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Arsenal cannot afford Big Stars!

Arsenal are one of the most highly profitable clubs in world football. The cost of building the Emirates stadium is nearly paid off, we have qualified for the Champions league second round for the last 13 years and Arsene Wenger has spent next to nothing, in net terms, in the transfer market for years. How is it possible, then, that the Gunners cannot afford to go for a big name player valued at around £30 million?

That is what the former Arsenal defender says he heard when he was with Arsene Wenger recently at the ground. Winterburn himself was surprised because Ivan Gazidis has been letting on that the board are ready and willing to back Wenger in the transfer market, and there have been rumours that around £70 million was left unspent in the summer.

“I was with Arsene three or four weeks ago doing a Q&A at Arsenal and he was asked about buying a £30 million player.

“He was saying `we can’t afford to do that`. That surprised me a little bit.

“He was saying `£30 million in transfer fees, with wages you’re probably looking at another £25-30 million. We could not compete on that level.”

So what is going on? Where is all the money going? I know that Man City and Chelsea have rich sugar daddies who cough up the millions they need to outbid other teams, but Manchester United are paying massive interest payments because of the way the Glazer family took over the club. The Glazers also, apparently, siphon personal profits from United, yet they can afford massive wages for Rooney and van Persie as well as large transfer fees.

Another problem with Arsenal now is that big name players would not really want to join the Gunners at the minute, even if we could afford them. Too many years of selling our best players have weakened the Arsenal reputation, and made us a less than appealing prospect for top players, says Winterburn, and he can understand why the frustration of the Arsenal fans is building.

“The vision that they were sold when they moved to the Emirates was that they had to move there to compete with the top teams.

“A lot of the supporters feel that we are now slipping even further behind those teams.”

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78 thoughts on “Arsenal cannot afford Big Stars!

  1. Gunned

    There r two types of big players out there. 1.Cazorla for 16 mill. and 2.Eden hazard for 35 mill. So,you can even blame Wenger for nt buying Hazard or can Praise him for bringing a player like Cazorla. Its not necessary dat every 25-30 mill.player is the best eg.) Fernando Torres, Mario Balotelli.etc. Bt as for our policy it shud b changed as soon rather than later. Waiting for the last chance for Wenger and Board in January Transfer.

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  3. Sharkseven

    Arsenal Cant Afford Big Star But Arsenal Can Afford Big Flops Player.
    The Boardroom Is Making Our Club Becaming A laughing Stock.

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  4. Zack gunner

    As long as this board and manager around…we are going deeper and deeper… nobody can save us….

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  5. Sank

    We sell
    rvp for 24 and buy giroud for 12
    fabregas for 30 and hope ramsey plays
    song for 15 and hope diaby
    sell nasri for 24 and buy gervinho for 10

    i can tell you it wenger who is to blame for replacements and contract situations rather than the board.

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  6. Goona

    No, it’s ok Arsenal Board Members, you can run this club into the ground and the fans won’t mind. I really wish we just scrap everyone in the directors box and hire a proper football team. If Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp were on the coaching staff, everyone would take orders from these legends

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  7. loran 12

    If we can compete for best player even if they are free because we are not ready to pay them the desired wages even if we had payed the required wages for rvp we would not have struggled for a striker nd one issue would have solved secondly oour deadwood should be sold or realeased atleast with all that wages we five to them can we given to one worldclass player but no, Wenger want to keep them for show off nd admitt gunner WE CAN COMPETE FOR THROPHY only if we buy sone nee world class player.Its not easy to see hotshit above us in table nd if they can buy player why cannot we ( please ignore my spelling mistake i am from india) coyg.

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  8. loran 12

    If we c
    an compete for best player even if they are free because we are not ready to pay them the desired wages even if we had payed the required wages for rvp we would not have struggled for a striker nd one issue would have solved secondly oour deadwood should be sold or realeased atleast with all that wages we five to them can we given to one worldclass player but no, Wenger want to keep them for show off nd admitt gunner WE CAN COMPETE FOR THROPHY only if we buy sone nee world class player.Its not easy to see hotshit above us in table nd if they can buy player why cannot we ( please ignore my spelling mistake i am from india) coyg.

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  9. Goonerholic

    Hell no!!! we’re always competing for no.4 or 3 and some fans and people are proud of that, you don’t want to buy but you want to sell, that’s more of a business club, the board can close down the football club and make it a business club. This is sick, yes, it is sick losing to Bradford.I guess that’s the only cup(capital one) we were fighting for. I surprisingly don’t know who to blame. All our best players have left, you’ve got to pay what the players deserve, most importantly Patrick Vieira one of the “greatest” even feels ashamed and no wonder he’s doing a good job at City.
    Fans shouldn’t be angry over van Persie, i think he did a good job not only for wages but he went to a club whose major priority is Glory Glory and Glory, what have we got after selling our best players? Nothing. Next is Walcott, and someone else,who knows. I’m sorry, but if Arsenal can’t even win against a league 2 side, then forget about Champions League. Last season we had Van Persie and no wonder we finished 4th, otherwise we would have been in Europa League.
    Basically all transfer ins are rumours. Wishing you all the best Mr.Arsene Wenger and the Board.
    We do miss D.Dein.

