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Arsenal coped well with difficult games says Wenger

Arsene Wenger had warned his Arsenal players to expect a good performance from QPR after they were relegated last week and he was certainly proved right. He felt that his Gunners handled it well, though, and they got the result which was hugely important. After being awful for most of the season, QPR gave it a real go, especially in the second half. That could have been the case in the first half as well, because they were definitely up for it.

They never got started in the first half, though, because they were stunned by Walcott’s goal after 20 seconds. Arsenal probably should have gone for the jugular before they got themselves together, but the players were probably a bit cautious because of the league situation. The QPR pitch didn’t help either, but the QPR players gave us problems.

“They were fearless,” said Wenger. “You could see that this side had played with special pressure and fear in recent months. They had the quality to stay in the Premier League and they made life difficult for us.

“We had good determination and focus. We lacked a few final balls in the final third, but I expected a difficult game and I was not disappointed.

“The pitch did not help. I believe that QPR are a better team than people expects. But we did not give many chances away. Overall we played a little bit conscious that points were vital and we could not make any mistake.

“It was detrimental to our offensive game but we had a very defensive game today.”

Wenger also revealed that he was aware of Bale scoring a late winner for Tottenham, so the players did really well to start well and keep focused. So Arsenal continue the great run we always seem to manage at this point in the season. The difference this time, so far, is that Tottenham are managing to win as well. We could really do with a favour from Manchester United against Chelsea tomorrow.

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal coped well with difficult games says Wenger

  1. chamberlain

    GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED. Van Persie hopefully has the decency to try and help the gunners qualify.

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  2. We are Northlondon

    was an ugly win but a win none the less!

    hope we learn from this! and improve our final third play/decisive passing and creating clear cut scoring opportunities!

    next match if we get the first goal we are going to have to finish it off! no 1-0 for 90 minutes near heart attack moments!

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  3. moneytalks

    we were very lucky yesterday. we need to play better.

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  4. Tom

    We’ll finish in the top 4 for sure! Maybe even 3rd! Coyg’s

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  5. chamberlain


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  6. moneytalks

    arsenal should sign jackson martinez of porto. he is as good as drogba.

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  7. rman

    just saw a article stating that we have triggered a deal for loic remy so bascially we are in square one wenger now feels that arsenal’s defence is now solid so therefore he can buy remy not jovetic son of bitch lier you are going to repent this french bastard is going to screw us up again look at the past dealings i suppose wenger only likes half brain size of 10 year old @ age of 25 for just 10 million.

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  8. paul

    Finishing strong again .
    Lots of positives
    The bfg& kos solid szczesney looks to have learned from his break
    And Ramsay looking solid game after game after
    Coming back from injury
    Pleased we sang ramsays name
    Now a couple of class signings needed
    And we will challenge next season.

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  9. Saffat

    If Van Pussy really loves our club as much as he claims he’ll pay back on of the many favours he owes us and score a few against Chelsea.

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  10. Emmahnuel

    I have a feeling chelsea will drop out in the cl race, though i want it to be spuds. Chelsea has more tougher fixtures n a congested week. But anyway, arsenal finishing in top 4 z all we care about…#coyg

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  11. Kosio

    I hope united beat chelsea… Or else… Sadly that piece of shit Bale gave spudies another win… Its do or die at the moment

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  12. arsenal

    off topic. i heard many of us talking that we will sign remy, and also i heard we already had a pre agreement with villa and also jovetic. the thing is, i heard a lot but will never believe any of those until it appears on so pliz dont make me dream!

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  13. Ram

    @money talks
    yeah mate, i too hv seen the guy Jackson play.. Beast of a striker.. You can say improved version of Benteke.. Very mobile and a good dribbler.. Howevr his price is so high rumord to be around 30 to 35m.. Before this season he was valued at 15m..

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  14. eliot

    After watching Poldi play the centre forward role,I am more appreciative of Giroud.Poldi is good, but I doubt if he is cut out for that.

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  15. RWRW

    Difficult game? Thats the worst premier league side in QPR i have ever seen, Such a dissapointment not to score more and put the game to bed in first half

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  16. SKeeza

    What is it that some of you think rvp owes us a favour?
    If he really cared, he’d of missed that pen last week against us.

    As for yesterday’s win, bit worried about podolski upfront,
    That’s 2 games now where he seems lost!
    I know he is better than this… We need 11 players on the pitch!

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  17. dan

    We badly lack a forward who wants to run in behind the opposition defence our forwards all want to come deep to pick up the ball thats why we are not as effective in the final third we need a forward with pace and willing to make runs remy would thrive on this and would be a fantastic signing you do not need to spend 20 mill on a player just to please fans you need a player that will fit in to the way you play and offer something diffrent remy is that man!

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  18. SKeeza

    Just to add, Quality goalkeepers during the season win teams points, szceznys last save was world class, he still has a long way to go but his break could of been the tonic he needed to get back to proving what he can do!

    Well saved 3 points

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  19. boniface kinaro

    the qpr game taught us that we seriously need a striker who can run behind defences ;at moment we sadly have none .l hope this problem is fixed in the summer .gunner 4 life .

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  20. Greg

    We have showed great improvement in our game, focus mental ability, belief, and most of all our defense has shown great steel and urgency at the back!

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  21. AB

    What is wrong with some of you…cant believe some of u have stooped down to such a low level..u guys are basically sayin van persie should have missed penalty on purpose..we need someone to GRANT us a win….as a professional footballer which he is why should he?…trust me i am big fan of arsenal but i dont want my arsenal to win in such a way..
    And as much it.pains to say me but i cannot dislike bale…the guy is brilliant..and somewhere deep down i think spurs deserve a champions league stop..frankly we dont…we havent beaten a decent team in ages…home or away…its time for us for introspection…

    And yes it seems poldi doesnt link up well..guess we need to have theo there..the lad has really picked up this year and he is finishing well..

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