years ago, none of them were playing top div football in their respective countries! Theo never kept possession when he was playing in a lower league. He doesn’t do it now. What makes you think he will ever do it? Zaha terrorised Man Utd. They couldn’t get the ball off him. Now what is it you said about playing in a lower league again? C’mon open your eyes BOB!

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  11. Jack WIlshere

    Giroud was supposedly worth 50m right? its just to fight off interest. Zaha would realistically be around 10m. And he might be happy at Palace now, but if Arsenal and United come calling hes going to want to go, hes said something of the sort already.

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  12. ned


    You continually knock Theo reguardless of his form, a real man can admit he may have been harsh and give him the credit he deserves

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  13. stephen187

    The ox is already a much better footballer creativity, vision and decisions..zaha strikes me as a tricky winger but the new ronaldo =l

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  14. pakibudbud

    remember Sterling already snubbed us to go to Liverpool already. Usmnov hurry up and buy, its not library.

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  15. Arunavameister

    I think Ned is right man…Give a little credit where it is due…Theo’s recent performances have been quite impressive..

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  16. dan

    No doubt zaha has a bright future ahead of him and the 20M palace are talking about is just to keep other teams away. Realistically he shdn’t b mor dan 10-12M so if walcott doesnt sign den we wud rily nid zaha

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  17. Arunavameister

    I think Ned is right man…Give a little credit where it is due…I have never been a fan of Theo…
    But his recent performances have been quite impressive…

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  18. ken

    Wonder where Chris from Cambridge is???
    remember his staements after we lost to Norwich 1-0 and how no top team would ever do that?
    Well Chris, what happened saturday night?
    Compare the two games and surely even you will admit that we created so many more chances than Manure?
    Did you hear the crowd on Saturday at the Emirates supporting their team Chris?
    Did you see the players acknowledging us at the end?
    Spuds had 10 men (Arsenes fault of course) just as we did when we beat Liverpool a few seasons ago, but we tore them apart didnt we?
    Still things need correcting at the club of course, just like Chelsky, Mnaure and Shitty.
    Funny how we havent heard from Adrian Kemp and Danny Griffiths along with you Chris, perhaps you will enlighten us with your thoughts on the above?
    On the topic of Zaha,didnt Ferguson want The Ox, Theo and Aaron? Why did they all come to gooner land? Because of Arsene and his footballing philosophy.
    I see no reason why we wouldnt go for Zaha if Arsene values him at £20,000,000 and why wouldnt the lad come to us?
    We dont buy success, we groom players into superstars.

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  19. realist

    Our first choice attack is walcott cazorla podolski playing behind giroud. our 2nd choice is chamberlain rosicky arshavin playing behind gervinho with a third choice of gnabry eisfeld ryo playing behind chamakh. we also have the likes of campbell afobe wellington roberts park bendtner aneke watt all out on loan plus other youngsters like akpom lipman neita olsson
    For me as long as we can sign up walcott and get rosicky fit we really dont need more attackers in fact i would say we could spare a few. even chamakh has impressed me this season though i guess like bendtner park watt and arshavin his future lies away from the emirates.

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  20. Jimmy

    I think going for Zaha would be a good idea even if we keep Theo. Given more opportunity as a central striker would mean his position on the right only has one replacement, Ox, personally I see Ox as a future Central midfielder. Therefore it makes sense to have one other skilled player able to operate on the right. I say Theo should be given more oppotunity as a central striker depending on the style of games we are playing, when we dominate and operate in the opposing half, Giroud’s strength gives him the advantage. However when play is more open Theo can use his blistering pace to counter through the middle. When this is the case, having someone like Zaha on the wing can help. I like Ramsey, he is still young which I think people can sometimes forget, he will develop, but a right winger he isnt, it baffles me when he is played there. Another player to boost the options would be better for us.

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  21. Salman

    dont need zaha! we have tooo many wingers! plus walcott will sign a new contract!

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  22. JustJoy

    Get a good player in SPAIN AND leave ZAHA cos his price is inflated. But if he wants to be a gooner he is welcome.. What of ISCO?

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  23. JustJoy

    Get a good player in SPAIN AND leave ZAHA cos his price is inflated. But if he wants to be a gooner he is welcome.. What of ISCO? @realist agree with you.

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  24. Bouba

    Don’t CARE about Zaha!!!


    Getting Zaha will clearly mean that Walcott is going…
    Another parody of Arsene Wenger and his disgraceful crony, Ivan ” I have no clue about real football ” Gazidis.



    SAGNA WANTS £100,000/week… Give it to him. He is the best right back in the league 3 seasons running… He might be the only player we have who would walk in any team in the world right now.