    Vitz_tiva on twitter.

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  10. Nick

    I do realize there are differences in spending and evaluating players. There in lies one of the problems in that Wenger always says he’ll offer what “a player is worth” not what they’re valued at. Instantly we’re gonna lose out on the cream of the crop players because they are always over valued. Wenger signings aren’t always bad. I would rather have Santi for the deal we got given his experience throughout the years vs. an uproven player who might flop. But we also miss out on players you know are gonna do great things in the Prem for sake of being able to get a player on a free transfer.

    Plus, a huge transfer fee is only the start when you also have to factor in the weekly wages that will also be paid out to those huge name stars. The current rumor is that Chelsea are gonna offer Falcao (who I’d kill to have at Arsenal) 200-250 in weekly wages and that’s on top of the enormous transfer fee Athletic Madrid will want for him.

    Wenger likes to make people into big names and seem like a genius for doing it vs. buying a big name and having to compete with the ego & hype that comes along with said player. I think that’s part of the project youth fixation for him.

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  11. Gunner till the end

    We need the Russian in charge i really hope he doesnt sell his shares to stan, he actually knows what hes talking about we need Henry as coach or manager

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  12. Goon-Tah

    Nowhere… That’s where your money that you use to buy replicas and tickets goes. £70 million sitting on Wenger’s lap but he will not spend. So go ahead, and pay for those expensive tickets. RVP’s wages… Theo’s… Nasri’s… etc! No increase! Players know their true value, and Wenger has the power to demand that players wage policy be changed, but he hasn’t. Well…

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  13. Ali

    It seems we will have our Arsenal back….once the board is done sucking it completely dry!!

    We can’t afford expensive players and higher salaries because the f*cking board want more money. The emirates move, FFP, financial prudence to the point of missing out on the UCL is either delusional bullsh*t or an eyewash. I am sick of all the excuses. I wish AW had not gone along with the ‘financially responsible’ model and quit with his dignity and reputation in tact. I blame him for the deadwood collection and also the current state in which our once great club is a the moment. Its true that his hands are tied and all the transfer funds in the world don’t mean anything if we can’t match the salaries of at least a couple of big stars that are likely to be offered by Chelsea, Man City and Man U. But AW had the option to not agree with the board. His brilliance as a manager has led to the board being able to keep this farce going for the past so many years. Even the great Alex Ferguson wouldn’t have been able to keep Arsenal in the UCL for so many years with the restrictions imposed but he wouldn’t have agreed to them in the first place. That is what we should be angry at AW for, he was either weak in front of the board or delusional/egotistical enough to think that the kids he develops would defeat any and all that came in up against them.

    I hope AW and the board turn this season around and we manage a UCL spot for next season or we won’t be able to buy anyone worthwhile in the summer. Not that I expect much quality reinforcement during January either but maybe the board will allow AW to actually spend relatively more in Jan and perhaps hold on to Theo in a bid to secure a UCL spot.

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  14. AFC a wasteman team

    Wenger needs to go penny pinching never works its like gucci are a pair of reebok classics

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  15. MKO

    Stan can accept d profits arsenal makes every year,
    Gazidis could accept d highest pay (in his position) in d
    premier league, Wenger could accept d biggest magerial
    wage in d premiership, The board n manager could
    could accept to pay big wages to deadwoods,
    Arsenal fans could accept to pay d highest ticket fees
    in England, but Arsenal fc can not afford to buy top
    quality for 30m to repay d faithful fans wit good
    performance n trophies. What a sorry scenerio.

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    tbh i dun even want Arsenal to waste by splashing money on crazy transfers like city had done..the board and wenger can spend smart..but on the same time they should compete for big names as well if the player really suits to Arsenal and needed by Arsenal..and maintain the strenght by keeping proven players and stars..

    BUT what happens today cheap..sell them later..feeder club..board has no ambition..

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  17. gooner


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  18. Ozzy AFC

    hmmmm ask Stan where his $85’000’000 mansion came from, thats where a % of the money has gone my point being is that the board are making healtrhy personnel profits and have no interest in improving the team or winning things by spending any money and it boils down to one of two things is Wenger with the board ?? or keeping silent on all this on behalf of the board?? either way this continued slide is unacceptable, and any of these pro board posters on here who say that thats how the club has always been need to grow up and get with the modern world just because we lived in caves hundreds of thousands of years ago why should we still do that now?? MOVE ON OR BECOME OBSELETE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    the root of the stinking problem is the current passion in kroenke and gazidis to bring Arsenal towards success on the pitch..they who encourage to sell sell known proven players to get more profits each year..they who did say winning is not priority in football..they who rakes the highest paid management in premier league yet just dissapoints all supporters..

