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Arsenal can give up on the title – This year and every year with Wenger

Arsene has to take responsibility and leave‏ by KM

Well I’m sorry but we are not winning the title. We are sitting 4th and with another ‘New Year collapse’ Wenger once again proved that his incompetence will leave us in the abyss. I really wish not to believe this is happening but that’s the reality.

Leicester with another comfortable win look far more capable of winning this league at the moment than we do. Even Spurs moved above us. I’m sorry, but relegation Chelsea and Southampton at home equal just one point.

Ozil should’ve scored a hat trick. For player we paid so much money for, this is unacceptable. Walcott didn’t help his case by failing to beat Forster one on one. But this is the reality. Wenger introduced Coquelin and all he did was get a yellow card.

What about the Ox? We could have used some pace and energy, but no. Elneny wasn’t even in the group, why? If we want to win this title, we have to do something about it. Not just hope everyone else will slump. But this is the reality with Wenger.

Will he take responsibility? Of course not. Why would he? He gets paid 8 million a year to deliver what? We will not do it when it matters. We had a squad good enough to win this game, but we didn’t. The fake illusion of the fact we were lucky to stay top for a few games, is now revealed.

We are just 5 points above United now. We missed out on Klopp, Pep and Ancelotti. Wenger is finished next season. We lack championship character, but this is not what this club used to be about. Now it’s all about the huge paycheck and the “financial stability”.

I’ve had it with him, but he’s not done. For at least another 5 years it’ll more of the same. Enjoy it if you can and thanks Arsene. You managed to ruin it once again. You are a true hero.


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69 thoughts on “Arsenal can give up on the title – This year and every year with Wenger

  1. SoOpa AeoN

    Yea! He was being wasted on the wings

    and now that many all thought his best place was thru the middle…it never gets better

    How could we all know until he was tried and tested????

    At this juncture, who wouldn’t accept 60-70 cool million for Rambo (maybe i’m being paranoid….but i’ve had enough of his sloppy antics)

    Hell!….there are many better engines in the market..

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    1. proffetic

      Have to agree with the article, spot on I’m afraid., Arsene and Arsenal have not been the same since we moved from Highbury. He created an incredible blueprint for success, but left it behind when we moved. Now all that concerns Arsene is his own legacy, The Emirates, state of the art home run by downstairs staff. Given the benefit of hindsight he should have cashed in 8 years ago. I for one expected that he would eventually get things right again,but it’s not going to happen is it. However you feel about him now he brought something special to our club and he won’t be forgotten.If he stays any longer he won’t be forgiven.

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    2. KickAssFan____Legendary

      Bla, bla, bla…. Some have got what I call A.L.M (Ass-licker mentality). Oh goodness, Ramsey isn’t half as good as some make. Come on!!!! The league trophy, it’s swiftly eluding us, but that’s just very characteriscal, right? Right?????????? Meh, I’m just damn pissed. And some deluded gunners be like, “Leicester will lose to LiverpOol, the cannot stay up there for long.” Gosh!!!! Bozos!!! You think does guys are here to play???

      For how long shall we wait????? If not now, when??? One thing is for sure, if we don’t lift the league trophy this season, we shall never do it with Arsene in charge.

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    3. SoOpa AeoN

      Boy!……..i was dying to have Aubameyang on this team

      even when i knew it was far fetch(January window barrier and all the excuses)….. But it wasn’t impossible…..was it?

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    4. Nokia810

      60-70 mil for ramsey!!! LOL
      i’ll be happy with 15-20 mil for that headless chicken
      anything over 20 and u’ll get 5% off on your next purchase at arsenal supermarket :p

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  2. frisco

    We’re just in our normal position 4th place, to make things worse spurs are above us, now all the dreamers wake up. All of you who think we will be champions is a reality check .

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  3. SoOpa AeoN

    As for Wenger, we all have to accept… this is as far as he can get

    i was really hoping this was the year he brings it home

    Now all hope is waning……who can rekindle it?

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    1. KickAssFan____Legendary

      Everytime I watch Martial play, I just thank God I’m not like Budd, Arsene cannot deceive me.

