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Arsenal concern as two key Gunners miss international training?

There are two ways of looking at this from and Arsenal point of view and there is very little that us Arsenal fans or even Arsene Wenger can do about it anyway, but to hope that the national managers and their staff take as good care of our players as the club would do. Or in the case of Arsenal and our less than brilliant record with injury problems and getting players fit, we should hope that they take better care of our stars.

Anyway, I am somewhat concerned after reading that two of the Arsenal players away on international duty did not take part in training because of fitness issues. Mesut Ozil is still nursing the ankle problem he picked up in the win at Everton so did not train with the rest of the Germany squad.

So it would be nice if Joachim Low was to let him rest and recover, but the Evening Standard are reporting that he is going to be played in both of Germany’s games against England and Italy.

And the doubts about the match fitness of our forward Danny Welbeck will not be eased by the news that he missed an England training session. The good news on that one, reported by Sky Sports, is that England and Arsenal have agreed on a programme for the in form striker, so hopefully they will not do anything to aggravate the problem or cause him to miss the next Arsenal match.

But with our ongoing injury woes, have Arsenal fans got reason to worry about these two key players?

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal concern as two key Gunners miss international training?

  1. muda

    Our most important players at the moment if you ask me, so there’s enough reason to worry. Hope they come back safely.

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      Welbeck and OziL should take a break from the International comp……we need em for Arsenal and can’t afford to Lose em to injuries

      Germany and EngLand should make do with alternatives/substitutes…

  2. goonerboy

    The latest news concerning Ozil this morning is that ‘he should be avaiable’ and that’s from Joachim Loew…
    Concerning Welbeck, it is merely a precaution and part of his management programme,they will be fine by God’s grace..
    Let’s assume they will watford’s game..
    Campbell Giroud Iwobi
    Walcott Giroud Sanchez

  3. 007

    I hope they both don’t play these meaningless friendly’s. These are proven players for there countries, let England experiment with Theo, Kane, Vardy, Sturridge, etc and leave Danny out. Germany can also do without Ozil.

    This will be beneficial for both club and country in the long run.

  4. G-Rude

    I agree, Theo needs a confidence booster but I doubt whether e will get that against Germany!

  5. davidnz

    Apparently Ozil never trains.
    Just plays on match day.
    Wellbeck’s injury sounds
    like play him while you can
    because he is never going to be fully fit.
    Wilshere is a confirmed injury croc like Diarby.
    To think City offered us 40 mill for Wilshere
    in the summer and we turned them down 🙁

    1. 007

      It’s strange if Ozil does not train, who’s the big eyed guy usually around Flamini’s arm in the pictures posted on before match day.

      Just fooling around mate, I suppose his on a special training arrangement to keep him fresh.

      Any news on Ox’s injury?

  6. Trevor

    We must have the only set of players that don’t fain injury for International matches when the club is in a crucial period. You always hear about other big name players feeling a thigh strain or a bit of discomfort only for them to then play for their club without a bother. Reminds me of Alexis not going down when he should, Giroud not faking injury when a touch of heads. We need to grow up a bit, baby steps here would be a start. Even Vieira used to pretend he got hurt, as if, as if anything could ever have hurt Mr Invincible.

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