    Arsenal need a change in the board..usmanov for kroenke..dein for gazidis..and henry as a legend should also help to blend in just as viera do for man city now (not so legend)..when the root cause is solved and taken care off then once again Arsenal can rise as Invincibles..

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  20. leo


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  21. apc

    dont need to spend lots n lots., just realise a good player when you see one

    cabaye would of been great for us. he works and can also pick a pass.

    tiote wud be amazing too. we need someone who will tackle and win the ball back.

    vertoghen was a nailed on signing i was told y was he not signed. centee back, left back. defensive mid hes a valuable player to have i think. it stil angers me

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  22. Deejay

    arsenal sud not have changed thier playing style. they used to play attractive soccer… now they just play…. dont love the game they play. too predictable. doesnt matter who comes in…. wenger cant manage this game style dats all.. manager not used to this tactics himself… the squad is better than people criticize, either the manager have to b changed or his playing tactics…. coz this tactics really sucks…

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  23. leo

    & mark my words it’s downhill from here on unless the ownership changes usmanov i don’t give a crap what is personal live is like all i care is he invests in the squad & take arsenal to the top where we belong it won’t happen with the invisible owner

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  24. GunnerCPH

    Bla bla bla. The issue is not that we cannot afford, it is that we do not want to afford. In our nice little herd of greedy shareholders we have a man – a certain Mr. Usmanov – who happens to be among the 50 richest men in the world. According to Forbes Usmanov have twice (yes twice!) the amount resources at his disposal of Chelski’s owner Roman Abramovich.

    Now, I know, that most Arsenal fans – myself included I might add – do not want Arsenal to be another high spending, irresponsable and unsustainable play thing for a foreign fat cat. And that is not quite what I am proposing. But repeatedly letting our best players join rivals, bumping ticket prices and stringing us fans along with empty promises can be helped by letting this Russian billionaire of ours do his thing. If nothing else then just until Emirates have been paid off. If that is even possible.

    We have the means at our disposal, all we need to do is use them.

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  25. vp

    Lady Bracewell Smith has just underpinned our worst suspensions. If the sale of our best assets, the lack of investment and shareholder involvement, isn’t reason enough to call for realignment to the club’s strategy- Then what is!

    We have an owner who cares nothing for the sport, who visits the country every month to attend board meetings, but yet hardly ever comes to a game. His lack of involvement is more motivated by evading the accountability for strategic decisions, then it is to allow the club to operate more freely.

    Put profit to one side and remind yourselves of a football club’s number one fiduciary duty -to serve public interest. To serve those who enable the organization to exercise its license to exist, us the fans. Profit is a purpose by which this objective is fulfilled and absolutely critical, no question. However, it becomes self defeating if it comes at the expense of the underlying objective which for a football club is delivering success on the football pitch. Selling our best players year after year and not reinvesting the money is one such example.

    I have never felt so detached from the club, and have lost my voice, I think we all have. We dare not question the establishment as we made feel ungrateful and financially naïve for doing so. We dare not question why our CEO has been remunerated for delivering a £30million operating loss or why our INVESTOR cannot temporarily loan some of the forthcoming sponsorship money to us, despite having recently just purchased an £80mill ranch.

    We are continually reassured that we are the path to financial superiority and that spending more money than we currently do will make us a going concern threat like Rangers, Malaga and etc. This is another political maneuver by the board and deliberate scare mongering to allow the actors up top to pursue personal agenda and deliver long term shareholder value. Have we ever asked the club to go out there and spend recklessly? The fact that they continue to revert to such extreme examples to justify their decisions is nothing short of disrespectful and patronizing.

    There’s a fine line between prudence and total risk avoidance, with the latter falling into the category of anti growth. We have turned into a risk free investment to guarantee risk free long term shareholder value, with specific rewards for those who aspire to achieve this (CEO & Board). Furthermore, the foundation of our long term strategy is based on factors outside our control, like the FFP coming into force, in which time the people at the top are going to get rich regardless.

    To sum up , Their seems to be overwhelming evidence to suggest that the club is not being run to its capacity, and many reasons to doubt the integrity and true motivations behind those who own and control it. We may not be the gatekeepers of the football club in the legal sense, but make no mistake about in substance we are. We have an important role to play and a duty of care to act and it’s about time we did.

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  26. Deejay

    years ago we alwayz felt that we were unlucky not to win title with such an attractive game. so many chances. now its like we are lucky with every win… coz they hardly create any chances. the midfield alwayz goes wide. no one covers the far post with the crosses.

