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Arsenal closing on Mahrez deal with Bookmakers cowering

Arsenal have been linked with a move to sign Riyad Mahrez for months, and the bookmakers appear to believe the deal could go through today.

No less than an hour ago had Barcelona been 6/5 (2.2) to sign the Algerian winger, but they have now lengthened to between 3/1 (4.0) and 4/1 (5.0).

Arsenal on the other hand were as big as 9/2 (5.5) and have now shot into 5/4 (2.25) to sign the Leicester star.

The markets can be very volatile, especially in recent times where social media gives varying reports and all kinds of false information, and one picture I have seen was that Mahrez was supposedly spotted buying chicken nuggets in Enfield, which isn’t too far from Tottenham or Arsenal…

Leicester City on the other hand have denied that any offers have even been received today, leaving the saga all the more confusing for onlookers.

Where will Mahrez end up? Have Leicester been told to keep all business private?

Pat J

16 thoughts on “Arsenal closing on Mahrez deal with Bookmakers cowering

  1. arsenal_epl_champs_2018

    0ne article every 30 minutes now.
    Better if it was a top class player
    coming in every 30 mins 🙂

  2. maxi pimpi

    Speculations!!! Pure Speculations!! I won’t be surprised if we don’t buy any players before the end of the day or we panic-buy a player or two that will eventually increase the number of deadwoods. How did we even get here.. Sad

  3. Arsenal_Girl

    I’ve waited the whole summer. I don’t mind waiting another 13 hours

    But even if we got Mahrez, it’s not enough to win the League.

  4. JustJoy

    fans revolt 2017.




    1. andydale

      Why would they be bothered everyone has bought there season tickets so they have that money now, Shirt sales would have gone well so they also have that money to, Most people new Arsenal would not change, But to be even worse is a joke, That is what we are, We must get Kronke out of our club first.

  5. Ronnie

    BBC journalists have ruled Arsenal out of singing anyone as there is no money. The only way is the only signing would be a replacement for Sánchez

  6. Roy

    Funny we had 200 million and made a net 87 million then after season tickets sold nothing I saw an article we have a huge 400000 saving on salaries but skinflint and Scrooge won’t allow Arsenal to spend anything come on Usmanov

  7. AllDwayfromAfriCa

    clickbaiting articles everywhere and I just can’t stop myself. why must transfer deadline be the longest day of all arsenal fans live?

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