    WALCOTT WANTS £100,000/week… Give it to him. He will get better and it is an investisment.

    CHAMBERLAIN WANTS £60,000/week… Why not and give it to him… You are giving Squillaci £50,000/week and that disgrace Djourou £ 55,000/ week… It just does not make sense!!!!!

    WHY ARE WE PAYING SO MUCH ( seats and the rest ) FOR SO LITTLE….????

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    if theo performances is impressive..then what about Ox and Bale??

    Super impressive?

    you guys should go watch the games and the replays…evidence are there…

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  26. Rasta

    Your why stan is the man piece is absolutely nonsense. If you have no idea how other sports work do not comment on them. Anyone with 1st year university understanding of economics nows that a board actually makes the decisions of these teams irrespective of his personal opinion and financial positions. owners can be fired by board members if they see fit and the maj. shareholder in a board of director system isn’t even bulletproof. He absolves all risks and takes responsibilities for all failings but makes less decisions on his own that his money should afford him.

    Denver nuggets reached the western Conference Finals four years ago and lost to Los Angeles Lakers. Denver with the help of sound investment and a good coach in stan van gundy and a star player in Denver push lakers all the way to a 6 game series. They have been to the playoffs every season ever since. That intact isn’t mid table.

    The rapids are far from mid table and they are a very respectable teaming their conference. but again you know nothing outside football. Lastly,FFP and salad caps are 2 entirely different things. FFP means you spend within your means. So if you can make 100 million in a year you can spend 100 million. salary cap means you and the whole league cannot spend more than a certain amount every year. Thats why teams trade players and contracts. A saary cap will see provision for lets say Arsenal to trade Djourou, Eisfeld and Frimpong to chelsea for Mata. As 3 of them will cover what mata’s contract would be at chelsea.

    Kronke isn’t into pouring money into a club for short term investment. he is in for a long run with a slow steady amount of profit. It is like real estate. you buy a house but you take years to furnish it and make it your own and up its property value. When you sell you add the cost of the refurbishments to the sale. If you want to blame someone blame the board.

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  27. Rasta

    Sagna is 30 and probably has 1 big contract in him. it would be bad business to offer him 100K. Arteta joined and took a pay cut and he is about the same age. It is possibly in 2 years jenkinson would be the starting full back and we would now have a 32 year old back up on 100 k a week. Wayne Bridge anyone?

    Theo Walcott needs to be as consistent as fabregas was when he eared his 100k. fabregas was younger but he had earned it with 200 or so consistent performances before he was 22. he was given a 6 year deal 100k and captaincy. No one could begrudge wenger then. Theo however has been disappointing till last season. Dropped by Capello because he was lazy in training. He isn’t consistent enough to be the clubs top earner. But if he scores 20+ goals this year, i will offer him what ever he wants

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  28. In the know

    Zaha was signed 2 weeks ago by arsene. Thats why he aint so flustered about theo.

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  29. ceezee

    @ sH

    I agree with U̶̲̥̅̊ 100%.. THEO’s best is average. & i bet is average overall performance is gonna fall short of average.. He is MR inconsistent.

    Younger elites r naturally technically brilliant within ǻ short period of time.. Zaha/gotze/reus/isco/lopez/wilshere they dnt need 2 b a graduate b4 winning on ǻ podium. They r natuarlly & bounteous i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ gift.

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  30. max power

    Walcott will be sold in January and will not be replaced.
    If Arsenal are in the top six come January Mr Wenger and the Board will sit tight and do nothing in this Window.
    So there will be NO new faces in the Arsenal Team. All the rumors about this player and that player coming to Arsenal is all Bull and it would not surprise me if Mr Wenger and the Arsenal Board were behind these rumors just to get the Fans off their Back’s. The sad part about all of this is the Fan’s will be taken in by it.Mr Wenger and Co have been pulling this stunt for the past few years and getting away with it.

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  31. ran

    If Torres can get 100+k a week for doing nothing then why can’t walcott get 100k for scoring and assisting….

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  32. Ali

    Don’t care if Zaha could be the new ronaldo, we’ve got the Ox who is certainly better than Zaha. I really hope Walcott signs a contract soon. We should certainly do for Lewis Holtby in January because Diaby and Rosicky cannot be depended on and Ramsey unfortunately just isn’t the part right now. I hope AW signs Holtby, a proven striker (Cavani, Huntelaar, Dzeko or even Ba) and backups for LB and GK. We have a good run of games until the new year and I am sure we’ll beat Everton & West Brom along the way to be 3rd or 4th by Jan. With more reinforcements and release of unwanted players, we could challenge the Manchester clubs by the end of the season. COYG!!

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