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  27. leo

    to be fair even without spending big we can still get quality players in jan like llorente/holtby/kuzmanovic or m’vila/adrian lopez all these players would combine cost 20m good enough for arsenal to be in top4 & maybe win the fa cup but we definetly need to spend big to win pl or cl titles

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  28. leo

    BREAKING: After bradford game, FA have introduced a new rule: ”Anyone who passes to Gervinho from now on will be booked for time wasting.”

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  29. john 3.16

    If we don’t win ALL of our next 5 games in the premier league; Reading Away, Wigan Away, West Ham Home, Newcastle Home, Southampton Away; Beat Swansea in the FA Cup and spend at least £70 million in the January transfer window on 3 or 4 top class players then Wenger should be sacked!!!

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  30. DrPepper

    Well everyone wanted ‘their Arsenal back’

    Well ladies and gentleman this is Arsenal. Getting knocked out to non league teams, having no money to spend and fluctuating between between 4th place and absolute mediocrity – with the occasional title or cup.

    I find it ironic, that the Arsenal you want back was the Arsenal that was entirely crafted by Arsene.

    Yet you want him gone.

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  31. GUN

    Arsenal chief commercial officer in an interview
    “Arsenal Football Club is not only about winning. We have a large and engaged fan-base around the world who wants to feel as if they belong to the club, and want to feel proud to belong to the club. That’s my primary business.

    Obviously nothing instills pride in our fan-base more than winning but there’s many things we do that make our fans feel proud. So developing the kinds of young talent, finding those players in the marketplace make our fans feel proud.

    Coming to a stadium that the club built really at a time – 10 years ago when the board decided to build that stadium, everything was going our way, it was Manchester United and Arsenal, but we made a very bold decision and we built that stadium on time and on budget, that makes our fans very proud.

    When they see that we can attract – even though we haven’t won a trophy in seven years – one of the top global brands in the world for the type of money and financial commitment they’re making, that makes our fans feel proud”

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  32. sku

    I think that we really need to reduce the squad and I am affraid we will have to write off a lot of the contracts of players. We have a lot of the players that can’t be sold and are going to stay the length of their contracts think of Almunia eg why would the Squid leave I know I wouldn’t no other team can offer him what we offer and so are many others that we keep mentioning. So in the final analysis I think the challenge is to first reduce the squad and that could mean buying out contracts of players and this is a normal business practice it is not common in football but it is being done. I also read Sagna is offered R60k and he wont accept he is gone….


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  33. GUN

    With this business model we are not going to win anything in the future. This is not about balancing the account. This is about making maximum profit. Arsenal are making about 40+ million profit each season. Where does this money go? We need to sell our players in order to buy new ones. Those who still believe in this philosophy are destroying our club. Arsenal fans should protest inside the stadium, not against players or Wenger, but against our money grabbing owner Kroenke and greedy Gazidis who is in our club for money. They should understand that they can’t go on by making profit.

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  34. Big Gun

    @DrPepper I find it ironic that you even call yourself an Arsenal fan. Do you not realize and understand that managers cannot always be top dog? Wenger has had far better days…keyword HAD. 7 years ago. The last couple of seasons we have seen him make many stupid decisions on and off the pitch. Everyone including commentators and fans from other clubs can point out multiple horrible decisions he has made this season alone. Wenger has clearly lost his touch, he fails take a step back and look at his policies and try things from a different perspective. In actual fact, that is the problem. Wenger is too rigid and inflexible to ever adapt or change the way he does things and this is something the modern era of football demands. No plan B, no tactics against more physical teams. The fact that he won’t even take afvice from his second in command just shows what a dictator he can be.

    AFC needs a complete overhaul and they can start with the manager.

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  35. ran

    Wengers reasoning is bollocks, the club is already wasting money by paying average or shit players stupid salaries every week. Park, santos, squillaci, djourou, fabianski and chamakh already help the club waste 300k a week, which is many times the average fan’s salary in a YEAR. 300k a week means 14.4 mil down the drain every year, how the hell do you justify it? The club can pay money to useless players but yet can’t give theo his 100k a week. That’s retarded. No wonder so many players wanted to leave, because the club was paying a world class dm (song) the same as a world class flop (squillaci). That’s equivalent to a company paying £3000 a month to a hardworking, efficient worker and paying the same amount to a slacker. No wonder our top players either wanted to leave or have a lack of motivation. Unless the board gets the fck out, our beloved arsenal will only go downhill…

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  36. GUN

    @DrPepper Arsenal was a big club even before Wenger came. Arsenal had the same number of premier league trophy as that of Manchester united (10 each) before Wenger came. Now 19-13. I am not saying Wenger should go, but just responding to insulting comment (about Arsenal) like that.

