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Arsenal can go on a trophy run says Wilshere

Jack Wilshere is Arsenal through and through. If you cut him he bleeds red, oh hang on so does everyone. Anyway, Jack was one of the five young players who recently committed their long term future to the Gunners, and he wants that future to be a successful one, laden with silverware. This is not a pipe dream for Wilshere, he believes that Arsenal are close to challenging regularly for trophies. The hardest part, though, is getting that first one. If Arsenal can do that soon, then there will be no stopping us.

“When you finish a career, you look back and see how many trophies you have won, so we all want them, and we know how much the fans do too.

“We’re all hungry for it and, maybe if we get a trophy this year, it can open the way for a few more. We’ve got a good crop of young players, and experienced players as well such as Arteta and others.

“If we get a trophy this year, or in the next couple of years, we can really build something and be strong in the next few years.

“It’s easy to sit here and say, when we get that first trophy it’ll happen, but we know how tough the FA cup is. We’re still in the Champions league, so we’re in a good position and we just need to make sure we get the results now.”

You have to admire the lad. If all the Arsenal players had his drive and positivity, we would have already won a trophy recently. Arsenal have got to make sure we are up for it next week when Swansea come to the Emirates for the FA cup replay. If we go out too soon, it could have a very detrimental effect on the confidence in the team, whereas lifting a cup could transform us from potentially good to serious challengers.

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74 thoughts on “Arsenal can go on a trophy run says Wilshere

  1. goonner

    well guys i dont know why we are still hoping for trophies… Arsene is not gonna buy quality, remember me. and yeah it is everyone’s fault, Wenger is not the good guy, certainly not. They are making Arsenal a money making machine, nothing else. Grow up and revolt, take banners, Usmanov is waiting for an excuse to get in, give him the excuse! I do not live in London, i come to watch matches often but you London fans TAKE ACTION! WTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!! ANOTHER YEAR WITHOUT ANY TROPHIES! Can we win the CL? what a JOKE. Bayern is flying right now, it is one of the most completed teams in the world. DO NOT EXPECT CHANGE IF YOU DO NOT ACT!

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  2. synsix

    we, arsenal fans feel like an old vulture every transfer season waitin for a sick cow or goat to die for our dinner as we are lame,lazy and gutless enought to not go out and make a meal on our own/wat a shame for World FootBall’s 5th richest, self sustaining club

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  3. sollygunner

    aaahhh young sweat jacky boy ,,,,,,, are you f”cking mad we are going down hill we couldnt win anything with better teams we are now heading down in terms of excellence and the manager dosnt seem to be worried and the board couldnt give a flying turd so how will we achive this ,,,????? please wenger show us all that you are not heading for the mental house and make some transfers / changes in player roles ect pls pls pls

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  4. George

    I really would like us to sign McCarthy. A solid players who works hard and is strong. If I went on and saw we had signed him, I would be EXTREMELY happy.

    Just because he plays for Wigan does not mean he is not quality.

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  5. Sharkseven

    Trophies? Sorry Wilshere We Know You love The Club And Have A High Ambitious. It Great. But This Old Sturborn Wenger Is Killing Us. And The Board Is Making Arsenal A Laugh Stock.Sad To Say But It D*mn True.

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  6. LOR£N$O

    Capital One Cup was a very good opportunity squandered. That and the Carling Cup finale to Birmingham were utter heartbreaks, as Top 4 and a trophy would these days be considered by us Arsenal fans as a very good year. Wenger will not leave until another trophy is won by the way, that stubborn determination will not be broken, as he wants to leave his legacy on good terms.

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  7. Gunner 8

    Wilshere is one of the few players I truly believe in this Arsenal side.

    Others are just making my Arsenal a Joke Club sadly!! 🙁

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  8. LOR£N$O

    And enough with all this pillow talk about who we would all like to sign. I could name 50 players. Just leave it out, there is a reason you are not a premier league manager… and there is a reason you all like Fifa so much..

    Stop moaning and get behind the team, win or loose, every match like a true Gunner, and if we do sign someone, get right behind them !

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  9. AFC a my team

    Arsenal won’t win nothing with this team we need a new manager an a new owner and a new board and a new team

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  10. Richard

    It will only be a matter of time before Jack leaves and joins a club that not only talks about winning but actually does it and I don’t blame him. We all know where the blame lies!!

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  11. ripple

    To use one of Wenger’s favorite lines/excuses = Arsenal will win a trophy “only if they acquire some very special players.”

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  12. CUT


    Don’t preach to the converted…keep your sad loosing mentality to yourself!!!

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  13. johnverdal

    i just want to see two world class players in january:

    1. a striker that can score 30 goals per season.
    2. a defensive mid filder who is big strong physical and can protect the back four.

