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Arsenal could easily be out of FA cup

Swansea 2 – 2 Arsenal, the score line flatters us by KJ

What can I say? It was another mediocre performance by the Arsenal. The players were by and large dreadful and completely lacked any creativity until we went a goal down. We were lucky to come out of the game still in the FA cup.

We started off very timidly and we just passed it sideways or gave the ball away to Swansea who were generally better than us on possession. They were the more threatening team but it was a boring first half in truth.

The second half livened up quite a bit but for the wrong reasons. Michu was substituted on and immediately was one on one with Szczesny which ended with the ball in the back of the net. This Michu guy is something very special and has been an absolute bargain at £2 million. 1-0.

We started to actually threaten their goal which in itself is another problem. We should’ve been threatening their goal from the off and there is a real question on the attitude of the players.
Eventually, Podolski managed to net us the equaliser by controlling Koscielny’s mishit shot and brilliantly tucked it away. 1-1.

We somehow turned the tie around after Gibbs brilliantly volleyed the ball into the Swansea net. It was a thunderbolt. Giroud did well to loft the ball over their entire defence. 1-2.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and Danny Graham ruined what would’ve been a brilliant but undeserved result by Arsenal. A corner that wasn’t dealt with landed to an unmarked Danny Graham (putting massive question over this zonal marking system) who coolly curled it into the back of the net. 2-2.

It was a disappointing result as we now have an extremely congested fixture list from now until the end of January because we fell asleep.

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40 thoughts on “Arsenal could easily be out of FA cup

  1. aggowaggo

    We must have faith in our team and always support them. I know we will win this one COYG! AND THE NEXT ONE MAYBY WITH DAVID VILLA!!

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  2. Nicolas

    I dont know what to expect again.. dis team is full of shit, we cant even win swansea its a shame

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  3. Derg

    far too many mediocre players in the squad…everybody knows rosicky’s better than ramsey, then why not play him???

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  4. Sox

    After a days reflection on yesterday’s game, when will Wenger start to integrate the young Gunners? If the first team players are feeling tired start to integrate Einsfield , Gnarbry, Mead etc…. Arsenal have so many young Guns if he doesn’t start playing them they will want to leave sooner or later!!!!

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  5. Graham

    Goals win games. There have been many games in the past where we have outplayed opposition and lost. Anyone remember FA cup final 2001

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  6. Jambo

    Show some respect towards Swansea, they played very well. We should not be leaking goals and questions need to be asked of Ramsey, Sagna, Santi and Theo, but overall it was a good performance for a tricky 3rd round FA cup. We should do them at the emirites.

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  7. gOONEr

    Its easy to point out the problems but i guess you haven’t seen the full match. In the end we were more dominating than “Sunksea” and agree that there is leakage in our defense but i guess our team will continue to keep the winning streak without any “Draw Match” Fingers crossed. Good luck Gunners 🙂

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  8. Toni Balle

    Sometimes I wonder if the people here even watch the matches, or have any idea what they are watching. Podolski managed to control Koscielny’s mis-hit shot. So putting the ball into a dangerous area is now a mis-hit shot. This site is rapidly turning into a poisonous centre to tear fans away from the team instead of helping bring the fans and the team closer together. Anyway, as usual, another pointless article, please move on.

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  9. LoCkAy

    We should have win the game at Swansea.


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  10. Big Gun

    Wenger needs to start playing Eisfeld and Rosicky before Ramsey. Ramsey shouldn’t even be in the first squad. For the next game I would seriously consider playing Chamberlain LW, Podolski in the middle and Walcott RW. Chamberlain has skill, pace and is ambidexterous, so he can cross and also cut in when needed and have a crack.

    I would give Cazorla and Arteta a rest. Play Coquelin, Wilshere and Rosicky in the MF. Anyone remember how Rosicky and Wilshere used to shred teams apart with their sublime one two’s? I want to see this type of football again, the type that cuts defenses apart. Cazorla can be on bench and come on later for a different dimension of creativity. His long balls are superb and perhaps would be better suited to OX and Theo on the wing.

    Defense, Jenks needs to play without a doubt. I feel less than confident in our defense, but we must make due with what we have. I would play Koss and Verm, give Merts a break and I suppose Gibbs (although he hasn’t been at his best lately.)