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  37. sku

    @vp I agree very engaging comments makes me think what would we do if we the fans were shareholders and our sole purpose being the benefit of the club. No profit maximasation for the sake of increasing the share price etc. Makes you think about the interest of our board members.

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  38. RASD KY

    Well said we can’t afford stars because simply we’ve got to pay Arsene loads of cash and his baibez Kroenkiss is gotta buy a certain dream ranch worth loads of $$$$$……
    Ooooh his passion is football isn’t it?

    And AFC is a football club or rather a Football supermarket.

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  39. jibber

    Yes arsenal can’t afford big stars at the moment, only because what other teams do is to mark up a 20-25mil player to 35mil(Hazard).

    But that doesn’t mean we can compete, it is like Wenger said, if we buy well, it’ll be fine.

    BUT, and a BIG ONE. Has Arsene Wenger REALLY bought the right players?

    just look at the past 3 years transfer ins:

    since 2010-11 season, we’ve got 23 players in. 10 of these are reserve players:
    1)Philip Roberts
    2)Kyle Ebecilio
    3)Ryo Miyaichi
    4)Serge Gnabry
    5)Jon Miquel Toral
    6)Leander Siemann
    7)Hector Bellerin
    8)Kristoffer Olsson
    9)Joel Campbell
    10)Thomas Eisfeld

    the rest 13 are all supposedly 1st team, including squillaci, chamakh, Park, Santos, all of which futures at Arsenal are quite over.
    take these 4 out of the 13, we have 9 players playing in the 1st team, which includes:
    Arteta, Koscielny, Mert, Girvinho, OX, jenkinson, Podolski Giroud and Cazorla.

    Arteta cazorla is now our core midfield. Koscielny mert is crucial to defense.
    jenkinson, while significantly improved still a sub.
    girvinho has been appalling
    Ox is good but inexperienced.This season we also see him defend more than attk just like podolski. and that’s because we have no midfield boss that does no nonsense defending.
    Giroud is looking better each game, but it’s hard to judge him now when the whole team is in shambles.

    so if we do the math,
    10 reserve players: 2,430,500m
    4 deadwood: 12,000,000m
    4 core players(cazorla, arteta, mert, koscielny):42,700,000m
    5 yet to be proven:44,070,000m

    now last 3 years 3 biggest names gone are nasri, cesc, Van Persie.
    that’s total of 77,700,000m for those 3 alone.

    add the 4 core players and the 5 yet to be proven and that’s the all the new 1st team players.
    86,770,000m invested in the current 1st team in the last 3 years, and we’re not doing 1/2 as good as we were with 3 players worth 77,700,000m in the 1st team.
    that’s a 9,070,000m difference MORE value before we sold those 3.
    take Koscielny’s transfer fee away from the difference since he came in and played with cesc Vp and nasri for 1 year.
    that’s 9,070,000m -9,700,000m = -630,000k less valuable than we were 3 years ago in terms 1st team only.

    Yet the -630,000k difference is not proportionally translated into our decline…

    On paper, yeah 3 years ago no trophy, 3 years after same.
    But any football fan would see that Arsenal isn’t playing even 1/2 as good football as they were 3 years ago.

    We look like we’re 63,000,000m worse in terms of player quality now. And that is what I mean by getting the right players.

    u can reinvest in cheaper players and do a sell 1 for 3, as long as the 3 adds up to be the 1.
    But we don’t look anything like a coherent team, and still have roles to be filled.

    C’mon Arsene, are you kidding me?

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  40. In Ures Boots

    Our club can afford good quality players, what we and every other club, except Man City and Chelshea, cannot afford is second quality ‘dross’ who when they fail cannot be sold on elsewhere.
    They stay on the bench, receive huge salaries for doing nothing.No one wants them on their salaries and they will not drop their wage demands to play elsewhere hence stalemate.
    Chamakh, Arshavin (do not excuse him he cannot hack it in the Premier league),Santos (why did we but him?),Bendtner, Squillaci and others.
    The purchase of these players and the improvement of players contracts are all approved by Arsene.He is the manager for the players on the field and new players coming in. He faled to improve the team when Thierry was sold, why for such a small amount,and has continued to let the standard of the first team fall every year since.
    He is such a great manager that he cannot see that our biggest failing in the last 6 years has been the defense and still cannot bear to pay for a good international goalkeeper.
    He has let our 7 seven best players leave in the last 4 years and replaced them with nothing or substandard panic buys(Santi excluded).
    Forget the board they would not deny Arsene anything he would ask for, any other major club would have ditched him 3 years ago when his ‘young player’ experiment failed.
    The club needs and deserves a new start starting with a new manager.

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  41. Hass

    Why are we not playing with our bargain transfer of the year, Eisfeld? Walcott is off, Gervinho and Ramsey not good enough, Diaby always injured.