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  14. Wil

    Wenger will buy some players just give it another week maybe by the weekend we are getting deadwood out to bring in future Arsenal stars…

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  15. artillery1

    Hey Wilshere U are Arsenal Boy, Even U see This Team winning some thing, Yes this Team Can Win But Wid Mr. STUBORN its seem impossible 🙁

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  16. ks-gunner

    Wenger : silly boy we are already winning trophys the 4th place trophy……also we are the suprem believe and spirit champions lol

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  17. johnverdal

    all arsenal fans need to go to emirates staduim and protest agianst arsene wenger and booooo him. we need to chant in guardiola we trust.

    guardiola all the way.

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  18. artillery1






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  19. trix

    board please just sack
    wenger before its too late. Its not too fu**kin hard, just go’youre fired old man’ and al wil be rosy again

    the poor guy is losing his head just look at his eyes he look like hes on crack and have you realised he doesnt comb his hair anymore?

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  20. craig2500

    Wont be long before Utd or Chelsea offer him mega money to move. So glad he signed and has passion for the club but unfortunately he works for a board that will not back the players or manager to reach that vision…

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  21. Sowetogooner

    @gooner with that kind of thinking we definetly wont win anything. Stop being negative. Have aomethings gooner pride and be behind our arsenal. Gooner till I die!!!

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  22. johnverdal

    fabianski, squillaci and arshavin will be free agent at the end of season.
    hopefully chamakh, bendtner, park, djourou, santos, mannone, gervinho, denilson will be sold as well.

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  23. Neil

    @ George

    you’re right. McCarthy is pretty good.

    I get all 380 Prem games live. I’ve seen a fair bit of McCarthy and he is excellent. Trust me guys he is good. Can play DM or CM or on the flanks. Seems a decent player.

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  24. mohawk35

    @LOR£N$O What is the purpose of the site? So that we can all sit around and offer very agreeable, Rah Rah, let’s go gunners comments?

    I want to read and offer opinions about the team. I don’t need to read 47,000 versions of “I love Arsenal.” But every time the fans on this site identify real problems with the team management, they are accused of not fully supporting the team.

    I assume every fan wants the team to play well and win everything possible, but it would be pointless if every fan just wrote “Go Go Gunners” and then cheered wildly as the coach selects (to the greater detriment of the team) the same underperforming player week after week after week while other proven talent goes wasted.

    And although we all cheer for the team at gametime, I am saddened when team management acts in clear defiance to sanity, logic and great football. Yet it seems fans should not be permitted to identify or offer opinions on which players they would like to see in an Arsenal uniform lest they be accused of “moaning” and failure to properly “get behind the team”

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  25. sollygunner

    @ george and @ neil im glad your talking about mcarthy because ive not seen alot of him and looks like one we might get and absoultly yes cause hes at wigan dosnt mean a thing hes young they have to work there way up nice to have some positive feedback on him

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  26. Nuno

    M’VILLA is 22, no prem. league experience and would rather party than play for his country.

    EMMANUEL FRIMPONG is 21, a tank, hardworking, good on the ball, an arsenal lad (been at club since he was 9)and is just the powerhouse we need in the midfield, has a decent shot on him too. No point spending on the something we alreday have,he’s been on loan twice and improved as a result, Promote him ffs!

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  27. johnverdal

    lars bender is the latest player to be linked with arsenal
    he is a big strong 23 yrs old defensive mid fielder who plays for bayer leverkusen in germany according to

    not to put to fine a point on it but that is bollox just made up

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  28. Greg

    Jack the warrior! I truly admire your heart fight and commitment to us gunners Jack! We deeply appreciate you. a true red blooded gunner!!!

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  29. troy

    Shocking how many piss poor posts from bob today why not make 1 post a day coz its not like u ever offer fact just your own opinion nothing wrong with that its just u must of put at least 6 posts on in 1 day with nothing of intrest in any of them

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  30. johnverdal

    i dont understand why wenger is not signing m’vila for a cheap price of just 8 m when he bought best player in the world gervinho for 12 m.

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  31. dilla

    Just wait gunners. Somehow Wenger is going to explain to all of us that Djourou and Chamakh leaving on loan is the equivalent of two signings.

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  32. ripple

    @LOR£N$O: Perhaps you are correct when you offer your opinion that Wenger wants to finish his Arsenal career on a high note. But many of his actions over the past year or so seem to stand in stark contradiction to that goal.

    1. Has made and continues to make horrendous squad selection decisions. Certain “pet” players get selected for the squad while some real talent rots in the reserves.

    2. He roles merrily along with the club’s sell for profit transfer policy.

    2. He strongly defends the club’s ridiculous salary structure which hurts the team from keeping good players.
    (Why pay terrible players more than great players?)