      Do we have strikers???? I mean, just a look at Vardy, Aguero____ do we have strikers??? Watching Giroud trying to dibble is like watching a man trying to do it with his wify but no erection.

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  4. Sam, need a striker

    I said it before, No Striker No Title … But many of you here still believe we have the power in Giroud/Walcott/Welbeck to win trophies that matter … If I am in Sanchez or Ozil shoes, I would be very very frustrated …
    Who is to blame? board? Wenger? AKB? AOB?
    BTW, Wenger, have Messi knock your door yet?

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    1. Jim A

      All 3 up front players should be scoring along with Ozil and Ramsey. Don’t pin a 0-0 draw on OG only.

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      1. Sam, need a striker

        “Don’t pin a 0-0 draw on OG only”
        I spoke about all of our strikers … But if you want I would pinned all three years of Giroud, did you see anything special?

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        1. Jim A

          What I’ve said all along is that Sanchez and Walcott and Giroud should be about 20 goals in a season not just epl but in all comps.

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  5. lol2304




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    1. Nebs

      Exactly. If you really want to help the club as fans, just quit coming to the home games until Kroenke sells his shares. Leave messages on the stands and leave the stadium. Kroenke needs to go if we are to see an EPL title.

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      1. ny-gunner

        You’re a fool if you think that if some people don’t come to matches the seats will be empty and Stan will sell his shares.
        For every muppet who thinks like you, there’s 5 real AFC fans/supporters who would gladly buy those tickets…

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        1. Nebs

          Real AFC fan wouldn’t allow Satan K. to run his club to ruins. Prepare your deluded ass to see your club sitting below the spuds in a season when we had all the money in the world to strengthen our squad and win the title, also prepare yourself to miss out on the champions league and lose both Ozil and Sanchez for it. Cuz that’s what’s going to happen.

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    2. 007

      You are preaching to the choir man, I have been advocating for the UK fans to unite and show some frustrations but the best they can do is boo after we have already dropped points.

      I get it the Emirates has stricked rules, you fear been arrested, you are all a bunch of classy people and stuff but where is the passion and the love for the team. Some of you even live so close to the stadium and your fathers fathers either worked or played for Arsenal and yet you fail to even brave it out and make A PROPER demo against the manager and the board.

      I think we have now accepted and settled for 4th place, we are as much to blame as the people we are blaming at the top. Hell even Man U, Newcastle and Lpool fans have more balls.

      I say it again, if Arsene was to visit Zambia he would resign as Arsenal Manager just from here because of the fans from here. You are all so privileged to attend our home games but you are all a bunch of tea sipping tourists so stop complaining and do something about this.

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    3. psytripps

      Have you looked at other top premiership clubs injury lists? We’re not as bad as you think.

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  6. antiwenger

    Come to think of it, most if not all of wenger signings are inspired by humiliating defeats or serious injury crisis, but not by a genuine desire
    to create a league winning side.If you look at most of the players we have now,they were either signed as a consequence of injuries, as cheap
    replacements,as free agents, after an embarrassing defeat or
    as a result of another club’s financial woes(Malaga),being
    Few,if any,were signed to add quality to the team with the
    exception of alexis whom I doubt will be staying with us next season.

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    1. Juhislihis McLovin

      Mi moms doesn’t have a dog, WHY CAN’T SHE PREDICT THE FUTURE oh whyyy

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    2. SoOpa AeoN

      @NYG….Swear(my bad … swearing according to admin L()L) u ain’t moaning in secret!

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    3. SoOpa AeoN

      @NYG……… I’m hurt by ur comment buddy…… I want it hidden


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        1. Nebs

          How much does Kroenke pay you to undermine the revolutionary efforts of real Arsenal fans?

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    4. NY_Gunner

      But muppets like you flock here in droves, spoutin negativity whenever we draw or loss. Go play in traffic.

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  7. Juhislihis McLovin

    Before the Liverpool game I predicted we can drop 10 points and still manage win the title. Well just in 4 matches we have dropped 9 already. Mathematically we can reach 87 points. So only thing now to do is win all our remaining games, LOL.

    270 minutes without scoring, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ARSENE.

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  8. 007

    Dele Ali has equaled Jack Wilshere all time goal tally in the EPL with 78 games to spare. Let that sink in!!!

