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Arsenal captain in race to be fit for Bayern

The only member of the Arsenal team who has started more Premier league games this season than the captain Thomas Vermaelen is Santi Cazorla, The Belgian defender also started all six of the group games in the Champions league, outlining his experience and importance to Arsene Wenger. It could be a disaster for the Gunners if he misses the next European game, in a week’s time against the runaway leaders of the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich.

For the second time this season, Vermaelen has been given an injection by the Arsenal medical team in order to bring down the swelling on his problematic ankle. The idea is for him to do some light training with the squad this week, but he will almost certainly be rested for the FA cup fifth round match against Blackburn Rovers.

The reason he is so crucial for the Bayern game, although Arsenal fans are desperate to win a trophy and the FA cup seems to be our best bet, is that Vermaelen can play as the left back, and we are in real danger against the threat of Arjen Robben or Thomas Muller on the right. Even if Koscielny cannot play in the game, I expect Vermaelen to play on the left.

Sagna did well in the middle against Sunderland, so it would be better to play him there if Koscielny is injured. His last ditch tackles and clearances in front of goal could be vital, while our best choice for left back is Vermaelen. He may not get forward as much, but his main job is to protect the flank and that’s what he is good at.

Whatever it takes, the physios need to get our captain fit to run out on to the Emirates pitch just over a week from now.

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24 thoughts on “Arsenal captain in race to be fit for Bayern

  1. Henry

    I’m very happy we have loaned Santos to Gremio but surprised it has take this long to do it. Seems a bit like shutting the stable door when the horse has already bolted. Surely with the injuries we have and the fact that Monreal is cup tied it would of been better to keep him. There is no way I would of wanted him to start against Bayern but to have him coming on in the last 20minutes to play in front of our LB would of been handy. Nothing can be done now so i guess its all irrelevant.

    On the topic in hand we can only pray that our skipper will be fit for the Bayern game. I know he didnt have the best of times there earlier in the season but having him at LB would surely be better than any other option we have. fingers crossed he will be fit in time. COYG!

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  2. neev

    If santi and wilshere develop an understanding, they both can beat any other midfield in the world.. youth, experience and class combined.. midfield is the only place where we can excel.. i just want wilshere to be fit and santi to pick where he left from

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  3. Big Gun

    Yennaris (quicker than both Jenks and Miquel), Merts, Sagna, Miquel.

    That should be our back four against Bayern. I would not risk Vermalaen, he needs to heal up properly. Kossie can be sub.

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  4. True Gunner

    Not liking how this is shaping up at all, captain is in a race back for Bayern game, Wilshere hobbled off in the Sunderland match, Monreal ineligible to play vs Bayern, Jenkinson one game suspension out of the FA Cup. Gibbs out injured, Koscielny injured. This is where a big squad with good quality depth is essential yet going into so many crucial cup tied we have key players out injured. Now Arsene faces the decision of whether to either rest players even though we have an already depleted squad going into the CL against Bayern or put out some starters and risk them getting tired and potentially injured. Not a good situation to be in at all.

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  5. Gunner

    This season started very bad for all of us gunners but I’m optimistic that Arsene goes ahead in the summer transfer window and sign some stars because janary window is very difficult to sign some diamonds.

    Right now we have to concentrate us on the FA and CL game.



    ******* COQUELIN – CAZORLA – ROSICKY/DIABY *******

    ************* GERVINHO – GIROUD – OX *************



    ******* ARTETA – WILSHERE – CAZORLA *******

    ******* WALCOTT – GIROUD – PODOLKI ********


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  6. silva

    wenger could concentrate on mildfield rather than defending as of now it will be the only solution to hold the ball and protect def if injury prob persists.avoid to risk players as there are other big games to come.mildfld shd be quick to the ball so as to defend and attack.

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  7. Gunner

    Ate wha you should never do. Do not rush your fitness because you will definately have a setback. I play Semi Pro football I pave had a bad injury which I just recovered from and my physio took the maximum time to let me play, She waited till it was 100% (I did her in the gym aswell) 😉

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  8. True Gunner

    @Gunner, Jenkinson is suspended and is ineligible to play in the FA cup. Koscielny and Wilshere are both injured

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  9. Dele

    I hope AW will be able to use his magic again since he refused to re-enforced when he had the opportunity. but i believe he will never dream of squilacci as an option.

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  10. MDOwn

    Podolski has been getting better at helping out down the wing so with a Healthy Verm we should be OK, and you never know, Coquelin may get a called to right back to free up Sagna into the middle.

    Won’t happen, especially not against Bayern, but would be good to see some faith being put in a player that plays well when he is given chances.

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  11. manorhouse

    We have to hope vermealan is fit for bayern. As promising as yennaris is, the Germans will have a day. Underdogs yes but who frikin cares we’re Arsenal!

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  12. TEAM AFC

    Verm – Mert – Sagna – Kos is the best line up we could have with Jenkison and Miquel on the bench. Wish we had bought Samba in Jan – he is a big black 6’4 Giant.

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  13. true goon

    Looks like a shambles to me,clearly caused by the lack of squad strength.that means Mertesacker is a definite starter,sounds like a recipe for disaster to me.

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  14. jermaine

    can we stop talking bout samba he has been awful 100k weekly aswell lol if we had bought capoue or amorabieta we wouldnt be in this prob how many times do we play knockout stage with weakened deffence? too many.

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  15. Vlad

    If Verm’s injured, I wouldn’t risk playing him. One game is not worth his whole career. Having said that, we still need to address the problem at the left back position. I’d probably give Sagna a chance. He’s versatile, and has the speed and skill to keep up with Robben or Muller. The question is who’s gonna show up, Sagna who played like a beast against Sunderland, or some other guy who cost us a couple of games before that?

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  16. Gunner

    @ True Gunner
    You are right about Jenkinson, I thoungt red card is just for pl games..
    Wishere and Koscelny are fit to play, they made a medical test yester and received green light 100 % 😉


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  17. guttergunner

    As bad as the defensive situation is, I can take heart from the fact that some of the people commenting on this site won’t be picking the team come match day.

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  18. tiko

    @gunner no offence but why play koc and sanga out of position ????

    Bit retarded if you ask me

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  19. Rob Woods

    Id rather not risk playing tv and go with jenk per kos sagna. What we don’t want is verm to aggravate his injury and be out for longer although he has been poor this season tbh but still need his talismanic presence at the back

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  20. Gunner

    @ tiko


    But you know left and right?

    Sagna made a great job against Sunderland as IV he’s a strong player and can exist without problems on this position.

    Koscielny played a lot as RV so who is out of position?

    Check the squad next time before posting your helpful comments. Bit retarded if you ask me..

    Whatever Vermealen and Gibbs are still both injured so don’t know who will play on this position..


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