    He certainly wants to win, but these problems are standing in the way of great Arsenal football and achieving his goal.

    And it is a fool’s game to believe that a coach with great past successes will continue to be a great coach. I am not saying he is done. But we know from the history of sports that many “great” coaches begin to believe the hype about them and begin to make stupid decisions believing that every decision they make is great simply because they made it. In other words, their egos get in the way.

    In short, Wenger has hurt the team greatly over the past year and I believe he just assumed that his past successes would just continue forever but just now I do not see where and when the turnaround will happen – no sign of it yet.

    I hope you are correct in the end.

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  33. proudgooner

    If you are a true gunner you won’t care whether arsenal play in the 2nd division, yes we are playing bad and yes we don’t have much consistency but look at liverpool they have been going through the same sort of crisis with form and consistency but every time that song “you’ll never walk alone “plays at anfield they sing until their lungs are damaged thats the kind of support the arsenal players need coyg !!! arsenal fans are becoming the new real madrid fans it pisses me the fu*k off.

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  34. Twig

    Just saw James McCarthy video highlights, to be frank I feel deflated and underwhelmed. Reminds me too much of denilson and ramsey. No pace, no grit, just does the simple pass. Please Wenger, Nooooooo!

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  35. mighty

    I’ve readed many many articles and readed load of coments,most of them are similar dedwood out new players needed wenger to go pep to take over arsenal linked with half of world football players spuds are better than us man u city spuds and chelshit are signing our targets blah blah blah blah…,in my opinion no one would like to sign a dedwood,djourou chamack denilson bentner etc…are all on loan,arshavine squilaci santos etc….are still here rvp fabregaz song nasri cli etc …all left, ba etc… all signed elsewhere,villa m’villa y mbiwa lopez zaha etc..are sill in balance,so wtf we still waiting for.

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  36. Ardi

    wilsher should play his football and shut his mouth theres no point coming out a telling us they going to win trophy, we’re not stupid we can see this team couldn’t beat bradford how they going to get the trophy we can only win if we spend,wenger is keep saying he will only spend if he can get the right players in other word cheap shit players Zaha, Turan, m vila they are the right players but he doesnt want to buy coz he is a decatator i doesnt care abut the fans they still go and pay the money regardless of what he does

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  37. gooner_4ever

    what mr.stubborn is doing? Tough schedule ahead….everyday he is talking new signings yet!?? sign yann vila and arda turan and a striker

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  38. Twig

    We don’t need a striker, we have three already. Podolski is one of the best finishers in the premier league presently. I would prefer we buy a winger like Arshavin (who works hard and can cross) to replace Podolski on the left.
    Podolski Walcott
    (New LW) Arteta (New DM) Cazorla
    Gibbs Vermalaen Mertasacker Sagna

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  39. Arsene Wenger

    Wilshere only reason why i can hate him is because i cannot pronounce his name correctly, i say weelchair it frustrates me you know.

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  40. synsix

    @proudgooner right mate.. we are our worst enemy/c’mon guys its our team/its tough time and the team needs the support the most now/win, lose or relegated, i will always be a Gunner

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  41. mohawk35

    I love watching McCarthy play – he is good and a fighter. But I wonder where he fits in exactly.

    Can McCarthy fill the DM role? Is he sort of a healthy Diaby? Or is he a replacement for the Rosicky support role on the team? I also wonder if (and hope that) he would move Ramsey down the squad roster because somewhere deep inside Wenger is finally coming to the sad realization that Ramsey will not ever actually become the Arsenal superstar of his dreams.

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  42. true goon

    Bless the lad.Wenger needs to make sure this kind of enthusiasm and desire does not become disillusioned just as Cesc and RvP became.To achieve this he must strengthen the defence and buy a DM.


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  43. AFC a my team

    We should be having a new signing making his debute against man city an sunday that would give the sqaud a lift wenger needs to just go

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  44. mr lean

    the mrs asked if i wanted wo watch a dvd tonight so i said ok she can choose,she said what about dumb and dumber so i said f#ck off had enough of ivan and arsene for one day !

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  45. ripple

    Defensive help is paramount?

    Everyone including Arteta agree we need a solid DM. Arsenal have not been solid on the back line and any injuries to the defense leaves Arsenal in a desperate situation.

    Look at the past few games. Newcastle scored 3 times as Gibbs was non-existent and got no help from midfield. And the 2nd Swansea goal took at least 4 gunners to help them score.

