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Arsenal close in on Italian International winger?

There have been a few rumours linking Arsenal with the Torino winger Alessio Cerci, who has reportedly told his club that he is ready to leave if a suitable offer comes to the table, with Arsenal being mentioned by his club President.

Cerci has played for Italy at all levels and was included in their World Cup squad this summer. He can play as a winger or second striker, and managed 13 goals in 35 appearances for his club last season.

The 27 year-old is versatile and, being left-footed, can play on either wing which will appeal to Wenger. He has been valued at around £16m which is well within Arsenal’s budget.The the Torino president Urbano Cairo said in the Star: “There are still four days left in the transfer market, so we’ll see what happens. Of course my desire is to keep hold of him, but we’ll see if we can find a solution that suits everyone.

“I’ve given him my word that we’ll sell him if an adequate offer arrives”

“With Milan it’s all over. Arsenal? There are several options.”

Surely Cerci wouldn’t ask to leave if he didn’t have some big offers on the table, but is Arsenal one of them. And do we really need him?

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35 thoughts on “Arsenal close in on Italian International winger?

    1. Arsenal Target

      Waaaay OT,but why the hell would anybody name his website “FIGHTING COCK”?…Gotta be the spuds

      1. Sumo

        The fighting cock? Its a Tottenham blog, just like this.
        See one of the Chavs forum. The name is as sh*t as their game.
        We Ain’t Got No History.

      1. seancali

        looks like we will be getting Sokratis for around 16mil, not bad, he would be a perfect signing, just what we need and a couple of million more than his real value but who gives a F…Just bring him wenger,act fast

  1. AussieGOONER

    he can play as a striker aswell. Watched him play a couple of times but not arsenal quality.
    I hope wenger can snap falcao on loan and a CDM,CB.

    1. seancali

      SOkratis and Cavani/Falcao would make a dream transfer window come true for me. United are signing players for fun, Rojo/Di maria/Blind all within a week. And we can’t even sign a single player. Im losing my trust in Wenger.

  2. The Handsome_Gooner

    i am 100% sure that wenger will buy another player before the end of transfer window. i am not sure whom

  3. shuvo

    Cavani or reus for striking option and for CDM just get a beast who can also cover the CB position. wenger don’t upset us in the 11th hour, we r dreaming big and we know we have the ability to fulfill those dreams.

  4. davidnz

    Sell a 30 year old German winger
    for a 27 year old Italian winger.
    If it was Di Maria or Reus, sure.
    Why spend 16 mill for someone
    no better than who we have?
    Rather spend the 16 mill
    on a top CB or DM or striker.

  5. The Handsome_Gooner

    is falcao worth 20m just for just 1 year after 1 year who will be our striker and he will be 29/30 next year

  6. Sumo

    Today Chelsea vs Everton at Goodison. 0-0 is the best possible results for us. Even if the Toffees win then also a good result for us.

  7. mike1977

    It’s all too confusing. Arsenal are absolutely littered with right wingers and AMs. We have Theo, Ox, Gnabry, Campbell who are all capable in the RW position. Over in the left we have nobody that seems good enough to fill that role. Wenger uses Cazorla there, much to everyone’s annoyance. Suggests we might be in for a LW if Campbell or Ox ain’t gonna be tried. We have shed loads of choices (all good) for AM. DM is very weak. Wenger has ideal opportunity to escape his Arteta fetish but seems reluctant to buy a world class DM while he’s out injured. If we had a left wing as good as our right and a top DM we could win major trophies. Hope Wenger doesn’t let me down.

    1. muffdiver

      i pray wenger is getting busy.
      im lighting incense…sacrificing goats by the truckload hes getting busy

  8. Greg

    Lets get a player who really has the heart and love for wanting to be a “gunner” jackson martinez! Coyg!

  9. Twig

    Could we be getting not one but two PSG stars in this window? I don’t want to comment on speculation.

    1. muffdiver

      a certain frenchman and uruguayan? not a chance twig.

      thats not speculation, your in narnia an u dont know how to get out…

      use the wardrobe 😉

      1. NIKK

        The Two Dicks…Gazidik & Dicky apparently are working furiously to complete signs of Cavani, Sokratis and Rabiot!

        Wenger will surprise us once again!

  10. th14

    City going for falcao even though they have aguero, negredo, dzeko and jovetic.
    We have girlud and sanogo and are not buying a striker.
    Were too passive in the transfer market and unless we start getting aggressive like city and chelsea we wont win this league.

    1. Twig

      More reason why City will end the league with a Trophy
      And we’ll end the league with a Toffee!


  11. th14

    2 days and 11 hours to get a CB, DM and ST.
    Lets hope wengers poker game gets us another Ozil and not another Kallstrom

  12. Don King

    No idea who wenger is going to buy, but I’m sure he is going to sign at least 1 more player and if it’s only one then it must be a cdm! I know every fans want to see a top class striker, but you have to admit our weakest position is in defensive midfield. Against the big teams our best chance at winning is if we don’t concede first and thats why we need someone who can read the game really well. If we get a solid cdm and then a decent striker in january we will do good in the season.

  13. merksisagunner

    Falcao-has a minimum 50m price tag with 300k wages a week if we sign him on a 4 year deal it will work out roughly 90m!
    transfer not logical Monaco need him a loans not a option
    cavani-60m again 10m a year wages 4 year contract- 100m psg under no pressure to sell with injury to ibra transfer not logical

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