    If our guys just make space and have determination, I think we could win. We just cannot afford these stupid mistakes in defense anymore. Thank goodness we have such a good keeper in goals, he has saved our hides on many occasions lately.

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  11. sparx

    I don’t see the point of the article ans maybe I watched a different game. Yes it was a defensive error that let Graham score but largely for the second half we were the better side. I can’t see how Swansea were better in possession in the first half from the stats or having watched the game. I think we did well to get in front and I think a draw at Swansea is a good result given recent form for both sides but we should beat them at home.

    We still need a couple of signings tho, and why is the Theo signing his new contract taking so long?

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  12. 9jagun

    @ liamBrady we should have won this game and avoid a replay that’s the point of this article

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  13. kariuki

    Just add afew quality players to broaden the squad.Integrate some youth.some can do better than Ramsey.Change systems n marking as per the opponent. Any coach can predict our system coz we r rigid…never change

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  14. bojan arsenal

    Arsenal deserved to win the game!What game you were watching?!
    We have been in absolute control in every aspect.
    I dont understand why you have such a negative judgement on yesterday’s game.For me Arsenal yesterday played extremely solid.

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  15. DrPepper

    I thought Ramsey played reasonably well, a few errors but by the large not too bad.

    We need to rest players, we had a busy December and now have a busy January – and the postponed match against West Ham doesn’t help.

    Honestly though, what is going on with Sagna! He is usually our most consistent player. Ignoring the fact that sometimes he has to cover Walcott, especially if Walcott has just been involved in an attack – but these days Sagna can’t even pick out our players with a 5 yard ball!

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  16. landmind111

    I really hope we end up getting David Villa, and start playing Rosicky, these type of players are thorns to the opposition, quick feet and good vision, the ability to distablise defenders. I don’t know why you wouldn’t wanna buy david Villa, 31 or not he’s quality and we need quality right Now more than ever, I do not wanna go thru summer wiv spurs fans takin the piss out of us being in the europa league, ohhh No I’m not havin that mate!!! Lol

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  17. Henry

    We actually started playing well immediately after half time. I think credit might have to go to Wenger for the half-time team talk! We were completely dominating when Swansea were gifted their first goal and in all fairness we should of been winning that game before they were. And once we were winning it should of been all over but another defensive blunder cost us. It wasn’t all doom and gloom as some of you would like to believe, we had more possession, more shots on goal and should of won the game.

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  18. goonner

    BY WENGER: If we find one or two in the transfer market, then why not? Let’s first keep the players we have and maybe add one or two- MAYBE!!!? ONE OR TWO!!? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!

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  19. abouadnan

    Man sorry, have you really watch the match. Could you please tell me what did Swansea do to deserve the 2 goals? Indeed Arsenal was brilliant in the second half ( they were creating chances left, right and middle). Vorm, Swansea goalkeeper was brilliant yesterday. You should give credit when it is due. Arsenal were not playing well in first half but they were very good in the second. If Arsenal won it would have been a deserve win just for the chances created in the second half. Thus, it is good to look at the positive aspect for time to time. Cheers

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  20. Goon-Tah

    As I said in a comment on a previous post, we are wasting Cazorla’s talents. He plays well centrally, and is very skilled at providing perfectly weighted passes for players on a run. This season, however, not many Arsenal players make themselves available centrally, and just don’t like to make runs & space through the middle, often forcing Cazorla to work the ball wide. It is common to see Arsenal players in central areas feed the ball back to their more defensively positioned teammates, who then look for Sagna or Gibbs to initiate attacks in wide positions. This often happens until we concede.
    Rosicky would make great partners with Cazorla, because he not only speeds up team play, but he’s naturally a runner, thus always availing himself for that layoff, flick, or back flick pass that splits defenses, as you may recall in last season’s Tottenham game. He really needs game time to heat up the chemistry with teammates, but I know Arsène will have a hard time fitting him in, but he needs to find room for him.
    Arteta is a great player, but he is a better defending from an attacking midfield position, where he can initiate the first line of defense once the ball is lost. His current position needs a Diame or someone with that kind of grit, because this is where the team must often get physical on, or intimidate opposition attackers.