    Defensive Help form Somewhere please

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  46. Cssarsenal

    A horrible thought just came to me
    If this arsenal team had RVP we would have won a trophy this year
    I can imagine podolski and RVP and carzorla working together it would have been immense
    Wenger find us another RVP and our arsenal is saved

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    God love you Jack he (Mr Wenger) has brain washed you.
    If you believe Arsenal will win anything with the present
    Team. What to expect from Mr Wenger is if Theo Walcott signs, he will spin the old one (THIS IS LIKE A NEW SIGNING) that will be the end of the transfer window for Arsenal.The man is a con artist spinning crap year in year out.
    This will never change as long he MR Wenger and the Board are still in power.

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  48. mighty

    @ thala
    U still dreaming mate never mind,dream is the only think we’v left with ooooh..and miracle !!

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  49. LoCkAy

    How do you do that Jack?

    Blowing on the ball…

    Our dear Wilshere forget that in order to win trophies and be competitive at the European level, YOU NEED A COMPETITIVE SQUAD!!!
    Unless he knows something regarding the transfer market and the players coming to Arsenal, i just do not see it happen… NO WAY !!

    This squad could not lift the “bonbon Cup” even if they tried… Please !!

    I know life is about optimism to go on, but we cannot ignore the facts.

    Anyway, Wilshere heart is at the right place and he does shows sparkles and courage on the pitch ( Ramsey should take example ).

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  50. Invincibles nice (1)

    Cant believe we still havent filled Deins boots, bring in Marwood or somebody else soon as.

    I like hearing confidence within our players but there will be no floodgates opening, you have to be just getting pipped each year to arrive at that assumption. The invincibles team could have and prob should have went on a run of domination if it wernt for them packing there bags one by one.

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  51. MattGooner

    I love Wilshere, one of our best players but he is simply brainwashed by Arsene if he thinks we can win anything soon… Unless we purchase 214 top quality signings

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  52. ripple

    Jack I love that confidence. I believe that confidence can take a long way and it is essential to a top team’s successes.

    But great teams also have great players, not just confident players and some of that is missing. Depite the apparently dire situation Arsenal does not need an entirely new squad – they have a good core group. In order to viably compete they need perhaps 3-4 players straight away and then replacements for Squishy, Park, Bendt, and the others who are not usable

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  53. philthompsonsnose


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  54. gooner23

    Were not winning anything with wenger of this team theres no ambition just look at the lack of activity in the market what the board is doing is sickening. poor arsenal fans ard paying the price for there lack of ambition and greed DEIN + USMANOV needesd asap

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  55. Arsenal Fan

    All you anti-Wenger people really surprise me. You talk of booing him in the stadium?

    I agree that he has made some tactical errors, i.e. Podolski LW/Gervinho CF, but that is not the main reason for our failures. Nor are they down to Wenger giving Ramsey chances (too many, in my opinion).

    It is the board that have not given him money, not kept the players, not attracted new players.
    People honestly think he could have spent millions upon millions, but he didn’t want to?!
    Sure, maybe you would have preferred him to lash out openly about the board, get sacked and then have some weak manager take us to mid-table and lower!

    Arsenal have underachieved in recent years, that is undeniable, but any minor success we have had was because of Wenger. Do you think it is a coincidence that these failures happened as soon as we left Highbury and the new board came in?

    I was against us moving stadiums for nostalgic reasons initially, never did I think it would lead our club being slowly destroyed and people wanting Wenger out!

    Don’t get me wrong, Guardiola is a great manager but so is Wenger! Wenger won a lot with his top squad. Do you think Pep. will come in and make us win CL, PL and FA cup with this board still in place? I’m sure top managers see the board at Arsenal and are put off ever wanting to manage Arsenal (at least ambitious managers, not those solely there for money).

    I was always against these big takeovers e.g. Chelsea, Man City, but I believe the way football is going it needs to be done.

    Usmanov and Dein in with Wenger staying as manager!

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  56. Young Gun

    sorry to burst your bubble but Jack was a West Ham fan before he joined arsenal as a nine year old there even a picture of in the the shirt!

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  57. Thala

    @ mighty
    Yup. Just woke up.
    I wish Fans Chant Neymar’s Name is Emirates, that might Force Wenger 2 Sign him .

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  58. joe

    need 11 players with the passion he shows to the cause. Only one who didnt lose his bottle against bradford and one of the only players in ther who truly knows what it means to play for arsenal football club not to mention his ability he could walk into barcelonas team tommorow but he is our man for life fingers crossed he could become the bigest legend in the history of the club .. oh yeah and Jack wilsheres fully behind the manager … so do the fu**ing same !

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  59. joe

    @ young gun sorry to burst ur bubble mate his dad was an west ham fan and so was he but west ham have always been pants and ever since he worse arsenal shirt at academy level he has been a gooner from that day on

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  60. dude

    Wilshere has been brainwashed by wenger, almost as deluded as arsene himself

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