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Arsenal-Chelsea Community Shield clash moved due to European final clash

Chelsea and Arsenal will take each other on in the Community Shield next week, having won the FA Cup and Premier League title between them last term, but the clash has been moved by an hour to avoid a clash.

England Ladies have made giant strides in the European Championships this summer, and are currently awaiting a semi-final clash with Netherlands Ladies on Thursday, but with the final set to be staged on Sunday at 5PM, the FA have opted to bring the earlier Community Shield clash back an hour.

The Wembley showdown will now kick-off at 2PM, instead of the previously scheduled 3PM slot, with the latter likely to clash with the Ladies should the game run onto penalties, or even be delayed by injuries somewhat.

Arsenal will be keen to avoid a re-enactment of their friendly defeat to the Blues in pre-season, but will have fond memories of having played Chelsea in the FA Cup final there in May. We dominated the Premier League champions, and they will likely be keen for revenge on that front.

Both our sides will come into the game with some changes however, with Nemanja Matic having been replaced in the squad by Tiemioue Bakayoko, and Diego Costa having been told he can leave, in order to accommodate new signing Alvaro Morata.

This will be an exciting encounter which could set the pace for the league, with the campaign starting the following weekend.

Wembley will of course be the new home of Tottenham Hotspur this season, due to refurbishments being made at White Hart Lane, and that will no doubt give them trouble this term as they look to continue their growth.

Does the time change affect anyone strongly? Will the women’s final catch more viewers than the Community Shield?

Pat J

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17 thoughts on “Arsenal-Chelsea Community Shield clash moved due to European final clash

  1. leo

    Yeah..we probably beat chelsea then what…we are hardly a team that builds on momentum…others teams like liverpool are trying out their best attacking option in
    salah firmino mane
    while wenger is still playing around… I pray God delivers us from shame next season..thats me been sentimental in football…pfft

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    1. TongaBull

      Is this the Leo Guy who lied to us about having inside info…… If its, when is Mvilla going to be unvailed as Arsenal player cos u said the deal was done. Its now 4 yrs bro

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  2. fovana

    wenger is gona win this game
    .. but I really prefer to lose this game .. so that arsenal can pull up their socks .. sign quality players and win EPL ..

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  3. Arsenal_Girl

    It’s always nice to beat Chelsea
    If we win, we will have some momentum going into Leicester, which is a must win. I’m sick of poor starts to the season

    I wish we had finished our signings by now. Less than 4 weeks left. I’m getting very nervous. I hope we sign a couple more top quality players

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  4. Frank

    I can’t wait for the season to start. Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger have done a fantastic job this summer bringing in 5 world class players and selling off the unwanted fringe players. It has been such a successful summer of transfers, even Sanchez signed a new contract. We will definitely win the Community Shield, FA Cup, Premier League, UEFA Cup and possibly that trophy that has always eluded us, The League Cup. With all the staff changes and even the trailing of playing players out of their natural positions, I think we could go undefeated in every competition.

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  5. Eddy Hoyte

    where is Kev n Resource screaming the Lemar deal will be finalised this week?😂😂 Bros 2 days gone already hope ya both know?? Is it taking Monaco forever to sign Diahkohby or whatever his name his?? 😮😮ya’ll better shut ya mouths and stop coming here to tell us Lemar is a done deal😐😐. the season kicks off in two weeks time, so stop trying to get my blood to race. Done deal my crack ass😒😒

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  6. ArseOverTit

    Has Stan and his trophy squirrel that he wears on his head left yet?

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    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      No! But Stan is Hunting for a new Wig! 😮

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      1. Dashing Rino

        Am hoping we get lemar nd seri nd if possible add rafinha or golovin to the mix so as to mount strong title challenge this season nd forget abt ramsey he is such a lame player.

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  7. Viera Lyn

    I heard that Wenger lobbied for some changes to the Community Shield, much like those great Emirates Cup rules, so this year the team with the most unproductive sideways passes will win regardless of the score…if it goes to extra time both managers will face each other at midfield and whoever can zip up their jacket in the most awkward fashion will be declared the winner…we got this in the bag!!!

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  8. Tombomb

    Having it moved back an hour is grand, we’ll all be able to catch the second half of Galway v Tipperary in the Hurling !!

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    1. Carlos Da Silva

      No care for GAA but born and raised in Galway. So come on Galway!!

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  9. Georgy

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