    Subtitute midfielders:
    Coquelin (DMF,CMF)
    Chamberlin (AMF),
    Arshavin (AMF,LWF),
    Jenkinson (RB, he can play in RWF and change position with Sagna during games).

    Now isn’t that a better midfield lineup and midfield bench?

    Then have Podolski,Giroud and Chamakh fight it out for the strikers role.

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  42. ks-gunner

    can not or dont want to…by the way shut up pepper u board asslicking troll….

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  43. davidrusa

    I was amused by the arguments of the self-styled graduate of economics. He said Tottenham spends more money than Arsenal and they have a smaller stadium and yet they pay less in ticket fees. So what is the argument? Since when has Tottenham been better than Arsenal? If it hasn’t then how does Wenger deceive Arsenal fans? Take the case of Man City with the money they spend. Weren’t they ejected from both the Champions league and capital one cup in preliminary stages? Hasn’t Chelsea equally been knocked out? It is not money that plays games. The legitimate concern for Arsenal fans should be that when we sold Fabregas, Van Persie, Nasri and Song we didn’t adequately replace them. Otherwise selling players is part of the football business. If Song had been replaced nobody would even be remembering him. Hence our demand should be that every player who is sold should be replaced by someone of nearly same quality. That is the only way to ensure the team remains competitive.

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  44. Me-Basil

    @Arsenal Success Doesn’t Always Come by Spending $30-$50 Million in The Transfer Market. Instead, It Comes From Investing In What You Already Have!

    That said, why didn’t We Give RVP what he wants, Nasri what he wants, Wolcott what he wants…..

    You Don’t want to buy top players and you don’t want to keep top players.


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  45. Salvage

    We definitely dont need to buy players of 30 million plus to succeed. We just need a manager who *knows what time it is* period..

    For the past 7 seasons, Wenger would always say that there is no quality available. But in the same winodw, other managers would go out and get good players at bargain price.

    Just this past transfer window, Maicon was available on a free transfer, Julio Ceasar as well. Other teams got quality players on the cheap(We have listed them so many times before).
    Right now, we dont have a manager that can be trusted to get good players in anymore. Good players,now choose other clubs above Arsenal(Most recent being Sahin and Vertonghen).

    If we dont know what that means, let me spell it out.. Its a vote of no confidence on our manager.
    Just like every other work environment or endeavour,players compare notes and talk over issues.

    No matter how we hate the Spuds, fact remains that some players at both clubs can be very good friends. And so it is all over.
    When a Nuru Sahin chooses a team that was going to play in Europa over one assured of Champions league(same with Vertonghen), that should give you an insight into what goes on when these players meet to talk, compare notes or exchange text messages.

    By the way, Vertonghen revealed that Wenger was planning to *PLAY HIM OUT OF POSITION* too. 🙂

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  46. DanialFairuz

    At the moment the only option is to maintain the top 4 position before we proceed with our next cause of action that is to kick off all the useless board and coach who have no ambitious in football..

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  47. Uche

    Anybody who listens to these guys and thinks that anything will change is just wasting their time. They need to fall hard before they change their ways a little bit. Expect wenger to remain the manager of this club till he chooses to go. Imagine if RVP never challenged them the way he did? There would have been no carzola, Podolski or Giroud.I know this hurts guys but it is actually in our own interest to fail in the short term. It pains to lose games but hang in there. We stand to benefit in the long run.

    Don’t hate me for this but we need to lose to reading on Monday. Maybe then, we will actually buy Cavani or Loriente. This is a board that waits until Man u humiliates us with an 8-2 scoreline before it buys four players in 24 hours. I never understood why it took arsenal forever to conclude a business deal until that panic buy after the man u loss. That was when I realized that we are actually capable of acting fast IF we want to. Otherwise we just drag our legs until chelsea or someone else comes in and steals our target. And then we turn around and say we tried our best but that we cannot compete with the big boys. It is all a tactic. We just need to be pushed by something catastrophic.

    So fellow gunners, wish for the catastrophe of a seventh place finish. Maybe then, we will retire wenger and hire pep. We the fans need to start thinking strategically too because wenger and the board’s strategy is to sell off our best players and run with the money. And then they hit us with the highest ticket prices in the country and tell us to be grateful because fourth place is a trophy. For how long are you guys prepared to accept this?

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  48. Manish

    It sounds like “we can not afford to win” … ha ha .. I do not say that Signing big stars means Victory of Title … but not signing any star is surely failure to reach title.

    alright .. if no starts then atleast some good players like Dries Merten .
    All that Arsenal Need is Dries Merten as replacement of many injury prone or uncommitted wingers or even pathetica gervinho.