    One might say what does that have to do with yesterdays game, well its simple. Based on the current season and as things are going Arsenal goals will most likely be distributed as such in the EPL:

    – OG – 14 goals
    – Sanchez – 12 (due to his time out, maybe??)
    – Ozil – 3
    – Ramsey – 4
    – Joel – 3
    – Ox – 1
    – Theo – 6
    – Coq – 0
    – Kos – 1
    – Gabriel – 1
    – Mert – 0
    – Flamini – 0
    – Elneny – 1
    – Monreal – 0
    – Bellarin – 0
    – Gibbs – 1
    – Iwobi – 0
    – JW – 1
    – Arteta – 0
    – Carzola – 3
    – Cullum – 0
    – Welbeck – 1

    = 51 goals

    That’s the sad reality and its clear for all to see. We do not have enough goals in this team.

    Those predicted 51 goals in BIG European teams are scored by 1 man (Messi, CR7) or atleast by 3 players (Lewa, Robben, Ribery) and not the entire squad. If either Sanchez, OG or Theo don’t score other players cannot score even in an empty goal.

    Ozil can create all the chances he likes our strikers are not just good enough plus Ozil himself needs to improve on his goal contribution (a natural number 10 can work in a team like City, Madrid or Barca because they have WC forwards who burry the chances created and have a good goal return not at Arsenal). I have always advocated for Wenger to bring in another winger who can actually bring another 15 plus goals and assists to balance the efforts of Sanchez as our current crop are not good enough.

    If we cant have our long awaited WC ST learn slash the cash on good wingers who can score. We missed out Douglass Costa, Willian, Grienzman, Draxler because we have Ox, Theo and Welbz, come on Wenger.

    Win or lose the league I say see you around Arsene and thanks for your great service to the club. Will put up a statue for you in a year or two, bye!!!

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    1. KickAssFan____Legendary

      Amigo, we have no striker. We have one lamppost and one wannabe (Giroud and Theo).

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      1. 007

        Totally agree. Its good these players move in there fancy cars paid for by fans contributions or else I would tackle one of them to next week.

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        1. Colin

          I think it is AW way of playing. The total football system he developed doesn’t seem to think about the risk needed sometimes to shoot. We look to pass rather than score, as that risks loosing the football and domination in his eyes. Unfortunately, other teams don’t see it like that and interfere with his plans, take the ball off of us running up the other end of the pitch and score a lot of the time.
          The other big problem has been that since players such as Adams, Vieira etc. no one has dished out a good b**cking when AW finished his quite reflection. Sometimes players need to be told to get their sh*t together.

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    2. Jansen

      I agree we don’t have enough goals in the team and we need to create too many chances to score a goal. This is because the poor goal scoring abilities of our players.

      Part of the problem IMO, is that Wenger is so intend on playing possession football. He does not have the players to control the ball with a balanced squad. So what does he do? He takes out skill players and substitutes them with possession players. With a fully fit squad he still played Rambo on the right wing. Rambo is not a right wing type of player, but he does like to have the ball on his foot and pass and drift inside. Same for Giroud, he loves Giroud because “he can hold up the ball”. By playing Rambo on the wing and Giroud in the center he has eliminated 2 skill players and replaced them with 2 ball control players. Result is that against lesser teams we control the ball and look good but we don’t have real bite and lack a real goal threat.

      His problem is if he plays a real striker up front and a real right winger on the right he can not control the ball as much as he likes since the likes of Flamini and Coq are not dominant and box-to-box enough to control the game and the ball.

      This is why I believe we need to buy a better box-to-box midfield player or two who can support a world class striker and 2 true wingers. Even with Santi in the squad we sacrifice IMO. Santi is a great player on the ball but is he the player you want as one of your two DM when you lose possession or play against Barca or Bayern? No. He is not a great defender or physical presence.

      Our team is out of balance in a major way, too heavy on midfield players who like the ball on their foot and dribble in the middle of the park and too light on true dominant box to box midfield leaders and too light on attacking goals scoring wide players and void of a top quality striker.