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  21. Gunnerforlife

    I just wonder sometimes why Jenkinson is not getting chance as Sagna is playing really bad from last few games and his crosses are really poor.

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  22. prince

    This article is childish.The judgement is flawed.I watched the game and i think Swansea were lucky to get a draw.It was written all over Laudrup`s face as he was beaming with smiles at the end of the match.They will not escape some hiding at the Emirates

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  23. Andrew Onyearu

    We mere “mortals” can only comment on technical issues. But here is the truth. First, I continue to question this Zonal Marking strategy. Its simply not working. My understanding is that it is people not space that defenders should mark in football. Two, with Zonal marking, you have TWO defenders on the line. Had the “space” in the Zone been marked, that ball would never have reached Graham. Had there been a defending player on the line, he would have rushed out and closed Graham down. Had the team man marked, Graham would never have seen that space! Man Marking? Zone? Take your pick. We have drawn a game that we should have won. Michu’s goal was different. His judgment, running into space, guile and strength got him the goal. Very few CBs would have caught him once he placed himself before the defenders and the ball. We need to sort this defensive situation out otherwise all the effort being made in the middle and especially upfront will be undone!

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  24. arun

    GOD!! enough of all this negativity!! I know it sure wasnt a very favorable result but we are not in a deep crisis as many of you make out of it!! lets focus on the positives for a change!! Gibbs goal was a thing of beauty!! 🙂

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  25. Rick Rocket

    Is an Arsenal fan writing these articles?

    What’s the point exactly?!? I watched the game, yes we could easily have lost, but could also have easily won.

    Do you expect us to bulldoze everyone we play, get real. Swansea are a very good side.

    Try supporting Arsenal for a change, and give the hatemongering a rest.

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  26. Big Gun

    @RickRocket It’s called constructive criticism and we do so because we support. There obvious flaws in our team and management that need sorting out. When I watch Arsenal, most of the time I do not see winners, I see lethargic, uninterested, unmotivated players. There is a difference criticizing when your team has no heart, and criticizing when they play the hearts out but still get flak. You are accusing us of the latter which is not true. This is why I like Jenkinson so much, because no matter what happens, he gives 120% every game. Some of our players need to get that passion back…but how can they when our managers sole purpose and goal is to just cut top 4 every season? It completely defeats the purpose. Why should the players work extra hard when their own manager has no ambition?

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  27. Big Gun

    To reiterate what I said above, look at Man United for example. Ferguson is a born winner and it rubs off on his players. You cannot tell me United’s squad is better that City or Chelsea’s, but yet they still are hell bent on winning and are ahead of all of them. The attitude of the manager rubs off on the players. No wonder Arsenal look the way they do.

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  28. Ernest

    This is a very discouraging article. It is like one sponsored by city, Chelsea , Manu, and Tothenham fans. Be more positive. Constructive criticisms have rules and spines.

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  29. Rick Rocket

    Aaaah so you are the one who wrote this article?

    I don’t think I am the only one who thinks this kind of acticle is nonsense and counter-productive! (see above)

    Hopefully all the Arsenal players are reading these articles and it’s inspring them, otherwise all that is happening is the fans read it. Negativity breeds negativity.

    Maybe the players are reading this and that’s why they under-perform!!!

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  30. AFCEdwards

    This is about as far from constructive critism as you can get. All this article and countless others on this site does is demean the players and nuture a negative environment. It’s quite clear that many of the fans either don’t watch the games at all or have an extreme case of selective vision. We were the more threatening team throughout and deserved to win on our performance. Man United did not and yet their fans praise RVP for his late goal. Arsenal fans only see the negative and when the manger of the other team comes out and says they deserved to draw you know it means they were lucky to draw. it seems only Arsenal fans are unaware of this.

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  31. Mike Paul

    Supporters need to look at the long term with Arsenal and then compare it with the history of clubs such as Liverpool. What you get is a team who have dropped away from competing at the top and slipped so far behind that they no longer offer a threat in any competition.
    Arsenal supporters do not want this especially because the shareholders have benefitted while the supporters have suffered – an unacceptable situation for most clubs.
    It’s time for Wenger to show his determination ( he always talks abut it) and get some quality into the club

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