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  49. Uche

    Who said anything about 30 million pound players? Arsenal supporters are not vain like Chelseao or Man City supporters. We just want good players. Koscielny was cheap and now barca wants him. Now that is a smart buy. Papis Cisse cost Newcastle 10 mil and Kevin Mirallas cost everton 6.5 mil, heck, Michu cost swansea 2 mil and he was offered to arsenal first but we turned him down! And who do we have when Giroud is not playing? Gervinho? Chamak? You must be joking.

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  50. stephen187

    Every time someone mentions buying a marquee player someone alsways pops up with torres etc…well for every 50m torres there is a 24m david silva and a 24m yaya toure or even a 22m RVP…but to be honest it more then just a better sqaud we need right now..our sqaud is better then bradford, norwich and swansea just need to et players working as a unit..passing moving and knwing what each other are going to do

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  51. arshavin

    Any passionate owner of a club would not stand a manager who has had a stinker of a season like arsene wenger.Kroenke just doesn’t seem to care about the club at all.Any manager will not survive periods like Arsene Wenger has gone through over last two seasons–it’s a shame that most arsenal fans think he has a right to remain there and fix things every season.Head over to Arseblog and it is AKB’s all the way,some people saying that Wenger is a legend and he should sign the contract immidiately after Bradford defeat–do these fans really support arsenal or Wenger?Wenger and arsenal are different entities,don’t you agree?

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  52. arshavin

    I will officially apologise to RVP for calling him by ba names,he was indicating to our problems when he left,and he left because of Wenger not because he hated the club.

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  53. Invincibles nice (1)

    The best thing we could have done is to reward our own star players before they left.
    We did not need to go out looking for a thirty mil player and then some concerning his wages, when all we had to do where to reward RVP the thirty mil in transfer fees.
    Its all to late now as RVP where the last of the great ones.

    And i dont go along with this adding up the hole of his transfer wages right alongside his fee, its going to be a certain amount totted up every season but with every season we bring in more gate monies along with more sponsorship, advertising funds and merchandise sales, CL and PL monies, so evey season we are starting wealthier than the last.
    I really am sick of hearing how well off we are financially but for some strange reason still operate on a similar level to a Fulham or Everton.

    I would be interested to know just how well off we really are by taking away the last six years of player sales, if for instance all monies recieved from outgoing players went straight back into our team.

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  54. Popeye

    Total bullshit man. There is no sense left anymore in Wenger.
    If you can’t buy better players then why do you sell your best players.

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  55. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Arshavin, it where still manu he signed for instead of heading overseas. If he cared at all about us fans, well then realising our hardships he would not have rubbed it in our face by banging goals week in week out for those shower of ##****#. And think how were going to feel when hes lifting titles with that lot. Hes a f**king c**t.

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  56. Arsenal4Life

    Bring Ryo, Joe Campbell and Afobe back. Also introduce Miquel, Gnabry and Eisfeld. Maybe Chucks Aneke?

    Sell: Fabianski, Squilachi, Djourou, Santos, Arshavin, Chamakh (Bendtner, Park, Denilson).
    Buy: Mbiwa, Fellaini, Isco/Ben arfa/Arda and Benzema.

    GK: Szczesny, Mannone, (maybe Landreau for free?)
    CB: Koscielny Vermaelen Mertesacker Mbiwa Miquel
    RB: Sagna, Jenkinson (Mbiwa)
    LB: Gibbs, Meade (Vermaelen,Miquel)

    CDM: Fellaini, Frimpong, Coquelin (Mbiwa)
    CM/CAM: Wilshere, Cazorla, Arda/Isco/Ben Arfa, Arteta, Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey, Eisfeld, Aneke

    Wings: Arda/Isco/Ben Arfa, Chamberlain, Gervinho, Ryo, Campbell, Gnabry (Walcott)
    CF: Benzema, Podolski, Giroud, Walcott

    Sagna Koscielny Mertesacker Gibbs
    Cazorla Wilshere Fellaini Isco/Ben Arfa/Arda
    Benzema Podolski/Walcott


    Sagna Koscielny Mertesacker Gibbs
    Wilshere Fellaini
    Cazorla Benzema Isco/Ben Arfa/Arda

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  57. owens

    Guys wat i want to say is please let write up some banners in the reading inscribed “kroenke out,usmanov in” and “gazidis out dein”..again “wenger change ur ideology and philosophy”..pls fans i beg of you..PLEASE..All fans who love this football club should please join me and lets save our club..

    1) “kroenke out,usmanov in”
    2) “gazidis out,dein in”
    3) “wenger change ur ideology and philosophy”

    every fan should at least hold a banner with any of the above inscribed on it..and lets save our club.

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  58. KC

    malibu above wrote that at the time of Son’g departure for Barcelona, he was making less $$$ than Squillaci.

    If this is true then there is no need to analyze the situation any further. We are witnessing the effects of cartoonishly broken system…one in which we essentially invite our best players to walk.

