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Arsenal close to agreeing new five-year Ozil & Sanchez deals

Arsenal are reported to be closing on deals to tie key stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil down to new long-term deals.

The Gunners are believed to have opened talks with the duo toward the back end of last season, but had failed to agree terms at the time, before delaying talks until after the summer.

That led to a large number of speculative stories linking the pair with moves to many clubs including Juventus, Real Madrid, Barcelona and even Manchester United, which of course ended with no such move.

Ozil has reiterated on a number of occasions, despite what the media has claimed, that he is happy at Arsenal, and is keen to stay and win trophies with our club, and is now said to be close to signing a new long-term deal with the club.

Alexis has also been rumoured to be unhappy, with newspapers trying to spin his words into strong negatives, but the Chilean is also said to now be close to signing his future to our beloved club, and hopefully he will start to repay the fans faith in him with some of the star performances we have come to get used to from our star forward.

The pair are believed to be close to agreeing new contracts which will see them tied to our club until 2021, which will be when they are both 32 years-old, and could potentially see the pair end their careers with Arsenal.

The German has been in fine for over the past 18 months, despite a slow start to his Gunners career, but has now established himself as one of, if not the, main player in our star-studded team.

Whose contract is more important to our club? Alexis or Mesut? Who do we believe will still be a first-team regular in five years?

Pat J

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal close to agreeing new five-year Ozil & Sanchez deals

  1. Robin Vanpayslip

    Off course Ozil is happy at Arsenal. Which player wouldn’t want me as a fan

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  2. goonerboy

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  3. jonm

    Original report is in the Mirror but the report is not by John Cross. There are no quotes in the article so I expect it is pure speculation with no factual basis.

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  4. Twig

    “Whose contract is more important to our club? Alexis or Mesut?”

    Both important. But I sometimes feel Mesut is more into Arsenal than Alexis…

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  5. Big G

    Good news on both players if it’s true, both are important to the club as it stands but who knows what will happen over the next five years, a new manager might come in and sell them both and get better replacements or the bank of England might decide to buy the club so who might still be playing in the first team is a bit of a silly question, even more so with Arsenal’s injury record.

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  6. Fatboy Gooney

    The last I heard was that both player’s would only sign contract extensions if there is a release clause put into it, Aswell as their wage demands smashing past the £200,000 aweek barrier. And since nothing has been mentioned about that, I would take this news with a pinch of salt.

    As for trying to look into the 5 year future! 😲 Mate, we have trouble with guessing tomorrows team sheet. 😂

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