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    3. Nebs

      Sell Walcott. Sell Ramsey. Loan Ox. Give another to season to Welbz and two more seasons to Wilshere. Honestly I’d be happy just to see Walcott leave, eternal talent he is and he’ll never deliver.

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  9. joejoe

    100% FACT.



    The major frustration is that the overall squad is not bad but SELECTION and TACTICS make the team so unbalanced. I APPRECIATE WENGER FOR HIS WORK IN THE PAST BUT THE CURRENT SCENARIO IS HIS FAULT!!!! (Don’t care what AKB’s have to say) –WHY IS IT HIS FAULT YOU SAY. WELL…..

    STRIKER: We have had no real finisher for the last 3 years since VP left. A finisher like Costa or even Vardy who could make his own chance and score. — WENGER WOULD NOT BUY
    MIDFIELD: Utter confusion. Consistently wrong pairings. Who will cover the defence? Who will drive attacks forward. Sometimes only one MD when we need two strong MD to balance team. – WENGER WOULD NOT BUY. INFACT ONLY GOT COQ BACK AS LAST OPTION
    DEFENCE: SO unreliable. One moment too slow, another time poor marking, next match they are excellent. WENGER WOULD NOT BUY


    I honestly cannot wait for a change. Even if we miss out on top 4, champions league, etc I WILL ACCEPT WE WILL BE IN A TRANSITION LOOKING TO BUILD A GREATER TEAM TO COMPETE FOR HIGHEST HONOURS IN THE FUTURE. WE CANNOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS. God bless the ARSENAL.

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  10. mark

    We’re just not scoring goals…the reality is Walcott is overrated, Giroud is very good but not in form right now, Sanchez needs a few games to get his mojo back and Welbeck is still crocked.

    Any other manager with real ambition would have signed a glory hunting striker on loan to prop up our failing strikers, but not our Wenger, oh no..

    So unless Sanchez/Giroud/Walcott get some kind of form back we are going backwards. Simple, and yet we have one of the best assist kings in Ozil who is not being appreciated and will probably leave if his efforts go to waste..

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    1. Sam, need a striker

      “Giroud is very good but not in form right now” when that form will come, we need a form that scores +20 goals a season … Walcott, what to say!

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      1. KickAssFan____Legendary

        He said “Giroud is very gOod”, then my screen went blank. “Very” whaaaaat? No offence, but guys like Giroud should be at West Ham.

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        1. SoOpa AeoN

          An insult to the westham fans, the board and the team en masse!

          Giroud in a hammers Line-up?

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        2. mark

          Very good as opposed to ‘excellent’ like Aguero etc…not difficult to understand.

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  11. arsenal369

    Looking at ours a City’s fixtures, I would say we still have the easier games left. So theres still a small chance that we could finish top with Coq being back and hopefully cazoral soon!

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    1. Sam, need a striker

      Good to have a hopeful thinking … If we win, I will take it as a bounce … TBH, I have got no hope at all … I wait for Arsenal game, get nervous before the game, get frustrated at the end of it, and wait again for the next match hoping for better performance … this is my arsenal daily life …

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    2. Bigvalbowski

      @ Spuds?
      @ Manure
      @ City
      @ Everton
      @ WH
      LC @ home

      How many points do you honestly see Arsenal capturing from this fixture list considering our recent run of form?

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    1. SoOpa AeoN

      and i want a one-on-one conversation with the Admin concerning what really happened to Hafiz Rahman


      Is Admin getting this?

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  12. jorandy

    There are teams you need to Set up your own team to fight for 90 minutes and not in the second half…. Southhampton, leicester, stoke, Chelsea etc to name a few. The only player that wants to fight is Sanchez and why is Wenger not using iwobi? He is better technically than Walcot and Chamberlain. Sanchez can play box to box better along side Ozil and any of Coq/Elneny/Flamini with iwobi on the left and Ramsey. On the right with Walcot or Giroud in attack. This would bring a better balance to the team both to score and win our games. substitutions should be 2 attacking players( Ox and Campbell) and a defensive midfielder (Coq/El Neny/Flamini) to continue the fight and not give the opposition a breather.