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  59. 9jagun

    i heard stan krook is ranked above roman ibrahamovich in the world richest…….. well i have forgotten he is in arsenal for more money

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  60. georgegooner

    What people fail to understand is that we aren’t asking for every transfer window, Arsene goes out and spends £180 million on 4 players, that’s unpractical, bad business and the chances are that them players will flop because of a big price tag. What we’re asking for is CLASS, not ALTERNATIVES. As much as I rate Arteta, everyone on the planet would prefer Fabregas, and when we sold Cesc, he should’ve been replace adequately, like Schweinstiger / Sneijder or maybe bumped up Nasri’s deal and played him through the middle? ( would’ve worked wonders ). Players like Gotze, Hazard, Falcao, Hummels and Cavani are all £30million plus buys, the likes of which we want and crave for, but the price is ridiculous. But spending £18million on Erikson, £20 million on Muller, £20million on Benzema / Higuain / Tevez / Jovetic / Lewandowski, £12million on Rami are all alternatives that save us £50million AND are just as good. OR alternatively, YOU COULD STOP SELLING OUR BEST FUCKING PLAYERS, WASTING MONEY ON SHIT REPLACEMENTS AND USE THE MONEY SAVED ON 6 SHIT REPLACEMENTS FOR 2 TOP CLASS SIGNINGS TO ADD TO OUR ALREADY WORLD CLASS PLAYERS.
    I absolutely guarantee that if Clichy, Nasri, Cesc, Song, Van Persie, Toure and Adebayor weren’t sold, and we saved on spending money on shit players, we’d have been able to add players like hazard and hummels because of winning trophies. As a business you have to spend money to make money and that is one key factor that the board are missing out on

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  61. datunlu

    Georgegooner has a good point. People always swing from one extreme to another, from no spending to spending like Man City. But that is not what we are asking for. I understand lots of people would start to argue that this is a business where cost and benefits are critical considerations. More fundamentally, business is more about offering a product that your market wants. We were asking for reasonable spending to maintain the shape and quality of this Arsenal product and its brand name in order to be competitive in the league and in the market place.

    When we had Fabregas, Van Persie, and Nasri etc., all we needed was some patching works here and there. Ok, this baffles me the most. We did not need to spend much, just more on the defensive line and we would have been perfect as a contender for any title. And I did not understand how AW could not see where the patching work was mostly needed. Anyway, we could have spend little by little then, and kept offering a strong and desirable product to the market. The dumb Gazdiz and the board, so called professional business people, did not even see that. They had to wait until everything is beyond repairable. By any economic or business rationale, I could not understand how the model with reasonable spending over the time did not stand out as a winning strategy.

    Now, it is a totally different story. We are really crappy. Now, the spending has to be different. A crippled business needs a drastic and almost revolutionary change to restore itself. Now, at this moment, I hope our CEO and board understand the way and the only way to keep this club from slipping down the cliff is A BIG SPENDING. Yes, we have to be like Man City in spending now.

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  62. Big Gun

    @Uche well said. It’s time we realized the fans are on their own. The board and Kroenke obviously don’t give a rats ass about us. Arsenal will have to hit rock bottom before anything changes FOR THE BETTER.

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  63. arshavin

    @invincibles nice you really think that any of our current players care about fans or the club then you are deluded and wenger hates us fans more than any one else.Wenger has never reciprocated the love and respect he has recieved from AKB’s.

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  64. arshavin

    @invincibles nice Best players in the world go to best teams,even if they happen to be our biggest rivals,and why are you forgetting who sold RVP to United–only wenger should be blamed for that.The whole story of Sir Alex Ferguson personally calling Wenger and convincing him to sell his most valuable asset for a pathetic price was not RVP’s fault.Players don’t think like fans,and I am afraid that if our decline was to continue and spill over to the next season,we will loose players like Willshere and Ox too.I support arsenal but I am not blind,there are so many reasons why players like Eden Hazard and Mata would prefer Chelsea over Arsenal.It really hurts to see this but as long as Wenger remains here no good player will come to emirates.

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  65. Johnno

    We can afford top players. Us not being able to is a lie. We can but we choose not to and then lie to our fans saying that we can’t. With Bayern we’re probably the most profitable club which does not rely on an owner like Chelsea, City and PSG.

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  66. TEDY

    I think Arsenal players lost their passion to win a game. It is not only about the player we bought, it about the mental strength to wine. Eg. we have better players in midfield than Man Utd. but we create less chance than Utd. This is because of player passion to win. AM I WRONG?

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  67. william meleady

    aw sticks to much to french players look another teams that are su ppose to be
    smaller than us they bough better players for less and on less wages d BA minch
    s long lots of players out just cause aw did not discover them he needs to go

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