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Arsenal CAN seal Draxler transfer after his Ozil comments

Arsenal will still have to persuade the French club PSG to part with their player, but after they stunned the football world this summer by almost doubling the world record transfer outlay to sign the Brazil international star Neymar from FC Barcelona, you feel that they do not need Julian Draxler half as much as before.

The Gunners could certainly do with a player of his ability, though, and there have been a fair few Arsenal transfer rumours over the last few days suggesting that he is one of the players on the transfer wish list of Arsene Wenger. If I was the boss I would definitely be trying because from various previous comments it seems clear that Draxler would like to play for Arsenal.

As reported by the BBC, he spoke about our club just a few months ago after signing for PSG from the German club Wolfsburg in January, revealing that Arsenal had previously shown interest although not in that particular transfer window. He also spoke about how much he would love to play his club football alongside his fellow German international Mesut Ozil, although he was then suggesting that our playmaker join him in Paris.

Draxler said, “I would love to play with him every day.

“For me, he’s a great player. I enjoy to play with him for every training, every match with the German national team.

“Yes, I think he’s a great player. He would help every team in the world and I think he would enjoy the life here and even to play for PSG.”

Spin that around and you could see why Wenger might be optimistic about getting the deal done.

He also said, “Arsenal have been in contact since about two or three years ago but I was not in touch with them this winter.

“I like English football. I like the Premier League of course – it’s one of the best leagues in the world.”

So can Arsenal finally sign Draxler and pair him up with Ozil?


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25 thoughts on “Arsenal CAN seal Draxler transfer after his Ozil comments

  1. Konstantin Mitov

    No, we won’t sign anyone. Wenger is too important to bother with small matters like signing someone or the future of this club. I bet Theo and Jack will be like new signings! It’s amazing how low we’ve gotten. This is ROCK BOTTOM.

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  2. Sign someone Orsin Venker

    Buy Draxler means reverting back to 451 formation is Alexis Ozil Draxler behind Lacazette which is pure class , but going to 451 means need a good CM to control midfield…

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    1. kev

      Draxler deal is off.
      Sancho deal is off as Arsenal pulled out.
      No defender or midfielder coming.
      We’re now waiting for Man City to bid huge money + Aguero.They just bid £80 now.

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      1. Abdull

        We Acctualy Konw That, Winger He’s Doing Something Bad To Damage The Arsena FC, Plese Go And Buy Drexler & Mahrez

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      2. Joseph Saleh Australian Gooner from S.A

        You are so full off crap. Don’t you get nobody here wants to read your lies. Look at the amount off thumb downs every single one off your comments gets . Just let it go and stop pretending like you have inside knowledge cause you don’t know sh!+ Mate

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  3. Pablo Picasso

    My my. We seem to be so desperate right now. (Media and fans)

    Let it go, Wenger said before the window he wanted 2 to 3 players – Lacca / Sead / Wilshere. Window closed.

    Drax was just been nice, his trying to probably kick lazy Ozil from Germany’s starting 11 anyway.

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  4. Sign someone Orsin Venker

    Since Santi Cazorla’s injury we are just being overrun in the midfield. Arsenal aren’t a possession based team anymore…. Any half a decent team who choose to press us high up the field easily dominate us….

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  5. kev

    I pray am wrong on this one.
    There’ll be no incomings.News coming in is that Man City have bid £80m for Alexis Sanchez.Another bid that’s likely to be rejected because we want big money + a top player from City.
    All Draxer,Mahrez or whoever reports are untrue.We’re not signing anyone.One of my sources revealed this info last month and I thought he was a joke.I didn’t put it here because of the onslaught and criticism I’d receive.Sancho also off to Dortmund as Arsenal pull out of deal.
    More news coming.Keep in touch.

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    1. Arsenalman

      Why would they reject 80m for Sanchez? Maybe is better this way since they won’t be spending that money on a new player anyway.

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    2. LL_cool_gunner

      Mahrez has gone to Chelsea, but for some of you he wasn’t good enough..

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  6. Arsenalman

    I doubt he would want to come to arsenal right now. Maybe he’s trying to take Ozil to psg

    OT.. I have to thank Wenger for helping me get rid of my addiction to arsenal, now a days am numb, I just don’t care as much anymore. I don’t even need to watch the games.

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      1. Dave

        Brilliant, hopefully that will mean 2 less ill-informed knobheads frequenting games (actually, you probably haven’t been anywhere near the Emirates and only started supporting them after the invincibles season) and Internet forums.

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    1. A middle east Gooner

      there are millions arsenal fans feel the same.let them do whtever thet want

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  7. Declan

    What are we doing! Ox gone for 35 mil, Alexis off for 55 mil and we are not even looking at anyone! Meanwhile spuds are signing Barkley and Llorente!

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  8. Ndahura Patrick Boswel

    I don’t understand what wenger and his bosses are doing at arsenal, making only profits for themselves and leaving fans to cry year after year, I bet they have plans to destroy the great arsenal Fc at the expense of richness. I wonder what a football manager is Wenger if not a businessman?! OUT WENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we arsenal fans in south Sudan are tired of you!.

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  9. waal2waal

    Arsene has had since the transfer window began to prepare for targets and avoid potential mishap. it seems like this transfer event (mehrez, lemar, draxler, sanchez) is contrived to fool fans to think we work hard to attract quality players when in fact we make offers that make quality players look the other way.

    By the close of this window we will see how much our ambition matches that of “all” our rivals.

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  10. dr kass

    yes some of you are correct but we must give thanks to wenge for waking up to the fact the trust he have for the players was fooled sell ox good business sell sanchez no pain on this player for get the goodness look at him on the inside and you will get my meaning ozil sell he need to wake up he may be holding us back bring in draxler and the young boys we have could get us back to champion league wenger trusted the wrong players thank you Gibbs you were a through gooner

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  11. Sarmmie

    As much as I want to see draxler in an arsenal shirt, I don’t see that happening, wenger said that he’s only looking to sign 2 or 3 players before the window opened. Wenger has always been very active on transfer deadline and I pray he signs someone tonight at least a new midfielder.

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  12. andy z

    The problem with arsenal
    is the fan we need to protest against thes american owner kronke we need to do what liverpool did to hicks n gillet

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  13. Dom

    How come no mention here of the Lemar bid accepted for £92m?

    Stop moaning and hold on!

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  14. mick ford

    I have supported arsenal for 72 years I’m 78 but now all I can say is wenger took us to the top now it looks like he is takeing us to the bottom please will someone sort it out

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