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  13. arsenalkid1970

    It’s about time the Arsenal fans stayed away from our next home game and said time the tank went. We have a major shareholder who wants to put cash in to our club but the board don’t think he is there kind of person. Madness. Arsenal have missed out tbis year kloop and pep and both of them will buy big and it will be so very hard for any team to do man city and even worse harder to hit top 4. That’s the only thing pep needs in BM is the Champion league and why not this year they are playing

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  14. Fatboy Gooney

    Same old Wenger, Same old Arsenal!
    Like I said in the past, All the while your circumstances remain the same, History will keep on repeating itself!
    Which explains why It’s the same old, same old with Arsenal.

    Wenger has no Game plans, tactics or motivation for his players, he just picks the team and lets them get on with it,
    Sends them out like kids, with the words of ” Go out and play and enjoy yourselves!

    The only difference that I have noticed with Wenger, is that he has become even more indecisive with his decision making…. And more often than not, he ends up regretting it.

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    1. Arsenal007

      Does Wenger really regret his actions? I don’t think so.
      I really don’t think so. He keeps on making the same mistakes…year after year.

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  15. marviniz

    u can hardly out-play arsenal but you can always out-fight them (DATS ASENAL’S ACHILLES),dats why teams like chelsea will always win arsenal anyday anytime.u have to be ready for the fight first,the quality will come later in the game but you must be prepared for the fight first.dat has been arsenal’s problem since after the viera era and dats why they will likely end up in 4th position again if they dont begin to dont win the epl,just focusing on the beautiful game.(maybe in laliga or bundesliga).BUT EPL???YOU MUST BE PREPARED FOR THE FIGHT.WE DONT HAVE FIGHTERS.WE JUST HAVE GUYS DAT ALWAYS WANT TO OUT PLAY THEIR OPPONETNTS AND NOT READY FOR THE FIGHT ASPECT.DIS IS THE SECRET OF MANCHESTER UTD,CHELSEA,MANCITY,EVEN LIECESTER CITY AT THE MOMENT.THE KEY WORD IS :PREPARE FOR THE FIGHT AND PLAY THE BEAUTIFUL GAME..

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    1. jorandy

      Exactly my point! Even Barcelona fights before their quality win them the games and that’s why they score goals for fun. In the EPL Spurs and Leicester are doing it at the moment. Arsenal needs to start fighting and making use of their quality at the same time or they should forget about winning the title anytime soon.

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      1. marviniz

        willingness to fight and willingness to produce quality are the requirements of the modern game,if u want to be the best.lets us look at arsenal from the point wenger joined the team in 1996/97.he inherited an arsenal team that had the willingnes to fight,infact a team structured to fight(very physical-keown,bold,tony,nigel,ian,etc),but where very shy in quality and technique,wenger injected quality in that team(overmas,denis,etc,retaining their willingness to fight and that marriage produced one of the greatest generations of arsenal as a club.we sustained this balance and with patrick viera we were amazing.everything changed when FABREGAS STARTED TO PLAY.wenger began an experiment.he wanted to win the league by just playing and focusiing beautiful quality football and we lost our willingness to fight in the process and that is why we never won the league since that exact same time.

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  16. jorandy

    I say let Sanchez play the box to box with Ramsey on the right and iwobi on the left. Better balance, better attacking play. Iwobi is equally quick and more technical and skillful than Walcot (10yrrs@Arsenal) and Chamberlain (4yrs@Arsenal).

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  17. goonthinker

    sell all the english core plus the french players plus mertz rosicky and arteta.Sell
    also all the loanees and kick wenger out.
    Use the money to buy auba barkley stones pogba and reus

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  18. BUR

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! Frustrated with that man who dares to call himself a manager, please go. Some one else lose take him for my sanity. Just go, go, go! Give anther club 5 mil to take him please, please please.
    I am done!!!

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  19. Mo1

    like a close friend(utd fan) of mine has always said “No Heart No Passion No Bottle” thats Arsenal.

    always has and always will sum us up, the only way something drastic can happen is and i tell you know it is highly likely we these bottllers, drop out of the top 4 this season, get a real embarrassing hiding from Barca something like a good 7,8 nil aggregate , knocked out of the f.a cup. Then and i doubt it but but only then may they be some pressure on The Arrogant old man to finally step down, I know one manager who will whip these bunch of pansies in place and drop the jokes like rambo,walcott, flamini etc

    Diego Simeone – hate all you want but the guy is a top manager and a defensive minded coach is exactly what Arsenal need becuase sorry Steve bould ain’t good enough either.

    f*** *** to the lot of them

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    1. Nebs

      Common sense detected. I completely agree with you. And, yes, Arsenal will definitely finish fifth this season. I can’t see them not losing to spuds, manure and city, also I can’t see them winning against Everton. With the form they are in now, they’ll win 27 points, and manure with their current form will win up to 34 points. And about f*cking time. Failure is the savior in this case.
      All that’s left is for both Satan Kroenke and his son to die of heart failures and the club future will be bright once more.

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  20. Alusine

    Welcome home arsenal its hard to say that but we have to because 4th place is what we sign for in the English Premier League the lease was signed for 12 years the board might likely extend their stays for 2 more years because they said it a very nice place to stay until Wenger leave they said he like until then 4th place is our home weither you take it or leave it.

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  21. vinie2000

    WC ST and WDM have been needed for 5 years now..But our beloved deluded Manager comes with lame excuses every year on transfer window or after a disappointed season “WE COULD NOT FIND THAT SPECIAL ONE, WE WERE ON IT ” Are you KIDDING US? many of you are right but also many of you do not go to the games nor are season ticket holders. season ticket holders paid lot and are scare of losing membership by hanging to thin hopes..this is why most DO NOT BOYCOTT GAMES..but I do agree with making our voices heard by at least protesting outside the stadium before the game even if you arr just a beloved Gooner fan..TV cameras and papers will come around to publish OUR ANGER AND UTTER DECEPTION being inflicted to us Who are the ones who give them the huge salaries ..STARTING FROM OUR MANAGER to deliver poor performances more upsetting this trophy drought undeserved.. This was the year to win it and every one including ex managers,pundits,ex players and US most but WE ARE NEVER HEARD AND WILL NEVER BE NOTICED UNTIL WE the Liverpool and Utd fans DID..

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  22. vinie2000

    Guardiola to be given £150 million transfer budget

    Pep Guardiola is set to be handed £150 million to sign new players when he takes over the reigns at Manchester City ahead of the 2016-17 season and will liase with director of football Txiki Begiristain on all transfer dealings. GOAL UK

    Thats ambition..Manager comes and demands or else..he will buy 3 or 4 players plus get rid of deadwoods to finance another 2 quality players..OMG..NO CHANCE TO WIN ANOTHER EPL FOR YEARS TO COME..And we getting bargains ..I do SWEAR GOD..what the hell those scouts get paid for too? SANOGO,CHAMAK just to mention few..PLEASE WE ARE THE ARSENAL..DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY..change is needed..BRING SIMEONE..OR BIELSA..OR THE CHILEAN COACH ATTACKING FOOTBALL BUT WITH ORGANISATION AND STAMINA..this is why leicester is at the top..those players are humble and give it all for the fans.

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  23. davidrusa

    Last night, like many on this website, I was very bitter because of the draw. However after careful scrutiny I have come back to reality and realised that all is not lost yet. One positive is that most of our players are returning which means we have the depth in squad to cope with the most crucial stage in the season. Secondly, we are just five points off the top and when one considers that Man City has to meet Chelsea, Man U, Leicester, Spurs while Leicester also has a number of tricky games I can predict that there are still a lot of twists and turns ahead. It is just not sensible to imagine that we shall continue to fail to score goals for long. This will soon be reversed and we shall go back to scoring goals and winning again. If we managed to go through a difficult period with a depleted squad I can’t see us failing to do it now. Only people with little common sense can fail to see this.

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    1. almostawinner

      davidrusa: the core problem is wenger. we can play well from time to time. but structural , long term inadequacy comes from wenger.

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  24. Nebs

    Season ticket holders unite in boycotting the home games. I think that’s the majority of the seats on the emirates, that can send a message big time. Show some “power to the people” attitude. Force silent Satan away. This will happen every year. We will sell Ozil and Sanchez, you can bank on that, you can bank on that big time.

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